Season 1 Episode 14


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 05, 2007 on NBC
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Hiro deals with explaining his new heroic path in life to his ambitious sister and tycoon father. Niki has the chance to reunite with D.L and Micah. Claude's mentoring of Peter leads Peter to question those closest to him. Claire goes to a trailer park looking for her birth mother. Sylar wears a disguise and makes a move against HRG.moreless

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Monica Louwerens

Monica Louwerens

Screaming Woman

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Paula Newsome

Paula Newsome

Dr. Witherson

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Kevin Chamberlin

Kevin Chamberlin

Aron Malsky

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George Takei

George Takei

Kaito Nakamura

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Christopher Eccleston

Christopher Eccleston


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Ashley Crow

Ashley Crow

Sandra Bennet

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • After Claude throws Peter off the building, we see Peter getting impaled once he landed on the taxi. When Peter got up the piece of metal that impaled him is not there in the next scene.

    • Goof: During the scene in which Peter "steals" a woman's purse, the woman looks down the street and sees no-one standing there. As she turns to look the other way, you can see Milo Ventimiglia (Peter) enter the shot in the store's window before the woman turns back around to see Peter with her purse.

    • The advertisement on the top of the taxi which Peter lands on after Claude throws him off the Deveaux building shows the exhibit at the museum which Hiro went to to retrieve the Sword in Chapter 12: Godsend.

    • When Issac is describing to Simone how he has been trying to paint Peter but has been painting "nothing" there is a picture sitting in the background of the handbag which Claude passed to Peter earlier in the episode. As both Claude and Peter are invisible, Isaac believes the painting is irrelevant.

      Also, the painting which shows Simone and Isaac holding hands in the rooftop seems to be irrelevant to Isaac too, but the truth is that the picture shows what the invisible Peter sees when he is on the rooftop with them.

    • In Chapter 7: Nowhere to Hide, Peter reads the stock prices from the newspaper to Simone's father. He comments "Yamagato is down to 215 and an 8, I think that's a good bargain" implying that the company isn't doing well. It is revealed in this episode that Yamagato industries is the troubled company of Hiro's father, and also the place where Ando and Hiro work.

    • Goof: When Claire is inside the trailer sitting across her birth mother, the shots keep changing. First, Claire's profile is with her hair all to the back, but the next shot with Claire's face, part of her hair is on her shoulders.

    • Goof: When we look back at Mr. Bennet, you'll notice in the first shot his hands and the glass are bloody. When the camera cuts however, his hands and glass are completely clean.

    • Goof: In the previews, when Claire's biological mother called her real father, his shirt was pink. Then in the actual episode, it is no longer pink but blue.

    • Mr. Bennet's driver's license simply said "Bennet" and had no first name listed. This seems to be a deliberate attempt to withhold his first name, in line with Mrs. Bennet being interrupted just as she was about to say his name.

    • Claire says that she and Zach are going to see the Manatee at the Lubbock Aquarium. Lubbock doesn't have an aquarium or a zoo. Also, Odessa and Lubbock are over 125 miles apart. This seems to be a very long way to travel for a school project.

  • QUOTES (38)

    • (Claire hangs up from a phone call from her adoptive mother Sandra)
      Meredith: (about Sandra) She doesn't know you're here.
      Claire: She doesn't really understand what's going on with me right now. Neither of my parents do.
      Meredith: Well, I'll pretend I know why you're sneaking around. All girls deserve their secrets, right?
      Claire: Seems like I have a lot of them these days. (awkward pause) I have to show you something. You may understand, or you may not, but...I think you should see.
      Meredith: See what?
      Claire: I think I know how I survived that fire. (grabs a nearby kitchen knife and puts the blade to her arm)
      Meredith: (in a panic) Claire, don't---!
      Claire: (calmly) It's okay. (she slowly slices her arm open in front of a surprised Meredith; within seconds, the wound heals quickly) Please say something.
      (after an awkward pause, Meredith smiles)
      Meredith: Some family.
      (Meredith holds up her own arm and opens her fist; a small flame ignites on her palm as a shocked Claire looks on)

    • Claire: (about Meredith) I always imagined my biological mom living in some...penthouse in New York City...not some trailer park in Kermit.
      Zach: So she lives in a trailer. Maybe she likes the open road.
      Claire: That's not what I imagined.
      Zach: Stop imagining. She's right there. (indicates the trailer in front of them)
      Claire: Well, what am I supposed to say? "Hi, I'm your daughter and I can regrow my kidney"?

    • Isaac: (to Simone) You finally believe I can paint the future, and you to use it to find your new boyfriend.

    • Mrs. Bennet: You're asking my permission to skip school?
      Claire: No, if I wanted to skip school I'd check into homeroom and sneak out Miss Robert's window.

