Season 3 Episode 20

Cold Snap

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 23, 2009 on NBC

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  • Yea! Bryan Fuller is back.

    Fanboys, fangirls, rejoice. The prodigal Bryan Fuller has returned. Shades of Gray was just a warm-up, this time he actually wrote this episode. And what can I say, exactly? It's great Fuller's back and all and NBC cranked the hype machine, trumpeting his return as 'classic'. Well, that part is mostly right. In the first few minutes, Fuller's influence is readily recognized and there are parts of the episode that definitely feel Fuller-esque. Fortunately for Fuller, he has managed in one episode what the writers didn't in this whole volume: bring the real world back into the heroes' world. He made Heroes once again feel as achingly strange, unique, nostalgic, puzzling, yet realistic as Season One. Don't get me wrong, I love some episodes in this volume but this is the first episode in a long time that FEELS like it would have been in Season One. And that's part of the problem, because Season One is over. Capturing the glorious nostalgia may not be completely tangable anymore. But, on to the summary. Danko shaves in his bathroom and walks out to find Doyle strung up like a present. Could be Sylar's doing, taunting tag indicates it's him, but Sylar's strangely AWOL. Now that Nathan "surrendered" control of his operation, Danko's in power. And boy, does he love it. He's willing to keep the heroes as vegatative as possible. He leads Mohinder to Matt, Daphne, and other heroes hooked on IVs, on the pretense of helping them, only to have Mohinder knocked out. Naughty. Noah briefs Angela on the reversal of command but Angela informs him to keep a level head and 'support' Danko. Angela suggests sacrificing Rebel to support the cause. Y-ouch. Angela admits that if she were a better woman, she would sacrifice herself. Too bad she's not and she doesn't care. She won't surrender to anyone. Danko shows Noah Doyle, claiming the capture as a "present" since Doyle tormented his family and Noah iniates the Angela-suggestion, telling Danko to release Tracey to find Rebel since Rebel contacted her twice. Danko refuses but the choice is taken from him. The power shuts down while Tracey stores icy breath and escapes. She decides to rescue Matt, Mohinder, and Daphne for some reason. Whatever, they're free. Matt grasps Daphne (awww!) and Mohinder informs him she has to go to the hospital. Tracey moves to leave, saying she won't wait for them, but she's stuck with them as the brigade closes in. Luckily, Matt mindbends his wat to escape. She shrugs it off and leaves without them. Mohinder and Matt take Daphne to the nearest hospital, Matt pretending Daphne's Janice and 'making' up a story about Janice's injuries. A little mindbending and Daphne's rushed to treatment. Hiro and Ando ponder little-Matt. Hiro awkwardly handles the kid, wondering what to do, and not treating little-Matt as a baby. Ando speculates that Hiro's awkwardness stems from a dead mother and a distant father. Hiro informs him of his trip in Our Father and it's nice to bring up and still painful to hear. Ando and Hiro discover little-Matt's power and he's a "jumpstarter". More on that later. Tracey tries on new clothes, pleased she got away, but Noah corners her. Never underestimate HRG. He warns that he could kill her if he wanted but he won't unless she cooperates. He wants her to lead him to Rebel and dangles the one thing she desires: her old life. Going back to whoring for local politicans is still glamorous to her. Rebel leads Tracey to a station to meet and a close-up shows what many have believed: Micah is Rebel. Horrah! However, he has been gone for a long time and he looks it. Angela is forced on the run when she "dreams" the brigade is closing on her. Danko figured her out and he wants some revenge for her prying into his personal life. A little odd that Noah finally admitted Angela's power and Danko didn't even blink after Noah pinned Peter's survival on her. Angela, the proud, arrogant, all-mighty woman finally becomes hunted. Doesn't feel so good. She has no Rebel or family to help her. She stumbles into an old friend, Millie (Pushing Daisies' alum!) at a restaurant and begs for her help. Millie's surprised Angela's asking her help and leads to the greater impression that Angela has little to no friends. Millie is finally willing to help her old friend and gives Angela all her cash. Janice comes home and finds Ando-Hiro. They explain who they are and why they're there but Janice can't believe the government is coming for her baby. She has no warm feelings for her ex, Matt almost blowing DC sold her that he has gone off the reservation, but she realizes that the government is