Season 3 Episode 20

Cold Snap

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 23, 2009 on NBC

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  • Dear Heroes, Welcome Back!!! Don't ever leave us again!!!

    Heroes had an awesome and succesful first season. It was new, it kept me hooked, and it gaves me what I wanted. Unfortunately as of season 2, it failed me. Although it wasn't delivering, I still stayed a loyal fan of the show. I sometimes questioned why this was the case. I would devotedly clear my schedule and rush home and fight over the tv, just to be amongst the first to watch the episode as it was shown. Lately though, thanks to the online streaming of episodes, I would not rush to see them. They were lacking something, I didn't really know what. But, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!! I loved last night's episode. I think I will be back to watching it Mondays at 9. I just wish it would have been this great season long, now I know the wait from April to September will be eternal, like it was back in 2007. THANKS A MILLION!!!
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