Season 3 Episode 20

Cold Snap

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 23, 2009 on NBC

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  • Welcome back Bryan Fuller!!!

    Just when I thought Heroes was entering the pit of despair never to return again the return of two familiar faces brings it closer to its glory days.

    The return of Micah as Rebel was expected but I'm a little shocked that he was able to do all of this ON HIS OWN. No matter how mentally advanced he is I don't really buy him being able to plan everything he did. Now I know that starts things off on a negative note (forcive habit after the previous heroes episodes) but I will still give Heroes the benefit of the doubt that Micah might not be alone on this Rebel business.

    I haven't been a fan of Tracy Strauss (or Jessica or Nikki) but it was nice to see her have a fitting end and those final words of "you have to continue what you're doing" were rather heroic in the end.

    Angela is another character that I have never really cared for (despite being acted wonderfully by Christine Rose) but her storyline in this episode was very new and refreshing because she has essentially been doing the same thing over and over again for this volume (having secret meetings and conversations with different people). The scene where she was cornered in the elevator and nearly caught by Danko's men was paced beautifully to when we saw Peter standing there and saving her in Superman fashion.

    Interesting opening scene with Danko getting his 'special delivery' from a mystery guest (probably Sylar).

    Hiro has been very annoying since Season 2 and it seemed like he was a little more tolerable in this episode with some nice scenes between him and Ando and some classic Season 1 comedy between the two. Not stupid Season 2+ comedy.

    And finally, I have never been a fan of the Matt and Daphne romance because I never really saw much chemistry between the two actors. It always seemed like they had a "the writers told us we like each other" chemistry to it, but again the show started bringing that full circle when the two characters FINALLY started asking themselves the right questions and made their situation a little more believable. When the scene in Paris came and Matt had suddenly been able to fly I started yelling "HOW" and "WHY" at my television and when they started going all Superman Returns on me again I told myself it figures that Heroes would do something to mess up a pretty good episode. But then Daphne came out with that line and it all came together. For a guy that can put any image in a person head why wouldn't he try to create happiness out of a horrible situation. Really well written there and I'm really sad to see Daphne go as well.

    This episode really shows how far an episode of heroes can go if there is a good script on the table. Kudos to you Bryan Fuller, keep up the good work and I hope Heroes can keep up the momentum for the rest of the season and return to its glory days.
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