Season 3 Episode 20

Cold Snap

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 23, 2009 on NBC

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  • Embarrassing and painful to watch

    This TV series had one of the best 1st seasons ever and it became such an embarrassing to series to watch...It's exactly the type of junk that makes people hate sci-fi. Unoriginal and twists that you can see from a mile away. I'm sure that the actress that played Tracy wanted to kill herself for real...
    The story line is just stupid! it's insulting to the intelligence...

    It seems like the writers of the show just don't know where to take it...maybe they have the last episode in mind but just don't know how to get there...I think that when this TV series started the writers had some kind of a saying about evolution, god or something and then it came into this....

    This series is almost as embarrassing as prison break these days...and sometimes even more. Rebel's identity was so predictable it's almost not worth the effort to think how they bad guys didn't figure that one out...
    They know that Matt's baby has powers but doesn't know who rebel is? that is so stupid I want to scream....
    It's frustrating because this show had a really good 1st season. Also, the fact that they gave Hiro and Peter so much power at the beginning and now they are taking it away because they just don't know what to do with it is again so painfully obvious. I really watch this show because I remember how good the first season was but i really think they should end this show as soon as possible, although most of their dignity is already gone anyway...

    P.S - the writers might want to watch a season or two of BSG....or even terminator for gods sake...anything is better then this cartoon...
  • Another week, another insultingly terrible episode of what must be the saddest waste of a formerly entertaining show on TV today.

    Another week, another insultingly terrible episode of what must be the saddest waste of a formerly entertaining show on TV today.

    Lets play count the plot holes.

    The writers apparently realized how completely boring Hiro was with no powers, so, he is now again able to freeze time. Of course, he doesn't REALLY freeze time, as the writers somehow can't see the gap in logic created by having time frozen, but allowing Hiro to move things around normally. Baby matt can apparently "turn on" anything, even a tv with no electricity flowing into it (I guess his power includes creating electricity?) and powers which were supposedly completely removed already in the past.

    Everything we have ever seen on this series in the past seemed to indicate that powers do not manifest until at least adolescence. As usual, any past plot points are abandoned when the writers run out of ideas, so, now a baby has a (nonsensical) power. Eyes made out of ice, unconnected to any brain or nerves of any kind, can apparently blink/cry on their own. Fantastic.

    Matt is apparently now so powerful that he can create an illusion of the entire world, or at least a massive portion of it. He was able to actually convince Daphne that she ran from the hospital in the US all the way to Paris. Over the ocean. Who cares if nothing we have ever seen on the show would lead us to believe Matt was capable of sustaining an illusion this huge, the writers wanted to put it in there.

    There is clearly very little if any intelligent thought put into the writing of this show. And, based on the continued positive ratings of the fans on this site, the audience for heroes apparently doesn't notice, or just doesn't mind a show that constantly treats its own fans as complete and utter morons.
  • ughh

    once more heroes isn't up to notch with their episodes. They clearly have no originality left and don't know where to go with the storyline. PLAN AHEAD! Shows such as Lost, have had the whole plot planned out from the beginning! That's why it has always been good! Because the writers know what amount of information to put in each episode! So what hapenned...?? Well, noway Micah was Rebel? Shocker. Tracy died and we barely knew anything about her character, and so did Daphne? Wtf? Why? Always Killing off the good characters, and keeping the bad ones. I can't stand watching this show anymore, it just gets more and more dissapointing.
  • Again - another clone dies - and another fan considers leaving the show.

    I am a massive fan of the show. But to be honest this episode really did seem rather pointless. Why are the writers constantly hacking their way through strong, female characters? Elle, Tracy and Daphne - three characters that could have developed further into something possibly series saving. Tracy is the biggest waste. Her character could have been taken in so many ways and if she really is dead - this is a mistake. ANOTHER DEAD CLONE? oh my god please. If the barbara rumours are true how good would it have been to put the characters together? A clone has not met another yet. And Elle dying in such a limp way. my god. Nathan, Mohinder and even at times Sylar. COME ON! How much more do they have to offer? there is no change! They are so boring at times my eyes water. The writers need to take stock. As I said - I am a massive fan but even I am tuning off if this continues.
  • This Tv series is getting more boring as it moves forward

    really when this show started it was one of the greatest ever although sometimes u felt something is missing but still it was good.
    it looks like the writers write something put it in show then they regret it and write something else in the next episode!
    the thing that bothers me the most about this series is that the characters dissapear without a goodbye!
    AND next thing is the softness of characters.such series must have epic battles but we havent seen even one in this 2 years that this show is on air.
    i only watch this series to see how it ends i doubt that i even watch the next season because according to what we saw the series gets worse each season.
    peter was cool because of his power now he is just like others!
    hiro was cool because of his power now he only can stop time!how's that possible?
    the writers don't explain why peter's power or hiro's power is like that.
    they need to finish this series A.S.A.P
  • It is all very predictable at this point.

    i predicted micah was 'rebel' in my last review. im sure many of you did as well, seeing as he is the only person with that power. so if you had any common sense, there was nothing revealed in this episode.

    now wasnt sylar in dankos apartment? so supposedly he delivered doyle to him? leaving us to wonder what happened to claire.. but guess what, im just happy she wasnt in this episode. it was probably the highlight for me.

    there really isnt any emotion behind this whole daphne and matt thing, as there was no real build up of the relationship. the whole fairy tale ending thing was therefore nothing but time filler for me.

    i think people liked heroes character because he acted like a bright eyed child ready to do whatever it took. now they are writing him more like a spoiled brat, and its getting old, fast. oh yes, and how convenient that matts son has the power to not only make electronics turn on but your powers that were REMOVED, not turned off. i could kind of buy it with peter, since his dad could have taken everything he had accumulated and left his original ability. but lets face it, they havent really thought all of that through anyhow. like you could removed someones genetically gifted power...
  • Strong special effects, Weak plotline.

