Season 3 Episode 20

Cold Snap

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 23, 2009 on NBC

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  • 1. Rebel = Micah (OMFG Who knew) 2. Hiro and Ando saved the baby (and something happened to their powers) 3. Angela escaped with the help of Peter 4. Daphne and Matt :( 5. Tracy met Micah and man, SHE'S AWESOME

    Don't listen to what those haters tell you; this is a very special and well-thought and well-written episode. We start with Danko shaving which is the creepiest thing you can get, next to Sylar killing a bunny. Then he noticed that someone/something was inside the room and found Doyle hanging on the ceiling with the nametag "My gift to you". Very funny Sylar.

    Then we cut to the badly shaven Noah talking to Angela. Nothing too important here except Angela telling Noah that it is their last meeting.

    Mohinder entered the lab and saw the supers drugged on bed and he rushed to find Daphne. Nice continuity after Nathan showed Daphne's video to him several episodes ago. I thought Danko would go with Nathan's plan to recruit Mohinder, but then I realized that Danko doesn't trust the supers, and I was right. The "Chapter Seven" label on the heat lamps is probably to show that Tracy will play a big role in this episode. It wasn't Tracy-centric enough but the fact that she gets a proper role says a lot. HRG then told Danko that REBEL left 2 messages to Tracy Strauss and concludes that he will try to save her anytime soon. So he suggests to Danko that they let Tracy go so she can lead them to Rebel.

    Cold Daddy, Warm Mommy apartment. I'm telling you, if Ando wasn't so perverted, I would expect him to be gay :) It turns out that Baby Matt has a power, which apparently, no one could figure out what.

    Great Scene #1. Mama Petrelli (my fav char), foresees the agents coming and was able to get out of the car before they came. She flirted with an unknown person and asked if she could share his umbrella. Very bright, Angela. Great Scene #2. Building 26 HQ. Micah,, um sorry, REBEL turned off the power from Building 26 and Tracy was able to 'freeze her way out'. She found the other supers (Mohinder, Matt, Daphne), and as the guards came in, Matt used his Mind-mojo thingy to make it look like they weren't there. Nicely done Matt. Danko then agrees to Noah's plan.

    Shoplifting time. Tracy froze the plastic thingy so she could get the clothes for free, but HRG tried to talk with her. If she could lead them to Rebel, she'll get away safely. Tracy was walking and heard the ATM calling for her. Mica, umm sorry, Rebel lent her money and asked her to meet him somewhere. Then we saw Micah who was grown a lot since season 2. Matt sent Daphne to the hospital. Great Scene #3. Hiro told Ando about Mama Ishi (aw). They were about to go with the Baby but Mama Janice arrived and found them 'hiding' on the stuffed toys. Baby parkman is lucky to have those many teddy bears,, but that is the worst hiding place everrr. It was funny though, Lulz. Naturally, Mama Janice asked what they want with Baby Matt and surprisingly, knew about the Baby's powers (which again, I don't know what). The Agents came in and tried to find the baby, then Ando used his Kame-hame wave to take out the guy, but he got hit anyway. Baby Matt used his whatever power on Hiro and was able to freeze time (What!?)and they managed to escape. (Ando needed a wheelcart though). Hiro doesn't have teleportation, and possibly time travel, but time-stopping will definitely come in handy. Angela asked her friend for help(Millie if I remember correctly)who appears to be connected with the Company. Daphne woke up, and discovered that Matt made the doctors believe she was Gwen Stefani (Lol). She again brought the topic about why they should be together, and Matt insisted that he saw them in a "spirit walk", but Daphne replied that he was 'baked in the desert (Lol). Daphne said that she was happy to have met Matt and walked away. Very simple and very in-character.

    Great scene #4. The agents saw Angela and she tried to run. She was able to enter the elevator and was on floor 10 (?) but the agents managed to do something with the wires and the elevator started going down. Nooo!!! for Mama Petrelli but she was saved by Peter at the end and they flew together. Company HQ #2 = Statue of Liberty.

    Best scene of the episode. Tracy saw Micah in the train station and he revealed that he is Rebel. omfg Who knew. Then Tracy realized that he led the Danko's team to Micah and he was naturally shocked. Micah's grown up now Yay! He then gave a speech about his mom (Niki) being a hero and that Tracy was not like her. But Tracy said that she didn't knew it was Micah and apologized. The agents came in the parking lot and Tracy realized that there is no way out so she asked Micah to turn the showers on. For once, Tracy was thinking about others and made this noble decision to face the agents all by herself and told Micah to escape and not get caught by the ice. Micah asked Tracy to come with him but she can't, because it is the only way for him to escape. So she faced the agents, stood in the middle while all the guns were pointed at her, and it was a really AWESOME SCENE supported by a dramatic background music. She knew it was the end anyway, so she closed her eyes and used the limit of her power to freeze everything in the parking lot (Poor cars!!!). The agents were frozen including her and the special effects were Perfect. It is a sure contender for the best moment of the show, probably along the lines of Angela sucking oysters. Danko shot the frozen Tracy and was frustrated that they didn't find Rebel. HRG looked sad that Tracy 'died' (aw). What the!? Just when Tracy got a proper role and people started liking her, they killed her off!? but we know she'll be back anyway because of the interviews. Plus the wink.

    Great scene #6. Daphne was sitting alone somewhere in Paris(!) then Matt came. He 'revealed' that he flew to Paris and I'm sure that everyone was confused and annoyed at this point, but as Daphne revealed, it was just Matt's mind mojo ability. She asked Matt to fly her to the moon, knowing it's the end for her. It was somewhat chessy but it was definitely a tear-jerker and dramatic moment and it was a nice way to end Daphne's character. She's not coming back as stated by Greg Beeman's blog, which is really Argghghghghhgh!!!!! because she's one of the most likeable character in the show, and it's extremely sad to see her go. At least though, her exit was waaaaayyy better than Elle so I won't complaining.

    Overall, this episode is great, has many great scenes, the characters are awesome, cool special effects, and opens up a lot of possibilities for everyone, especially for Rebel/Micah. Even without knowing about Bryan Fuller's return, you'll notice that this episode has a different writing style and nice story flow. I was really pissed off with Daphne's death, and Tracy's 'death' but that doesn't prevent me from loving this episode. I really hope that the next episodes will be like this!!! :)
  • Bryan Fuller returns to Heroes and gives it a much needed boost. Let's hope it sticks...

