Season 3 Episode 20

Cold Snap

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 23, 2009 on NBC

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  • Adventurous, pivotal, surprising and emotional. Heroes is so on this week! Can't wait to see what they come up with for the rest of the season.

    This episode was on! Surprise after suprise and I hardly saw any of them coming and I read spoilers quicker then I can get my hands on them.

    The episode begins with a semi-weird, semi-cofusing scene (no not Danko shaving). Last we saw Sylar he was in Danko's apartment.

    Turns out he was there to leave him something? Doyle wrapped in a pretty red bow, in his words a gift. Not sure if he was dead but still. Anyway, I don't know what to make of what's happening with Sylar but I have some thoughts.

    Old habits die hard and I'm taking it as things get darkest before the dawn, aka Sylar will be more evil then ever before perhaps things get better for him and we get a return to volume 3 Sylar. But things are going to get dark, dark, daker before that might happen at least according to spoilers. I want to believe Sylar can return to Gabriel, especially after hearing the title for volume five (Redemption) but where he is right now...seems like it's going to be harder then ever. I think it was an understatement when someone said that Sylar might end up more evil now then before he went down his redemptive road in volume 3. But only time will tell and I still have hope. One way or another we'll find out and it's going to be epic that's for sure. Evil or good, Sylar is the character that I adore most. Peter, my other most beloved character, only had a small appearance in this episode but it was great just the same. Now that Nathan is out of the operation he started Danko is at the healm and apparently he's not leaving anyone to their free passes. He goes straight for Angela but as always our beloved Peter saves the day (not sure how he knew what was going down but whatever) and finds them a cozy little hide out, at least for now. That was so cool and so random that he took them to the statue of liberty but come to think of it's proably a safe place for the night at least. I'm hopeful that we will once and for all, after months of teasing find out some on Angela's secrets. I'm sure they won't give it all away but with the upcoming flashback episode 1961 about the beginnings of the company I think this time it will actually happen. And can I just say, YES! Hiro and Ando play babysitters to the coolest baby ever! Matt's son, little Matt is (as far as we know) the youngest person ever to have an ability. He's a touch and go. Close as I can tell his power is a little like Ando's. Ando super charges something, like a battery in a way. Little Matt touches something and turns it on like a battery. How cute was that kid though? And thank goodness he has the power he has otherwise the government would have snatched him up right quick. I was pleased to see the manner in which Hiro's ability returned and to see Ando crank his ability up. Very impressive on both counts. But what about the actual Matt? I mean he has a kid, apparently. I certainly hope he finds out.

    But right now he has bigger issues. Apparently he and Daphne won't be having the future we once saw for them but when it comes to this show that's expected. Whenever they skip time and show some future event, character, change it's almost a guarantee that it won't be happening (at least most of the time). But I was still shocked that Daphne died. Had a couple tears for her, especially for Matt's sake but I feel like I should have saw it coming, how could Matt get to Paris so quick? How could he fly? He just couldn't, poor Daph. I really liked her and I loved that Matt finally had someone but hey he's got another little someone out there who needs him so I think Matt will find the will to go on. And at least he got to her before she died, it could have been worse.

    But surprisingly my favorite part of this episode was the Tracey stuff. I am not an Ali Larter fan and while I found Tracey more interesting then Nikki I still wasn't a big fan. She was one of the few characters who somewhat deserved to be locked up. So Danko has everyone neutralized in Building 26 (where is this palce is that no one notices it? Another paper company?) and of course Rebel comes to the rescue and helps Tracey escape. There's clue #1, Rebel goes to great lengths to help Tracey in particular. Tracey gets out and frees Matt, Mohinder and Daphne but of course doesn't exactly play as part of the team but Rebel has it all under control. After Tracey pretty much ditches the others she has lots more help. Including some cash from an ATM, clue #2 we've seen a certain little someone do that exact thing before. And then boom! I wasn't prepared for him to just be standing right there but there he was. Micah! I pretty much went nuts when he appeared.

    I'm psyched they brought him back no matter how long it's actually going to be for.

    To bad, in Tracey's case, his help was somewhat unwarranted. We know her his history and she hasn't been a well behaved girl. But Micah inspires something in her (I knew there was a reason they met at the start of season 3), she originally lead HRG and the boys straight to rebel but when she found out it was Micah she toasted them or to be more accurate froze them.

    Apparently her power has some juice she hadn't yet tapped into and she froze them all I'm assuming alive but at a price. She froze to and that gave Danko the oppurtunity to kill her once and for all (yes she's down permenantly). I was surprised but it was a great way to send her off in a moment of rare integrity for her character and very fitting given the season we've had so far.

    There's good and evil in everyone, powers or not. These powers can corrupt, make heroes out of people and make them do all manner of strange things but that's a part of it. Doyle, Sylar, Tracey, Peter, Matt, Mohinder they've all done bad things and to a certain extent they've all had their good moments. Some more then others but it's in them all, good and evil. Villains, heroes. The lines aren't so easily drawn, so easily defined. Things aren't so black and white. In fact they're gray. ;)
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