Season 3 Episode 17

Cold Wars

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 23, 2009 on NBC

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  • This is not the show I remember from two years ago...

    What the hell was that? Do they not have a continuity or script supervisor for this show? How did we criss cross the country in minutes...no seconds? One minute Noah is in California being held hostage in a motel by Mohinder, Peter and Matt and then two seconds later (in the exact same clothes mind you) he is some how in Washington with "The Hunter" and Angela Petrelli? Matt and Peter go to Isaac's loft so Matt can paint? Shouldn't his loft be watched? Mohinder used it for his own did he not? Questions, questions, questions. This show is getting absolutely ridiculous. WOW! Trim the fat Heroes!
  • Humans vs mutants. The soap opera continues.

    This episode was more entertaining than the previous ones, but still in this season there is something missing. The story advances at crawling phase, and all the drama we witnessed this season can be in reality covered with 1 episode. When an episode ends, unlike in the previous seasons basically you are not curious what happens next, as the story is so predictable. Finally we see some disaster that is lurking in the future, that Matt drew so this might make the story more interesting. Nathan I think is the one of the biggest hypocrites in the show, along with the his Mother, so manipulative. Come on Peter get your full power back
  • This is why I watch this series. Season 1 was great. It had great twists, writing, plot line, characters, everything. Season 2 was mediocre, could have been better but I'll blame the strike on that one. But as for Volume 3...

    This is why I watch this series. Season 1 was great. It had great twists, writing, plot line, characters, everything. Season 2 was mediocre, could have been better but I'll blame the strike on that one. But as for Volume 3 Villains. There was no excuse for that giant mess. Poor writing, bad plot line, too sci-fi, new characters that would be killed right away, pace kept changing, and characters development was missing. Well that all changed with Volume 4. It has a good pace, there is cliff hangers at the end of each episode that makes you want to tune in next weekend. Episodes are focused on a few characters which gives good development, went back to the drama and away from the sci-fi. This Volume is GREAT! Writing is like season 1. This episode is proof. Character development was what this episode was all about. And a great cliff hanger with Noah and Mrs. Petrelli working together on something. The only flaw is the future painting. That plot line is getting a bit old. But it was still a great episode.
  • a typical Heroes flashback episode