    Even though this episode contained some of the strongest special effects of the series so far, that wasn't enough to make this a great episode. While it did reveal some key events and characters (including the somewhat predictable identity of REBEL), the episode itself was still rather weak. There were two deaths in this episode, and I'm glad for both of them. Tracy has been the weakest character of the series, and she needed to go. Daphne, while I've seen many reviewers take a liking to her, was also a pointless character in my opinion. The show is attempting a transition into something new by weeding out some characters, but I doubt it will be enough to fix the various plot holes that have brought this show from being great to mediocre.
  • Is Bryan Fuller a Godsend? Is his return to the Heroes writing staff the change that is needed to give the show a much-needed shove in the right direction?

    Is Bryan Fuller a Godsend? Is his return to the Heroes writing staff the change that is needed to give the show a much-needed shove in the right direction? Well, judging by his first effort since Pushing Daisies, well, pushed the daisies, yes and no. 'Cold Snap' certainly sees a general upswing in quality: the script is solid, engaging and eventful and contains some of the most sparkling dialogue we've heard in aeons. There's an emphasis on character development here but not at the expense of the story, which is the problem that has plagued Heroes since Kring pressed the 'reset' button at the beginning of volume four. While fans have been crying out for a return to the halcyon days of the first season, it hasn't really been achieved... until now. Although this is not an exact return to form, it still shows promise. Tracey Strauss gets a satisfying character-arc-resolving death and it looks well cool. Rebel's identity is revealed and it's entirely logical. Hiro and Ando get an amusing side-story involving 'baby Matt Parkman' that's silly but rewarding because it advances things. Daphne's swan-song is unexpected and engaging, even if one does feel rather like the aforementioned 'reset' button is being pressed on characters far more frequently than it should. I mean, she renounces her entire relationship with the guy after professing her undying love like, three episodes ago. It's a bit much, a bit fast - one of the problems crippling Heroes is the juxtaposition between slow-moving action and ludicrously-paced allegiance/personality shifts - but as it seems to signify the end of this problematic storyline, I'm willing to overlook it. A good effort on the whole and hopefully a sign of things to come.
  • Pointless episode with fewer and fewer characters, even characters being killed off. I'm starting to worry about Heroes' future.

    I can't even call this a filler episode, it actually served almost no purpose, it wasn't even informative. I can only hope more of an effort is made for the finale because if the season doesn't end on a high note, it's really in trouble.

    Angela warns Bennet to sacrifice one of them to win Danko's trust. She knows who Rebel is! Maybe driving around in the Petrelli limousine is not the best plan. Bennet literally gift wrapped Doyle for Danko! A prophetic dream lets Angela gets out. It gets ugly, why do they need so many guns, she's just clairvoyant! Peter to the rescue and it's very obvious symbolism with the Statue of Liberty.

    Danko tricks Mohinder into walking into the facility under his own steam, under the guise of helping the prisoners. Why is Tracy still the only one not drugged? Rebel comes for Tracy, letting her out so she can release the others. A good move, we get Matt, Mohinder and Daphne in the deal. Rebel is Micah! Hind sight is always 20/20, who else would it be?! Surely there was a better way to save Micah than sacrificing herself!

    I love Ando and Hiro but they are morons! They finally figure out who the baby is and he has a power! He can power something even if it's not plugged in. Hiro's powers are back! Well, at least his freeze power.

    Matt convinces the staff that Daphne is Gwen Stefani! Incredibly sweet how Matt tries to give Daphne her fairytale ending.

    Not a great episode, very little happened and the strain on the budget is becoming increasingly obvious. Fewer and fewer characters in an episode and interacting with each other, characters being killed off. Really worrying.
  • Adventurous, pivotal, surprising and emotional. Heroes is so on this week! Can't wait to see what they come up with for the rest of the season.

    This episode was on! Surprise after suprise and I hardly saw any of them coming and I read spoilers quicker then I can get my hands on them.

    The episode begins with a semi-weird, semi-cofusing scene (no not Danko shaving). Last we saw Sylar he was in Danko's apartment.

    Turns out he was there to leave him something? Doyle wrapped in a pretty red bow, in his words a gift. Not sure if he was dead but still. Anyway, I don't know what to make of what's happening with Sylar but I have some thoughts.

    Old habits die hard and I'm taking it as things get darkest before the dawn, aka Sylar will be more evil then ever before perhaps things get better for him and we get a return to volume 3 Sylar. But things are going to get dark, dark, daker before that might happen at least according to spoilers. I want to believe Sylar can return to Gabriel, especially after hearing the title for volume five (Redemption) but where he is right now...seems like it's going to be harder then ever. I think it was an understatement when someone said that Sylar might end up more evil now then before he went down his redemptive road in volume 3. But only time will tell and I still have hope. One way or another we'll find out and it's going to be epic that's for sure. Evil or good, Sylar is the character that I adore most. Peter, my other most beloved character, only had a small appearance in this episode but it was great just the same. Now that Nathan is out of the operation he started Danko is at the healm and apparently he's not leaving anyone to their free passes. He goes straight for Angela but as always our beloved Peter saves the day (not sure how he knew what was going down but whatever) and finds them a cozy little hide out, at least for now. That was so cool and so random that he took them to the statue of liberty but come to think of it's proably a safe place for the night at least. I'm hopeful that we will once and for all, after months of teasing find out some on Angela's secrets. I'm sure they won't give it all away but with the upcoming flashback episode 1961 about the beginnings of the company I think this time it will actually happen. And can I just say, YES! Hiro and Ando play babysitters to the coolest baby ever! Matt's son, little Matt is (as far as we know) the youngest person ever to have an ability. He's a touch and go. Close as I can tell his power is a little like Ando's. Ando super charges something, like a battery in a way. Little Matt touches something and turns it on like a battery. How cute was that kid though? And thank goodness he has the power he has otherwise the government would have snatched him up right quick. I was pleased to see the manner in which Hiro's ability returned and to see Ando crank his ability up. Very impressive on both counts. But what about the actual Matt? I mean he has a kid, apparently. I certainly hope he finds out.