    This was a brilliant episode, although that may just be relative to the recent dearth of good writing on the show. Aside from the high points everyone has mentioned there were little touches that really set this one apart. Danko referencing Yogi Bear, for instance, or Swoosie Kurtz's wry cameo were classic Bryan Fuller. More importantly, the show ditched its usual pretentious air and got a needed dose of self-awareness. This was made especially clear when Daphne lectures Matt on their lack of backstory or real chemistry (a problem which was blatantly evident in previous episodes). The genius turn, of course, was using that subtle setup to make the big fantasy sequence that much more real and poignant.

    Most of all, though, we finally got back to actually caring about these characters. Heroes has struggled mightily to find a balance between being plot-driven and character-driven, and this episode showed you can in fact have it both ways. It had plenty of action, but paused just long enough to remind us that these are intended to be real, three-dimensional people, not just one-dimensional superheroes. And it was all done in such a nuanced way--building up a level of suspense and emotional investment that will hopefully carry us through the upcoming episodes.

    In sum, Heroes still has problems--many of them--but this episode sure seems like a start in the right direction.
  • Welcome Back Fuller

    I thought this was a very good episode. Micha is revealed to be the no-brainer pick for "Rebel". Never really was much of a doubt there, at least not in the circle that I watch Heroes with. Surprised I didn't see his name appear more online, but maybe they kept his return a secret. Loved seeing more Angela in this episode. I'm hoping her character doesn't bounce of the show right now too - considering that was lost not one, but two characters in Mr. Fullers return to the show. The killing of Daphne was kind of not needed and confusing. I guess the future has changed? I didn't think that she would die coming out of surgery, but I suppose she did. If there was a bad part to the episode, that was it. Good to see Micha back in action fixing some thing, wonder what his role will be here coming up.

    I liked the Hiro and Ando portion of the storyline. Some people found it too "silly" but I thought it was a storyline meant to be funny that actually WAS funny for a change. A little over the top at times, but still kept my interest with "Touch and Go" baby. Overall, solid episode from Heroes Mr. Fuller needs to write a bunch.
  • Welcome back Bryan Fuller!!!

    Just when I thought Heroes was entering the pit of despair never to return again the return of two familiar faces brings it closer to its glory days.

    The return of Micah as Rebel was expected but I'm a little shocked that he was able to do all of this ON HIS OWN. No matter how mentally advanced he is I don't really buy him being able to plan everything he did. Now I know that starts things off on a negative note (forcive habit after the previous heroes episodes) but I will still give Heroes the benefit of the doubt that Micah might not be alone on this Rebel business.

    I haven't been a fan of Tracy Strauss (or Jessica or Nikki) but it was nice to see her have a fitting end and those final words of "you have to continue what you're doing" were rather heroic in the end.

    Angela is another character that I have never really cared for (despite being acted wonderfully by Christine Rose) but her storyline in this episode was very new and refreshing because she has essentially been doing the same thing over and over again for this volume (having secret meetings and conversations with different people). The scene where she was cornered in the elevator and nearly caught by Danko's men was paced beautifully to when we saw Peter standing there and saving her in Superman fashion.

    Interesting opening scene with Danko getting his 'special delivery' from a mystery guest (probably Sylar).

    Hiro has been very annoying since Season 2 and it seemed like he was a little more tolerable in this episode with some nice scenes between him and Ando and some classic Season 1 comedy between the two. Not stupid Season 2+ comedy.

    And finally, I have never been a fan of the Matt and Daphne romance because I never really saw much chemistry between the two actors. It always seemed like they had a "the writers told us we like each other" chemistry to it, but again the show started bringing that full circle when the two characters FINALLY started asking themselves the right questions and made their situation a little more believable. When the scene in Paris came and Matt had suddenly been able to fly I started yelling "HOW" and "WHY" at my television and when they started going all Superman Returns on me again I told myself it figures that Heroes would do something to mess up a pretty good episode. But then Daphne came out with that line and it all came together. For a guy that can put any image in a person head why wouldn't he try to create happiness out of a horrible situation. Really well written there and I'm really sad to see Daphne go as well.

    This episode really shows how far an episode of heroes can go if there is a good script on the table. Kudos to you Bryan Fuller, keep up the good work and I hope Heroes can keep up the momentum for the rest of the season and return to its glory days.
  • Fuller is back with a vengenance!

    Lets face it folks, this series NEEDS and has always needed Bryan Fuller. This is the first episode with his as the key writer and if you will notice the HUGE boost in quality. Now I've nitpicked Heroes to death over the last few episodes and I think I was pretty write in my judgement. For the longest time, 3 Volumes to be exact, Heroes has been floundering, sputtering along without any real goal or sense of purpose, and the writing seems to be shifting on a constant basis. Things happen out of the blue or worse characters change motivations at the drop of a hat without any real build up or worse, too much build up and not a lot of execution. Everything about this episode was great, even Tracy Strauss, and I can't believe I just typed that. Ali Carter is beautiful but she's been handed some annoying characters on this series and now she's finally gone. Oh sure she probably will come back, with the winking ice face indicating some sort of trickery but who knows? Back when Fuller was writing Season 1 no one was safe, and Strauss has had nothing to do this Volume but sit in front of a lamp. Boring. The only reason I didn't give this episode a 10 was because Daphne was killed off without much of a way to come back, indicating that she might be gone for good. They gave her an excellent send off though, truly touching. Makes me wish they had done the same with Elle instead of the cheap meaningless death they gave her. The series needs strong female leads and they offed two women in the cast in one episode, that's kind of sad but not a huge loss. Good to see Micah again, he was never my favorite character but I didn't hate him, and he was pretty useful in this episode. Anyways, keep up the good work, I am once again loving Heroes again.
  • What can I say? This episode is hopefully the start of the former glory this show had. Although this

    What can I say? This episode is hopefully the start of the former glory this show had. Although this Volume has been better than the previous Villains Volume (didn't take much) it was still lacking something. But that was until Bryan Fuller returned and gave us this episode. The identity of Rebel is revealed and which was predictable but still good nonetheless. Ms. Petrelli on the run was a thing that kept me on the edge of the seat. Hiro finally got his power back in a cool and original way (nothing too Sci-Fi and thank god for that). The ending was great. Finally, I am again worried about the characters of the show. Characters are getting killed off, yes even a main characters. And they died in an unique and entertaining way. Overall this was an excellent episode.
  • This all round was a solid episode. It addresses what we wanted in the show, and gets rid of the stuff we don't like, paving the way for some great episodes in the future.