    With its title, Heroes acknowledges the tense, almost fifty-year period where the US and Russia warred against themselves, stockpiling weapons, fought for superiority across the globe but rarely with direct combat between each other. Which describes this episode quite nicely. However, this episode is one of the few Bryan Fuller acknowledged as being "dense in (Heroes) mythology". No, this isn't as accurate. This is Heroes in love with its own mythology, dragging out almost each and every element of past seasons to a point where it's now a cliche: tired and worn out its welcome. If Heroes gets a Volume 5, which it probably will, please let it retire these worn-out elements. Cold Wars picks up right after Building 26. Matt, Mohinder, and Peter drug Noah and drag him to a hotel, demanding answers. Matt is still enraged over what happened to Daphne and he wants blood. He doesn't care if he hurts Noah. True enough, the guy has tagged him, experimented on him and what-not. Doesn't let Matt have the right to be a Grade-A jerk about it. Matt peels through Noah's mind, bit by bit, trying to uncover what iniated the hunt. What unfolds is not much different than Six Months Ago, Four Months Ago, or Villains. However, Cold Wars is handled a little better than Villains, if still extremely irrelevant since it brings up information we haven't mostly already known from earlier episodes. Noah's flashbacks are in black-and-white. Why? No idea. Could be Noah grew up with a fetish for 50s black-and-white spy thrillers. Could be that the Heroes crew loves the notion that Noah is a modern-day Cold War spy. Could be they just felt like doing it. Four weeks since Cold Wars, Noah met up with Angela, telling him Primatech is finished. She's done with it. No more lies, espionsage, no more kidnapping, waddling through grey area. Now she wants a normal life and try to reconnect with her sons. Little too late in several ways. She rewards Noah for all his dedicated service by giving him a vintage gold? watch. Another nod from Season One. The Company is all Noah has ever known, now what is he supposed to do? Normal life doesn't sit well with him. Three weeks and Nathan barges on Noah's doorsteps, asking for his help on his mission. He informs Noah everything he's doing. To his credit, Noah is weary of Nathan, understands the immorality of the plan, unhappy that Nathan blabbed about heroes to the government, and doesn't feel up to breaking his own code of morales. Nathan dangles Claire, hinting if Noah cooperates, she won't become involved (great real father Claire's got) and that Nathan's plan will be greater than what Noah ever achieved. Well, what's a guy to do? Noah meets Hunter for the first time and offers his advice on Company policies, only to have Hunter shoot him down. Noah is put off. However, he tries to work with this guy and find common ground but Hunter refuses to cooperate. His antisocial skills extend to normal human beings. It's revealed to Matt and crew that Hunter is the one pulling the mission strings. Nathan started the fire, now Hunter is spreading the flames. There is more to Hunter than meets the eye, of course there is, and Noah is aware of his motivations. What they are will be revealed later in the volume. In the meantime, Hunter tells Noah to be a good little boy and do what he wants or Claire will suffer for it. Hunter calls him on being divided as a Company Man (hah) and a family man and Hunter feels he is stronger because he lives, breathes, eats his work. Back in the present, Matt's mindbending takes a severe trauma. Peter and Mohinder, mostly Mohinder, try to reason with Matt but he won't hear it. Yawn. Matt's spy-probing reveals a secret storage area where Noah hid his weapons and Peter is tasked to go find it. Meanwhile, at Building 26, Hunter is keeping tabs on all his crew, including Nathan. He is also pissed Nathan pardoned Claire. Nathan is perturbed but too scared of Hunter to do anything. They find Peter barging into the facility and Nathan asks that Peter be brought in alive. However, Peter easily escapes the brigade. Mohinder tries to get Matt to stop harming Noah and to his credit, Mohinder isn't a moron anymore. However, Matt's shaky trust with team Ms-and-P dissolves when Noah reveals that he warned Mohinder about the hunt. Of course, we know Mohinder didn't believe the advice but Matt sees it as a betrayal. Some unneccessary fighting and Noah escapes, to be recaptured by Peter. However, Hunter and crew locate the team and close in. Noah tries to stop Matt and shoo him off but Matt refuses to leave without uncovering some truths. They find out where Hunter lives and Peter flies off to confront him. Mohinder is willing to sacrifice himself so Matt can continue his vendetta. Mohinder slams through the brigade and is quickly caught. Noah reveals that Daphne is alive. How that is is simply magic because she was shot into oblivion. Whatever, yea, she's alive. Noah helped her heal so Matt realizes Noah isn't all bad. However Matt is caught and Noah asks that he lead him out. Peter confronts Hunter at gunpoint. Hunter is scared but calmly goads Peter that he's the good brother, why kill him? He tells Peter he will never stop hunting them. Nathan becomes aware of Peter and flies over. Hunter is smart enough to ask how Nathan could arrive so fast and I think he finally fits it together. But what can he do? Nathan's the boss. Nathan tells Peter not to do this, yawn, and surprisingly, Peter shoots Hunter in the shoulder. For some reason, Nathan reveals Mohinder and Matt's predictament and Peter flies off. Why Nathan did it, love, saving Hunter, both, can be discussed and debated. Hunter is pissed Peter got away. Noah leads Matt out and Peter uses some weapons to rescue Matt. At Building 26, Mohinder is in shackles. Nathan storms in, asking Mohinder to work with him so other people can be saved. What the heck? How many times is Mohinder going to be dragged into working for the bad side? Enough. To his credit, Mohinder refuses, but good money says that he'll be working with Nathan in no time. Hunter appreciates the torture Noah had to go through for the cause and Noah tells him that since his family life is in crisis, he can dedicate himself to the job fully for now on. Hunter accepts at face value. Relax, Noah didn't pull a 180. It's revealed that he's working with Angela to undermine Nathan's operation. How, why, when she started doing this, not sure yet. She informs Noah he will have to make ambigious choices and Noah cheerfully informs her that that's his speciality, handing back his watch. Peter and Matt hide in Mohinder/Issac's loft (Why?) Matt has drawn more paintings. Matt is disturbed by what he sees. He sees himself holding many guns and doesn't want to hurt anyone. Then, don't it. The prophecies aren't predestined. They come about mostly because the heroes panic at what they see. That's not the worst though as Matt has drawn a vision of Washington burning in flames. Okay, enough with the paintings, enough with Mohinder working for bad, bad people. No more flashback episode, after three seasons, it can be retired. And please, why does a major American city Have to be obliterated every season? And why do the flying shots look really bad? Tim Kring and crew are not doing any favors to new viewers and are disservicing the fans by being unoriginal and retreading into their sources. The episode didn't come without its perks. Hunter is revealed more. Turns out his last name is Danko. Don't know why his name is important, unless he's connected to any of the heroes lives pre-Volume 4, which is extremely possible. I don't think Danko has an ability, otherwise he has worse self-loathing issues than Nathan. Maybe a family member had powers, maybe he was abused by someone with powers, maybe something else happened to him to hate people with higher abilities, maybe he's just vindictive, maybe he doesn't care. We'll find out later. And luckily or hopefully, Heroes already got the flashback episode out of the way for this volume and no more are needed. And this one was more followable than Villains (episode) except poor Noah was slighted in all of this and we know nothing more about him than we didn't already. Sigh. Oh well. I don't want to rag on this episode too much but it's time to get rid of some of the worn-out stuff in order to enjoy future episodes.
  • More puzzle pieces.

    I thought the episode was really creative in regards to simply giving us more puzzle pieces and and leaving a lot up to interpretation. I'm actually still unsure if HRG was a good guy and bad guy and what being a good guy exactly means. It got to the point where I questioned Matt's sanity. Suresh questioning himself and his guilt I feel is getting a little old and unproductive. Peter seemed to be caught in the middle, simply wanting to do what's right and help the "heroes". Danko seems just bent on distruction of everyone, not just the heroes. However, we are dealing with another secret location but I'm glad that Daphne's alive.
  • the show is starting to gain its potential once again with volume 4.

    I found this episode of heroes to be quite enjoyable as I have found most of volume four to be so far as well. I must admit, volume three was a complete mess but I believe they are cleaning up all the baggage from that volume as cleanly and excitingly as possible. The reason I have rated this episode so high is because I believe heroes fans are beginning to be to harsh on the series. Instead of congratulating the writers and picking out all the aspects of the show that they believe to be well done, some heroes fan just continually nag about how the show is no where near as good as season 1 had been. I understand the show has gone downhill a bit this season, but i believe it is becoming quite enjoyable again. So my point is instead of constantly nagging the show and telling the writers to make it like season 1 again, start to pick out all the parts of the show you believe are well done. For me, I am enjoying volume four because they are going with a solid storyline the continues to expand on a logical time line instead of the constant switching of sides from heroes to villains and plot points like what happened in volume 3. What I'm trying to say is i believe the show is beginning to finally get back on track and instead of people constantly nagging about all the baggage that came along in volume 3 to get cleaned up in volume four, start to enjoy what they are turning the show and to and i can promise that you will start to enjoy the show because i think it is starting to come back to its full potential but this will never happen if we just criticize the show no matter what because it seems like it has now just become a habit for some people.
  • Matt & Mohinder at its best.

