Season 3 Episode 17

Cold Wars

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 23, 2009 on NBC
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HRG and Matt are thrust into a series of mind games to uncover the truth about Nathan's plans. Peter gets to meet The Hunter in person.

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  • This is not the show I remember from two years ago...

    What the hell was that? Do they not have a continuity or script supervisor for this show? How did we criss cross the country in minutes...no seconds? One minute Noah is in California being held hostage in a motel by Mohinder, Peter and Matt and then two seconds later (in the exact same clothes mind you) he is some how in Washington with "The Hunter" and Angela Petrelli? Matt and Peter go to Isaac's loft so Matt can paint? Shouldn't his loft be watched? Mohinder used it for his own did he not? Questions, questions, questions. This show is getting absolutely ridiculous. WOW! Trim the fat Heroes!moreless
  • Humans vs mutants. The soap opera continues.

    This episode was more entertaining than the previous ones, but still in this season there is something missing. The story advances at crawling phase, and all the drama we witnessed this season can be in reality covered with 1 episode. When an episode ends, unlike in the previous seasons basically you are not curious what happens next, as the story is so predictable. Finally we see some disaster that is lurking in the future, that Matt drew so this might make the story more interesting. Nathan I think is the one of the biggest hypocrites in the show, along with the his Mother, so manipulative. Come on Peter get your full power backmoreless
  • This is why I watch this series. Season 1 was great. It had great twists, writing, plot line, characters, everything. Season 2 was mediocre, could have been better but I'll blame the strike on that one. But as for Volume 3...moreless

    This is why I watch this series. Season 1 was great. It had great twists, writing, plot line, characters, everything. Season 2 was mediocre, could have been better but I'll blame the strike on that one. But as for Volume 3 Villains. There was no excuse for that giant mess. Poor writing, bad plot line, too sci-fi, new characters that would be killed right away, pace kept changing, and characters development was missing. Well that all changed with Volume 4. It has a good pace, there is cliff hangers at the end of each episode that makes you want to tune in next weekend. Episodes are focused on a few characters which gives good development, went back to the drama and away from the sci-fi. This Volume is GREAT! Writing is like season 1. This episode is proof. Character development was what this episode was all about. And a great cliff hanger with Noah and Mrs. Petrelli working together on something. The only flaw is the future painting. That plot line is getting a bit old. But it was still a great episode.moreless
  • a typical Heroes flashback episode

