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  • Shades of Gray

    Ando, Matt and Daphne make a great team. Funny how Daphne was Hiro's nemesis when things began this season. Anyway thanks to the formula, more on that later, Ando has got himself a power now. It happened easy, he learned how to use it with little difficulty and accomplished a lot with it. It can't be that simple can it? Ando amplifies ability, like a super charge essentially. He amplified Daphne's ability and they rescued Hiro from sixteen years ago and managed to get hold of the formula and destroy.

    Peter took care of the rest, with a little help from Knox and Flynt, destroyed the batch Nathan and Arthur had cooked up at Primatech. But not before he unintentionally cured Mohinder and himself, though Mohinder is now with the ice queen Tracey who's as big a screw ball as Nathan. But Peter's back baby!!!! Yes! Though he was never really gone just his powers, he and Nathan are going to be more at war then ever but at least now Peter's got his abilities back. I feel like he's been lost since season two, first with his season 2 amnesia. Then at the beginning of this season he was in Jesse's body and then overcome by the hunger, then he didn't have his powers. But now he's back, he may have lost his brother in the process but he's back and all his powers are, all his powers I believe....

    But back to the formula Pinehearst wanted to use it to give the world abilities, I don't know that I fully disagree with that because then at least everyone would have a fighting chance against one another but it would be chaos and it would definitely not be a fair trade. But what if the formula was used for the reverse, taking powers away. We've seen that it can create powers in Scott's case, though he didn't make it past this episode. It can restore powers in Peter's case and take them away in Mohinder's case, which kind of proves that it should be able to take away powers of anyone. Even those who were born with them naturally. But it's gone now. Pinehearst may still technically be there but it's nothing more then an empty building there's no formula left. Whether it could have been used for good or not doesn't matter anymore because there's no catalyst left. However the Pinehearst players are still intact and don't worry though Nathan has a plan! He of course has proved that he's an ever bigger jerk then when the series began. I remember in season 1 thinking that but over season 2 and even the start of this season he didn't seem quite as bad at the very least but now he's even worse. He allies himself with Arthur, he attempts to give the world abilities and now he's treating Peter like scum. I tell ya Peter would have been better off if Sylar was his brother. At least most of what he does isn't totally his fault or his choice. Nathan completely sells out his brother, everyone he has ever met and everyone who has an ability. He goes to president of the united states, potentially his future title, and says he wants to lock every single person with abilities away where they can't do any harm. Now forget the fact that this kind of contradicts everything he was trying to do at Pinehearst, though it does make a deluded sort of sense, but the president goes along with it completely. So apparently art imitates life in this case, we may have just gotten rid of our idiot in the white house but Heroes still has one and with the next one lining up. But the best part of the episode was the Sylar story, not to mention that wonderful opening narration. Brilliant. He breaks into the company to play a little cat and mouse with HRG, Meredith, Claire and Angela. I remember back in the day, during season one and two, I could relish in the awesomeness that was evil Sylar but now it's very hard to let go of Gabriel because we've seen the good in him. I don't think he'll ever really be able to be Gabriel even if he tried again but it's hard to let go especially because they keep showing that he's in there somewhere buried beneath cotton and ice.

    When it was revealed Angela and Arthur weren't his parents I knew he'd be pissed and he'd be coming for Angela hard. How right it seems that HRG should be there as well, given his part in the creation of Sylar. I remember when this season began I was originally shocked and thought it was great that Sylar was a Petrelli but thinking back I didn't immediately believe it one hundred percent, given Angela's past actions, skill at manipulating and her willingness to do all sorts of terrible things. But some where along the way I forgot that I ever doubted it and even now for a second I still wanted it to be true, I wasn't the only one either. These are the glimpses of Gabriel I'm talking about. Those things aren't Sylar talking, when he says he wants Angela to give him something. Just something that shows that this world isn't just evil and wrong and monsters like him isn't coming from Sylar it's coming from Gabriel. It may sound like splitting hairs but there is a difference.

    I still don't fully understand why Angela did what she did to Sylar, telling him he was her son. I mean why him? He had a skill she needed but that could said of dozens of people. I'm still holding onto the idea that there's a connection between Sylar and the Petrelli's, it may not be blood but I do still think there's something there. And back to the actual episode. Whether it was right or not Angela wasn't wrong in thinking that Sylar was a powerful weapon, there was never even hope of wielding him but he is a power to be reckoned with. Angela didn't send Sylar to Pineheart, way back in episode 7 for nothing, he's a strong boy the likes of which the world has never seen. Stronger then pretty much anyone. Even at the start of the series he had so much power and with time, new powers and all he's learned he's more powerful then anyone at this point. The Haitian, Arthur, Doyle. He broke Doyle's hold very easily so I very much doubt that a piece of glass is the end of him. We've seen before that if the glass is removed he'll have no problem healing that wound. And fire poses no problem, he can be burnt but once again he can heal. Unfortunately Meredith can't but hey at least the she took the company with her, though to be accurate she took a building with her. Angela is still alive and well and we know Sylar will be too, even if it takes awhile all that is necessary is to remove that piece of glass and maybe then he can get some real answers about who his parents really are. We know now that they aren't the Petrelli's or the people that raised him but they're someone. Angela knows, it's just a matter of time before Sylar finds out. I don't know what answers, solutions or results fiding out will wield but you can bet it will hold some kind of importance when he does find out or they wouldn't have made such a dramatic way of getting to it.