    Cold Wars picks up right after Building 26 as Peter, Matt & Mohinder take Noah for questioning usind Matt's "skills". However the episode is about what Noah did, its heart & soul are Matt & Mohinder and how they confront what it's done to him by the very people he once considered his allies and are being hunted by him ...or so they think.

    Mohinder does his best so that Matt would stop hurting Noah which Matt sees as a betrayal, more so when, at the heat of Matt's probing, Noah reveals that he warned Mohinder about the hunt testing the fleeting trust these two have for one another. The irony being how is only at the heat of their fight that these two finally acknowledge a friendship so profound and so honest that Mohinder sacrifices himself so that Matt could escape. The faith on each other restored and their friendship validated once Mohinder refuses to work for Nathan and Matt refuses to become the man Mohinder knows he wasn't supposed to be.
  • A great revealing episode that delivers. As good as it was, the very end of the episode was horrible, but overall, if you take that part out, the episode was great. Warning, spoilers contained below.

    So the episode starts off showing how HRG ended up being caught and then shows Matt trying to see into HRG's past. The episode explains how Nathan's plans into full swing by means of memories from HRG. An interesting way to explain what is going on now, and a smart way to do it so that it makes sense. The episode was not all just flashbacks however, it still progressed the main story, as well as explained a little bit about how we got where we are now. When Matt finds out that Mohinder knew about what HRG was involved in, I was a bit shocked. Matt, lost it and in a tussle wiht Mohinder, lets HRG escape and get away. Not for very long though, as Peter gets back in time to snatch HRG back up. A little bit predictable that Peter would get him, but oh well. Eventually we find out that The Hunter is behind most of what is going on, at least the bad things. HRG tries to warn Peter not to go, but I guess if I was Peter, I wouldn't really trust HRG either, since he lies so much. From what we see in the memories, it seems like HRG, despite his lies and ways, really does care for the people who don't hurt anyone. His old company's goals were after all, to lock up the ones who killed and were dangerous. Though some of the people they put away might have been misunderstood, overall the intensions of the old company were good. This new one however, is dangerous because you have Nathan and The Hunter running it, but The Hunter seems to be controlling things, and he doesn't seem to care about anyone with powers. Overall this episode provided a lot of insight into how things came to this point, which for me is something I have been longing for since the season started. I rather enjoyed this episode, and am really liking the direction the show is taking. Major improvement over the first few episodes, and I hope it only gets better from here on. The only thing that took away from this episode was at the end, when Matt draws the future which has him blowing up a part of the city. To me, the whole bringing painting the future and seeing was just a bad idea to bring back, especially in the way they did it with Matt. It's dragging an overused boring idea from the first season. When we saw the future painting in the first season, it was excellent, but now it's just becoming a pain to watch. Not only that, but they have to continue with the explosion futures. What is with all these futures where people or things explode. The worst part of all this is that Matt has the ability, and there is no explanation how that is possible. And I can't believe it's the stuff he ate, because Hiro ate the stuff as well and can't paint the future.
  • Matt, Mohinder, and Peter hold Noah captive to get answeers as to why they are being hunted.

    This half of the series is just the best we have seen since Season 1. Every episode builds leaves you craving for more. This episode was important because it gave Peter the chance to show that bad-ass side he has been trying to show all along. Before the volume is over he is going to lose it and kill someone. Nathan and Danko seem like his targets. Nathan is letting his personal feelings affect his decision making. This is going to lead to Danko taking over and Nathan will either be captured and killed by Danko or go crawling back and beg Peter and Angela for forgiveness.
    Love makes you do crazy things as shown by Matt.
  • Promising Start, Back To Back "Average"

    HRG and Matt are thrust into a series of mind games to uncover the truth about Nathan's plans. Peter gets to meet The Hunter in person.

    The season started off with promise but has quickly fallen off the grid and is back under the same poor storytelling that it had in seasons two and three. The show has simply lost all the magic it once had and I don't think the show will ever get back to where it once was way back in season one. I say that because this entire episode focused around Noah, arguably the shows most consistent character, and the episode still didn't work. The flashbacks were all kind of assumed to all ready be known. We figured Nathan came to Noah and offered him this job, that didn't really need to be told to us. A lot of the information this season is becoming repeated. We have heard Nathan explain in every episode, at least once, to many different people "why" he is doing what he is doing. The Mohinder twist didn't even come off as a big surprise like it was supposed to because the flashbacks were so poor to that point. The best scenes of the epsiodes were the ones with Noah speaking with Angela, but even her character has lost some of the mystery and build-up that I once associated with seeing her on screen. Overall, simply an average episode in a volume that is all ready going down from the promising start that it did have.
  • We find out how HRG was recruited by Nathan via interrogation by Matt, Peter steals weapons from the Hunter.

    So far this season i have been fairly disappointed by its progress and what made heroes watchable. this episode i found myself cutting the flashbacks in HRG's memory because i've seen it all before in the previous seasons. Nathan is walking a fine line and has been ever since he got shot whilst trying to reveal his ability on TV. However i do like the idea that Peter is proactively using his ability again and i haven't seen him using abilities in this way for ages so that is good.
    In the next few episodes i would like the writers to expand on Peters ability, specifically how he can recall his original ability because he is acting really dark, mainly due to his brother betraying him. i would like to see him do what sylar did in pinehearst (get his empathy back so he gets his power of mimicry back).
  • Different people, different intentions

    I expected "Cold Wars" to be an entire throwback to "Company Man" from season one and I'm sure other viewers were disappointed. But I enjoyed watching "Cold Wars" and found it to have a well-written nail-biting script.

