Season 1 Episode 17

Company Man

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 26, 2007 on NBC
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Matt Parkman and Ted Sprague arrive in Texas in search of answers and take HRG and his family hostage. More is revealed about Mr. Bennet, the agency for which he works, and how he found Claire.

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  • I walked through fire and didn't get burned!

    Wow! Just... wow!

    This episode had everything that I wanted, and then some. This is the episode where we find out a lot about HRG and the Company. A lot of revelations and answers told. I'm glad Claire Bear's mom finally knows about her powers.

    The second to last act was to die for! When Claire realizes she's the only one who can stop Ted from blowing up, it reminded me of Wolverine from the X3 movie. She doesn't regenerate that fast, however. But when she walks out of the house a charred living-dead body, and then starts to heal as she approaches daddy, the scene moved me.

    It was a little scary, a little sad, very exciting, and very thrilling.

    We also find out that Mr Bennet truly loves his family enough to take a bullet for them. (More for Claire)

    This episode was riveting and is an apex show!moreless
  • As Good As Television Gets

    This was a superb episode. It was as good as anything I'd ever seen on TV, and created great anticipation for the following season. Too bad it didn't happen--oh, the season happened, but the quality was gone. I don't know if it went away with Bryan Fuller or just went away, but it doesn't matter. Season 1 was worth watching (more than once), and "the Company Man" was the best of Season 1.moreless
  • As of now, it's still the best episode of Heroes.

    Company Man was written by the brilliant Bryan Fuller who, after making this episode, left the show. Which is - in my opinion - the biggest hit Heroes has taken in it's short history so far.

    It seems as if it's only Fuller who has the correct vision of what this show should be like.

    This episode exploited the show's potential FULLY, which cannot be said about most other episodes.

    From the first minute to the last, I was on the edge of my seat, and never before(or after) did I feel so invested in the characters.

    The story of HRG was extremely well executed - how the flashbacks and the present time eventually blended. I loved the little "surprises" and hidden references in the flashbacks. Like, little Hiro, or the first time HRG met the haiti. This was also the first time I was genuinely worried for the characters: Ted was crazy and trigger happy. Loved how eventually Matt ended up helping HRG. You see, this episode was slow paced, but unlike other episodes, I didn't feel bored or anything. The character dialouges were great, the story was engrossing and most importantly: the conclusion was epic. It was well worth the build up.

    So- still. As of now, no episode comes close to this one. This episode is probably the only episode that is EVER going to hit the Heroes perfection.moreless
  • Just a good episode.

    I am not as big on this episode as most others. It was a decent episode, but I think that it is a bit overrated. That's not to say it was bad by any means, just not the best episode of all time. I did like the writing on this one. The acting was good and it was a decent plot and story. Viewers also learned quite a bit about the characters of certain people in the show. I thought that it was entertaining and it kept me entertained. So overall, it wasn't one of my favorites by any means, but it was just average. Thank you.moreless
  • It is my favorite episode ever

    This kind of episode is what can make a television series a perfect classic and elevate it from other shows with sci-fi elements.

    The flashbacks showing younger Claire interacting with HRG are charged with drama and humanity and, seeing the truth behind HRG's actions, we can absolutely say that, in this show, not all heroes have super-powers.
Sheku Fofana

Sheku Fofana

Young Haitian

Guest Star

Garrett Masuda

Garrett Masuda

Young Asian

Guest Star

Eric Roberts

Eric Roberts


Recurring Role

Ashley Crow

Ashley Crow

Sandra Bennet

Recurring Role

Matthew John Armstrong

Matthew John Armstrong

Ted Sprague

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (15)

    • In the DVD commentary, it is mentioned that Matthew Armstrong (Ted Sprague) did his own stunts during the "exploding" scene. Because of the intense heat, crew members would run over between takes and cover Armstrong with a wet blanket to prevent him from burning or suffering heat stroke.

    • When Claire is approaching Ted Sprague, her sking and clothing all start to burn, but the glass syringe in her hand remains intact. Although glass has a melting temperature that is around 1500ºC (2732ºF), it should break at only 150 - 200ºC (302ºF - 392ºF). For comparison, the temperature of a candle flame is around 1227ºC (2240ºF).
      Also, Claire's hair should have caught fire even before her skin and clothes, but after she leaves the house, her hair is just sooty.

    • After the Bennet family enter their house (before Parkman and Ted show up), Mr. Bennet and Claire are talking and he grabs her arm, but Claire shook's him off and yells at him, then Parkman and Ted appear and it goes to commercials.
      After the commercial, the scene repeats, but this time, Claire and Mr. Bennet argue and Parkman with Ted appear,eliminating the part when Mr. Bennet grabs Claire's arm.