    When Sylar does escape his current predicament there's going to be a lot to deal with. For one thing he's the most powerful person in the world and he's not in control of himself, he can't remain unchecked forever. The Haitian is not threat to him, neither is Doyle. Arthur may have been close to him power wise, with a bit of an edge because he could in theory dispower Sylar if he ever needed to but he's not in the picture anymore so that's mute. But there is someone. Peter has his powers back, all of them which I'm assuming includes the hunger. They are very evenly matched, they have almost all the exact same powers (original and absorbed). Right now Nathan and Peter may be at war but since the beginning of the series they have shown that Peter and Sylar are connected, keep running into one another through one way or another and it will come down to some kind of battle between them (what kind is impossible to say) whether they're brothers or not.

    Ando has an ability now, the one person to earn an ability from all this mess with the formula. Tracey and Nathan are up to no good. Angela is still are evil as ever. Claire saw the monster in Sylar but may have seen the similarities between them and the similarities between Sylar and her father. Sylar's hunger has once again consumed him but his humanity lives, as will he again someday. Nathan is dead set against Peter and against his own kind, even without Arthur behind the wheel. Peter is more valiant and willing do what is necessary while remaining moral, struggling against his heart and what he knows to be right. Both companies are now toast but some of the players are still very active. Everything felt like a set up into volume four, I realize that's part of the point but it makes me kind of mad. I want more new episodes now.
  • One of the poorest...

    Before I tuned in to watch this episode, the hype had really gripped me. However I was a little disappointed. For me, the volume finale's that preceded it were much better. In all honesty nothing really happened, a lot of story lines remained unanswered and the battle between Nathan and Peter was also very disappointing. Though there was good parts to the show also. I love Ando's power and there was a few plot twists that really helped the episode develop. Compared to the rest of the series this was a good episode but not the best. I expected a little more from the series finale.
  • Better than I thought it would be. I think it sets up nicely for an interesting 4th chapter. Plus if I'm going to berate them when I think they're bad, I should also praise them when I think they're good.

    I have to admit, things resolved nicely in this episode, though I did hate to see Claire's birth mother die. At the same time it wasn't that surprising either as they tended to kill people left and right in this one. Ando now has a power which fits him. If you think about it, he's been Hiro's sidekick since the beginning. So what's his power? Basically a sidekick power, the ability to help those who already have abilities. Because of that their able to save Hiro and bring him back to the present.

    No surprise that the lab was destroyed. Though I was a bit surprised that there was no Captain America per-se, oh well. The Petrelli brothers may disagree but they're still brothers and now Peter has his powers back. And now it seem Nathan is going to institute the Mutant Registration Act.

    While Sylar is once again down for the count I don't believe for a second he's dead, but we can always hope. Sorry, just don't like that character. I did like Mrs. Petrelli's explanation as to why she manipulated him. Totally in her character. Oh, and I was COMPLETELY surprised to see the African future painter alive. That's going to be an interesting explanation but one I want to see.

    Yes, overall I did enjoy this episode. It had all of the drama, twists, and nuances that drew me to this show in the first place. I guess I'm going to have to keep watching because just when it seems I'm ready to leave, they draw me right back in. Can't wait till February.
  • The Season Finale of Heroes

    Peter and Nathan find themselves on different sides with different intentions.
    Claire, Angela, Meredith and Noah are taken hostage at Primatech by the very confused and monstrous Sylar.
    Hiro is still stuck in the past while Matt, Ando and Daphne attempt to save him and bring him back to the present. It's the season finale of Heroes and by the end of the episode I wanted more.
    I felt like the cast and crew did a great job with the plot of the episode but I didn't feel like it was better than the other episodes.
    And yet another cliff hanger (Oh how much I hate cliff hangers)
    From the start of the season till now, a lot of the 'heroes' have turned sour, especially Nathan. And I thought that Claire, Noah, Angela and Meredith getting stuck in Primatech with Sylar responsible was like another Saw movie.

    Don't get me wrong, I love Heroes but this episode just had a lot of cons.

    In conclusion, Dual was an 'ok' episode and I can't wait for season 4!!!!

    PEACE OUT!!!
  • A great installment of Heroes which brings Volume 3 to a very confusing end.