    But right now he has bigger issues. Apparently he and Daphne won't be having the future we once saw for them but when it comes to this show that's expected. Whenever they skip time and show some future event, character, change it's almost a guarantee that it won't be happening (at least most of the time). But I was still shocked that Daphne died. Had a couple tears for her, especially for Matt's sake but I feel like I should have saw it coming, how could Matt get to Paris so quick? How could he fly? He just couldn't, poor Daph. I really liked her and I loved that Matt finally had someone but hey he's got another little someone out there who needs him so I think Matt will find the will to go on. And at least he got to her before she died, it could have been worse.

    But surprisingly my favorite part of this episode was the Tracey stuff. I am not an Ali Larter fan and while I found Tracey more interesting then Nikki I still wasn't a big fan. She was one of the few characters who somewhat deserved to be locked up. So Danko has everyone neutralized in Building 26 (where is this palce is that no one notices it? Another paper company?) and of course Rebel comes to the rescue and helps Tracey escape. There's clue #1, Rebel goes to great lengths to help Tracey in particular. Tracey gets out and frees Matt, Mohinder and Daphne but of course doesn't exactly play as part of the team but Rebel has it all under control. After Tracey pretty much ditches the others she has lots more help. Including some cash from an ATM, clue #2 we've seen a certain little someone do that exact thing before. And then boom! I wasn't prepared for him to just be standing right there but there he was. Micah! I pretty much went nuts when he appeared.

    I'm psyched they brought him back no matter how long it's actually going to be for.

    To bad, in Tracey's case, his help was somewhat unwarranted. We know her his history and she hasn't been a well behaved girl. But Micah inspires something in her (I knew there was a reason they met at the start of season 3), she originally lead HRG and the boys straight to rebel but when she found out it was Micah she toasted them or to be more accurate froze them.

    Apparently her power has some juice she hadn't yet tapped into and she froze them all I'm assuming alive but at a price. She froze to and that gave Danko the oppurtunity to kill her once and for all (yes she's down permenantly). I was surprised but it was a great way to send her off in a moment of rare integrity for her character and very fitting given the season we've had so far.

    There's good and evil in everyone, powers or not. These powers can corrupt, make heroes out of people and make them do all manner of strange things but that's a part of it. Doyle, Sylar, Tracey, Peter, Matt, Mohinder they've all done bad things and to a certain extent they've all had their good moments. Some more then others but it's in them all, good and evil. Villains, heroes. The lines aren't so easily drawn, so easily defined. Things aren't so black and white. In fact they're gray. ;)
  • A very well written episode.

    The begining of the episode "Cold Snap" was just as good as any "Heroes" episode. Through out the episode I was reminded why this show is one of my all time favorites. Bryan Fuller is an exccelent writer and I am personally glad that he has returned to the "Heroes" team. The later part of the episode was somethingyou would expect from the first season's glory days. The lose of character Daphine Millbrook was a sadding part of the episode. I belive that in the coming episodes that the series will improve over what can be called a temperary slump in the story.
  • Not nearly as good as I thought it would be, but not bad either. Warning, spoilers ahead.

    It's back after a 1 week break, and I am pretty excited about how the season has picked up. So we pick up with the Rebel story, and in this episode we finally find out who it is, and it doesn't surprise me to find out it's Micah. We find that Hiro and Ando were sent to protect Matt's baby, but when doing so are attacked by people who try and take the baby away. The strange thing is, when Hiro and Ando look like they are doomed to be captured, Hiro's power kicks in and he freezes time. It seems to be because of the baby, but how can a baby that makes things come to life bring back a power? Strange, and a bit weak, but I will buy it. So now Tracy dies this episode, which made sense, because she saved Micah in the process, and her character didn't really go anywhere. I was a bit saddened by the death of Daphne, she was interesting, but I guess she didn't really bring to much to the show, hopefully this time she stays dead. Overall this episode was not as good as I thought it would be, a bit of a letdown really, but not bad either.
  • Small but Big events

    I've always thought that not having every character in every episode would get confusing and certain connections not made or even lost, but Hereos manages extremely well. I was amazed but this week's revelation that our littlest hero Micah is actually "Rebel". I was also intrigued that this week's focus seemed to be on the small battles verses blowing things up or creating a bloody mess. Ando and Hiro as always were great comic relief especially when a baby is thrown into the mix. But this week's loss of Daphne was a surprise. However, with the reappearance of Matt's ex and his son could make things interesting with the added bonus that "little Matt" has a power.
  • I am actually happy with the show again :)

    I was actually impressed with Cold Snap, finally we get to see the heroes USE their powers. I was so tired of them just running or whimpering away that I was wondering why the show was called heroes to begin with....

    I for one have never been into the whole we need to understand their motivation kinda guy. I like when a storyline keeps moving and forces a character to move forward constantly. So the whole Matt & Daphne fiasco (for me) has been pretty corny. I can't really put my finger on it so i think it's a combination of the actors, dialog, or portrayal - i'm just not sold that there was anything romantically whatsoever between those characters. So for me while Matt's been running around screaming for Daphne, i was sitting there thinking "Get it over with, let him find her so we dont' have to hear it anymore!" I was mostly hoping that Brea Grant's character would just leave Matt, honestly I do, I really loved having her on the show. I just hated the whole cringe worthy relationship

    My positives, and I finally mean positives are - I absolutely loved that powers are finally coming into play. We're no longer seeing dramatic closeups cut scenes with the dramatic little song playing in the background(just like we do in a soap opera). Case in point, with Ali Larters character, she actually does something other than just run, stop and get caught. She takes people out including herself - however i did see the tear roll down her eye after her ice form was blow to bits, so I already know she's going to put herself together like the T2 and start using Iceman's ability to turn herself into ice form...

    I don't think anybody was surprised to see that Rebel was indeed Micah. But it was great to see him back in full force "doing" things. It's sad when the grownups who should lead are being led by the kids in a show, that's how you know that you need new writers and I for one have to say thank gawd Bryan Fuller is now heading the pack :)
  • Mr. Fuller returns

    It's amazing what a powerful creative force can do for a writers' room. "Heroes" is often written by committee, with the credit going to whichever writer gives a script its final polish. The net effect is that an episode is based on a bullet-point list of gestalt ideas, and it comes down to the talent and inspiration of the writer to flesh that out into something worthwhile. Given what we've seen of the "inspiration" provided by Tim Kring and the previous showrunners and the endless repetition of plot elements, that room needed some new (or, in this case, old) blood.