    Not too many storylines and good writing makes this a solid episode. Bryan Fuller is really turning this show around and sson it'll make us feel like we're in Season 1 again.

    Hiro becomes likeable again. Personally i thought ever since he lost his powers he's gone all "It is my Destiny" and it was really pissing me off, but now i guess they've realised it sucks and they've gone back to classic Hiro, and to the sole reason there was a Hiro and Ando team in the first place, humour. Hiro felt more real in this episode and i prefer it that way.

    Micah=Rebel=no duh. Sure it was predictable but its fitting, better than bringing in a new character and... i just miss Micah. He's was so cool and i was so confused why they've pulled him off the set for so many episodes, i'm so glad he's back. Oh yeah, he's grown up a little and you can notice that his voice has gotten deeper, so be a prepared for that. now i'm wondering where Molly is.

    Best news of this episode... TRACEY'S DEAD!!!!!!! :) :) :)
    I was so sick of her, Nikki was interesting but Tracey was just plain pointless, i hope they don't bring the Final Triplet, Barbara, into the show.

    The Matt and Daphne scenes were just plain confusing. You don't know whats real and whats not until the end of the episode. At one point Matt Parkman FLIES with Daphne in the middle of Paris... seriously, that is the biggest WTF moment of the series, even if it is justified a few minutes later.

    No Sylar, Clairebear or Nathan action this week, expect some good scenes with them in the next episode.

    Bryan Fuller has Heroes. ^ ^ ^
  • Not bad...

    I laughed. I cried. I was intrigued. It wasn't perfect, but this is what Heroes of old was all about.

    The reveal of Rebel was a needed, pleasant surprise and I hope the character(I won't spoil it) is used again in the near future.

    Hiro and Ando's storyline is definitely the comic relief of Heroes, as always and I loved the moment when Hiro got his powers back. I wouldn't call it 'classic' as the previews said, but it is more than a welcome thing to happen for me to love this show again.

    To top it all off we had some emotional moments at the end and had to say goodbye to a few people, but the writers handled it much better than deaths in the past. It was no 'Lost moment', but it was pretty powerful for me.

    Overall, the only complaint I have is that I wish Heroes had a structure more like Lost where each episode specialized on 1-2 people at a time instead of splitting up between as many as possible.
  • Bryan Fuller introduces brilliant writting to Heroes not seen since in a long time. People died, characters were cared about again. The special effects were amazing.

    This episode hands down is the best episode of the Season. The second best was Turn and Face The Strange. Revol was obvious, but I was still happy. The way Tracy died was epic, and she is not died is what I heard. I shed some tears of joy because I felt like it was Season 1 again. Now when it rains I will say "Cloud just Burst" Hiro and Ando are back to bring us humor. Matt loses Daphnie and showed emotion. The special effects at the end were amazing. Tracy freezing everything while Micah runs away, Daphnie going to the moon, and The Petrilli's in the Statue of Liberty to end things were awsome. The things that are making this show great again is no future drawings, better writting, and emotion. It took 20 episodes minus Our Father, and a few others to come to it's sinces. Whatever disapointments are now few and not noticeable
  • Back to the basics...

    Bryan Fuller is BACK! "Cold Snap" had all of the intrigue of season 1 that made this show a classic!

    UPPER 1: Micah = Rebel = Totally Predictable, yet the best thing they could have done! I was HOPING it was Micah, but started to fear it was going to be a new character...then I remembered Bryan Fuller wrote this episode, at which point all my fears vanished. So glad Noah Gray-Cabey is back and is putting his power to good use.

    UPPER 2: Peter is back to save Mommy Dearest! Squee!

    DOWNER 1: Still not getting/digging the whole Matt/Daphne relationship. Thank you Bryan Fuller for hitting the nail on the head and showing signs of the end of that empty/one-way relationship!

    DOWNER 2: Ali Larter's gone...or so it would seem. Rumor had it a female character wanted off. Guess it was she. At least they're "replacing" her with Micah... Was I alone in shedding a tear when she froze herself knowing Danko would come along and end her?
  • Yea! Bryan Fuller is back.