    With its title, Heroes acknowledges the tense, almost fifty-year period where the US and Russia warred against themselves, stockpiling weapons, fought for superiority across the globe but rarely with direct combat between each other. Which describes this episode quite nicely. However, this episode is one of the few Bryan Fuller acknowledged as being "dense in (Heroes) mythology". No, this isn't as accurate. This is Heroes in love with its own mythology, dragging out almost each and every element of past seasons to a point where it's now a cliche: tired and worn out its welcome. If Heroes gets a Volume 5, which it probably will, please let it retire these worn-out elements. Cold Wars picks up right after Building 26. Matt, Mohinder, and Peter drug Noah and drag him to a hotel, demanding answers. Matt is still enraged over what happened to Daphne and he wants blood. He doesn't care if he hurts Noah. True enough, the guy has tagged him, experimented on him and what-not. Doesn't let Matt have the right to be a Grade-A jerk about it. Matt peels through Noah's mind, bit by bit, trying to uncover what iniated the hunt. What unfolds is not much different than Six Months Ago, Four Months Ago, or Villains. However, Cold Wars is handled a little better than Villains, if still extremely irrelevant since it brings up information we haven't mostly already known from earlier episodes. Noah's flashbacks are in black-and-white. Why? No idea. Could be Noah grew up with a fetish for 50s black-and-white spy thrillers. Could be that the Heroes crew loves the notion that Noah is a modern-day Cold War spy. Could be they just felt like doing it. Four weeks since Cold Wars, Noah met up with Angela, telling him Primatech is finished. She's done with it. No more lies, espionsage, no more kidnapping, waddling through grey area. Now she wants a normal life and try to reconnect with her sons. Little too late in several ways. She rewards Noah for all his dedicated service by giving him a vintage gold? watch. Another nod from Season One. The Company is all Noah has ever known, now what is he supposed to do? Normal life doesn't sit well with him. Three weeks and Nathan barges on Noah's doorsteps, asking for his help on his mission. He informs Noah everything he's doing. To his credit, Noah is weary of Nathan, understands the immorality of the plan, unhappy that Nathan blabbed about heroes to the government, and doesn't feel up to breaking his own code of morales. Nathan dangles Claire, hinting if Noah cooperates, she won't become involved (great real father Claire's got) and that Nathan's plan will be greater than what Noah ever achieved. Well, what's a guy to do? Noah meets Hunter for the first time and offers his advice on Company policies, only to have Hunter shoot him down. Noah is put off. However, he tries to work with this guy and find common ground but Hunter refuses to cooperate. His antisocial skills extend to normal human beings. It's revealed to Matt and crew that Hunter is the one pulling the mission strings. Nathan started the fire, now Hunter is spreading the flames. There is more to Hunter than meets the eye, of course there is, and Noah is aware of his motivations. What they are will be revealed later in the volume. In the meantime, Hunter tells Noah to be a good little boy and do what he wants or Claire will suffer for it. Hunter calls him on being divided as a Company Man (hah) and a family man and Hunter feels he is stronger because he lives, breathes, eats his work. Back in the present, Matt's mindbending takes a severe trauma. Peter and Mohinder, mostly Mohinder, try to reason with Matt but he won't hear it. Yawn. Matt's spy-probing reveals a secret storage area where Noah hid his weapons and Peter is tasked to go find it. Meanwhile, at Building 26, Hunter is keeping tabs on all his crew, including Nathan. He is also pissed Nathan pardoned Claire. Nathan is perturbed but too scared of Hunter to do anything. They find Peter barging into the facility and Nathan asks that Peter be brought in alive. However, Peter easily escapes the brigade. Mohinder tries to get Matt to stop harming Noah and to his credit, Mohinder isn't a moron anymore. However, Matt's shaky trust with team Ms-and-P dissolves when Noah reveals that he warned Mohinder about the hunt. Of course, we know Mohinder didn't believe the advice but Matt sees it as a betrayal. Some unneccessary fighting and Noah escapes, to be recaptured by Peter. However, Hunter and crew locate the team and close in. Noah tries to stop Matt and shoo him off but Matt refuses to leave without uncovering some truths. They find out where Hunter lives and Peter flies off to confront him. Mohinder is willing to sacrifice himself so Matt can continue his vendetta. Mohinder slams through the brigade and is quickly caught. Noah reveals that Daphne is alive. How that is is simply magic because she was shot into oblivion. Whatever, yea, she's alive. Noah helped her heal so Matt realizes Noah isn't all bad. However Matt is caught and Noah asks that he lead him out. Peter confronts Hunter at gunpoint. Hunter is scared but calmly goads Peter that he's the good brother, why kill him? He tells Peter he will never stop hunting them. Nathan becomes aware of Peter and flies over. Hunter is smart enough to ask how Nathan could arrive so fast and I think he finally fits it together. But what can he do? Nathan's the boss. Nathan tells Peter not to do this, yawn, and surprisingly, Peter shoots Hunter in the shoulder. For some reason, Nathan reveals Mohinder and Matt's predictament and Peter flies off. Why Nathan did it, love, saving Hunter, both, can be discussed and debated. Hunter is pissed Peter got away. Noah leads Matt out and Peter uses some weapons to rescue Matt. At Building 26, Mohinder is in shackles. Nathan storms in, asking Mohinder to work with him so other people can be saved. What the heck? How many times is Mohinder going to be dragged into working for the bad side? Enough. To his credit, Mohinder refuses, but good money says that he'll be working with Nathan in no time. Hunter appreciates the torture Noah had to go through for the cause and Noah tells him that since his family life is in crisis, he can dedicate himself to the job fully for now on. Hunter accepts at face value. Relax, Noah didn't pull a 180. It's revealed that he's working with Angela to undermine Nathan's operation. How, why, when she started doing this, not sure yet. She informs Noah he will have to make ambigious choices and Noah cheerfully informs her that that's his speciality, handing back his watch. Peter and Matt hide in Mohinder/Issac's loft (Why?) Matt has drawn more paintings. Matt is disturbed by what he sees. He sees himself holding many guns and doesn't want to hurt anyone. Then, don't it. The prophecies aren't predestined. They come about mostly because the heroes panic at what they see. That's not the worst though as Matt has drawn a vision of Washington burning in flames. Okay, enough with the paintings, enough with Mohinder working for bad, bad people. No more flashback episode, after three seasons, it can be retired. And please, why does a major American city Have to be obliterated every season? And why do the flying shots look really bad? Tim Kring and crew are not doing any favors to new viewers and are disservicing the fans by being unoriginal and retreading into their sources. The episode didn't come without its perks. Hunter is revealed more. Turns out his last name is Danko. Don't know why his name is important, unless he's connected to any of the heroes lives pre-Volume 4, which is extremely possible. I don't think Danko has an ability, otherwise he has worse self-loathing issues than Nathan. Maybe a family member had powers, maybe he was abused by someone with powers, maybe something else happened to him to hate people with higher abilities, maybe he's just vindictive, maybe he doesn't care. We'll find out later. And luckily or hopefully, Heroes already got the flashback episode out of the way for this volume and no more are needed. And this one was more followable than Villains (episode) except poor Noah was slighted in all of this and we know nothing more about him than we didn't already. Sigh. Oh well. I don't want to rag on this episode too much but it's time to get rid of some of the worn-out stuff in order to enjoy future episodes.moreless
  • More puzzle pieces.