    Some viewers find Noah Bennett's "morally gray" perspective to be complex and unpredictable. Others insist it makes him repetitive in his devotion to protect Claire. Yet Claire is not seen--only briefly mentioned--in this episode. Sylar, Hiro and Ando are also not addressed . No worries, we'll get to those characters later. I only hope they get better writers for their stories. There was poetic balance in a storyline that opened and closed with Noah and Angela Petrelli. (The watch was a nice touch.) Though Noah has a chance for a normal lifestyle with the end of Primatech's reign, tranquility is not in his blood. He's restless after 20 years of service and more than intrigued at Nathan's offer to work for the government. Being a man with his own agenda, Noah infiltrates Nathan's team and attempts to gain the Hunter's trust. It seems that he doesn't approve of Nathan's methods of rounding up people with abilities but he'll play along rather than struggle with authority. That leaves Matt, Peter, and Mohinder to struggle with each other and the right course of action. It's a good example of the character dynamics and how they work (or fight) with each other. Especially Matt and Mohinder, who stand on opposite sides of the fence. Matt suspects Mohinder of betrayal and wants Noah's blood for revenge. Mohinder wants to avoid brute force, being ashamed of his past errors. (Noah remarked that the professor has insight from his experiences of being ordinary and extraordinary). And yet petty squabbles are set aside when they are endangered by Nathan's army. Mohinder chooses to fight back and risk capture to protect Matt, while Matt chooses to conquer his personal vendetta by not shooting Noah. It's small instances like these that reminds us the show's success lies in people's CHOICES, not their abilities.

    Mohinder is a favorite character of mine who I felt was neglected due to a poor storyline in "Villains". But the scene of him defeated and chained up in Building 26 was worthwhile. Nathan plays on Mohinder's compassionate instincts by telling him that Daphne is alive and he wants Mohinder's help to remove their abilities. Alarm bells resonate from the "Five Years Gone" scene where President Petrelli (okay, Sylar) tries to persuade Mohinder into an act of genocide. If the writers can keep this up and remain CONSISTANT then"Fugitives" could turn out to be quite interesting after all.

    The only criticism I have is the ending of Matt drawing pictures. Others have said it and I agree that the "future" paintings have become redundant and dull. It takes away the perspective that despite all odds, the Heroes still have some measure of free choice in their lives. The images of Matt as a suicide bomber and Washington D.C. in flames are hitting a little too close to home from my perspective. Other than that, I thought the writers did much better by focusing less on thick plots and more on the characters' relationships.
  • i dont know why some people are rating these last few episodes so bad. Its the beginning of the **** the season what do you expect they have to build it up.

    Im sad that people are not enjoying heroes as they once did. Mainly because if it continues this show will be canceled and i still think its amazing. This season is definitely off to a slow start but i find it to be a much darker side of heroes. People are mad because they arent 'heroes' anymore and they are all changing. What do you expect when they are forced to run and hide and being tracked anywhere they go. Matt believed daphne was dead so why wouldnt he want vengeance.. Its only human to be that way. Nathan believes hes doing the right thing but hes wrong.. someone has to be wrong. Peter is still the compassionate one.. he could have taken the hunter out but chose not to for the sake of matt and mohinder. Overall i think the characters are developing nicely. Noah is still the most badass normal person in the show. All the heroes are adapting to the new lives they have to live.. I urge everyone to just be more open-minded about this season. People hold season 1 on such a high pedestal that they hate everything else. I have a feeling in the next few episodes the show will pick back up and everyone will be enjoying it again. But for **** sake people stop rating the episodes at 2.5 and **** thats how good shows go off the air
  • Not a "Company Man" surely, but so what?

    You can't expect every episode to be spectacular like "Company Man" and yes this one had similar elements, but things have changed since then. HRG's motivation isn't just Claire's safety anymore, he wants the greater good for the people with abilities and the people without. And if he has to be a double agent to do that then fine, it's not like he's not good at it. I enjoyed discovering the path of how he got to where he is now.

    As for Matt I think his actions are a bit rash. I mean sending Peter flying across the country at the risk of him getting caught, fighting with Mohinder and surrendering to the government forces all to get revenge for Daphne, whom he didn't really know for that long, it's just not Matt.

    I liked Peter and Mohinder's actions in this episode. Ever since his power got taken away from him, Peter has been using his mind a lot more lately and I'm liking how he handles challenging situations (being cornered in the storage room and his face-off with the Hunter). I found it noble on Mohinder's side to fight and get himself caught in order for Matt to see if HRG was lying about Daphne, but unfortunately it didn't turn out too great for him when he is once again forced to work with the enemy in order to help the people he cared about.

    The paintings at the end... well it makes you wonder what would cause Matt to blow up Washington D.C.? I still find the fact that Matt can paint the future a lame excuse by the writers to keep the ability in the show. I mean why not give just it to a new character?

    But in the end, an exciting and enjoyable episode and I can't wait to see what comes next for Sylar and Luke, Claire and Alex and Hiro and Ando.
  • Brilliant !