    After last week's fantastic episode, I thought that Heroes would once more start to slip but I was wrong. This episode was great and despite the many pointless deaths, it felt like it was finally going back to the season one it once was. In this episode Nathan and Peter battle over what to do with the formula. As always I was unenthused with Milo Ventimiglia's acting, as it seems to comprise of a lot of lip pursing and panting. However I have always loved Nathan and even though I hate to see him becoming the villain, he is still one of my favourite characters. Nathan ending volume three by giving the names of all known heroes around the world to the president of the united states and telling him he wants them rounded up and locked away. This perfectly sets up volume four, fugitives and Heroes will definately be going back to it's old formula. However this storyline left many questions. Why did Nathan give up Tracy Strauss as a hero even though they claim to be friends? Why did he give up Mohinder if his power is cured? Has he contracted another one? We'll find out in the new year though and I can't wait. Meanwhile in the heroes world Angela, Claire, Noah and Meredith were trapped inside Primatek by Sylar who wants to show them all that they are villains like him. This was probably the most interesting storyline of the episode, reminding me more of a horror film than a part of this show. I thought that Angela was destined to bite the dust in this episode but actually it was...Sylar! Yes, even though it hasn't been confirmed and it will probably come to nothing by the new year, in this episode it seems that Claire has killed Sylar. She figured out that she can disable his ability by giving him a jab in the back of the neck, which would sever the connection to his brain. It seemed to work and shortly after the building burned to the ground taking Sylar, Meredith, Doyle and plenty of other people with it. This storlyine reminded me so much of the season one formula that it actually made me excited, although I still wish that Doyle hadn't been killed, he was an awesome villain. I have to go into a rant here though for the first time in the review. I have said it before that the deaths in the show are always pointless as they only happen to people who heal seconds later (Noah, Claire, Peter and Sylar to name a few). So I have this warning for the Heroes writers. Even though Sylar was a great villain and one of my favourite characters, I do not want to see him back again. Too many people have cheated death in this show and for a main character to actually die with no strings attatched is something that is neccesary in a show that deals with action and danger. So R.I.P Gabriel Grey, you deserve it. The other storyline in this episode featured Ando, Matt and Daphne trying to rescue Hiro from the past. I loved the moment were you realised that it was Hiro's involvment in the past that had caused the formula to be seperated into two pieces. George Takei was also class in this episode, playing the scary samarui guy. I want more of him, even though he is clearly dead in the present. Ando's power was also a good moment in the episode. His new ability apparantly enhances the abilites of other Heroes, causing Daphne to move faster and Matt to be able to hear people's thoughts from further away. However this is all coming too close to the future where Ando kills Hiro so I can't wait to see more of this development in volume four. And that brings us to the end of volume three. Sylar could be dead, Nathan has sold out his fellow heroes, the formula is destroyed and Ando has a new power. I can't wait for January, which is looking to be the best month of the year with the return of Heroes, Fringe and Lost. I love 2009.
  • Love the creativeness of the finale but sometimes plot holes are there to create pain to us. I've written some plotholes down in the review.

    There was once upon a time Heroes was very good.. now it is just for finding how many plotholes you can find in an episode..
    I for now will put three potholes in this episode

    1. Ando and Daphne did time travel back because of their combined powers. But how the heck did they come back to the original time. Daphne couldnt have run slower than time itself to makeup to come to this time. This was really painful to watch.

    2. We did see that when the Injection is put it almost takes a while to get the power to the injected person. Whereas peter gets it as soon as he injects it which is little unbelievable 3. We did see Nathan backing up Peter almost the entire series. All of a sudden he becomes really evil and almost wants to kill him.

    But inspite of all these potholes it is still a new and creative show which is the reason i am still watching it and love it but painful at times.
  • heroes meets Saw who meets it's painful end..for the viewrs.

    So it's over. Everybody is dead. Wussy peter has its powers back! yey! now he can save the world..or whatever he is doing. i'm not sure he has any idea either. nathan is the hard headed "illuminated" hero. finally he has seen the light. again! the misterious end with him in a limusine with mr. P left me a B-movie feeling. Everything is stealth and hidden. And of course, they killed the fun charachters. What can i say? Let's hope the next season won't be a boreee or else more people will quit watching and eventually it will be axed. bu hu... Oh and couldn't they .. throw some water on meredith or smth? WHATEVER!!
  • Villians comes to a satisfactory end.

    So we all have heard about how Heroes is going down. Well, I have to agree. Season 2 was lackluster, and volume 3 was messy. But at least it has a good ending. Everything seemed to resolve itself and I think its setting up for something good next volume. The writers are acknowledging that the show is downhill, and are trying to turn it around. This episode does some of that. Sylar is himself, a cold-blooded killer. Meredith dies, Knox dies, and Flint may or may not be dead. Sylar gets a shard of glass in the back of his head (loved that nice little touch), but we all know he'll be back next volume

    I'm holding out for Heroes.
  • Nothing special...

    I didn't know what to think after I had watched this episode... I thought there was going to be a more revealing episode, and an even more exciting episode than than this season finale... I have to say, "heroes" season finale's aren't that great in general either though... Throughout the seaso , I enjoyed the duality between the 'heroes' and the 'villains', but I thought that in the end, by the meanign of 'Dual' that there was going to be a fight between these two different types of parties... I was disappointed. For some strange reason I always thought that there was going to be a major fight between Sylar, Tracy, Knox etc... against Peter, Noah, Matt, Hiro etc... but I guess not.. Hopefully in later seasons.
    Here's for Volume Four!
  • Peter is forced to make a tough decision, Sylar decides to return to his old ways, and Ando tries something drastic to save Hiro.

    I really liked this episode. We all knew that Peter was getting his abilities back, no matter how against the drug he was. Earlier in the season I had been expecting maybe some time traveling on Hiro's part to save Peter from his father, but that was obviously proven impossible. Now I'm wondering what will happen to Hiro. Hmm. Anyway, I didnt like Sylar turning back to "the dark side". I was hoping that he was Peter's brother and he would turn good, because i really like the whole brother dynamic in entertainment. And also, seriously? Did Sylar have to die like, two seconds before we found out who is real parents were? I was on the edge of my seat, excited to have it resolved, and then BAM, he dies. I had been hoping that Bennett would die in the whole dibacle. I mean that guy is a real jerk. But no such luck. He will survive to see another season.
  • Peter destroys the lab, regains his ability and saves Nathan. Sylar finds out that Angela knows who his parents really are. Daphne and Ando save Hiro from the past and help destroy the formula. Nathan still decides to carryout his own agenda.

