Season 3 Episode 20

Cold Snap

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 23, 2009 on NBC

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  • 1. Rebel = Micah (OMFG Who knew) 2. Hiro and Ando saved the baby (and something happened to their powers) 3. Angela escaped with the help of Peter 4. Daphne and Matt :( 5. Tracy met Micah and man, SHE'S AWESOME

    Don't listen to what those haters tell you; this is a very special and well-thought and well-written episode. We start with Danko shaving which is the creepiest thing you can get, next to Sylar killing a bunny. Then he noticed that someone/something was inside the room and found Doyle hanging on the ceiling with the nametag "My gift to you". Very funny Sylar.

    Then we cut to the badly shaven Noah talking to Angela. Nothing too important here except Angela telling Noah that it is their last meeting.

    Mohinder entered the lab and saw the supers drugged on bed and he rushed to find Daphne. Nice continuity after Nathan showed Daphne's video to him several episodes ago. I thought Danko would go with Nathan's plan to recruit Mohinder, but then I realized that Danko doesn't trust the supers, and I was right. The "Chapter Seven" label on the heat lamps is probably to show that Tracy will play a big role in this episode. It wasn't Tracy-centric enough but the fact that she gets a proper role says a lot. HRG then told Danko that REBEL left 2 messages to Tracy Strauss and concludes that he will try to save her anytime soon. So he suggests to Danko that they let Tracy go so she can lead them to Rebel.

    Cold Daddy, Warm Mommy apartment. I'm telling you, if Ando wasn't so perverted, I would expect him to be gay :) It turns out that Baby Matt has a power, which apparently, no one could figure out what.

    Great Scene #1. Mama Petrelli (my fav char), foresees the agents coming and was able to get out of the car before they came. She flirted with an unknown person and asked if she could share his umbrella. Very bright, Angela. Great Scene #2. Building 26 HQ. Micah,, um sorry, REBEL turned off the power from Building 26 and Tracy was able to 'freeze her way out'. She found the other supers (Mohinder, Matt, Daphne), and as the guards came in, Matt used his Mind-mojo thingy to make it look like they weren't there. Nicely done Matt. Danko then agrees to Noah's plan.

    Shoplifting time. Tracy froze the plastic thingy so she could get the clothes for free, but HRG tried to talk with her. If she could lead them to Rebel, she'll get away safely. Tracy was walking and heard the ATM calling for her. Mica, umm sorry, Rebel lent her money and asked her to meet him somewhere. Then we saw Micah who was grown a lot since season 2. Matt sent Daphne to the hospital. Great Scene #3. Hiro told Ando about Mama Ishi (aw). They were about to go with the Baby but Mama Janice arrived and found them 'hiding' on the stuffed toys. Baby parkman is lucky to have those many teddy bears,, but that is the worst hiding place everrr. It was funny though, Lulz. Naturally, Mama Janice asked what they want with Baby Matt and surprisingly, knew about the Baby's powers (which again, I don't know what). The Agents came in and tried to find the baby, then Ando used his Kame-hame wave to take out the guy, but he got hit anyway. Baby Matt used his whatever power on Hiro and was able to freeze time (What!?)and they managed to escape. (Ando needed a wheelcart though). Hiro doesn't have teleportation, and possibly time travel, but time-stopping will definitely come in handy. Angela asked her friend for help(Millie if I remember correctly)who appears to be connected with the Company. Daphne woke up, and discovered that Matt made the doctors believe she was Gwen Stefani (Lol). She again brought the topic about why they should be together, and Matt insisted that he saw them in a "spirit walk", but Daphne replied that he was 'baked in the desert (Lol). Daphne said that she was happy to have met Matt and walked away. Very simple and very in-character.

    Great scene #4. The agents saw Angela and she tried to run. She was able to enter the elevator and was on floor 10 (?) but the agents managed to do something with the wires and the elevator started going down. Nooo!!! for Mama Petrelli but she was saved by Peter at the end and they flew together. Company HQ #2 = Statue of Liberty.

    Best scene of the episode. Tracy saw Micah in the train station and he revealed that he is Rebel. omfg Who knew. Then Tracy realized that he led the Danko's team to Micah and he was naturally shocked. Micah's grown up now Yay! He then gave a speech about his mom (Niki) being a hero and that Tracy was not like her. But Tracy said that she didn't knew it was Micah and apologized. The agents came in the parking lot and Tracy realized that there is no way out so she asked Micah to turn the showers on. For once, Tracy was thinking about others and made this noble decision to face the agents all by herself and told Micah to escape and not get caught by the ice. Micah asked Tracy to come with him but she can't, because it is the only way for him to escape. So she faced the agents, stood in the middle while all the guns were pointed at her, and it was a really AWESOME SCENE supported by a dramatic background music. She knew it was the end anyway, so she closed her eyes and used the limit of her power to freeze everything in the parking lot (Poor cars!!!). The agents were frozen including her and the special effects were Perfect. It is a sure contender for the best moment of the show, probably along the lines of Angela sucking oysters. Danko shot the frozen Tracy and was frustrated that they didn't find Rebel. HRG looked sad that Tracy 'died' (aw). What the!? Just when Tracy got a proper role and people started liking her, they killed her off!? but we know she'll be back anyway because of the interviews. Plus the wink.

    Great scene #6. Daphne was sitting alone somewhere in Paris(!) then Matt came. He 'revealed' that he flew to Paris and I'm sure that everyone was confused and annoyed at this point, but as Daphne revealed, it was just Matt's mind mojo ability. She asked Matt to fly her to the moon, knowing it's the end for her. It was somewhat chessy but it was definitely a tear-jerker and dramatic moment and it was a nice way to end Daphne's character. She's not coming back as stated by Greg Beeman's blog, which is really Argghghghghhgh!!!!! because she's one of the most likeable character in the show, and it's extremely sad to see her go. At least though, her exit was waaaaayyy better than Elle so I won't complaining.

    Overall, this episode is great, has many great scenes, the characters are awesome, cool special effects, and opens up a lot of possibilities for everyone, especially for Rebel/Micah. Even without knowing about Bryan Fuller's return, you'll notice that this episode has a different writing style and nice story flow. I was really pissed off with Daphne's death, and Tracy's 'death' but that doesn't prevent me from loving this episode. I really hope that the next episodes will be like this!!! :)