    I make this point because it seemed to me that this episode wasn't necessarily a dramatic move away from the storytelling conceits that were found in previous episodes. Obviously, it couldn't stray too far from what was established, but if one saw a summary of previous episodes and this episode side by side, it wouldn't look all that different. What was different, however, was the evolution from the breaking of the story to the final version. The tone was substantially different, and I believe that is what many fans have noticed and continue to laud.

    For example, Daphne's death seems to be rather pointless, given the fact that the audience was already led to believe that Daphne was dead once and she actually dies of her earlier wound in this episode. The end effect (driving Parkman towards revenge) was already in place. Letting her live only serves the purpose of giving Matt and Daphne a moment of closure that was previously missing, thus exploring an aspect of Matt's power that hasn't been seen recently.

    There's also the baby plot with Hiro and Ando. Now, using this plot to explore Hiro's psychological reaction to everything that happened in Volume Three was a nice touch, because they usually don't bother with that enough. But having Matt's baby somehow restore part of Hiro's ability? That's a real stretch.

    Finally, there's the latest example of a character "dying" out of some semblance of sacrifice, despite the fact that she's obviously not dead. Tracy's trick of freezing herself and fooling Danko into thinking that he can shatter her to death was clever enough, but how many times has a character seemingly died, only to come back? (See Daphne's recent arc.) This happens all the time on "Heroes".

    Normally these things would be irritating. In this case, they were given more depth by just the right spin on the material. There was a much better emphasis on the characters and how these situations were affecting them on a personal level. Daphne's fate was secondary to how Matt reacted to the knowledge of it, and how he ultimately helped her have one last magical moment. Hiro's interaction with the baby was mostly about his own sublimated emotions. Tracy's ruse was well-done, and her reasons were tied to her regret for betraying Micah.

    Add to that the exploration of Angela's attempts to escape Danko's forces (which was focused mostly on her fear), and this was more devoted to motivations than the lion's share of the episodes this season. It's hard to know if this was Bryan Fuller's doing or if it was simply the synergistic effect of his return to the writers' room. But whatever it was, it was a huge step in the right direction.
  • Rebel, Rebel. Not just the character but Bryan Fuller the writer as well.

    This show, although relatively better this volume, has kind of wallowed in mediocrity since volume 2 and been written badly since the start of volume 3. Yeah there has been some good episode's here and there but mainly it became character's motivations led by plot. Bryan Fuller is therefore a Rebel who restores faith in the audience that the characters can drive plot as well. He also mostly leaves out the big 3 of Claire, Peter and Sylar (well Peter appears at the end, Sylar's prescence is felt with the delivery of The Puppetmaster). In fact, Nathan doesn't appear either. What's more important though is that with this episode Bryan Fuller has the guts to kill off, redeem and re-introduce characters and their powers. He starts to streamline and incapacitate, or in one case, give a character an ending that is more than, 'shot in the shoulder, who cares'. When Daphne was supposedly killed in chapter 2 for a few eps she was mostly forgotten. Not till now do we see her again, and as she lies in a hospital bed, Matt's storybook ending for her was touching and charming. Her character could have been so much more but was wasted when she became Parkman's unlikely girlfriend. The writing is good enough to acknowledge that, as a couple, they made no sense but still gives us a glimpse of the way their relationship should have evolved, in the first place.

    So onto Rebel which was obvious from the start. This was set up very similar to the Linderman/Maury Parkman mystery from last volume but not as successful in tricking the audience. It was Micah by the way and even though Tracey was surprised it felt too underwhelming for me. The main surprise came from how much the actor looks different because he's grown up a little. This story was mainly Tracey's anyway, a way for her to redeem herself. Her shop lifting felt novel and (like Matt) the sudden increase in power felt right and long overdue. She sacrifices herself for Micah and shatters with a little help from Danko. Whether she is dead or able to do a T-1000 isn't entirely clear though. It was the scene itself that was able to look cool as well as serve a purpose that made it work.

    So third and 4th strands. With the death of Daphne we are re-introduced to Matt's wife who when last seen was pregnant. Well she's had the kid now and it's up to Hiro and Ando to save it from Danko's men. Along with better comic-relief we get some actual character moments as well. Hiro reveals to Ando he saw his mother die when he was stuck in the past. You sort of feel this should have happened already but gives the character added warmth and gravitas that he hasn't had since that episode. The fans will also be happy as well because baby touch and go reboots Hiro's freeze power. No teleporting though as that makes time travel possible and we don't need that after so many problems its caused with plotting on the show. Add to that Ando's power increase and more progression emerges.

    The last strand is fugitive Angela Petrelli which lives up to the name of the Volume. Her little talk with friend Millie reminded us that the character has flaws. We are nicely reminded of her shoplifting after Arthur's death and that made me feel for the first time in a while that this was a 3d character and not a 2d villain.

    So a good episode, one thing though is that it serves amongst everything to propel the plot, resolve loose ends and get rid of or push to the side unnecessary characters. Also, 3 character's in particular had a sudden upgrade to there powers in this episode out of nowhere. If Bryan Fuller had been around earlier then at least this could have been hinted more frequently. Basically this episode, although a return to form, was let down by having to resolve and move forward some of the mess that had been created beforehand. With it we at least can have a more clean slate and his next episode can be an absolutely amazing one.
  • Finally an old fashion well written episode. The show is restoring it's former glory.

    I was pleasantry surprised by this episode. After a bunch of rather uninformative and grinding episodes, Cold Snap was a well written episode that would do volume 1 proud. Though, I was less then surprised about ''rebels'' identity. It was even sort of obvious. However, the return of this character is far from disappointing.