    This was good episode, but there were a few things that probably frustrated many viewers. Probably the most ambiguous scene was when Ando and Daphne went back in time to save Hiro. It was not really explained how Daphne could run fast enough to save Hiro and how were they able to come back to the present. Another disappointing part was when Nathan switched allegiances and decides to round up people with abilities. Thats sounds like a good plot, but why would Nathan go through a drastic character change? Couldn't be another individual in which people abilities ruined their lives and wanted to get revenge? That would make a heck a lot more sense. And to clear up Peter getting his powers back, instead of getting a random one. Peter had his ability of absorbing powers naturally. So by injecting the formula, he merely re-activated his ability.
  • In the breathtaking finale of volume 3 'Villains' Sylar takes four of the hero's hostage at Primatech, while Peter, Mohinder, Flint, Knox, Tracy and Nathan clash. Meanwhile Daphne, Ando and Matt attempt to save a powerless Hiro.

    Volume 3 reaches a thrilling climax as all of our heroes fight against the odds.

    Being surprisingly atmospheric and somewhat frightening, my favourite story line within this episode takes place in the dark halls and prison cells of Primatech. It plays out like a marvellous ghost train, 'Heroes' style.

    The scenes with Meredith's out of control pyrokinisis (having been previously injected with adrenaline by Sylar) were incredibly tense and probably some of the best scenes of the entire episode.

    Sylar proceeds to lock Noah up with the unstable Meredith, giving him a choice;
    Shoot Meredith and deprive Claire of her real Mother, thereby saving himself, or let Meredith's flames kill him; being one of the best of 'Heroes' dilemmas to date, this unforgettable scene really made my heart pump. But fortunately for Noah, Claire comes to the rescue before Meredith blows up bringing Primatech down in flames.

    The main story concerning the formula was equally exiting, containing scenes of great action. Watching the coloured beakers and test tubes being smashed to bits by Knox and co was particularly interesting to watch visually.

    The special effect I found to be the most stunning in this episode was when Tracy freezed Knox, saving Nathan. Tracy's power has got to be without doubt the coolest power (ability) on the show yet. Get it? Don't worry its not just you, it's a really bad joke! Hiro's story was the most inventive however, with Ando injecting himself with one of the formulas synthetic abilities, super charging Daphne's ability, allowing her to literally run back into the past to save Hiro.

    After being hilariously insulted by Tracy, ('I've got plans for this little piece of paper Pikachu') Hiro punches her square on the nose and steals the formula, later destroying it forever.

    This is one thing I particularly like about 'Heroes', it takes itself seriously, but not too seriously. The comedy tends to lighten the mood of the show, showing how, under all the special effects, it is really about humanity and real down to earth emotions.

    So with the world yet again seemingly saved, Volume 4 begins, and it looks like our Heroes will be forced to run…
  • End of Villians...

    In this episode we see Sylar trapping Claire, Noah, Meredith and Angela inside Primatech which really never made much sense. Peter being joined by Flint and Dixon to destroy the formula and the lab was doing it to save the future; the others were doing it to remain special. Ando injecting the formula in an effort to save Hiro was a huge step for the character as he finally became the only character to get powers. We get a sneak peak into Volume 4 'Fugitives' where Nathan wants everyone with abilities captured... well the ones we were able to see.
  • Hmm… don't know about you guys but 'Dual' left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth.

    Hmm… don't know about you guys but 'Dual' left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth. Loeb's script suffers from the weight of fall finale expectation: the script attempts to tidy up too many narrative strands that have built over the course of the last thirteen episodes. Resultantly, certain aspects of the plot aren't given enough space to breathe and fall rather flat in their resolution: case in point, the retrieval of the formula which is as simple as 1-2-punch, lights out Tracey Strauss. Given the importance lent to this particular strand in the preceding episodes, it seems to deserve more than simply a thirty second quick-fire outcome. Ando and Daphne's rescue of Hiro also makes no scientific sense whatsoever, despite the script's attempts to make it do so (Einstein's theory relates to travelling forward in time, not backward). And then, of course, there's Nathan's volte-face, his complete and utter rejection of his beloved brother who, despite inexplicably turning a gun on him at the start of the episode, still demonstrates his love by injecting himself with that ruddy formula and saving his life. Again. Look, I'm all for the conflict; really, I am. It just needs many, many more episodes of build up, much more time to get to the stage of all out resentment that it currently sits at. It smacks far too much of a set-up: the movement of narrative pieces so that they are correctly positioned for the next wave of story. And, at episode's end, we find that it is exactly that: oh look, Nathan's only advocating a hero Holocaust… to the President, no less! What a cad! Okay, okay, I'll back down… I confess, Fugitives certainly does seem interesting and definitely shows promise. But meh… I just don't really like how we got there. Best part of 'Dual'? Sylar's delicious manipulation of the most dysfunctional family never to have set foot on The Jeremy Kyle Show. This is brilliantly suspenseful stuff, chillingly claustrophobic and full of cold, hardened malice, and harkens back to the wonderfully executed sequences between Sylar and Claire in the opening episode of the volume. I loved every eerie second (well, except for that bit about Sylar's parents being some other freaks… honestly, can't we have a bit of straightforward honesty in this show?) and it almost makes up for the somewhat lacklustre nature of the rest of the episode. Almost.
  • Nathan and Peter face off in Pinehearst while Sylar locks down at Primatech Claire, Angela, Meredith and Noah. Matt, Ando and Daphne try to rescue Hiro who is stuck in the past 16 years ago and the sotry arc of Villains comes to a shocking finale.