    Fanboys, fangirls, rejoice. The prodigal Bryan Fuller has returned. Shades of Gray was just a warm-up, this time he actually wrote this episode. And what can I say, exactly? It's great Fuller's back and all and NBC cranked the hype machine, trumpeting his return as 'classic'. Well, that part is mostly right. In the first few minutes, Fuller's influence is readily recognized and there are parts of the episode that definitely feel Fuller-esque. Fortunately for Fuller, he has managed in one episode what the writers didn't in this whole volume: bring the real world back into the heroes' world. He made Heroes once again feel as achingly strange, unique, nostalgic, puzzling, yet realistic as Season One. Don't get me wrong, I love some episodes in this volume but this is the first episode in a long time that FEELS like it would have been in Season One. And that's part of the problem, because Season One is over. Capturing the glorious nostalgia may not be completely tangable anymore. But, on to the summary. Danko shaves in his bathroom and walks out to find Doyle strung up like a present. Could be Sylar's doing, taunting tag indicates it's him, but Sylar's strangely AWOL. Now that Nathan "surrendered" control of his operation, Danko's in power. And boy, does he love it. He's willing to keep the heroes as vegatative as possible. He leads Mohinder to Matt, Daphne, and other heroes hooked on IVs, on the pretense of helping them, only to have Mohinder knocked out. Naughty. Noah briefs Angela on the reversal of command but Angela informs him to keep a level head and 'support' Danko. Angela suggests sacrificing Rebel to support the cause. Y-ouch. Angela admits that if she were a better woman, she would sacrifice herself. Too bad she's not and she doesn't care. She won't surrender to anyone. Danko shows Noah Doyle, claiming the capture as a "present" since Doyle tormented his family and Noah iniates the Angela-suggestion, telling Danko to release Tracey to find Rebel since Rebel contacted her twice. Danko refuses but the choice is taken from him. The power shuts down while Tracey stores icy breath and escapes. She decides to rescue Matt, Mohinder, and Daphne for some reason. Whatever, they're free. Matt grasps Daphne (awww!) and Mohinder informs him she has to go to the hospital. Tracey moves to leave, saying she won't wait for them, but she's stuck with them as the brigade closes in. Luckily, Matt mindbends his wat to escape. She shrugs it off and leaves without them. Mohinder and Matt take Daphne to the nearest hospital, Matt pretending Daphne's Janice and 'making' up a story about Janice's injuries. A little mindbending and Daphne's rushed to treatment. Hiro and Ando ponder little-Matt. Hiro awkwardly handles the kid, wondering what to do, and not treating little-Matt as a baby. Ando speculates that Hiro's awkwardness stems from a dead mother and a distant father. Hiro informs him of his trip in Our Father and it's nice to bring up and still painful to hear. Ando and Hiro discover little-Matt's power and he's a "jumpstarter". More on that later. Tracey tries on new clothes, pleased she got away, but Noah corners her. Never underestimate HRG. He warns that he could kill her if he wanted but he won't unless she cooperates. He wants her to lead him to Rebel and dangles the one thing she desires: her old life. Going back to whoring for local politicans is still glamorous to her. Rebel leads Tracey to a station to meet and a close-up shows what many have believed: Micah is Rebel. Horrah! However, he has been gone for a long time and he looks it. Angela is forced on the run when she "dreams" the brigade is closing on her. Danko figured her out and he wants some revenge for her prying into his personal life. A little odd that Noah finally admitted Angela's power and Danko didn't even blink after Noah pinned Peter's survival on her. Angela, the proud, arrogant, all-mighty woman finally becomes hunted. Doesn't feel so good. She has no Rebel or family to help her. She stumbles into an old friend, Millie (Pushing Daisies' alum!) at a restaurant and begs for her help. Millie's surprised Angela's asking her help and leads to the greater impression that Angela has little to no friends. Millie is finally willing to help her old friend and gives Angela all her cash. Janice comes home and finds Ando-Hiro. They explain who they are and why they're there but Janice can't believe the government is coming for her baby. She has no warm feelings for her ex, Matt almost blowing DC sold her that he has gone off the reservation, but she realizes that the government is manipulating the greater picture. The brigade finds her and Hiro-Ando convince her that they should take little-Matt. A confrontation ensues. Ando finally sparks someone but is quickly knocked. Hiro holds on to little-Matt and little-Matt shows his power isn't just a knock-off of Micah's. He supercharges Hiro and Hiro can bend time again. YESSSS! Well, he can freeze time. Whatever, you take what's given. Hiro is ecstatic but he can't unfreeze time, so he has to drag Ando 12 miles in a wheelbarrow. Funny. Micah meets Tracey at the station and she's shocked. She asks why he helped her. Mom. Micah felt something for Tracey because she reminded him of his mom. Sad. Tracey guilts and admits she sold Micah out. He's angry, even when Tracey apologizes, but is resourceful enough to reroute technology so they can escape. Daphne wakes up and finds that Matt posed her as Gwen Stefani:}. She overheard the Janice-story and Matt admits it was the truth. Daphne feels jealous over the ex, and feels Matt hasn't moved on from her. Probably not. She once again asks why Matt wants to be with her, once again doesn't believe him, and kisses and runs? Ouch. Already? He just saved your life!!! Hiro comforts little-Matt and finally warms to him. With that, he's able to unfreeze time and explains to a bewildered Ando that they should find Matt. Micah is still pissed at Tracey. He helped her so many times and she hurled it back at him. He knew Tracey isn't Nikki, but at least Nikki was a kind woman that was an actual hero. Yeah. Tracey apologizes and informs Micah she didn't used to be a lying s---, she joined DC to try and make a difference and as many, lost her way. The brigade finds them. Tracey sacrifices herself so Micah can escape and like Mohinder, regain redemption for what's she done. She's going to have to pull off a couple more sacrifices. At least Mohinder had good intentions. She tells Micah to turn on the sprinklers before he leaves and freezes everyone in the area, including herself. Whoa. Danko arrives, observes Tracey, and shoots her. Noah marvels at her new ability. Before the shock wears off, it's revealed Tracey pulled a Terminator-2 and is still alive. Angela flees from the brigade and they close in on her. Finally, she is cornered and she has no way out. Or so it would seem. But then, ba-dow, Peter swooshes and rescues his mother. He's been hanging around in the Statue of Liberty and now he and mother have time to reconnect. Daphne observes Paris and Matt finds her. Daphne's surprised Matt got there so fast but he reveals he can fly? What!?! He proves to Daphne he loves her and gives her an aerial view of Paris. Daphne's no fool and Heroes didn't jump the shark. Daphne never woke up. She's grateful for Matt's love and devotion and tells him it's okay. Matt understands. He awakens, Mohinder at its side, while Daphne flatlines. She's gone for good. NOOOOO! Horrible, just horrible. Poor Matt. This episode was not too shabby and Fuller knows what he's doing. He injected some much needed heart back into Heroes, where family and friends are willing to do whatever it takes for each other and where the characters come first. Angela is explored as being a woman who's lost everything, who is lonely and miserable, and realizes she doesn't want to be this way. Fuller was finally able to give Tracey a spine and she too is a lonely, miserable woman whose selfish lifestyle has cost her dearly. Both will have opportunities to redeem themselves. Daphne's death was shattering and she will be missed. The Hiro-Ando dynamic sparkled. Now, they'll both have opportunities to save the world together and I would like to know how Hiro's power will work now. I would like to see what Micah will do next. Noah was great as ever. However, some aspects were bungled in execution. Volume Three plotpoints were injected back in and the less reminders of Volume 3, the better. I don't want to hear about the eclipse anymore. Claire's storyline with Doyle hit the fan if he was only going to be recaptured the next episode and I'm wondering just why Doyle is even still on the show. This episode in many ways is so largely disconnected from the greater storyline of the Volume, something that later episodes in a volume should do, and it FEELS like the millionth redo of Heroes as a show and sometimes, Fuller's influence was washed away and it became Heroes post-Season One again. Fuller is one player on a massive team, so whatever he can do is not going to be great enough because the entire team needs to finally buckle down and decide what they want this show to be. This is just me, so if anyone finally got what they wanted out of Heroes, terrific. I'm willing to see what else Bryan Fuller brings as this volume goes on.

    First off, the bad news. While Bryan Fuller may be brilliant, he's not magic, and he can't undo Villains, and he can't undo Generations. The best thing he can do, is make us feel like they mattered. Here's the good news: he does this, and in a fantastic way: we actually get to hear a character talk about something that happened in a previous volume! What an unusual idea! Why the writers never thought of this before, I don't know, and honestly I don't care. Now, I can complain about Villains all I want, but this is a review of Cold Snap, not Villains, so here's to a fresh start.