    • Simone: You can't lose hope.
      Isaac: What hope is there?
      Simone: There's you! What you can do. Why else would you be allowed to see the future unless it was to do something about it? You can't just see the future, Isaac, you make it. You'll find a way.

    • Hiro: You have made the right choice, Father.
      Mr. Nakamura: Let us hope so. This does not mean I approve of what you are doing.
      Hiro: That's okay. You don't have to. Life evolves, Father. And the son you wanted to be like you will follow his own path. Now I have to go save the world!
      (Hiro hugs Mr. Nakamura)
      Mr. Nakamura: Should never have read him those stories.

    • Malsky: (To Nikki) You only need to get dressed, Ms. Sanders. You're going home.

    • Issac: This city took me in. Everything important that ever happened to me happened here. Good. Bad. You. Now it's all going to be destroyed because I can't stop it.
      Simone: You don't know that
      Issac: It keep coming back - worse every time. You saw what this looks like after the bomb. The world will never recover from that.

    • Sandra: How did you do that?
      Sylar: I'm special. Just like Claire... well, different but you catch the meaning. It's a shame I'll have to kill her. Maybe I'll kill you first. I really haven't decided yet.

    • Sandra: Why don't you stay for dinner? The least I can offer my new hero!
      Sylar: Are you sure? If it's not too much trouble.
      Sandra: I will call my husband and let him know to expect you. What did you say your name was again, Mr..
      Sylar: Sylar. I don't think you'll reach him at the office though. Last I saw he was just swamped.

    • Ando: This is bad. What should we do?
      Hiro: Did you put on cologne?

    • Claude: You get to know people when you see them and they think that they're alone. You see them for what they truly are: selfish, deceitful and gassy.
      Peter: So what, is that your big truth about the world?

    • Peter: Thanks for nearly getting me arrested.
      Claude: A little more patience and you could have had some cash and some fresh lipstick!

    • Mr. Nakamura: For this you leave your job, take an unauthorized vacation. Gorge yourself on hamburgers and waffles.
      Hiro: Waffles are very good. You would like them.
      Mr. Nakamura: No, Hiro. I would not. No more distractions. You will come home. And you will get back to work.
      Hiro: Father, I...I am on an important mission.
      Mr. Nakamura: You are only on a plane home. You will return to Yamagato Industries. That is what is important.
      Hiro: My job was meaningless. I worked in a cubicle!
      Mr. Nakamura: Hmm? I only put you at the bottom so you would reach for the top. Perhaps I was too strict. When you return I will make you an Executive Vice President. On your way to taking my place as CEO. You are my only son, Hiro. This is your destiny.
      Hiro: Father, I believe I have a different destiny.
      Mr. Nakamura: And what is that?
      Hiro: It's...complicated. (Mr. Nakamura folds his hands expectantly) I have to bring that painting to a man in Las Vegas...so I can steal Tazeko Kensei's sword -- then use my powers to stop a bomb from blowing up New York!
      Mr. Nakamura: Kensei? From those stories I used to read you?
      Hiro:If only I had the sword I could show you what I can do.

    • Ando: Your father looks angry.
      Hiro: My father always looks angry.
      Ando: But your sister looks hot.

    • Claire: (To Zach) No-one can know we're going to see my real Mom.

    • Simone: (About Peter) Why have you been trying to find him?
      Issac: I know what he can do. He's the one who is going to turn New York into this (Pointing to the new painting of New York burning) I'm not going to let him.
      Simone: How do you know so much about him?
      Issac: Because I painted it!

    • Sylar: (Throws Bennet against the wall telekinetically) That was for the haircut!

    • Nikki: Jessica used to say I could turn Mozart into a monkey.
      Jessica: I sure did.
      Dr Witherson: Jessica.
      Jessica: You should have listened to little mouse. (Breaks the restraints)

    • Peter: Is insulting me really going to help me learn to do this?
      Claude: Listen you're the one who is a bomb threatening to go off and blow up me and everyone else in this city unless I can get you housebroken.

    • Peter: I don't see how petty theft is part of my training.
      Claude: There's a lot you don't see.

    • Claude: You're a sad cartoon of a broken heart bleeding all over the place. I'm just trying to get your head straight.

    • Claire: (about her biological mother) She's supposed to be dead, right?
      Zach: So were you, remember? You have that much in common. (he heads for the car)
      Claire: (turns around) Where are you going?
      Zach: (holds up his car keys) I'm getting rid of your exit strategy. You'll be fine. I'll be back in time for fajitas.

    • Claude: Right now your ability only shows up as a reflex, automatic, like swallowing. That's a dog's trick. Making it a conscious choice, using it. That's what makes you more than poodle.