    Deffinately different than other Heroes episodes. Darker tone. Simple storyline with shocking moments. Hit or get hit chases so basically in this episode your combining super powers with Counter Strike. After Matt,Peter and Mohinder capture HRG they take him to a hotel where Matt enters his mind and gets all the information he needs like Mohinder knowing about the whole Hero round up operation and Daphne being alive. Peter has a little face off with Danko which also shows Danko that there is more to Nathan than what meets the eye. Nathan's people attack the hotel and end up capturing Mohinder and Matt, but in a very surprising and swift moment Matt is saved by Peter. This episode also reveals that Angela Petrelli and HRG have a hidden agenda. What did I think of this episode ? I liked it alot. It was exciting. Well the last twenty minutes anyway. The beggining was kind of boring. Some of the flashbacks were boring and unnecessary. I mean we already knew that Nathan was behind all of this, we didn't need proof. It was exciting. My adrenaline was pumping when Mohinder was being shot with the electric arrows and when Matt and Mohinder were beating each other up. I liked the fact that they are increasing the importance of Matt's character. It's great that the focus has been taken off Claire and Sylar for one episode. Still not having so many characters in this episode made it feel kind of empty and drowsy but it adds to the excitement for next week's episode. I am dying to see some romantic chemistry and I think the show has some potential to pull off a romantic storyline without ending it tragically this time. I hope Sylar and Luke end up together. I see alot of chemistry there. Sylar was awesome with Elle, you know until he killed her and burnt her. Also I feel something might happen between Claire and the boy who can breathe under water. Character impressions from this episode ? Nothing is what it appears to be ! That is so true and " Cold Wars " proved it. HRG is a real mystery. You never know what he's up to. Is he good or evil ? What are him and Angela planning ? Also, Danko. Danko is very interesting and I hope that somehow he ends being injected with powers so he could become the thing he hates the most. I want to see more Tracy !! Now I know most of the characters weren't in this episode but they are going to kill her character in the eyes of the fans if she didn't get some more development on the show. It was the writer's stupid mistake to kill Nikki off. You can't just build up a character and make people love it and then kill it off and make another character for the same actress and expect people to like the character if your not going to give the character any screen time !!! In conclusion this episode did not lack excitement or suspense and the dialogue was pretty awesome so the writers seemed to put some effort into this episode although the flashbacks bored me to death. The acting was deffinately great and the storyline is going somewhere, lets just hope it's somewhere good :D
  • The use of a Skill: Until Now we are seeing the true potential of FlyMan.

    In this episode we are seeing The Company Man as Moraly Hypocrital, he likes the job and cannot do any else. By other hand we watch the correct use to a flyman. I hope that the things will become more exciting and regain the original trama of keeping the people waiting a inminent disaster and how to stop it. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • Amazing episode. Loved the way that they flashbacks were put in and also liked how they explained how this government project originated

    Cold Wars is a special episode of Heroes. All the flashbacks were very well done and also amazing acting by Jack Coleman. This episode was different from company man because the interrogation was more tighter and Peter, Mohinder and Matt had to always make sure that they dont get caught. Also all of the scene with Peter using his flight was very well done. When the soldiers showed up at Noah Bennet's room, i just knew that Peter would escape but from just looking at all the soldiers lined up, it seemed nearly impossible. Also the white house blowing up was a great way to end the episode and to all those people who say that they are copying season 1, i say to you: just wait!!
  • Parkman gets into Noah's head

    The focus of this episode was Noah's capture by Peter, Parkman and Mohinder and their attempts to gain information about who is hunting them down and how they might be able to stop them. Matt digged into Noah's memories looking for answers; we witness Noah's path leading back to present day. Peter went to Bennett's secret stash, found guns, money and goodness knows what else, but seemingly only took one gun and a couple flash grenades; which came in handy at the end. Mohinder ended up getting captured and we also found that Daphne is still alive. The Episode ended with Noah and Angela having an interesting discussion.
  • Mind games and tactics.

    Thie episode was centered on HRG thoughts and the consequences of Matt using them. Mohinder is caught, Daphne is alive and we discover Angela's involvement in the whole matter.Peter confronts the Hunter and almost kills him but Nathan's intervention prevents Peter from doing it and instead escapes through the window. Nothing else really happened it was most of all a struggle of both forces and the confrontation at the hotel. I don't get why keep an useless character as Daphne who doesn't bring anything to the show and kill a powerful and interesting character like Elle , that I don't get. This episode was kind of a transition it wasn't Heroes finnest but it showed important facts and why find out some interesting information that will be useful for the following episodes.
  • Too much repetition

    I'm not sure why this episode required three writers. On the face of it, the structure and content is about as simple as it gets, and a lot less complicated than most of the episodes this season. Somehow, despite the very focused nature of the narrative, the writers managed to incorporate two elements that undermine the notion that they're trying to avoid needless repetition.

    It feels like the writers sat down and tried to figure out how to bring the story back to the glories of the first season, and remembered that one of the best episodes happened to be "Company Man". "Heroes" had taken a page from the "Lost" playbook and focused on its most morally grey character, Noah Bennett, and explored his true motivations and history. It's still probably the best episode of the series, and it's obvious why the writers would want to invoke the same strengths.

    The main story was actually not bad. It was interesting seeing the dynamic between Peter, Matt, and Mohinder. Matt denies that losing Daphne has led to some serious instability, but that's clearly not the case. He's more than happy to torture Noah to get information he wants, and he turns on Mohinder with barely any provocation. He wants someone to blame and punish.

    Mohinder, on the other hand, seems about as confused about himself as the audience. His character motivations have been so diverse since the beginning of the third season that it's hard to know if Matt really is stepping over the line. Logically, however, Noah said nothing that would have led Mohinder to do much of anything, since it was all so vague, and he could have said that. But then, he and Matt wouldn't have had a reason to fight, would they?

    This would have been a good time for Peter to step up to the plate as the resistance leader. While his actions prove that he has the ability and some of the will, he really should have tried to rein in the Matt/Mohinder angst. One big problem with every season of "Heroes" has been the lack of a unifying figure for the "good guys". Peter has been the obvious candidate in nearly every case, and yet, the writers still keep his character idling in third gear.

    In terms of Noah's memories, most of them explain what was already rather obvious. Danko is a zealot with a desire to eliminate the threat of the metahumans (probably because someone was killed by one, the usual drill), and Bennett is working within the system to try to find a way to bring him down. Danko is inching ever closer to his goal of pushing Nathan out of the driver's seat so he can get his personal crusade underway. It's all something we already knew; Noah's interrogation did more to benefit the characters than the audience.

    The end of the episode does suggest that Angela Petrelli is "Rebel", but it's not confirmed, and all we really know is that Bennett and Angela are both trying to contain the damage that Nathan has caused. They both see Danko as the threat, and they're working together. The net effect is a minor advancement of the story; Mohinder's capture is more significant.