    I thought the episode was really creative in regards to simply giving us more puzzle pieces and and leaving a lot up to interpretation. I'm actually still unsure if HRG was a good guy and bad guy and what being a good guy exactly means. It got to the point where I questioned Matt's sanity. Suresh questioning himself and his guilt I feel is getting a little old and unproductive. Peter seemed to be caught in the middle, simply wanting to do what's right and help the "heroes". Danko seems just bent on distruction of everyone, not just the heroes. However, we are dealing with another secret location but I'm glad that Daphne's alive.moreless
Bernadette L. Speakes

Bernadette L. Speakes


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Japheth Gordon

Japheth Gordon

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Jonny Siew


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Zeljko Ivanek

Zeljko Ivanek

Emile Danko

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Brea Grant

Brea Grant

Daphne Millbrook

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Ashley Crow

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The combination that Noah used is 7957, or 07/09/57. July 9th, 1957 is the birthday of the series creator, Tim Kring.

    • When Noah is drugged at the beginning, he grabs the bar counter with his right hand. In the next camera angle, it's his left hand that he is holding onto the bar with.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Matt: Who's the guy you were taking orders from, huh?
      Noah: (Japanese) I'll never tell.
      Peter: Wait, wait. What guy? I thought he was in charge?
      Matt: Turns out he's still middle management.

    • Noah: What do you plan to do once you have everybody?
      Nathan: We'll find an answer. We get the best team of scientists and we find a way to eliminate these abilities forever.
      Noah: And if that's not possible?
      Nathan: I refuse to accept that. My abilities were given to me, they can be taken away.
      Noah: You know you're gonna be seen as a villain, locking people away.
      Nathan: I'll play whatever role I need to.
      Noah: Claire will never look at you the same way again.
      Nathan: Claire never needs to know this.
      Noah: But she will. They all will and they will blame you. They won't understand.

    • Matt: So I'm gonna be able to get to these memories that we're, we're looking for. I'm gonna find out exactly how this whole thing happened, who's behind it and how they work. We're gonna find out how to stop hiding and start fighting back.
      Mohinder: And how far are you willing to push?
      Matt: As far as I need to.

    • Mohinder: What could I have done, tied up on that plane too? You think I don't regret any of this?
      Matt: You were my friend. You could have warned me! You could have warned all of us!
      Mohinder: I didn't know what to do. I didn't believe him!
      Matt: Even after the plane. The least you...
      Mohinder: What? Told you that I could have stopped all of this? That I could have maybe prevented Daphne's death? If I had I'd probably be the one tied up in that chair.

    • Danko: Kid gloves are standard issue in this outfit. You and I have to change that. You agree?
      Noah: Absolutely.

    • Nathan: I want Peter caught. No bloodshed.
      Danko: (on the radio) Did you hear that? Phasers on stun.

    • Noah: I realize you don't need weapons. But you need perspective. And you need to control information. In thirty seconds you undid a secret that we've kept for thirty years.
      Nathan: I can't un-ring that bell.

    • Matt: Alright. So I'm going to be able to get to these memories that we're looking for. I'm going to find out exactly how this whole thing happened, who's behind it, and how they work. We're going to find out how to stop hiding and start fighting back.
      Mohinder: And how far are you willing to push?
      Matt: As far as I need to.

    • Noah: Daphne's alive, Matt.

    • Danko: (to Noah) You're a dime a dozen, and 11 of the 12 are unreliable.

    • Noah: You know me. I've always been comfortable with morally gray.

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Airdates:
      Latin America: May 1, 2009 on Universal Channel
      Belgium: May 7, 2009 on VT4
      Australia: May 14, 2009 on Channel 7
      Germany: December 23, 2009 on RTL II
      Finland: May 29, 2010 on Sub
      Czech Republic: September 24, 2010 on Prima COOL
      Slovakia: August 8, 2012 on Markiza

    • The motel used for this episode is known for being a primary setting for another NBC show, My Name Is Earl.


    • Danko: (giving orders to the assault team) Phasers on stun.

      This is a reference to the non-lethal way of dealing with situations in Star Trek.