    Two character died in this episode, both Daphne and Tracy met their fate. But there was one thing about the cold snap scene that bugged me. Even though it looked very spectacular, the way the scene ended raised some questions, or better said criticism. When Danko shot Tracy, you saw a shot of (half) her face shattered on the ground. Here she blinked and a tear drop ran down her frozen cheek.

    It seems a very strange thing to end a scene with. And totally unrealistic.
    A> She was frozen, it would have been physically impossible to move her eye at all. B> The head was decapitated and shattered in half (including the brain). It would not be logical for the brain to sent any kind of signal to the facial muscles or recolonize any kind of emotion for that matter.

    So either they did a real poor job on the ending of this scene. Or they're planning to bring Tracy back like a jig saw puzzle or something. Hey, it's still Heroes right?

    Daphne's death was a little less obvious, they made you to believe trough the entire episode that she was back on her feet. But nearing the end, it got obvious after Matt took flight that her miraculous recovery was nothing but an illusion created by Matt. After an romantic goodbye, Daphne flat lined and passed away. Which I don't really mind, since Daphne wasn't a hateful character, but not very compelling either.

    Angela however had a more exciting role in this episode, on the run from Danko and his crew, se was later saved by Peter after she got chased by one of Danko's crews. And it seems like Peter and Angela teamed up. So I expect to see a more active Peter, since he's now with Angela who always been one of the master minds behind every big secret in the series. I'm still not sure what Noah's role is in all of this. His goals are never full out there, and remains to be a complicated and mysterious character.

    What Sylar's intentions are with Danko aren't clear to me yet either (The Puppet Master was obviously a present from him). I suppose it's for yet another sinister scheme for which Sylar is known for.


    It is pretty obvious to me that the writers are trying to set the series straight. Characters who don't serve important roles die, and powers are returned to the characters that do matter. It is only a matter of time before Heroes is restored into it's former glory.
  • Not bad...

    I laughed. I cried. I was intrigued. It wasn't perfect, but this is what Heroes of old was all about.

    The reveal of Rebel was a needed, pleasant surprise and I hope the character(I won't spoil it) is used again in the near future.

    Hiro and Ando's storyline is definitely the comic relief of Heroes, as always and I loved the moment when Hiro got his powers back. I wouldn't call it 'classic' as the previews said, but it is more than a welcome thing to happen for me to love this show again.

    To top it all off we had some emotional moments at the end and had to say goodbye to a few people, but the writers handled it much better than deaths in the past. It was no 'Lost moment', but it was pretty powerful for me.

    Overall, the only complaint I have is that I wish Heroes had a structure more like Lost where each episode specialized on 1-2 people at a time instead of splitting up between as many as possible.
  • Yea! Bryan Fuller is back.