    As noted above, none of this would have amounted to much annoyance, except for the fact that the writers chose two overdone story elements for their big reveals. First, there's Daphne. Her death was a big shock, and helped to elevate the stakes right from the start of the new volume. Having her survive is a lot less interesting, and continues the trend of bringing back characters that were better off dead. (Unless, of course, the writers can give Daphne a reason to exist beyond her function in Matt's psychology.)

    The second problem, and a much bigger one, was the final reveal. It's bad enough that the writers have repurposed Matt into "prophecy guy", because they can't stop returning to the Isaac well again and again. But it's much worse to return to the "one of the heroes is going to destroy a city" plot device. How many times are the writers going to repeat themselves?

    This wasn't a horrible episode, but it did confirm that the writing staff is struggling to develop new ideas. As promising as the "Fugitives" concept might have been, the execution is slipping right back into all too familiar territory.
  • That's It! Were all done here, journeys over people. Please get this rubbish off the air!

    Heroes is finished in my opinion. The writers seem very mistaken about what gets the audience excited and continually force feed us the same scenes, seemingly without realising their impact has diminished almost into non-existence.

    Everything about this show is just screaming for a refresh. In my opinion it needs a complete rehaul. New characters, new powers, new....everything!

    The range of possibilites for a show like this is just endless. They're superheroes for crying out loud! Yet all they worry about is getting captured! wtf? Does anyone else see something wrong here? Can you imagine Superman, Spiderman or even bloody Banana man hiding from humans for an entire movie?! It just completely undermines the whole point of having powers.

    Heroes is never going to improve until they get rid of the dam company! Whatever bloody form its in! Think about it. The most succesful season yet...series 1 and guess what? no flippin company! They could also do with getting rid of half the cast as well. Claire, Daphne, Suresh and a lot of other boring characters are just no longer needed. Surely they can find more good looking actors
  • The Rebel Alliance of Matt, Suresh and Peter interrogate Noah Bennett to figure out who is behind the scheme to inprison all of the supers.

    This is what is known as a bad episode pretending to be a good episode. It was very exciting. It was very interesting while telling you nothing really new and stretching incredulidity to it's very limits.

    Here is how I arrived at my 5 rating. Subtracted rating point is next to each thing wrong with the episode.

    (-1) Let me get this straight someone who was abducting supers for the last 20 years is going to get off his high horse after he was just forced into retirement for that very job? Whatever!

    (-1) Muhinder who was busy webbing people against walls and performing experiments on people. Even someone he supposedly loved and he's worried about torture? And we're just talking mind torture to someone who outside of the protection of his daughter is really a bad person in terms of protecting people with powers. And the excuse about him worried about Matt uncovering a stupid secret? Please!

    (-3 for Matt alone) ---I subtract one point because of how weak it is that Matt is barely uncovering anything out of Noah's mind. Yeah, just send out Peter and of course Big Brother never watches anything. That's the way to start a revolution. Just bury your head in the sand.

    --I subtract another point because a guy like Matt who has the power to control people's minds. Who has the power to change there perceptions and he is caught meekly like that. Hey I watched all three seasons and if I do recall Matt graduated from the remedial class of his father. They did it just for the Peter swooping in and saving the day scene. It was very contrived.

    --And last and definitely getting unhonorable mention. I will never recognize Matt's ability to paint the future. He simply has this power for no other reason than the powers that be (the writers) killed everyone else that used to be able to do it. This power is being given to everybody and his brother just because of...well you tell me. The writers definitely didn't do it yet.

    But at least the episode was never boring. But this episode was not very good. It didn't make any sense and when you go without Sylar your already fighting with one hand tied behind your back. I have to think the next episode will be better. Didn't the writers remember the perils of going back into time? Looking into the future I just know the next episode will be better. Regardless I still like this show, but this was definitely a step backwards. Now, is the time for them to take a step forward.
  • Parkman and Mohinder, the two people I hate the most, bicker with each other the entire time! What a treat!

    This week's episode of Heroes was utterly pointless. They decided to give us flashbacks to see who was running the whole fugitives operation and HRG's envolvement with it. Both things we already know. So without many surprises, we're forced to watch Heroes once again tread the familiar:
    -HRG is working with the shadowy Angela Petrelli for more dark purposes.
    -Mohinder is being forced to work with the bad guys for the greater good.
    -And another f'ing "doomed future" painting on the damn floor!

    On a technical critique, I didn't like the decision to show the flashbacks in black and white. Usually, B&W helps to evoke a sense of "a long time ago." Here, they are using it for events as recent as "4 months ago", "2 weeks ago", etc. I half expected on title card to read: "yesterday..." Obviously the show runners were trying to evoke Season 1's "Company Man" the only fan favorite of the series. But there as I said, the flashes were much more distant from the present activities than just a few days.

    Other annoyances:
    -Noah escapes only to be re-captured minutes later. What'sthe point?
    -The sqaud unit that comes after them can't even find the right room?! (way to go, guys!)
    -Daphne is alive. Boo. She's a horrible actress, and her relationship with Parkman makes no sense. I forgot they never really kill heroes on this show anyway.
  • This may not have been the greatest episode but it wasn't all bad.

    This may not have been the greatest episode but it wasn't all bad. I felt that Matt and Mohinder behaved like a pair of schoolboys fighting in the playground a lot of the time. They were hopelessly amateur when it canme to interrogating Noah Bennet. The only one with any usefulness of the three was Peter and he was questionable at times. I really missed Sylar too. And yet another character that's supposed to be dead suddenly isn't (Daphne). The episode wasn't all bad and I liked seeing that Angela Petrelli was still in the thick of the machinations. Come on Heroes, get your act together!
  • Another wonderful installment.