    So, "Cold Snap" begins in a very creepy way. For those of you that don' remember at the end of Shades of Gray, Sylar entered Danko's appartment, leaving him a stuffed rabbit. We pick up later, and Dank makes another frightening discovery: Eric Doyle, everyone's favorite Puppet Master, all wrapped up, bearing a twisted note from Sylar: "MY GIFT TO YOU." This scene is where it becomes apparent that Cold Snap is different from every other episode we have seen so far this season. I was expecting Sylar to walk in and have him and Danko begin discussing their evil plans. This was much more dramatic, and reminded me of season one, when we found Sylar's victims horribly mutilated in bizzare ways. So even though we never even see him, Bryan Fuller managed to begin Sylar's road to redeming himself as a character.

    As Cold Snap progresses, HRG and Danko decide to allow Tracy to escape in hopes of finding REBEL. She helps Matt and Mohinder, who had been drugged at teh beginning of the episode in another errie scene, to escape. Matt of course wants to bring Daphne, but in another great scene, Tracy shows her darker side saying to leave her because she will slow them down. Again, this is one of those moments that one no longer expects from a show like Heroes. It wasn't quite what I was expecting, yet it was realistic. Of course Matt decides to save her anyways, carrying her out, and using his power to trick the guards into not seeing them. Once they escape though, Tracy leaves the safety of the super-powered herd, and goes off on her own. Then in another creepy scene, HRG finds her and threatens her life unless she leads them to REBEL. Tracy agrees, unaware of what is coming next.

    Meanwhile, in the hospital, Daphne awakens to find Matt looking over her. This scene was one of the episdoes best because Daphne finally ackowledged that her and Matt have no emotional backstory. I found myself cheering her on as she laid it on the line for him: He had a dream that they were married. Period. Nothing else ever happened, and she sped off. That's really what made this scene great though: Bryan Fuller's willingness to acknwoledge the mistakes of his colleagues.

    For Hiro and Ando, the story is a little more light-hearted. They pick up dealing with baby Matt Parkman, at first believing that it is THE Matt Parkman, turned baby. The catch on, and once again Bryan Fuller uses the character's to ackowledge past confusion. "Does Matt Parkman even know he has a baby"-Ando. Despite the light-hearted elemnets we got a raw, emotional scene out of it. Hiro seems to be avoiding the baby, and it all leads to a heart wrenching moment when Hiro fianlly reveals to Ando that when he travelled back in time, his mother died in his arms. It was sad, and touching, and it was just one of those scenes that brought a tear to your eye. Oh, I almost forgot, baby Matt has a power! He touches things and makes them turn on, like a TV that's not plugged in. Soon after, Janice (Matt's ex-wife) returns home, and after learning that agents are after people like her son and ex, the agents arrive and she is taken by them, believing that it will keep them from finding her son. It doesn't and the agents search the house anyway. It almost looks like lights-out for Hiro and Ando, when baby Matt makes Hiro's powers work again. He stops time, but soon realizes that all of his powers don't work, and he is forced to escape by placing Ando in a wheel barrel, instead of teleporting. It was truly funny, and reminded me Hiro can be funny without being stupid!

    Back on the Tracy front, we find her receiving mor help from REBEL who instructs her to go to a subway station. Once there, she makes a shocking discovery: REBEL is Micah, and she has jsut lead agents right to him. This is another one of those great moments, when she reveals that the agents followed her. Micah is shocked that she went along with it, and we got another touching seen as Micah comes to realize that Tracy is not anything like his mother, and nothing like her bio says she is. This leads to another sad moment as the agents arrive to kill REBEL...and Tracy. But Tracy redeems herself, having Micah turn on the fire alarm to make the sprinklers go. She tells him to run in a truly heartfelt scene, just before using all of her power to kill the agents, but ultimatley she is also frozen, and when Danko and HRG arrive, the Hunter shoots her frozen chest. Her body crumbles, and it is clear that even HRG is having trouble dealing with it. Again, Bryan Fuller reveals his genius by prooving that HRG may be cold, but he still has feelings, and this job is not an easy thing for him to do. Don't worry though Tracy fans, we do get to see Tracy's shattered face blink, and shed a single tear. This was also good, because the writers made sure that, it was establsihed right form the beginning that she wan't dead.

    We then return to Matt only to find him standing on a rooftop in Paris, having found Daphne. The two share a heartfelt moment again, and it makes one wonder if they might have had a real relationship had Bryan Fuller been in charge. Matt then reveals that he can fly, and its one of those shocking and confusing moments. I wasn't really sure what had happened and if he somehow had gotten empathic mimicry. It was fun though, getting to question the scene briefly. Daphne and Matt go off flying together, and Daphne makes a sad announcement. She asks him to let her go, and it is revealed that Matt can't fly, it's just another illusion, and they are still in the hospital. Matt relctantly agrees but Daphne asks for one last favor: to fly her to the moon. I nearly cried when watching this scene, I really did, especially once we see Daphne die in her hospital bed. I had hated her for the longest time, but once she was dead, I missed her, and I think that this is really where Bryan Fuller gets his power. He can make anyone care about any character.

    There was also some Angela in this episode. We see her transformation into a pathetic weak, old lady on the run from the government. This allows us to be introduced to her old firend Millie who offers some assitstance, but not much. She escapes the agents by going into an elevator. They come very lcose to capturing her, but Peter rushes in to save her. It was a great scene and made me really appreciate Cold Snap.

    It looks like Heroes's future is very bright with Bryan Fuller.
  • I think some people are too bitter over the past two seasons to realize how good this episode actually was. It was very, very good.

    I don't know why this episode got such a low score, I mean seriously people. An 8.7? Wow, like I honestly am giving this episode an 10. Not because I want to counter the people that give it 1's for no reason, but because I really think this episode deserves a ten out of ten. There were so many wonderful moments, and the story smoothly went from one place to another. For instance, Tracy's death was just pure epicness. I loved the way she proved what Micah said about her wrong by taking one last stand against Danko. I hope she comes back, or her third twin comes up because Ali Larter is just amazing. Daphne's death brought me to tears, the whole scene was just magnificent. When she said "fly me to the moon" and then it showed the heart rate monitor at a steady 0... that was just heartbreaking. So this episode was definetly one of, if not the best episode of this season.
  • anyone who is rating this episode anything lower than a 7 is on crack. this episode was one i've been waiting for since the start of volume 4...and it did live up.