    Fanboys, fangirls, rejoice. The prodigal Bryan Fuller has returned. Shades of Gray was just a warm-up, this time he actually wrote this episode. And what can I say, exactly? It's great Fuller's back and all and NBC cranked the hype machine, trumpeting his return as 'classic'. Well, that part is mostly right. In the first few minutes, Fuller's influence is readily recognized and there are parts of the episode that definitely feel Fuller-esque. Fortunately for Fuller, he has managed in one episode what the writers didn't in this whole volume: bring the real world back into the heroes' world. He made Heroes once again feel as achingly strange, unique, nostalgic, puzzling, yet realistic as Season One. Don't get me wrong, I love some episodes in this volume but this is the first episode in a long time that FEELS like it would have been in Season One. And that's part of the problem, because Season One is over. Capturing the glorious nostalgia may not be completely tangable anymore. But, on to the summary. Danko shaves in his bathroom and walks out to find Doyle strung up like a present. Could be Sylar's doing, taunting tag indicates it's him, but Sylar's strangely AWOL. Now that Nathan "surrendered" control of his operation, Danko's in power. And boy, does he love it. He's willing to keep the heroes as vegatative as possible. He leads Mohinder to Matt, Daphne, and other heroes hooked on IVs, on the pretense of helping them, only to have Mohinder knocked out. Naughty. Noah briefs Angela on the reversal of command but Angela informs him to keep a level head and 'support' Danko. Angela suggests sacrificing Rebel to support the cause. Y-ouch. Angela admits that if she were a better woman, she would sacrifice herself. Too bad she's not and she doesn't care. She won't surrender to anyone. Danko shows Noah Doyle, claiming the capture as a "present" since Doyle tormented his family and Noah iniates the Angela-suggestion, telling Danko to release Tracey to find Rebel since Rebel contacted her twice. Danko refuses but the choice is taken from him. The power shuts down while Tracey stores icy breath and escapes. She decides to rescue Matt, Mohinder, and Daphne for some reason. Whatever, they're free. Matt grasps Daphne (awww!) and Mohinder informs him she has to go to the hospital. Tracey moves to leave, saying she won't wait for them, but she's stuck with them as the brigade closes in. Luckily, Matt mindbends his wat to escape. She shrugs it off and leaves without them. Mohinder and Matt take Daphne to the nearest hospital, Matt pretending Daphne's Janice and 'making' up a story about Janice's injuries. A little mindbending and Daphne's rushed to treatment. Hiro and Ando ponder little-Matt. Hiro awkwardly handles the kid, wondering what to do, and not treating little-Matt as a baby. Ando speculates that Hiro's awkwardness stems from a dead mother and a distant father. Hiro informs him of his trip in Our Father and it's nice to bring up and still painful to hear. Ando and Hiro discover little-Matt's power and he's a "jumpstarter". More on that later. Tracey tries on new clothes, pleased she got away, but Noah corners her. Never underestimate HRG. He warns that he could kill her if he wanted but he won't unless she cooperates. He wants her to lead him to Rebel and dangles the one thing she desires: her old life. Going back to whoring for local politicans is still glamorous to her. Rebel leads Tracey to a station to meet and a close-up shows what many have believed: Micah is Rebel. Horrah! However, he has been gone for a long time and he looks it. Angela is forced on the run when she "dreams" the brigade is closing on her. Danko figured her out and he wants some revenge for her prying into his personal life. A little odd that Noah finally admitted Angela's power and Danko didn't even blink after Noah pinned Peter's survival on her. Angela, the proud, arrogant, all-mighty woman finally becomes hunted. Doesn't feel so good. She has no Rebel or family to help her. She stumbles into an old friend, Millie (Pushing Daisies' alum!) at a restaurant and begs for her help. Millie's surprised Angela's asking her help and leads to the greater impression that Angela has little to no friends. Millie is finally willing to help her old friend and gives Angela all her cash. Janice comes home and finds Ando-Hiro. They explain who they are and why they're there but Janice can't believe the government is coming for her baby. She has no warm feelings for her ex, Matt almost blowing DC sold her that he has gone off the reservation, but she realizes that the government is manipulating the greater picture. The brigade finds her and Hiro-Ando convince her that they should take little-Matt. A confrontation ensues. Ando finally sparks someone but is quickly knocked. Hiro holds on to little-Matt and little-Matt shows his power isn't just a knock-off of Micah's. He supercharges Hiro and Hiro can bend time again. YESSSS! Well, he can freeze time. Whatever, you take what's given. Hiro is ecstatic but he can't unfreeze time, so he has to drag Ando 12 miles in a wheelbarrow. Funny. Micah meets Tracey at the station and she's shocked. She asks why he helped her. Mom. Micah felt something for Tracey because she reminded him of his mom. Sad. Tracey guilts and admits she sold Micah out. He's angry, even when Tracey apologizes, but is resourceful enough to reroute technology so they can escape. Daphne wakes up and finds that Matt posed her as Gwen Stefani:}. She overheard the Janice-story and Matt admits it was the truth. Daphne feels jealous over the ex, and feels Matt hasn't moved on from her. Probably not. She once again asks why Matt wants to be with her, once again doesn't believe him, and kisses and runs? Ouch. Already? He just saved your life!!! Hiro comforts little-Matt and finally warms to him. With that, he's able to unfreeze time and explains to a bewildered Ando that they should find Matt. Micah is still pissed at Tracey. He helped her so many times and she hurled it back at him. He knew Tracey isn't Nikki, but at least Nikki was a kind woman that was an actual hero. Yeah. Tracey apologizes and informs Micah she didn't used to be a lying s---, she joined DC to try and make a difference and as many, lost her way. The brigade finds them. Tracey sacrifices herself so Micah can escape and like Mohinder, regain redemption for what's she done. She's going to have to pull off a couple more sacrifices. At least Mohinder had good intentions. She tells Micah to turn on the sprinklers before he leaves and freezes everyone in the area, including herself. Whoa. Danko arrives, observes Tracey, and shoots her. Noah marvels at her new ability. Before the shock wears off, it's revealed Tracey pulled a Terminator-2 and is still alive. Angela flees from the brigade and they close in on her. Finally, she is cornered and she has no way out. Or so it would seem. But then, ba-dow, Peter swooshes and rescues his mother. He's been hanging around in the Statue of Liberty and now he and mother have time to reconnect. Daphne observes Paris and Matt finds her. Daphne's surprised Matt got there so fast but he reveals he can fly? What!?! He proves to Daphne he loves her and gives her an aerial view of Paris. Daphne's no fool and Heroes didn't jump the shark. Daphne never woke up. She's grateful for Matt's love and devotion and tells him it's okay. Matt understands. He awakens, Mohinder at its side, while Daphne flatlines. She's gone for good. NOOOOO! Horrible, just horrible. Poor Matt. This episode was not too shabby and Fuller knows what he's doing. He injected some much needed heart back into Heroes, where family and friends are willing to do whatever it takes for each other and where the characters come first. Angela is explored as being a woman who's lost everything, who is lonely and miserable, and realizes she doesn't want to be this way. Fuller was finally able to give Tracey a spine and she too is a lonely, miserable woman whose selfish lifestyle has cost her dearly. Both will have opportunities to redeem themselves. Daphne's death was shattering and she will be missed. The Hiro-Ando dynamic sparkled. Now, they'll both have opportunities to save the world together and I would like to know how Hiro's power will work now. I would like to see what Micah will do next. Noah was great as ever. However, some aspects were bungled in execution. Volume Three plotpoints were injected back in and the less reminders of Volume 3, the better. I don't want to hear about the eclipse anymore. Claire's storyline with Doyle hit the fan if he was only going to be recaptured the next episode and I'm wondering just why Doyle is even still on the show. This episode in many ways is so largely disconnected from the greater storyline of the Volume, something that later episodes in a volume should do, and it FEELS like the millionth redo of Heroes as a show and sometimes, Fuller's influence was washed away and it became Heroes post-Season One again. Fuller is one player on a massive team, so whatever he can do is not going to be great enough because the entire team needs to finally buckle down and decide what they want this show to be. This is just me, so if anyone finally got what they wanted out of Heroes, terrific. I'm willing to see what else Bryan Fuller brings as this volume goes on.
  • Several great scenes that hearken back to the Heroes we all know and love.

    Cold Snap felt like a definite step forward. Anyone else feel like this episode in particular started addressing issues viewers have had with the show?

    Ex 1: Matt Parkman's baby has powers. So it looked like a baby can be born with abilities, but it doesn't take long for Matt's ex to mention that it started happening after the eclipse. Looks like they are finally sticking with one idea. I appreciated this. I haven't really been a fan of Hiro's plot lately. I miss his abilities and they've gone from him acting like a baby to him taking care of one. But thankfully, there are some neat developments here and I look forward to where this goes.

    Ex 2: Parkman and Daphne's relationship is a sham.
    I've always had an issue with these two strangers falling in love just because Parkman said he had a vision. Here, this loophole is directly addressed and even remedied, as Matt and Daph finally have a deep conversation and develop some chemistry. Superman rip-offs aside, theirs was a FANTASTIC and moving scene, the best of the show, and one of the best of the season. (coming from me, that's seriously high praise) possibly the swansong of their story. Now, Maybe Matt can get back to his ex and kid.