    The last chapter of volume 3 closes all loosed ends and opens up new stories for the fourth volume entitled "Fugitives". Matt, Ando and Daphne reach Isaac's loft (and Mohinder's lab for this volume) in order to retrieve the formula and give Ando an ability that could save Hiro who is stuck in the past sixteen years ago. When they can't find anyone there, Daphne runs to Pinehearst and steals a vial with the formula. Returning, Ando injects himself with it and gains an ability; he can now supercharge others' abilities. Supercharging Matt, Matt can hear the thoughts of people in the entire city. Supercharging Daphne, Daphne is able to go just a split second back in time. Now, supercharging Daphne long enough both Ando and Daphne travel to the past sixteen years ago, where Hiro is. Meanwhile, Hiro gets off the pole he was hanging from and finds his child self. Together they find the formula as it was sixteen years ago. At that moment, Kaito finds them and tries to stop Hiro from destroying as he is its guardian. When Hiro tears the formula in half, Ando and Daphne appear and take him back to the present. Hiro tells them that he needs to destroy the formula and together with Daphne they head to Pinehearst where they take the formula from Tracy and destroy it.
    Nathan appears where Sylar killed Arthur and Peter is over his father's body. An argument between them ends up with Peter knocking Nathan off his feet. Then Peter leaves to destroy the formula and there he finds Mohinder ready to inject himself with it. When Peter tries to stop him, Mohinder attacks and at that point Knox and Flint appear. Appearantly, Knox and Flint don't want people gaining abilities as those who already have them will not be so special in the end. So they help Peter destroy Mohinder's lab. Knox leaves in order to keep Nathan put so he won't interfere in Peter's work but Tracy shows up and kills Knox by freezing and shuttering him. Tracy tries to put sense into Nathan so they can leave together from Pinehearst with the formula and start over but Nathan refuses. Flint and Peter pour the formula, which some of it ends on Mohinder which heals him. Nathan finds his brother and in the ensuing fight, Flint fires up the place. Peter injects himself with the last strain of the formula and gains an ability which allows him to fly off with his brother, before Pinehearst explodes. On the other side, Sylar locks down Angela, Noah, Claire and Meredith when they are heading off to Pinehearst. He informs them that he has killed Arthur and that he wants to make them show their monstrous self to each other. Sylar mentally tortures the four characters until Claire and Angela lock themselves in Angela's office and Noah with Meredith free the only three Level 5 prisoners from their cells; Eric Doyle (the puppetmaster), Danny Pile (the guy who could become steel) and Echo DeMille (with the ultra sound voice seen in webisode Going Postal). Danny and Echo are killed by Sylar (and we don't know if Sylar got their powers although it doesn't seem so). Meredith is attacked by Sylar but Eric tries to stop him who proves no match for our serial killer. He knocks down Eric and injects Meredith with adrenaline and puts her in a cell. Noah goes to her rescue but he is also locked with an adrenaline induced Meredith who can't seem to get control of her fire shooting power which keeps burning hotter and hotter. When Angela and Claire go to rescue them, Angela is taken by Sylar while Claire tries to help her father and her biological mother. Noah and Claire escape and go to save Angela from Sylar. Sylar is interrogating Angela using his newly gained ability of lie detection. With that, he finds out that Angela was using him because she needed someone with abilities and reveals to him that she knows where his parents are; his real parents. At a moment where Sylar gets angry and frustrated, Claire stabs Sylar at the back of his head using a shattered glass and the lock down comes to an end. With Angela and Noah leaving Primatech safe and sound, Claire makes one final attempt to save Meredith, but she tells her its futile. Claire leaves as well and an explosion leaves a knocked out Sylar inside and Meredith's life at stake. Exciting enough episode, it does seem like a volume finale but definitely not a season finale. The sneak peek of volume four shows a revengeful Nathan three weeks later giving to the USA President all the information he may need so he can put away people with abilities as they are a threat to humanity.
    Key facts: Sylar was stabbed and left in the fire. I didn't notice it the first time around. His fate is left on the balance. Eric was also inside Pinehearst another character we don't know if he has died. Enjoy!
  • Volume 3 ends with the most unexpected of villains and the future reverts to that of season 1.

    There's a pattern with the recaps – it often shows things that weren't actually in the episodes. It's usually little things but every now and then it's something big. It's obvious why they do it, to let things be elaborated so the recap explains better if someone missed the previous episode itself. Heroes is done as a serial drama, after all. Here are two of the more blatant examples – 1/ Matt never told the guy at the courier service they needed the sketchbook to find Hiro and Ando didn't show him the comic! 2/ Mohinder never told Arthur to touch the vat and never explained about changing the formula 'on a molecular level'. It was obvious when we watched it but for the recap it has to be explained. This isn't a bad thing but it is a little disorienting sometimes, making you wonder if you actually missed it in the episode itself.