    Best thing about Cold Snap?--> Tracy and Micah.
    Was it me or is Tracy going to act more like Nikki for now on? Seems like Micah is the one person who could get to Tracy. Seeing the full extent(?) of her power was awesome to see. This episode reminded me a lot of the season one plot with micah and nikki, even though it was made clear that Tracy is not Niki. Ando and Hiro using their powers together is sweet!! and what is up with the hunter and sylar? really going to be working together so that sylar can be the only one with powers left? things are kinda heating up... can't wait to see the last 5 episodes of the 3rd season.
  • Fuller Is Heroes Hero

    Bryan Fuller is amazing! Cold Snap was the best in the last two seasons! He the genious behind Pushing Daisies and now he brings the most compelling episode yet! I think he showed the new characters like Tracey and Danko to be more than boring new creations: he gave them a realism. Micah Is Back!!!! Yay!!! Tracey's death (?) actually made me sad even though I didn't care for her. The dialogue was awesome! Bryan made the best ideas truely come to life! Bryan Fuller made the whole volume better than two and three! He showed Heroes can have action sequences with awesome effects while still being above most TV shows on TV. This episode (and I can't stop saying how amazing it was!) was the episode that Heroes fans (such as myself) have waited for... the sign Heroes in new hands will be back on track. Fuller You Are Amazing!!!! It would be an understatement to say your amazing!
  • What's wrong with you people? Are you too bitter over the terrible chapters 2 and 3 that you can't see, this was the best episode in 2 years.

    Okay now...Chapters 2 and 3 were disappointing, really unorganized and made me dislike characters who could've been so much more.

    I blame Bryan Fuller. He wrote (not some of, but) the best episodes of season one. He left to make his own show, Pushing Daisies, which recently got cancelled. They brought him back with a 7-figure contract saying, please fix this broken show, it still has promise. [No exaggeration]

    Off the bat, this is the best arc, the show has had since the first. This episode is the best of this arc. This is how you win Emmy's. It felt like a movie director came on to do this episode, because it never lost tension or momentum.

    Everyone hit on this one. Tracy had the best episode Ali Larter's done since halfway through season 1. Angela was incredible. Parkman, as much as I don't like him, surprised me with how well his and Daphne's story were written. Ando and Hiro were a lot of fun to watch again, how did that happen? The power struggle was great with Noah this time around too.

    And SPOILER ALERT...any fan who missed everything pass the first episode could've guessed it was Micah who was Rebel, but that wasn't the point. It was showing you something you already knew was going to happen in a great way. [[That was the most shocking and incredible show of power since that time Nathan flew away from HRG and the Haitian]]

    So personally, I don't understand this episode having a rating of 8.5. This is the one that I'd expect them to present to the Emmy committee, at least until the next Bryan Fuller episode. Get with it people, that superhero show is back in business.
  • This episode was coming and I had an idea of what to expect.

    We all knew of Tracy's power. Some of us knew about Hanna G. and we knew about Micah Sanders. I think overall this was a swell episode. For those who over analyzed and figured Micah wasn't "Rebel" sorry all. He is. I saw one or two small edits to make with the review posted here. Does anyone think that the wink at the end from Tracey's shattered face means anything? Also, maybe I should re watch the episode I didn't remember HGR mentioned that deal to Ice Queen. Also, was anyone else surprised that Peter came to save Angela? I was.
  • extremely good episode

    Cold Snap was good for so many reasons. This episode managed to make me teary eyed, to make me laugh and to put me on the edge of my seat. It made me teary eyed when nikki 3.0 allowed herself to die in order to protect micah also known as the rebel. It also made me a bit teary eyed when parkman was taking Daphne to paris in her dream bc she was dying and he didnt want to let go of her. It made me laugh because Hiros storyline is hysterical with baby "touch and go". It put me on the edge of my seat because for the first time in quite a while mrs petrellis storyline was actually good! Another reason to love this episode is because hiro got his power back finally!
  • Best episode of Villains by far.

    This was one of the best episodes of volume four, well first of all, I never ever doubt Heroes, or think that they are going downhill like everyone else says. That is just bogus. Micah being rebel, that was surprising, I'm being literal when I say that. It was so sad how Tracy died. why do they have to be killing off Ali Larter's characters. Well somewhere on here, say she is still is alive. Peter saves the day in the end, looks like he hasn't sworn off his mother just yet. This episode overall should be rated a 10 on tv.com. What's wrong with these people.
  • Loved this episode to bits!

    People really need to to get over their bitter disappointment. I do agree, this volume hasnt been the best but this episode and the one before it really restored my faith in the show.

    *Spoiler below, read at your own risk*

    We finally got to see heroic Tracey, that whole sequence where she sacrificies her life to save Mica (he's REBEL by the way) was truly heartbreaking. Bring on the Last triplet I say!

    Poor, poor daphne :( The way her death was shown was very emotional. This is what this show should be all about. The writers need to keep showcasing the emotion of the characters through what they this show is all about - The super powers.

    I really hope the rest of the volume keeps the bar high and ends with a bang. It's about time the jinx of bad finales is forgotten once and for all.
  • I gave it a 10 because it was the first episode in a long time to make me feel something. It finally had it all.

    I gave it a 10 because it was the first episode in a long time to make me feel something. It finally had it all.

    Let me first express my suprise they killed off two major characters (well, major for the 3rd season). Killing Tracy was an expected thing, but she really went out of the show in one of the most amazing scenes from the start of Heroes. Music, camera movement and the effects were amazing. Touching, even if you hate Tracy/Ali/Niki/Jessica or whoever she is/was. And as for Daphne... the last scene was as amazing as Hiro and his mother's "goodbye" scene. Really sad, really well written. This is why I gave the episode a 10. As for the rest of 'Cold Snap', I have no complaints. Micah was well brought back to the show, Angela had some great scenes, especially the one in the elevator. And Peter was so cool (which can't be said too often) just looking at the SWAT team. His grey coat made quite an impression on me, for reasons unknown.

    Hiro and Ando, were just hilarious and not boring at all. The new level of dialogues can really be sensed, and Hiro's powers were long missed by me. I hope they forget the whole 'Save the future' thing and keep Hiro in the present (although I'd like to see the whole show go in the World-splitting-in-half direction).

    All in all, a great new direction for all the characters. Mr Fuller better be doing these kind of things again so Heroes can continue where it was left - from being ultimately great.
  • Dear Heroes, Welcome Back!!! Don't ever leave us again!!!