    Ex 3: Tracy should be killed.
    I think Ali Larter is so gorgeous, but yes, shoe-horning her into season 3 when her character had died was ridiculous. In my favorite scene of the episode, Tracy in order to protect the mysterious REBEL, (a returning Michah!) went all "sub zero" on the government agents! An awesome display of power
    left her iced out completely, and I'll never forget the image of her silhouette shattering to the gun...

    I really enjoyed this one, no Claire (a possible series first), and even the time out stuff with Angela was welcome. Heroes is back on track, so let's hope they keep the momentum going.
  • This all round was a solid episode. It addresses what we wanted in the show, and gets rid of the stuff we don't like, paving the way for some great episodes in the future.

    Not too many storylines and good writing makes this a solid episode. Bryan Fuller is really turning this show around and sson it'll make us feel like we're in Season 1 again.

    Hiro becomes likeable again. Personally i thought ever since he lost his powers he's gone all "It is my Destiny" and it was really pissing me off, but now i guess they've realised it sucks and they've gone back to classic Hiro, and to the sole reason there was a Hiro and Ando team in the first place, humour. Hiro felt more real in this episode and i prefer it that way.

    Micah=Rebel=no duh. Sure it was predictable but its fitting, better than bringing in a new character and... i just miss Micah. He's was so cool and i was so confused why they've pulled him off the set for so many episodes, i'm so glad he's back. Oh yeah, he's grown up a little and you can notice that his voice has gotten deeper, so be a prepared for that. now i'm wondering where Molly is.

    Best news of this episode... TRACEY'S DEAD!!!!!!! :) :) :)
    I was so sick of her, Nikki was interesting but Tracey was just plain pointless, i hope they don't bring the Final Triplet, Barbara, into the show.

    The Matt and Daphne scenes were just plain confusing. You don't know whats real and whats not until the end of the episode. At one point Matt Parkman FLIES with Daphne in the middle of Paris... seriously, that is the biggest WTF moment of the series, even if it is justified a few minutes later.

    No Sylar, Clairebear or Nathan action this week, expect some good scenes with them in the next episode.

    Bryan Fuller has Heroes. ^ ^ ^
  • Not alot of action, but it does move the story forward.

    First of all, this episode was way too hyped up. The trailer was exciting but the episode wasn't (at least not as exciting as they made it to be).

    Second, Rebel is Micah. Something I think every Heroes fan should have gathered ever since like the 3rd or 4th episode of "Fugitives". Who else could it have been really? So not a huge surprise for me, but still it is nice to have Micah back.

    Tracy is gone and what a way to go. I liked the way she thought about the escape plan, but it was a bit too drastic just to let Micah escape, she didn't have to die... But I'm glad she did, her character was pointless after "Villains". Let's hope Micah has a rendezvous with the rest of Heroes...

    Then there's Angela. We saw how much Nathan was really protecting her, because the agents seemed pretty determined to catch her. But it's Peter to the rescue in the elevator. Nice! What's with the statue of Liberty scene? it wasn't really important, it just shows that Peter is helping out his mom now.

    Baby Parkman has a power! Now that is a nice twist. Although I find it odd that Hiro got his powers back by touching the baby. Couldn't the same have happened if Ando had touched him? Ah well, at least he has his powers back now (some of them at least)

    All in all, I think this episode was kind of meant to set the scene for the rest of the season. Next episode looks great though, we get some Sylar-Danko action, which should be something to look forward to.
  • Good episode but I didn't understand a couple of things.

    Ohhh finally Daphne is dead. I mean how lame is her character and completely useless , now Matt is free that's good so he can concentrate in his powers.The final dream sequence was ok.I would have expected some panic in the hospital , I mean Matt just appeared in television with a bomb attached to his body anyway he controls everyones mind so that probably includes that as well. How stupid is Danko ? I mean let all the fugitives go just to find Rebel? That doesn't make much sense at all.How can Tracy possibly be alive ? I mean if she has water powers she could have escape through the sewers , but there is no way she could survive or so I hope because I don't like her character. I have to say , I didn't see it coming that Micah is Rebel til last week... because I read it in a user's review , which I " report abuse"him.I have to admit though it was pretty predictable. Ando and Hiro's appearance was boring until Hiro stopped time. Not my favourite episode but not that bad either
  • This episode was coming and I had an idea of what to expect.

    We all knew of Tracy's power. Some of us knew about Hanna G. and we knew about Micah Sanders. I think overall this was a swell episode. For those who over analyzed and figured Micah wasn't "Rebel" sorry all. He is. I saw one or two small edits to make with the review posted here. Does anyone think that the wink at the end from Tracey's shattered face means anything? Also, maybe I should re watch the episode I didn't remember HGR mentioned that deal to Ice Queen. Also, was anyone else surprised that Peter came to save Angela? I was.
  • Oh what an improvement!

    This was a much better episode of Heroes than we've had for a while and it's probably no coincidence that the writer of the episode is Bryan Fuller who we all know is a great writer. It was nice seeing Swoozie Kurtz in this and having her and Bryan Fuller working together again now that ABC has cancelled Pushing Daisies. Tracy died during this but I was not surprised to see her go, the character just never really worked here. Micah's comeback was great to see, though. I did miss Sylar here. Good to see Heroes is finally returning towards the things that made it so good in the past.
  • Big improvement.

    I cannot stress it enough times: stay in character and stay well-scripted. Two key points to a show's success. Noticing Jeph Loeb's name on the titles entry was a good sign that the Heroes *would* be acting in character and more like their original selves even after this show has shifted so far off the map. And after two weeks of waiting, did if feel right? Hell yes. I withheld my hands to applaud for Bryan Fuller but now applause is well deserved. The first thing to do is move last episode's characters out so we can focus on other people. Which means Sylar, Nathan, and Claire take a backseat and I'm not complaining, as I am feeling Claire's stories have gotten wearisome lately. (Maybe the writers can improve her storylines too.) It's till eerie to know Danko could be working with Sylar, who doesn't appear at all and only drops off the Puppetmaster as a gift. The Hunter seems a bit edgy now but at least he trusts Noah Bennett, which tightens the strain and makes me wonder what'll happen when Sylar faces the Heroes again.