    Sylar does the voiceover this time and it's a truly great one.

    Peter sits with his dead father, gun in hand as Nathan walks in. Peter actually aims the gun at Nathan but could never, ever pull the trigger, he'd kill himself first. Instead he knocks Nathan out.

    Sylar goes after 'Mommy' and locks everyone in the Primatech building. It's time for a little game playing, thanks Angela. It's an odd choice how they split up, shouldn't it be one offensive power, one passive rather than pairing the two defensive powers together? As well as Bennet, who can take care of himself, with Meredith who's a flamethrower? What does Meredith need a gun for?!

    Peter gets help from unexpected allies in Flint and Knox who selfishly don't want their powers to become commonplace and Peter's not about to object. Knox also kills the only marine injected so far. The look on Nathan's face is hilarious, "YOU'RE working for Peter?"

    Matt, Ando and Daphne go to Suresh's loft to get the serum and since he's obviously at Pinehearst, Daphne goes to get it. Ando hopes to become a time traveler to save Hiro but we already know his power: red electricity. It's how he killed Hiro in the future. Daphne actually suggests an amazing truth, one that honestly never occurred to me: several people got the power they dreamed of or reflects who they are: Nathan's love of freedom: flight; Claire's need for security: healing; Claude's desire not to be noticed: invisibility; Matt's desire to help people and a love of truth: telepathy; Daphne couldn't even walk: super-speed.

    Personally I would have tried for the window, but Hiro manages to pull himself onto the roof.

    Sylar offers Claire a deal, they can walk if Claire kills Angela. He's always craved attention and a family who loved and accepted him, Angela used that, gave him a mother and brother to love then he found out it was lie. I'd be homicidal too. I loved Sylar and Peter as brothers, they were so sweet together and Angela did ruin it! Not even knowing the future, Sylar pegs Claire as a killer - how does he see it in her but no-one else does?

    There are times I wonder if Bennet is even sane! He releases the level 5 prisoners including Doyle, someone they have zero power against! He intends using them as bait for Sylar, as a distraction so they can get to him. He better pray they don't turn on him too. Doyle does well against Sylar until Sylar fights back. They're well matched, we've seen Doyle control three people simultaneously, however, Sylar has a considerable range of abilities and part of his power has always been to control them better than their owners, making him truly formidable. The only person who's ever really stopped him was Peter.

    Sylar easily traps Bennet together with Meredith who is about to blow. It's payback for Bennet making him a killer, it's hard to blame Sylar for wanting revenge. Sylar could have continued to be a complete nobody but Bennet showed him how Special he was by making him kill. Again Bennet shows his unique knowledge of the powers around him, like he did with Ted and the EMP, and tells Meredith how to use her power to weaken the glass. That shard of glass Claire pulled out of herself looked like the one that killed Peter. Meredith cannot stop the buildup of her power which can only lead to an explosion.

    I love Nathan to pieces but there are times when he is so arrogant and condescending about Peter, I want to hit him! He says everyone always backs Peter but he always lets everyone down! Since when?! Peter's not the one trying to destroy the world! All Peter's life, he's helped people, even before he had powers, people believe in him because he's good and true. Nathan is easily influenced, just like Peter accused him of being, a puppet. Knox picks up his fear but gets too close, Nathan is not someone to underestimate. Tracy kills Knox without even a shred of remorse, only a quip – she's every inch the killer Jessica was. Guess it runs in the family, I can't wait to meet Barbara, what is she? A serial killer?! As always, what fantastic taste Nathan has in women (the obvious exception being Heidi, she was a sweetheart).

    Ando's power has a surprise component – it gives a temporary but incredibly powerful jump to a person's power! Ando and Daphne manage to go back for Hiro – which is how the formula gets torn in two. Yet again, history doesn't change. However, Hiro and Daphne manage to get the formula from Tracy and destroy it.

    Tracy is the perfect politician – she tries to convince Nathan to grab the formula and run but she doesn't know him at all. Nathan never runs from a fight and he won't leave without confronting Peter. Peter and Flint's destruction of the lab lets Mohinder get covered in the formula, healing him. Nathan has gone insane!!! He didn't just hit Peter twice, he was going to kill him!! I never thought I'd see the day Nathan would actually hurt Peter! Flint starts a fire that separates Peter and Nathan but traps Nathan. Peter finds an unbroken dose of the formula and takes it. Peter can fly again, saving Nathan! "Why'd you save me?" "Because you're my brother and I love you." "It's not what I would have done." He's turned into Arthur and he's turned against the person he loves most in the world.

    Sylar finishes toying with everyone else and goes for his real target, Angela. She admits everything, she's not his mother, she needed his skills but she does know who his real parents are. Angela plays a dangerous game, holding out. Claire stabs Sylar in the back of the head with the glass, just like with Peter. Meredith holds on as long as she can but explodes the building.

    Volume 3: 'Villains' is complete and Pinehearst destroyed, but is the future fixed? The answer? No.

    Volume 4: 'Fugitives': Three weeks later, Nathan goes to the president and exposes everyone! By preventing the alternate timeline, it's reverting to the original history!!! Where Nathan turns against his own kind and starts rounding people up!! Sylar made this exact accusation in the future to Peter who called him a liar but it's actually true. Nathan really is the bad guy.

