Season 3 Episode 20

Cold Snap

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 23, 2009 on NBC

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  • Several great scenes that hearken back to the Heroes we all know and love.

    Cold Snap felt like a definite step forward. Anyone else feel like this episode in particular started addressing issues viewers have had with the show?

    Ex 1: Matt Parkman's baby has powers. So it looked like a baby can be born with abilities, but it doesn't take long for Matt's ex to mention that it started happening after the eclipse. Looks like they are finally sticking with one idea. I appreciated this. I haven't really been a fan of Hiro's plot lately. I miss his abilities and they've gone from him acting like a baby to him taking care of one. But thankfully, there are some neat developments here and I look forward to where this goes.

    Ex 2: Parkman and Daphne's relationship is a sham.
    I've always had an issue with these two strangers falling in love just because Parkman said he had a vision. Here, this loophole is directly addressed and even remedied, as Matt and Daph finally have a deep conversation and develop some chemistry. Superman rip-offs aside, theirs was a FANTASTIC and moving scene, the best of the show, and one of the best of the season. (coming from me, that's seriously high praise) possibly the swansong of their story. Now, Maybe Matt can get back to his ex and kid.

    Ex 3: Tracy should be killed.
    I think Ali Larter is so gorgeous, but yes, shoe-horning her into season 3 when her character had died was ridiculous. In my favorite scene of the episode, Tracy in order to protect the mysterious REBEL, (a returning Michah!) went all "sub zero" on the government agents! An awesome display of power
    left her iced out completely, and I'll never forget the image of her silhouette shattering to the gun...

    I really enjoyed this one, no Claire (a possible series first), and even the time out stuff with Angela was welcome. Heroes is back on track, so let's hope they keep the momentum going.
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