    Hiro's concern for Baby Matt was touching and sweet while his comments to Ando had classic humor written into the script. It's good to see the character's emotions shine through as Hiro struggles not to cry over the remembrance of losing his mother. I give another check plus to the writers for *finally* restoring some of Hiro's abilities, if not all of them. Disarming the Heroes for too long drags down the story but now that Hiro and Ando both have powers, they could end up as partners and rivals. I'm hoping for the Dyanmic Duo to stay strong, though.

    And Rebel…is indeed…Micah. He wasn't my first assumption of "Rebel" because I presumed Micah was still the cute little kid from season one who needed a mother's guidance to protect her son from danger. But Noah Gray-Cabey has matured in voice, size, and attitude to bring the kickass Machine Boy back for the better. Micah doesn't seem bitter as the loss of both parents, though. He's still book-read, intelligent, and determined to be a Hero by fighting back. And we're all damn proud of Tracy for choosing to help her nephew escape. Her cry of "Micah!" even resonates back to Nikki, which can lead us to believe people are not dead in spirit if we live their legacy through the right actions. Is Tracy gone? I doubt it.

    That brings us to the end of this episode where Daphne dies in a sad but sweet and gentle ending. I was actually pleased how they handled it since introducing Matt Jr. and Janice would complicate Matt's relationships. Perhaps it is a suggestion for Matt to reunite with his family…or in "Five Years Gone" hinting how he might switch sides. But the writers know how to (forgive the expression) dispose of characters who serve their purpose. Another check. The last scenario of Peter and Angela atop the Statue of Liberty was a pleasant one and it's nice to know she can rely on Peter, who may not have Nathan's stability but certainly has heart. I've been annoyed at how incompetent the Heroes have been portrayed since the start of season three but now if they can't take direct attack to their adversaries, at least they can escape together and ally themselves properly. The tagline was "the greatest power is working together" so my expectations include characters in their elements and living up to the arc's theme.
  • Fuller is back with a vengenance!

    Lets face it folks, this series NEEDS and has always needed Bryan Fuller. This is the first episode with his as the key writer and if you will notice the HUGE boost in quality. Now I've nitpicked Heroes to death over the last few episodes and I think I was pretty write in my judgement. For the longest time, 3 Volumes to be exact, Heroes has been floundering, sputtering along without any real goal or sense of purpose, and the writing seems to be shifting on a constant basis. Things happen out of the blue or worse characters change motivations at the drop of a hat without any real build up or worse, too much build up and not a lot of execution. Everything about this episode was great, even Tracy Strauss, and I can't believe I just typed that. Ali Carter is beautiful but she's been handed some annoying characters on this series and now she's finally gone. Oh sure she probably will come back, with the winking ice face indicating some sort of trickery but who knows? Back when Fuller was writing Season 1 no one was safe, and Strauss has had nothing to do this Volume but sit in front of a lamp. Boring. The only reason I didn't give this episode a 10 was because Daphne was killed off without much of a way to come back, indicating that she might be gone for good. They gave her an excellent send off though, truly touching. Makes me wish they had done the same with Elle instead of the cheap meaningless death they gave her. The series needs strong female leads and they offed two women in the cast in one episode, that's kind of sad but not a huge loss. Good to see Micah again, he was never my favorite character but I didn't hate him, and he was pretty useful in this episode. Anyways, keep up the good work, I am once again loving Heroes again.
  • What can I say? This episode is hopefully the start of the former glory this show had. Although this

    What can I say? This episode is hopefully the start of the former glory this show had. Although this Volume has been better than the previous Villains Volume (didn't take much) it was still lacking something. But that was until Bryan Fuller returned and gave us this episode. The identity of Rebel is revealed and which was predictable but still good nonetheless. Ms. Petrelli on the run was a thing that kept me on the edge of the seat. Hiro finally got his power back in a cool and original way (nothing too Sci-Fi and thank god for that). The ending was great. Finally, I am again worried about the characters of the show. Characters are getting killed off, yes even a main characters. And they died in an unique and entertaining way. Overall this was an excellent episode.
  • Welcome Back Fuller

    I thought this was a very good episode. Micha is revealed to be the no-brainer pick for "Rebel". Never really was much of a doubt there, at least not in the circle that I watch Heroes with. Surprised I didn't see his name appear more online, but maybe they kept his return a secret. Loved seeing more Angela in this episode. I'm hoping her character doesn't bounce of the show right now too - considering that was lost not one, but two characters in Mr. Fullers return to the show. The killing of Daphne was kind of not needed and confusing. I guess the future has changed? I didn't think that she would die coming out of surgery, but I suppose she did. If there was a bad part to the episode, that was it. Good to see Micha back in action fixing some thing, wonder what his role will be here coming up.

    I liked the Hiro and Ando portion of the storyline. Some people found it too "silly" but I thought it was a storyline meant to be funny that actually WAS funny for a change. A little over the top at times, but still kept my interest with "Touch and Go" baby. Overall, solid episode from Heroes Mr. Fuller needs to write a bunch.
  • Back to the basics...

    Bryan Fuller is BACK! "Cold Snap" had all of the intrigue of season 1 that made this show a classic!

    UPPER 1: Micah = Rebel = Totally Predictable, yet the best thing they could have done! I was HOPING it was Micah, but started to fear it was going to be a new character...then I remembered Bryan Fuller wrote this episode, at which point all my fears vanished. So glad Noah Gray-Cabey is back and is putting his power to good use.

    UPPER 2: Peter is back to save Mommy Dearest! Squee!

    DOWNER 1: Still not getting/digging the whole Matt/Daphne relationship. Thank you Bryan Fuller for hitting the nail on the head and showing signs of the end of that empty/one-way relationship!

    DOWNER 2: Ali Larter's gone...or so it would seem. Rumor had it a female character wanted off. Guess it was she. At least they're "replacing" her with Micah... Was I alone in shedding a tear when she froze herself knowing Danko would come along and end her?
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