Season 3 Episode 20

Cold Snap

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 23, 2009 on NBC

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  • Back on track! Really amazing episode!

    Are you 1's voters serious? This episode was amazing, the best for a long time ( since season 1). Defenetly Heroes is back again and I like it that way. I gave to this episode a 10.

    For all the 1's voters, only occur me 2 things:
    1) You are lame people. You only be here for lame voting, what is stupid for a people tha don't like this show anymore continue to watching and vote with a 1 again and again. If anytime I have to give a 1 to a show I would stop to watch it in that moment. 2) You only gave 1 votes to that show because you are jeulosy that this show its for the most of the times on the top in first place, what that is stupid too. Lol.
    Get a life or a mind doctor!