    Heroes had an awesome and succesful first season. It was new, it kept me hooked, and it gaves me what I wanted. Unfortunately as of season 2, it failed me. Although it wasn't delivering, I still stayed a loyal fan of the show. I sometimes questioned why this was the case. I would devotedly clear my schedule and rush home and fight over the tv, just to be amongst the first to watch the episode as it was shown. Lately though, thanks to the online streaming of episodes, I would not rush to see them. They were lacking something, I didn't really know what. But, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!! I loved last night's episode. I think I will be back to watching it Mondays at 9. I just wish it would have been this great season long, now I know the wait from April to September will be eternal, like it was back in 2007. THANKS A MILLION!!!
  • Back on track! Really amazing episode!

    Are you 1's voters serious? This episode was amazing, the best for a long time ( since season 1). Defenetly Heroes is back again and I like it that way. I gave to this episode a 10.

    For all the 1's voters, only occur me 2 things:
    1) You are lame people. You only be here for lame voting, what is stupid for a people tha don't like this show anymore continue to watching and vote with a 1 again and again. If anytime I have to give a 1 to a show I would stop to watch it in that moment. 2) You only gave 1 votes to that show because you are jeulosy that this show its for the most of the times on the top in first place, what that is stupid too. Lol.
    Get a life or a mind doctor!
  • With people writing bad reviews, just to lower the score, I had to make an account.

    Cold Snap was an amazing episode on par with the first volume. It was written by Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller, who wrote the one the best episodes for the first volume. He also wrote the script for the now uninteresting character Claire. But this review isn't about him, It's about why I love me some Cold Snap:
    Reason Number 1: It had a great pace
    2: Hiro and Ando were good comic relief
    3: It had an excellent usage of the "Heroes" abilities.
    4:It was so awesome I got my Mom (who's not a fan of the show) to sit down and watch it with me.
    I told her "Mom, tonight's going to be a special episode of Heroes" I might even get her to watch the next episode "Into Asylum".
  • And the cogs are back in motion

    At bloody last! Heroes finally seems to know what its doing again! Excellent episode. My dwindling passion has been well and truly revived! Loved seeing the knew and improved Micah back in the show, he seems so much more mature now (his voice has even broken!) and you just get the sense that the show is finally going somewhere.

    I think the removal of Nathan from power is definately what was needed. It was just too hard to believe there was any threat while he was in charge. Danko on the other hand has a real sense of danger about him and it imediately adds that tension that has been severely lacking up to now.

    The main reason i enjoyed this was probably due to the amount of powers on display, the special effects were great here. I actually cheered out loud when Hiro froze time again! I had wonderd when he would get his powers back. I had always found it suspicious that a genetically given power could just be taken away like that anyway and had thought they had simply returned because hs body had regenerated its "power cells". In any case i was just happy they returned. Im actually excited about nxt week now, i just wish i could completely cut out the memory of last season...
  • Several great scenes that hearken back to the Heroes we all know and love.

    Cold Snap felt like a definite step forward. Anyone else feel like this episode in particular started addressing issues viewers have had with the show?

    Ex 1: Matt Parkman's baby has powers. So it looked like a baby can be born with abilities, but it doesn't take long for Matt's ex to mention that it started happening after the eclipse. Looks like they are finally sticking with one idea. I appreciated this. I haven't really been a fan of Hiro's plot lately. I miss his abilities and they've gone from him acting like a baby to him taking care of one. But thankfully, there are some neat developments here and I look forward to where this goes.

    Ex 2: Parkman and Daphne's relationship is a sham.
    I've always had an issue with these two strangers falling in love just because Parkman said he had a vision. Here, this loophole is directly addressed and even remedied, as Matt and Daph finally have a deep conversation and develop some chemistry. Superman rip-offs aside, theirs was a FANTASTIC and moving scene, the best of the show, and one of the best of the season. (coming from me, that's seriously high praise) possibly the swansong of their story. Now, Maybe Matt can get back to his ex and kid.

    Ex 3: Tracy should be killed.
    I think Ali Larter is so gorgeous, but yes, shoe-horning her into season 3 when her character had died was ridiculous. In my favorite scene of the episode, Tracy in order to protect the mysterious REBEL, (a returning Michah!) went all "sub zero" on the government agents! An awesome display of power
    left her iced out completely, and I'll never forget the image of her silhouette shattering to the gun...

    I really enjoyed this one, no Claire (a possible series first), and even the time out stuff with Angela was welcome. Heroes is back on track, so let's hope they keep the momentum going.
  • Adventurous, pivotal, surprising and emotional. Heroes is so on this week! Can't wait to see what they come up with for the rest of the season.

    This episode was on! Surprise after suprise and I hardly saw any of them coming and I read spoilers quicker then I can get my hands on them.

    The episode begins with a semi-weird, semi-cofusing scene (no not Danko shaving). Last we saw Sylar he was in Danko's apartment.

    Turns out he was there to leave him something? Doyle wrapped in a pretty red bow, in his words a gift. Not sure if he was dead but still. Anyway, I don't know what to make of what's happening with Sylar but I have some thoughts.

    Old habits die hard and I'm taking it as things get darkest before the dawn, aka Sylar will be more evil then ever before perhaps things get better for him and we get a return to volume 3 Sylar. But things are going to get dark, dark, daker before that might happen at least according to spoilers. I want to believe Sylar can return to Gabriel, especially after hearing the title for volume five (Redemption) but where he is right now...seems like it's going to be harder then ever. I think it was an understatement when someone said that Sylar might end up more evil now then before he went down his redemptive road in volume 3. But only time will tell and I still have hope. One way or another we'll find out and it's going to be epic that's for sure. Evil or good, Sylar is the character that I adore most. Peter, my other most beloved character, only had a small appearance in this episode but it was great just the same. Now that Nathan is out of the operation he started Danko is at the healm and apparently he's not leaving anyone to their free passes. He goes straight for Angela but as always our beloved Peter saves the day (not sure how he knew what was going down but whatever) and finds them a cozy little hide out, at least for now. That was so cool and so random that he took them to the statue of liberty but come to think of it's proably a safe place for the night at least. I'm hopeful that we will once and for all, after months of teasing find out some on Angela's secrets. I'm sure they won't give it all away but with the upcoming flashback episode 1961 about the beginnings of the company I think this time it will actually happen. And can I just say, YES! Hiro and Ando play babysitters to the coolest baby ever! Matt's son, little Matt is (as far as we know) the youngest person ever to have an ability. He's a touch and go. Close as I can tell his power is a little like Ando's. Ando super charges something, like a battery in a way. Little Matt touches something and turns it on like a battery. How cute was that kid though? And thank goodness he has the power he has otherwise the government would have snatched him up right quick. I was pleased to see the manner in which Hiro's ability returned and to see Ando crank his ability up. Very impressive on both counts. But what about the actual Matt? I mean he has a kid, apparently. I certainly hope he finds out.