    I am heartbroken. I cannot believe Nathan would do this.
  • Not a perfect finally but

    OK Finally it seams Heroes will take a good direction. Every heroes has show his true colors, and I think thats reallyyyyy cool.
    Even so like always(it seems they dont know how to make characters last) they kill every new heroe, even it is a soldier, the guy of fear, or the one Im really piss off death, Elle, I think finally its all returning in a slow but sure steps to the first season of heroes.
    All fans(including myself) must pray for that return before they cancelled the show. By the way quit trying to make silar a good guy he is much more cooler as the bad cold killer assasin he is.
  • The best episode in volume three.

    Finally things get all wrapped up. This was jsut amazing in every aspect. Everyone got an amazing amount of airtime. It was just perfect! Claire & her mom dying was sad, but I'm glad it was her to save the day. I loved this episode because Sylar trapped them all, and it was just such a perfect way to end a volume. Is Sylar really dead. Who knows? Now the villain is Nathan trying to lock the heroes up. Tracy isn't that much anymore since she got fired. Ando's ability was amazing. Hiro saved the day as well. Stealing the formula & making sure it never gets out. I guess Peter still cares for his brother but he has got to let got for Volume four. Perfect episode!
  • It's not better than Season 1 finale. But I still like this one.

    The idea of burning Primatech and Pinehearst down seemed ridiculous and were coincidentally done by the fire-powered siblings. This can only mean that the next volume will be better and organization-free. This episode keeps me wondering what happened to the injected soldier, Meredith and Hiro's ability. There are a few questions that confuse me, however.

    1) Every time a Hero or Villain got shot, there was so many blood on the floor. Is that even necessary? Arthur got shot. But how come there could be so much blood poured out from 1 wound?

    2) Why the villains Arthur and Doyle remind me of the famous author of Sherlock Holmes?

    3) Ando knew how to imitate Hiro's facial expression in order to time travel. He even taught the amnesiac Hiro to. Why should he still act like he doesn't know?

    4) This is the most interesting one. I watched this episode twice. I discovered that the formula that splashed on Mohinder had no catalyst. Arthur put his hand onto a transparent container, and then got killed. He didn't manage to insert the catalyst into the bigger one. In spite of all these, I will still give this episode a 10. Wishing for a better one in Volume 4.
  • Interesting episode...

    This episode was so interesting showing the characters duality but Sylar like a good guy is not convincing then it's so good he returned like a bad guy.
    Ando with powers can be used in the next episodes for the bad guys to increase their powers.
    Poor Meredith… did she die on the fire? Maybe not….
    I didn't like the fight between Sylar and Claire…. It could be a big duel between the other Heroes and Sylar then it would be more exciting…
    Sylar was dead like Claire in the season before that, and taking off the glass of her neck she returns to life and so can happen with Sylar on the next volume. He is a powerful villain and deserves come back in the Season 4.
    All the characters show their really face and in the end Nathan shows that he is a bad guy too… he asks the president to find the other Heroes and captivate them. Of course he didn't say he was one of the Heroes…
    I think Cristine Rose is wonderful like Angela Petrelli – great actress.
  • How on earth does someone manage to screw up such a great concept? This series truly was a waste of time

    To be fair, this finale didn't really stand a chance with all that has gone on prior to it.

    The series had gone so far off track that all this episdoe had time for was to fix the mess. And now the dust has settled we realise only one thing has changed - Nathan Petrelli is now a bad guy.

    So why? Why on earth were we taken on such a wild goose chase? Why were Daphne, Flame guy, Fear guy, and everyone other new character in this series even introduced? Why did the writers even bother flirt with the idea of sylar turning good, peter going bad, spirit walks...? The key question i'm tryin to ask, as i'm sure you've guessed is - What was the point in this series? (Let's not forget the ridiculous way it started either)

    Perhaps many of you won't agree but i believe there was potentially a decent plot hidden beneath all the mess this season:

    1)The "badies" want to give everyone powers and begin to build up an army of more "baddies" to acheive this goal. It's easy to see why Sylar would have wanted in on this (more head slicing for him!)

    2) On the other hand the "goodies" act as goodies do and try to prevent this via larges bang and flashed from there own palms.

    3) Throw in a couple (Well thought out and well acted) subplots and voila!

    There! Done! The simple "goodie's vs baddies" formula that has been around for years. But no. The writers had to go off on their own little tangent with all these daddy issues, eclipses and what not. Subplots which perhaps could have worked if the execution wasn't so desperately poor.

    My Verdict: A series of huge potential ruined, firstly, by an over-crowded cast (Far too many characters to cover, many of them not needed). Secondly, by too many poorly written, disgracefully acted subplots.
  • Good, not great. Expected, not surprising.

    Trying hard to hang on...I loved this series from the beginning and still love the "idea" of this series and what it can be. But I am so disappointed in this season it is getting harder and harder to hope for a clever revival.
    This episode was good, I think as good as it could have been considering the muck that has come before it. They have a couple of months now to figure out where they went astray and maybe bring us some juicy stuff in February. I am afraid if they do not, it may mean the end, and I would hate for that to happen.
  • Peter got his ability back, and Sylar is dead!!!

    unbelievable!!! finally Peter got his power back!!
    great end for this volume, with Sylar's dead, i was shocked, but cant be!! i mean what is going happen to the show if hes dead, I'm sure hes coming back in the next volume :D, i really like his character even when he turned to be the "good guy" great character in both way really!!!
    but now peter got hes ability back that was nice, and hero lost his abilities poor "yatta" guy hehe :))
    but now endo got an ability for him.
    i cant wait to see the next episode from the new volume.
    this is the best show ever
  • A very good one before the break..

