Season 3 Episode 20

Cold Snap

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 23, 2009 on NBC

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  • The most poignant ending for the most perfect love story this show has ever done.

    As Hiro & Ando deal with Matt Jr., Danko with Rebel's "gifts" and Angela manages to escape from the men that came to arrest her. The Ice Queen herself set the chain of events that leads to the most touching farewell a character on this show has ever had.

    A much as I hate to see Daphne go, the way they did it was probably the most poignant and beautiful possible, as it had this nice symmetry between the first time Daphne died - when she uses her last breathe to run back home to die in Matt's arms - and this time aròund as he slips inside her mind so she could run back home to Paris once again only to die in his arms. The spirit walk that showed him a future they now will never share and the ability that allows her to spot a vision that now will never come true.

    Their bittersweet goodbye reaches its peak as the audience realize this has happened during her agony, that the truth is Daphne is dying and all she had said thus far was to make this as easier for Matt as he was trying to make it for her but as frustrating as it was to never see the woman she was bound to become; Molly's stepmom, Hiro's nemesis, her father's daugtter and Matt's beloved all blend into one as Matt & Daphne fly to their happy ending even if it's only but a moment. And so they honor the lifetime that got reduced to a month, a marriage that only got to be a romance and how much they cared about one another with that one everylasting moment in time. Matt grieving for her with Mohinder by his side.