    • Mr. Bennet's glasses are not actually horn-rimmed, but are a Browline Ronsir style. During the flashback he does try on a pair of horn-rimmed glasses, but Claire tells him they look like "grandpa glasses." so he tries the last pair on which they decide he should keep.

    • The roof that Mr. Nakamura presents Mr. Bennet with baby Claire is the roof of the Deveaux building, where Claude currently is keeping his pigeons, and where Peter tended to Mr. Deveaux prior to his death.

    • When Claire goes to stop Ted through his radiation field. It's similar to "X-Men 3" when Wolverine had to stop the "Phoenix" by going through the fiery heat to stop her.

    • In this episode it is shown when HRG told Claire she was adopted. In the flashback she doesn't look much younger than she does now, which is wrong because in the third or fourth episode she told Zach that she found out about being adopted when she was very young.

    • Goof: If Claire was shot, and a bullet was inside of her, wouldn't someone need to take it out before she could heal?

      Explanation: She coughed it up, therefore she didn't need someone to remove it, it came out.

    • This is a bit geeky, but during the flashback with Mr. Bennet and Hiro's father at one point the subtitles read: "You and your wife have been trying to conceive, Yes?"

      The Y of the "Yes" should not be a capital letter as it is not the start of a new sentence.

    • As incredible as the scene where Claire stopped Ted was, couldn't the Haitian have just used his powers to supress Ted's. He's done it many times before at a fair distance away from his targets and the fact that Ted couldn't control his power shouldn't have stopped the Haitian stopping it.

      EXPLANATION: The Hatian only blocks mental powers, such as Matt's telepathy and Sylar's telekenesis. This is why Peter and Claude were able to maintain their invisibility around him as well as Peter being able to stop time and fly off.

    • Given the amount of damage Ted caused to the Bennet house using radiation, it's pretty certain that the radiation levels to which HRG was exposed would be high enough to kill a person in a very short period of time. However, HRG still managed to escape the incident without even minor radiation burns.

    • Goof:Ted Sprague gets mad at Mr. Bennet and kicks him, but his hands do not catch on fire.

    • There is a scene where Matt tried to listen to HRG's thoughts but he was thinking in Japanese. There were no subtitles but HRG was actually thinking, "I must save my family. Protect them at any cost."

    • This is the first time that we meet Mr. Bennet and the Haitian's direct employer, Thompson (guest star Eric Roberts).

    • This episode tells us that Hiro's father has or did have some connection with "The company." It is possible that he doesn't have these connections at this current time due to the fact that Hiro has powers of his own.

  • QUOTES (36)

    • Mr. Bennet: (to Thompson) People are fragile, like tea cups. All around them the world is changing but they simply don't want to deal with it. They don't want to know what is happening to us as a species.

    • (as part of Bennet's ruse, Matt has just shot Claire)
      Sandra: (terrified) No, no no no no no. CLAIRE! (to Matt) WHAT DID YOU DO?
      Ted: (to Matt) WHAT did you do that for?
      Bennet: (about Ted, in thoughtspeak) To gain his trust.
      Matt: Now he knows how far we'll go.

    • (Flashback to 3 years ago, when Claire is helping Mr. Bennet pick his first pair of glasses)
      Claire: Let's see. (Mr. Bennet tries on a pair of glasses) Those are grandpa glasses.
      Mr. Bennet: Ouch. (takes them off and picks up another pair) Ok, how about these? (he puts them on; Claire laughs) What?
      Claire: (laughing) Grandma glasses.

    • (Mr. Bennet and Thompson view Ted, who is locked up in a containment cell similar to Sylar's)
      Thompson: (about Ted) Now that we have him, we'll keep Sprague sedated...find out what gives him his "spark."
      Mr. Bennet: And then?
      Thompson: What do you think?

    • Ted: (to Claire) I'm curious about something. Did Parkman know, when he shot you, that you wouldn't die? Did your dad tell him that?
      Claire: I don't know.
      Ted: (about Matt and HRG) That explains why they were so chummy when they came down the stairs.

    • Sandra: (to Claire) I always thought you were a miracle. I didn't know how much of one till now.
      Claire: I'm not a miracle, Mom.
      Sandra: You were dead. Anytime someone rises from the dead...(short pause) I'd say that's a miracle.
      Claire: I don't know what I am. I don't know if God made me this way or someone else.
      Ted: God didn't make me this way.
      Sandra: (to Ted) God makes us all the way we are. (sighs; to Claire) "I walked through fire and didn't get burned." You were trying to tell me.
      Claire: I was...trying not to tell you.

    • Matt: (to Ted) Do you want revenge, or do you want the truth? You can't have both.

    • (Matt is trying to read Mr. Bennet's mind and finds he's thinking in Japanese)
      Matt: Son of a bitch is thinking in Japanese.
      Ted: Why are you thinking in Japanese?! Huh?