    I really enjoyed this episode. Sylar keeping everyone trapped at Primatech was nicely done. A few things caught my attention tho.. Like what happened to the Haitian. Didn't he go after Sylar after Arthur got that bullet into his forehead? Sylar, apparently went through the door Arthur came in, which wasn't the exit and ended up at Primatech while Peter was down on his knees looking at his father and then talking to Nathan.. Another thing, Claire trying to use the phone without luck. Hmm, guess nobody had a cell phone.. such an expensive thing.. lol

    Anyways, a fine episode nonetheless. Nate and Pete fighting each other and yay, finally Peter getting his power back!!
  • I'm sorry but this was a great finale!

    Outstandingly good special effects, the menacing Sylar getting heroes on lockdown, the surprisingly calm Angela, Hiro "K.O.ing" Tracey, the heart-breaking exit for Meredith, Ando gaining awesome powers and Mohinder isnt ugly anymore all are contributing factors that made this the best IMHO volume ender - not finale remember! - Heroes has ever done.

    Volume 1 lacked a Sylar/Peter fight & Volume 2 had not enough action scenes but Volume 3 had everything from Daphne runing into the past to Hiro being called Pikachu! Well Done and doesnt Volume 4 look promising but when did Nathan turn into such a baddie?
  • Conclusion of volume 3 leading to volume 4. Loads of questions answered and even more asked.

    This episode actually wrapped up volume 3 pretty well. There have been problems getting Heroes back to season 1 standards, we all know that. Hopefully this episode cleared the path for a great set of episodes for volume 4. They implied Sylar is dead, but that's happened before and look what happened! Losing Meredith and the level 5 people is not so bad. The show will benefit from concentrating on the core characters once again. I loved Ando's new power, there must be plenty of story milage there for the future. Overall, a satisfying conclusion leaving us in anticipation of what will happen next.
  • Review.

    Nathan and Peter face off, and Nathan makes a move with far reaching consequences. Sylar takes desperate measures at Primatech and the fates of several heroes hang in the balance. Ando, Matt, and Daphne continue their quest to save Hiro.
    This episode was on par with the last we saw a lot of useless people die so this was what I was hoping for. We all know Sylar isn't dead but he's cool, Meredith, Doyle, Knox, a random super strength dude are all dead. there where too many and now I think there is the right amount of people with abilities. Ando's new power was cool but it was very predictable him getting the wrong one. overall the last two episodes of the volume where the best of the volume. I don't get why this episode is rated low probable just because it was the volumes finale, there always rated low shame on you all.
  • This show really shined. Great gateway into Fugitives, and wrapped up most loose ends while still leaving enough question to leave us thirsty for more.

    I thought this was an excellent episode. It completely reminded me of the first season. It left us with questions. How are Hiro and Ando going to exist now that Ando has powers and Hiro doesn't? Plus knowing the future of what happens to them. Is Meredith and Sylar really dead? What's going to happen with Mohinder? Lots of great twist endings. It was good to see evil Sylar back, and Claire and Noah working together again. Good to see Mohinder return to normal and Peter regain his powers. I thought it accomplished so much in a mere hour. Great show, looking forward to fugitives. Plus, I'm happy Michael Dorn is playing the president. Great casting.
  • Sylar goes Saw on Primatech .

    It's was a good ending for this volume it had some mistakes but all in all it was a pretty exciting episode. First of all Arthur only use the catalyst on a small vial of the formula not in every one in the lab so Mohinder and Peter shouldn't be affected. Secondly , if Peter regained his powers he shoildn't have the scar in his cheek. I didn't like either that Knox and Flint suddenly started working for Peter and also that Ecko die without even saying a word when they did a Webisode mini series detailng his background. I like what Sylar did at Primatech it was exciting and it looked like a manhunt.It reminded me a lot to Saw I swear I thought he was gonna say :" Live or die Noah it's your choice" it was kind of creepy. Peter and Nathan are ready for a showdown and a big confrontation in " Fugitives". As far as Ando's power I think is kind of cool and know it kind of makes sense Ando attacking Hiro when he traveled to the future , maybe he was just trying to teleport him. I think this season achieved the sense of duality in the characters and showed us that in the Heroes world not everything is black and white but they kind of gave one step back according to character development, they need to focus on that in the next chapter.
  • Not what i expected.

    They do this every season. Season 1 was good and the build up to the season finale was going great but the season finale was just boring. Season 2 was boring from the start except when Noah gets shot in the eye and the last 2 mins of the season finale. I was enjoying season 3 but they had to ruin the finale of villains again. I mean come on u get a good story going and u make the same mistake THRICE. The worst part was Mohinder healing himself without injecting the formula and the level 5 guys helping Peter. Meredith's death was not required and i dont know why but i always wanted Sylar to die at the hands of Peter after they have a good duel and not the way they showed it in the finale. I really supported Heroes this season but the finale really disappointed me. I really hope Fugitives is better.
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