    Personally I like the flashback sequence used in this show. We learn more about the characters and chain of events that led up to a situation. We learned more about HRG and his background. I am curious as to Mohinder and his association with Noah. I am wondering if he can be fully trusted. Having Matt penetrate Noah's mind was a great idea. I love the way the kidnapped him and how he managed to escape. Little did he know Peter would be returning. Every installment we see how the characters are developing. Like I said before, these characters are very three dimensional. They are very complex. Tim Kring does a brilliant job bringing them to life and leaving his fans wanting more.

    I am definitely looking forward to Mondays installment.
  • HRG and Matt are thrust into a series of mind games to uncover the truth about Nathan's plans. Peter gets to meet The Hunter in person.

    In a surprised I actually liked this particular episode. It was just something about not having the whining/irritating Hiro, the not so convincing Claire, the Sylar & kid duo, and the boring Tracy a.k.a Jessica actually made the show more gritty, dark, and tolerable to watch.

    It definitely wasn't the hottest episode ever for this show but at least it brought about a more adult and not so kiddy episode. It was nice to see H.R.G's dealings and to see that the man is still a mystery to some unknowing end right along with Momma Patrelli.

    The Hunter is definitely playing his role, I can't remember his name but he was a good character in "Damages" as well. Hopefully these latter episodes will bring about a more grown up "Heroes".
  • Drugs, Restraint, & Fighting

    I think this was a pretty decent episode. I guess it bugs me when people get annoyed with certain characters though. They're in the show because some one thought they would be liked. Not everyone likes the same things, people, or in the case of Heroes writers.

    If you're griping about how bad the show is and how you'll never watch it again. Why waste your time ranting? Just don't watch it.
    I think these flashback type of episodes every once in a while are a good thing for a series. Especially in Heroes when at times things can be very fast paced.

    Although maybe I feel this way since either one of my top favorite characters Sylar & Peter are usually present in a given episode.

    First things first why is this episode rating so low it was a great episode. This episode "Cold Wars" focused on some of the best characters on the show and my personal favorites Peter, Mohinder and Matt (Sylar wasn't in it). The episode was very exciting and a lot of powers where used Peter flew, Matt read HRG's mind and Mohinder kicked ass. Sadly Mohinder was captured I was enjoying the trio and I think it should have been used for at least another episode. We learn a lot of answers on why and how this all began and we are left with questions. This was a fun episode with a ending that felt rushed to me but still it was decent. 9.5 out 10.
  • This is not so much of an homage as a retread, trying its best to replicate the success of the phenomenal 'Company Man' but lacking some of the crucial ingredients.

    Remember season one? The supposedly hallowed days of yore in which Heroes was a refreshingly engaging take on the conventional 'superhero' narrative, full of lively, interesting characters, wonderful cinematography and boundless narrative possibility? Remember those days? Of course you do, fandom: it's all you've whined on about for the past five months. The production staff remember those days too; so well, in fact, that they have the self-aware tenacity to make the seventeenth episode of the show's third season an homage to the seventeenth episode of the freshman year, right down to the story focus, style of direction and everything! Clever, huh? Shame it's not so much of an homage as a retread, trying its best to replicate the success of the phenomenal 'Company Man' but lacking some of the crucial ingredients. Still, this is what you wanted guys... you've got no one to blame but yourselves.

    Perhaps pointing the finger of blame at the viewing audience is slightly harsh. After all, if the writers can't recapture the magic that used to be so inherent in the show, that's largely their problem. Still, as I illustrated last week, asking a programme to turn back when the natural course of any story's tide is to go forward seems rather counter-productive and is only going to lead to a fruitless uphill struggle. Take HRG's step up to the plate here as an example. 'Cold Wars' takes a story format that proved hugely lucrative back in the day and attempts to use it to expand and progress the current plot. Unfortunately, where in 'Company Man', opening the viewer's eyes to the history of the man with the dodgy glasses was completely unexpected and provided us with necessary exposition to advance the narrative - we had no idea where the guy's allegiances lay back then, how the Company was founded, how Claire was given to him and so on - there is nothing of any consequence in the flashback sequences we are presented with here. Oh sure, it all looks rather nice in delicious black and white (certainly a neat touch) and there are some well executed character beats in the dialogue, particularly between Bennet and the Hunter, whose smarmy, sinister self-obsession and inherent blinkered malice becomes ever more delectable with each passing scene (go Zelkjo, go Zelkjo), but really, what is the point? Detailing the process by which Nathan recruited HRG and he came to help set up the operation adds nothing at all to the central premise because the information we are treated to has been already been suggested in the dialogue in the preceding episodes.

    Virtually nothing new is revealed here. There is no benefit in the sequence in which Nathan shows up on Bennet's doorstep other than to showcase Seith Mann's ability to nicely film a scene with an oscillating camera. The many encounters with the Hunter essentially replay the dichotomy that we saw play out between the two in 'Trust and Blood'. And okay, so perhaps there is something to be said for understanding HRG's personal machinations, his inability to return to the comfort of family life. The first scene with Angela is arguably the most effective of them all because it addresses something that is not immediately apparent from the extraneous narratology. It's a pity, then, that the revelation that Bennet is working against the occupants of Building 26 with Mama Petrelli falls utterly flat as it's been inferred to too great a degree since the start of the volume. Unfortunately, the other big 'reveals' in the flashback sequences are also damp squibs. Mohinder's awareness of the governmental plan is the only trope that's remotely unexpected but it is played out with such little gravitas in the scene and against so much dull interplay between HRG, Nathan and the Hunter that it doesn't have the desired effect. And as for Daphne being alive... can I get one huge "meh"? I was pleading for them not to do this, not to back track and resurrect yet another bleeding character but, alas, it seems no one we care about will ever stay dead in the Heroes universe. It's tiresome, it's lazy and, above all, it's insulting to the viewer. Oh and furthermore, it negates the impact of any future culling as we won't be willing to accept it. When oh when oh when will they learn?

