Season 3 Episode 20

Cold Snap

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 23, 2009 on NBC

Episode Recap

Danko is at home shaving when the security alarm on the front door goes off. He takes a gun and goes to investigate, closes the door, and then checks the house. He finds Eric Doyle hanging from the wall, tied up with a red ribbon and a note saying he's a gift.

Angela is in her car in New York City, and meets with Bennet. She warns it'll be their last conversation and is worried that he's distracted. Angela is worried that Peter won't forgive her, and then warns Bennet that it all comes down to him. She suggests that Bennet give Danko someone to win his trust, and offers Rebel as an option. Bennet points out she might need Rebel but Angela tells him she'll be leaving the city and has her own resources. Bennet warns her not to go home and leaves.

At Building 26, Danko has Mohinder brought into a room filled with sedated specials. He points out Daphne and warns that she's not doing very well after she was wounded. Mohinder asks to speak with Nathan but Danko informs him that Nathan flew away, and then has his men render Mohinder unconscious. He also orders his men to prepare a bed for Tracy.

In her heat lamp chamber, Tracy begins to generate cold despite the intense heat.

Danko shows Bennet the confinement chamber, He offers Doyle as a gift to Bennet for the fact Doyle threatened his family. In return, Bennet suggests they release Tracy and let her lead them to Rebel, and Danko agrees.

In Los Angeles, Hiro and Ando think that baby Matt Parkman is Matt, reversed in age. Ando finds a picture showing that the baby is Matt's son. He wonders if Hiro is scared of the baby. When the baby turns on the TV, Hiro angrily unplugs it while Ando tries to get on the baby's good side. They're both surprised when the baby turns on the television again, even though it's unplugged. Hiro realizes the government is coming for Matt's baby.

In New York, Angela is in her car when she gets a flash of the government agents arresting her. When it happens for real a few second later, she manages to escape thanks to her foreknowledge. She blends in with the crowds and slips away.

Bennet is briefing Danko on the situation when the power shuts down, and the door to Tracy's cell opens. She uses her power to freeze her restraints as she realizes that Rebel is freeing her. She finds Mohinder and Matt and removes the drug feeds. Matt insists on taking Daphne with them but Tracy refuses. She heads for a door only to find soldiers waiting for her, but Matt arrives and uses his power to convince them that he and the others were never there.

In the control room, Danko warns that this can't happen again and tells Bennet to dispose of Tracy and Rebel once they find Rebel.

Tracy has gone off on her own and is preparing to steal clothing from a boutique. She enters a dressing room with the clothing she plans to steal. When she responds to a knock on the door, she finds Bennet there. He warns her that he can draw and shoot faster then she can freeze him, but isn't willing to take the chance. After convincing the saleswoman he belongs there, Bennet tells Tracy that Rebel has something special in mind for her. She can help Bennet find Rebel and go free, or leave on her own and get killed.

Matt and Mohinder take Daphne to an ER and Matt uses his abilities to convince the doctor not to report the gunshot wounds.

Hiro and Ando pack as Matt Jr. activates his collection of toys. Ando thinks that Hiro has family issues and Hiro explains that when he traveled back in time, he saw his mother die. When someone comes in, they hide in the closet but the new arrival easily finds them: it's Janice Parkman.

Tracy is walking past an ATM machine when she hears it say her name. She finds money and instructions waiting for her, including a locker key. She hails a taxi and drives to Union Station, unaware that someone is following her: Micah Sanders.

Angela meets with a woman, Millie, at a restaurant. Millie explains that the government interrogated her about her association with Angela. Angela needs her help but Millie suggests she turn herself in. Angela starts to leave and Millie gives her all the money she has. Angela thanks her and leaves, borrowing her umbrella.

Hiro and Ando try to explain to Janice that Matt Jr. is in danger. Janice admits that Matt Jr. got his powers during the eclipse, but believes Matt is a terrorist. Ando demonstrates his ability and they persuade Janice that they're not terrorists. There's a knock on the door and two government agents want to take Janice and Matt Jr. in for questioning. She tells them that her son is with a babysitter and goes with them. Once she's outside, the agents order the soldiers in to search the house. Ando and Hiro run to the baby's room but there's no escape. Ando learns he can focus his abilities to fire an energy blast, but the soldiers overwhelm him. Hiro concentrates… and stops time. He believes that Matt Jr. has somehow powered his ability. Hiro tries to teleport out with Ando but is unable to do so. He gets a wheelbarrow and takes the paralyzed Ando with him.

Daphne wakes up in a hospital room surrounded by flowers. Matt explains that he used his powers to convince the staff that Daphne is Gwen Stefani. He explains that he made up a story to explain her when they first arrived. Daphne questions their relationship, noting Matt had a vision that they were supposed to marry but it's not real. Daphne gets dressed and leaves at superspeed.

Tracy arrives at the train station and finds a passport in the locker. Micah approaches her and explains that he's Rebel. Tracy realizes that she's led the government to him, but is having second thoughts now that she's learned who Rebel is. He activates the security alarms and they duck out.

Three agents close in on Angela and she ducks into a building and enters an elevator. Soldiers arrive and bring the elevator back down. The doors open… to reveal Peter with his mother. Peter flies up through the ceiling hatch with his mother and escapes.

As they escape through a parking garage, Micah wonders why Tracy is so selfish. He realizes that just because she looks like his mother, she's nothing like her. A van pulls up and the soldiers start searching the garage. Tracy tells Micah to turn on the fire sprinklers and then leave without her so he can carry on the fight. She steps out and focuses her powers, freezing everyone in the garage in an expanding radius. Micah gets out just in time as Tracy herself freezes over. Danko arrives and shoots her in the chest, and she shatters into a thousand pieces. Bennet comes in and confirms there's no sign of Rebel.

Hiro wheels Ando to the bus station where everyone is still frozen in time. He borrows a baby bottle from a mother and gives it to Matt Jr., then tries to reassure him. Hiro then concentrates and restores time back to normal. Hiro resolves to find Matt and reunite father and son.

Daphne is sitting on a rooftop in Paris when Matt comes up behind her. She wonders how he found her so quickly and he flew. Daphne looks on in astonishment as Matt lifts up into the air on his own. He flies her into the sky and shows her the city, but Daphne realizes that it's all a mental projection. She asks him to let her go but first asks him to fly her to the moon.

In the hospital room, Matt and Mohinder look on as Daphne dies.

At the Statue of Liberty, Peter asks Angela what she wants to do now.