    • Claude: Peter can't use his powers without someone holding his hand. How can you not punch that face (Nathan Petrelli) everytime you see it ?
      Peter: He's not like that.
      Claude: He is, trust me.
      Peter: You don't know him.
      Claude: I don't need to. I've spent a lotta time movin' around people's homes, their bedrooms. You get to know people if you see em when they think they're alone. You see 'em for what they truly are. Selfish, deceitful and gassy.
      Peter: So what is that, your big truth about the world ?
      Claude: The sooner you learn it, the sooner we get that collar off your neck. People suck friend. Every last one of em. Never forget that.
      Peter: Not all of em.
      Claude: Oh right, there's a girl.
      Peter: She's not like the rest of them.
      Claude: Everyone's like the rest, that's why they're the rest !!! (Pause) Fine, let's go and see what your girl's upto, then maybe we can clear your head.

    • Isaac: I think I found a way to stop him. I found him.
      HRG: Sylar?
      Isaac: I thought you had Sylar.
      HRG: I will again. Soon. You mean Petrelli, where is he?
      Isaac: I think he's been here this whole time and I've been painting him except no one can see him like he's a ghost or invisible. What does that mean?
      HRG: It means an old friend isn't quite as dead as we thought he was.

    • Peter: Before I hit the ground, when I knew what was about to happen I had this flash, in my head of this girl I met in Texas. This cheerleader, she could heal herself. God, she's this sweet kid. Sad little smile and she just...You were wrong! I don't have to cut her out! I have to remember her, how she made me feel. That's how I...
      Peter: (Peter starts cycling through abilities)Oh, God! It's happening. I'm losing it! (Claude punches him, knocking him out)
      Claude: Well, it's a start.

    • Peter: You threw me off of a thirty story building! If I didn't regenerate, I'd be dead!
      Claude: Well, you could've flown. Listen, if you hadn't worked this one out you'd have been hopeless anyway and I'd have diffused the biggest bomb ever.

    • Peter: I am tired of you telling me what I have to do. I don't have to do anything!
      Claude: Except fly. (pushes Peter off of rooftop)

    • Peter: How cold do you expect me to be?
      Claude: Did you forget you're a bomb? You've got to remember what this is about. Or do you have to ask your brother's permission for that as well?

    • Claude: You have to get rid of your distractions.
      Peter: The people that I love are not distractions.
      Claude: Then why can't you fly? You've done it. You're body remembers how. The only thing standing in your way is you.

    • Sylar: Well, thanks for inviting me in. I always wanted to see where Mr.Bennet lived.
      Sandra Bennet: It's so funny how all y'all call him "Mr.Bennet" over there. I've always just known him as.... (to her dog) Stop that, you, no more shoes!

    • Claire: I have to show you something. You may understand and you may not but I need you to see.
      Meredith: See what?
      Claire: I think I know how I survived that fire.
      (Claire grabs a knife and cuts herself)
      Meredith: Claire don't!
      Claire: It's okay. (her wound heals) Please say something.
      Meredith: Some family! (creates fire from her hand)

    • Niki: (appears trapped in the mirror) NOOO!
      Jessica: What are you so mad about Niki? You're the one who wanted to be locked up.

    • Nathan: Hello?
      Meredith: You might not remember me—we haven't spoken in a long time—but...our daughter just found me. Did you hear what I just said?

    • Zach: (to Claire) Stop imagining. She is right there.

    • Mr. Nakamura: You are my only son, Hiro. This is your destiny.

    • Sylar: You shouldn't have built such a good cage.

  • NOTES (5)

    • International Air Dates:
      Germany: January 9, 2008 on RTL2
      Czech Republic: April 3, 2008 on Prima
      Slovakia: August 11, 2008 on Markiza

    • Powers Developments:
      Peter Petrelli: Peter is revealed to be more powerful than Sylar. He has now learned to mimic other people's abilities permanently and without killing them. So far, this is the most powerful ability ever shown. Previously, Peter's power-retention was likened to a temporary sponge rather than a permanent reserve.

      Sylar: We see a new power out of Sylar: the ability to control electricity. He shows this twice in the episode by turning off lights when he closes his outstretched hand. Although he could just be using his "standard" telekinesis to flick a light switch.

    • New Heroes:
      There were no new heroes introduced in this episode.

    • The Symbol:
      When Mrs. Bennet is laying on the floor, broken glass next to her is in the shape of the symbol.

    • This is another episode to have neither an intro nor an outro by Mohinder Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy).


    • The Licence plate of Kaito Nakamura's (George Takei) limousine is NCC-1701. This is also the serial number of Starship Enterprise from the original Star Trek series George Takei appeared in as Lt. Sulu.

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