    Apparently, not before the end of the episode. Putting aside the continued contrivance that is having Matt suddenly be able to paint the future ("oh, but he's a prophet!", I hear you cry. Um, how? Why? Whatever for?!), what exactly was the thought process behind having he and Petrelli return to Isaac's loft? Surely, if they wished to remain incognito, they'd head somewhere a little less, oh I don't know, blatantly obvious?! Somewhere that Nathan and HRG aren't aware of and wouldn't logically be surveilled? As one TV.com reviewer noted, the place has been an apartment, Company base, 'Mohinder's house of horrors' and now, apparently, it's an art studio again? While the reappearance of popular show staples can be pleasing and rewarding experiences for the long-term viewer, they need to be believable and organic in order to be convincing. This is neither. Sadly, this isn't the biggest problem with the scene: no, it's what comes in the very last moments that is truly objectionable. Matt, strapped with explosives, ready to suicide bomb (presumably, although it could be orchestrated by some other means) himself into oblivion? Okay, there's something slightly intriguing there. But a painting on the floor of an exceptionally large explosion, obliterating a city? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. And no. Again. How many times is Heroes going to revisit this plot thread before the writing staff realise that they've turned it into the worst possible kind of cliché? It was engaging in season one because it was original; this is the third time since that we've seen it reoccur. It's older than my great granddad's family album and generates no interest whatsoever. The only reason I can conceive of for the production crew's apparent love of 'teh explosion' is that the artistry looks kinda nifty. But cool drawing does not a satisfying story thread make.

    Much as with 'Building 26', 'Cold Wars' is a victim of the show's shift in direction. There are some good moments, particularly in the character interplay between Mohinder, Parkman and Peter (Greg Grunberg is excellent as an infuriated Matt) and also in HRG's scenes with the Hunter, but overall, the decision to attempt to 'recapture' the elements that proved so successful in season one hampers rather than helps the episode's quality. Instead of attempting to imbue the character stories with original, engaging ideas, the writing staff return to strategies that they've successfully deployed before but where, initially, they were original and exciting, now they are simply tired and old hat. The attempt to echo the flashback narratology of 'Company Man' fails due to its lack of something to say and, most worryingly, the decision to reintroduce one of the most overdone tropes in the series' history at hour's end merely proves frustrating due to how achingly familiar it is. This is another casualty of a very vocal fandom's often exaggerated objections and while it isn't exactly bad per se, its sheer averageness is more than a little depressing.
  • Matt, Mohinder and Peter capture Noah in an attempt to find out what is happening and who is behind this manhunt against them. Looking into Noah's head, Matt finds a lot of info including some about Daphne.

    This may be in fact one of the worst episodes. Not because it is not well done, but because it is so predictable, without giving out much information and even more, the ending seem a little deja vu and not the best one.
    Matt, Mohinder and Peter capture Noah and with Matt's telepathy go inside Noah's head for some explanations.
    Five weeks ago (this could be in fact an error since five weeks ago the events of volume 3 were happening), Noah is offered his pension from the Company in the hands of Angela and tells him to go back to his family. A week later, Noah gets a visit by Nathan who tells him of the operation he has started and asks him to provide his services to that operation. Noah hesitates at first but upon hearing that Claire will be left out of this operation if he accepts, he agrees. He then shows Nathan a storage room where Noah keeps guns and files important to the operation. Three weeks ago, Noah meets with Danko who informs him that he won't be in charge of the operation but Danko is. Noah realizes that these people may have the wrong plans in mind and so contacts Mohinder and tells him of this, urging him to become part of the operation and together they make sure nothing bad happens to the special people. Mohinder refuses. A week ago, Noah visits Danko so they can make things better between them but Danko seems more commited to the cause of capturing these people than he thought. Then Noah agrees to follow Danko's orders.
    All these memories, give valuable information to our Heroes like Noah's storage room where he keeps the guns, the person behind this operation who is non other than Nathan and the Hunter (Danko Emille) as well as Danko's residence whereabouts. When Peter goes to Noah's storage, Danko ambushes him with his men but Peter manages to fly away. Meanwhile, Noah manages to get away as Matt and Mohinder get into a fight when Matt discovers that Mohinder knew about this operation and didn't warn anyone. Peter, upon returning, manages to re-capture Noah. Then, after Matt finds Danko's home address he instructs Peter to go there. Peter ambushes Danko with a gun. At that moment, Nathan appears (much to Danko's surprise as to how fast he got there) and tries to stop Peter. Peter shoots Danko on the hand and flies off. Back at the appartment, Noah reveals Daphne is still alive but in grave danger something which is verified when Matt goes inside Noah's head. Mohinder tries to create a distruction so that Matt can escape but ends up being captured himself. Matt is captured as well but at the last minute Peter saves him and takes him to Isaac's loft. Noah regrets doubting Danko's methods but it is revealed in the end that both him and Angela are working against Nathan's operation in order to save the special ones.
    Finally, Matt at Isaac's loft draws a painting with him carrying explosives and a painting which depicts Washington's destruction by him.
    Overall a really bad episode, mostly because of its ending. Matt drawing the destruction of Washington is the same as Isaac drawing New york's destruction. I found Matt's power ridiculous and even more the painting he draws in this episode. Regardless, Daphne's survival was surprising and perhaps the only thing worth watching in this episode. Jack Coleman (Noah Bennet) is incredible once again and so is Milo Ventimiglia (Peter). Greg Grunberg (Matt Parkman) is not as good however something which is improved in the following chapters. Enjoy!
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