    • Matt: (After listening to Claire's thoughts) He's got them all fooled, except for her.
      Ted: (To Mr. Bennet) Just when you thought plausible deniability was gonna save your ass.

    • Mr. Bennet: I don't know you.
      Ted Sprague: Don't insist on lying. You're gonna upset me. You know what happens when I get upset. ( looking at Claire) I get very bright, and very hot.

    • Thompson: He's already here.
      Mr. Bennet: Is this a test? (Claude appears on edge of desk) Holy shoot! How did you….how did…how is…how is that….?
      Claude: It's a brave new world, friend.

    • Mr. Nakamura: (about Claire) Don't get too close. You're only her surrogate father. She belongs to us. If she manifests, we'll take her.
      Mr. Bennet: Of course.

    • Mr. Bennet: I think my wife suspects something. She went through my bag. She found my gun and my sedation kit.
      Thompson: That's a particular kind of stupid on your part, letting her find them.
      Mr. Bennet: I know, I know. The baby's been keeping me up for days, it was sloppy. I think Sandra thinks I'm some kind of a serial killer.

    • Thompson: (about the young Haitian) When we asked him to describe his ability he drew a picture of himself pulling memories like little grub worms out of someone's head. I wanted to put it on my fridge.

    • Mr. Bennet: Guess who found out you can talk? Who've you been talking to? Who else knows about Claire?
      Haitian: Just her and I. But that will change.
      Mr. Bennet: She wasn't supposed to remember any of this. I gave you specific instructions.
      Haitian: I answer to someone whose instructions supersede yours.
      Mr. Bennet: In this company?
      Haitian: In your daughter's life.

    • Mr. Bennet: I know who I work for.
      Raines: So do I. I was in the office when they told you to kill me.
      Mr. Bennet: Then why'd you get in the car?
      Raines: Evidently I think you're a better man than they do.

    • Ted: Then why the theatrics of shooting the girl who can't die?
      Matt: It's better than shooting one that can.

    • Mr. Bennet: There's no cure. We can't change the way you are. The only choice was to kill you.
      Ted: I wish you had.
      Mr. Bennet: It was my call. You had a life. Who was I to take it from you?

    • Mr. Bennet/HRG : You used to believe in what we do.
      Claude: I used to believe in the tooth fairy.

    • (3 years ago)
      HRG: Claire Bear, talk to me.
      Claire: Try these on. (Pushes horned-rimmed glasses toward him.)
      HRG:(tries them on) How do I look?
      Claire: Like my dad.

    • Claire: (thinking) I can run. Get some help. They can't hurt me.
      Matt: I know you're thinking about being a hero. Don't. Don't! This guy is serious and he is really and he's really dangerous and I need your help to make sure that nobody gets hurt.
      Claire: You can read my mind.
      Matt: Yeah. Yeah, that's something your dad did to me.
      Claire: It didn't just happen?
      Matt: I wouldn't be here right now if it just happened.
      Claire: Has my dad done this to other people?
      Matt: Yeah, as far as I can tell. It's different with everyone. I've seen some weird things. I'm sure you have, too. Like that stuff at your school.
      Claire: (thinking) Peter Petrelli.
      Matt: Peter Petrelli? He can do what I can do. What do you know about him?
      Claire: (thinking) He can do what I can do. (aloud) He's different...like you.
      Matt: Save the cheerleader. I read his mind, he read mine. He told me to protect you...from someone who was killing people like me. Are you different, Claire? Your blood was all over that crime scene. And you didn't have a scratch on you. Why didn't you have a scratch on you?
      Claire: (thinking) I can heal. (aloud) Did my dad make me this way?

    • Ted: He killed my wife, only fair I kill his -- and with his own gun, too!

    • HRG: Go deep. Destroy anything that would lead them to her!

    • (Mr. Muggles is barking)
      Ted: I've had enough of that.
      (Ted picks up Mr. Muggles)
      Matt: Don't!
      Ted: I'm not going to nuke the dog!

    • Claire(crying): Dad?
      Mr. Bennet: I love you Claire Bear

    • (14 years ago)
      Mr. Nakamura (To Mr Bennet): Having children changes a man.

    • Claire: (To Matt.) He isn't a paper salesman.
      Ted: Guess she isn't daddy's little girl anymore.

    • Claire: (As Matt reads her mind.) This is your fault. (To her dad.)

    • H.R.G.: You didn't grow inside your mother. You grew inside our hearts.

    • Ted: If you are not back in an hour, look for a mushroom cloud.

    • Mr. Bennet: (To Claire) Just do what I say so nobody gets hurt.
      Mr. Bennet: And you.
      Matt: Yeah?
      Mr. Bennet: Do what I think!

    • H.R.G.: I don't want anyone else dying because of what I did to you.
      Ted Do all the words that come out of your mouth sound like lies?

    • Ted: Kind of poetic, don't you think?