    But right now he has bigger issues. Apparently he and Daphne won't be having the future we once saw for them but when it comes to this show that's expected. Whenever they skip time and show some future event, character, change it's almost a guarantee that it won't be happening (at least most of the time). But I was still shocked that Daphne died. Had a couple tears for her, especially for Matt's sake but I feel like I should have saw it coming, how could Matt get to Paris so quick? How could he fly? He just couldn't, poor Daph. I really liked her and I loved that Matt finally had someone but hey he's got another little someone out there who needs him so I think Matt will find the will to go on. And at least he got to her before she died, it could have been worse.

    But surprisingly my favorite part of this episode was the Tracey stuff. I am not an Ali Larter fan and while I found Tracey more interesting then Nikki I still wasn't a big fan. She was one of the few characters who somewhat deserved to be locked up. So Danko has everyone neutralized in Building 26 (where is this palce is that no one notices it? Another paper company?) and of course Rebel comes to the rescue and helps Tracey escape. There's clue #1, Rebel goes to great lengths to help Tracey in particular. Tracey gets out and frees Matt, Mohinder and Daphne but of course doesn't exactly play as part of the team but Rebel has it all under control. After Tracey pretty much ditches the others she has lots more help. Including some cash from an ATM, clue #2 we've seen a certain little someone do that exact thing before. And then boom! I wasn't prepared for him to just be standing right there but there he was. Micah! I pretty much went nuts when he appeared.

    I'm psyched they brought him back no matter how long it's actually going to be for.

    To bad, in Tracey's case, his help was somewhat unwarranted. We know her his history and she hasn't been a well behaved girl. But Micah inspires something in her (I knew there was a reason they met at the start of season 3), she originally lead HRG and the boys straight to rebel but when she found out it was Micah she toasted them or to be more accurate froze them.

    Apparently her power has some juice she hadn't yet tapped into and she froze them all I'm assuming alive but at a price. She froze to and that gave Danko the oppurtunity to kill her once and for all (yes she's down permenantly). I was surprised but it was a great way to send her off in a moment of rare integrity for her character and very fitting given the season we've had so far.

    There's good and evil in everyone, powers or not. These powers can corrupt, make heroes out of people and make them do all manner of strange things but that's a part of it. Doyle, Sylar, Tracey, Peter, Matt, Mohinder they've all done bad things and to a certain extent they've all had their good moments. Some more then others but it's in them all, good and evil. Villains, heroes. The lines aren't so easily drawn, so easily defined. Things aren't so black and white. In fact they're gray. ;)
  • THats it people, take it or leave it, no one i mean no one can hate this episode :D

    kk dunno were to start, this is the first heroes episode, yes i mean the first, that was absolutely exciting without having scenes of both sylar and peter( peter had a scene or 2, but u know, not driven with), cause both are the best in the series. wen i started the episode, thought it would be all about sylar, and that its gonna b gr8, but the fact is that the episode was supreme gr8, but without sylar??? or even peter?? or nathan!!!! this show is changing....FOR GOOD. I liked most episodes of volume 3 and 4, but the ones that i hated weren't about important characters, but this episode, rly different....From this moment, heroes fans should stop worrying about critics anymore, "was this episode cool, did people like it", hehe not anymore people....HEROES IS BACk BIg time!!!!!!

    and still, if u think about it, y did they do this episode without sylar or peter??? its because the next episode gonaa b about them!!!!!!!!cant wait for next week, welcome back heroes :D
  • Tracy might not be dead

    Although it appears Tracy is dead, did no one notice her BLINK after she was shattered on the floor?

    Since this is heroes and all, she may not be dead after all and it could be she knew exactly what she was doing when she froze herself.

    I wouldn't be surprised if the writers have evolved her power to the point where she can continue to live in ice / water form and may even do a terminator and rejoin herself.

    Sounds absurd i know, but this is heroes we are talking about so i wouldn't count it out.

    I just found it coincidental that her dead body was conveniently over an open drain (i could be reading too much into that but only time will tell)

    I personally wouldn't pay for special effects to make her blink after she had been shattered unless i was either a) stupid or b) wanting to reveal something.

    Just my thoughts, i could be completely wrong of course.

    By the way, one of the best episodes ever by far, Brian Fuller is an excellent writer, i hope they keep him till the end of time!

    Also, is it just me or does anyone else find it annoying that people can vote for the score of the episode before it is even shown? This episode deserves at least a rating in the 9 mark and it has a crappy 8.4 because of people voting before it is shown.

    This is a growing trend on the internet, even with games and it is absolutely stupid!
  • Absolutely amazing, definately a classic. I was still crying well after the show had ended.

    As I was watching, I was mostly paying attention to Matt and Daphne (since the two of them are the biggest reason I've been tuning in. They are the cutest couple and Daphne has been a big favorite of mine since the first time she appeared). I was also focused on Tracy and Rebel, since I was pretty sure I'd figured out who Rebel was. So, then Rebel got Tracy out and she helped Suresh, Matt, and Daphne escape (or, really, Matt helped her escape). Then she went off to go find Rebel while Matt and Suresh rushed a dying Daphne to the hospital.

    When we found that Rebel was Micah, I seriously jumped off my couch and yelled, "I was right!" much to my family's annoyance. Because that's what I'd been thinking for about two weeks now. I really liked how it was Micah, too. It adds a bit of a twist that this young kid is helping out so many people.

    Meanwhile, Ando and Hiro were dealing with baby Matt, which I found very funny. And now it makes me wonder what will happen with the baby and his father, now that we have found that both Matt and his young son have an ability...

    And then later, when Daphne woke up in the hospital and left Matt, I was surprised and distraught. I really wanted them to get together.

    And then Matt went to Daphne in Paris, and we found out that Matt was really just in her head, trying to give her a fairytale ending. While they floated around the Eiffel Tower, I was just sighing happily and mumbling about how beautiful it was and how much I loved it. And when she said, "Fly me to the moon," I was became fully and completely in love with this episode, even though she was dying.

    And then, when it came back to the hospital and showed the heart monitor going in a straight line, I started crying. And I didn't stop crying for a long time.

    Even though Daphne was my favorite character, and I was absolutely devastated that she died and would never become all that she was supposed to be, this was truly one of the best episodes ever.
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