manipulating the greater picture. The brigade finds her and Hiro-Ando convince her that they should take little-Matt. A confrontation ensues. Ando finally sparks someone but is quickly knocked. Hiro holds on to little-Matt and little-Matt shows his power isn't just a knock-off of Micah's. He supercharges Hiro and Hiro can bend time again. YESSSS! Well, he can freeze time. Whatever, you take what's given. Hiro is ecstatic but he can't unfreeze time, so he has to drag Ando 12 miles in a wheelbarrow. Funny. Micah meets Tracey at the station and she's shocked. She asks why he helped her. Mom. Micah felt something for Tracey because she reminded him of his mom. Sad. Tracey guilts and admits she sold Micah out. He's angry, even when Tracey apologizes, but is resourceful enough to reroute technology so they can escape. Daphne wakes up and finds that Matt posed her as Gwen Stefani:}. She overheard the Janice-story and Matt admits it was the truth. Daphne feels jealous over the ex, and feels Matt hasn't moved on from her. Probably not. She once again asks why Matt wants to be with her, once again doesn't believe him, and kisses and runs? Ouch. Already? He just saved your life!!! Hiro comforts little-Matt and finally warms to him. With that, he's able to unfreeze time and explains to a bewildered Ando that they should find Matt. Micah is still pissed at Tracey. He helped her so many times and she hurled it back at him. He knew Tracey isn't Nikki, but at least Nikki was a kind woman that was an actual hero. Yeah. Tracey apologizes and informs Micah she didn't used to be a lying s---, she joined DC to try and make a difference and as many, lost her way. The brigade finds them. Tracey sacrifices herself so Micah can escape and like Mohinder, regain redemption for what's she done. She's going to have to pull off a couple more sacrifices. At least Mohinder had good intentions. She tells Micah to turn on the sprinklers before he leaves and freezes everyone in the area, including herself. Whoa. Danko arrives, observes Tracey, and shoots her. Noah marvels at her new ability. Before the shock wears off, it's revealed Tracey pulled a Terminator-2 and is still alive. Angela flees from the brigade and they close in on her. Finally, she is cornered and she has no way out. Or so it would seem. But then, ba-dow, Peter swooshes and rescues his mother. He's been hanging around in the Statue of Liberty and now he and mother have time to reconnect. Daphne observes Paris and Matt finds her. Daphne's surprised Matt got there so fast but he reveals he can fly? What!?! He proves to Daphne he loves her and gives her an aerial view of Paris. Daphne's no fool and Heroes didn't jump the shark. Daphne never woke up. She's grateful for Matt's love and devotion and tells him it's okay. Matt understands. He awakens, Mohinder at its side, while Daphne flatlines. She's gone for good. NOOOOO! Horrible, just horrible. Poor Matt. This episode was not too shabby and Fuller knows what he's doing. He injected some much needed heart back into Heroes, where family and friends are willing to do whatever it takes for each other and where the characters come first. Angela is explored as being a woman who's lost everything, who is lonely and miserable, and realizes she doesn't want to be this way. Fuller was finally able to give Tracey a spine and she too is a lonely, miserable woman whose selfish lifestyle has cost her dearly. Both will have opportunities to redeem themselves. Daphne's death was shattering and she will be missed. The Hiro-Ando dynamic sparkled. Now, they'll both have opportunities to save the world together and I would like to know how Hiro's power will work now. I would like to see what Micah will do next. Noah was great as ever. However, some aspects were bungled in execution. Volume Three plotpoints were injected back in and the less reminders of Volume 3, the better. I don't want to hear about the eclipse anymore. Claire's storyline with Doyle hit the fan if he was only going to be recaptured the next episode and I'm wondering just why Doyle is even still on the show. This episode in many ways is so largely disconnected from the greater storyline of the Volume, something that later episodes in a volume should do, and it FEELS like the millionth redo of Heroes as a show and sometimes, Fuller's influence was washed away and it became Heroes post-Season One again. Fuller is one player on a massive team, so whatever he can do is not going to be great enough because the entire team needs to finally buckle down and decide what they want this show to be. This is just me, so if anyone finally got what they wanted out of Heroes, terrific. I'm willing to see what else Bryan Fuller brings as this volume goes on.
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