    • Thompson: So how do you feel about paper?
      HRG: Mildly enthusiastic.

    • Mr. Bennet/HRG: What do you want from me? You come in to my house with guns?
      Ted Sprague: Not guns, gun. I don't need a gun. Do I, Mr. Bennet? Not after what you did to me.
      Mr. Bennet/HRG: I don't know you.
      Ted Sprague: If you insist on lying, you're gonna upset me. You know what happen when I get upset? I get very bright and very hot.
      Matt Parkman: No, no, no, no. Ted is going to do us all a favor, right Ted? And he's not gonna get upset. (pointing at Mr. Bennet) But you gotta help.
      Mr. Bennet/HRG: I'm not who you think I am. I'm just a paper salesman.
      Ted Sprague: No, no. You're not.

    • HRG: You can hate me all you want but right now this has to be contained, which means you have to stay put!
      Claire: What, you want me to play dead? I'm sorry, I'm not Mr. Muggles!

  • NOTES (7)

    • Powers Developments:
      There were no power developments in this episode.

    • International Air Dates:
      Germany: January 30, 2008 on RTL2
      Czech Republic: April 24, 2008 on Prima
      Slovakia: August 25, 2008 on Markiza

    • Guest Stars Christopher Eccleston and Eric Roberts have both been involved with the longest running science fiction series Doctor Who. Eccleston played the 9th incarnation of the Doctor, the show's main character, and Roberts played the 4th incarnation of the Master, the Doctor's arch enemy.

    • New Heroes:
      Candice Wilmer: She's an asset of The Company. She has the power to create illusions that allow her to shapeshift into anyone she's seen, although only in the following episode, "Parasite", her power will be shown.

    • The Symbol:
      There were no new appearances of the symbol in this episode.

    • This is another episode where there is neither an intro nor an outro by Mohinder Suresh.

    • Cast and Crew Listed During Episode:
      Jack Coleman
      Greg Grunberg
      Hayden Panettiere

      Guest Starring:
      Eric Roberts
      Ashley Crow
      Matthew John Armstrong
      Missy Peregrym
      Jimmy Jean-Louis
      with George Takei
      and Christopher Eccleston

      Music by:
      Wendy Melvoin & Lisa Coleman
      with the voice of Shenkar

      Co-Producer: Aron Eli Coleite
      Co-Producer: Lori Motyer
      Produced By: Jim Chory
      Supervising Producers:
      Adam Armus & Kay Foster
      Co-Executive Producer: Bryan Fuller
      Co-Executive Producer: Michael Green
      Co-Executive Producer: Natalie Chaidez
      Co-Executive Producer: Jeph Loeb
      Co-Executive Producer: Jesse Alexander
      Co-Executive Producer: Greg Beeman
      Executive Producer: Allan Arkush
      Executive Producer: Dennis Hammer
      Executive Producer: Tim Kring
      Written by: Bryan Fuller
      Directed by: Allan Arkush

      Randall Bentley: Lyle Bennet
      Sheku Fofana: Young Haitian
      Garrett Masuda: Young Asian

      Casting by:
      Jason La Padura, CSA
      & Natalie Hart, CSA
      Keri Owens

      Associate Producer: Mike Ketelsen
      Associate Producer: Mark Warshaw
      Director of Photography: John Aronson
      Production Desinger: Ruth Ammon
      Edited by: Donn Aron, A.C.E.
      Unit Production Manager: Cathy Mickel Gibson
      First Assistant Director: Anne Berger
      Second Assistant Director: Diane Calhoun
      Costume Designer: Debra McGuire
      Art Directors:
      Matthew Jacobs
      Tom Talyor
      Set Decorator: Dena Allen
      Property Master: Ross Anderson
      "A" Camera Operator: Peter Mercurio
      "B" Camera Operator: Loren Yaconelli
      Production Sound Mixer: Kenn Fuller
      Costume Supervisor: Laura Guzik
      Key Makeup Artist: Lori Madrigal
      Key Hairstylist: Vicky Phillips
      Key Grip: Chuck Crivier
      Chief Lighting Technician: Derrick Kolus
      Transportation Coordinator: Brian Steagall
      Issac's Artwork by: Tim Sale
      Script Supervisor: Robin Anderson
      Production Accountant: Diana Austin
      Construction Coordinator: Dave DeGaetano
      Location Managers:
      Alex Reid
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      Glenn Hetrick
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      "A" Camera 1st Assistant: Greg Morris
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      Gerry Lentz
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      Assistant to Co-Executive Producers:
      Erin Fitzgerald
      Pierluigi Cothran
      Assistant to Producer: Foz McDermott
      Promotional Consideration Furnished by:
      Nissan North America
      Tailwind Productions
      NBC Universal

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    • The exploding Ted:

      When Ted is about to explode he looks a lot similar to comic-book superhero Hot Spot when he uses his power.