Season 3 Episode 13


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 15, 2008 on NBC

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  • a suspenseful midseason finale

    It's here. The midseason finale. It's been a bumpy half season, full of highs and lows, the best so far being Our Father and the worst being The Eclipse Part Two, where the crew resorted to story cannibalism in order to survive. Criticism for this season has been Heroes' highest. The staff of Heroes has taken notice of all these criticisms and have decided to revise next volume. I hope it's worth it. I did like this episode although it didn't feel quite complete as a season finale. Since this midseason was treated as a full season, that would have been the method to go. Instead, it just ends up feeling somehow anticlimatic, and a lot of times it feels like the Heroes staff has blown through the rest of this midseason and decided to write it off. That's not to say it isn't still exciting and it is a major improvement from the Season Two finale. The episode opens with Peter standing over Arthur's dead body. Nathan walks in and sees the damage. Peter tells him what's happened and it's time to end the formula. Nathan refuses, he believes the formula can do good, that his work is noble. If Peter has a problem with that, he can kill Nathan. Now that Arthur is dead, Nathan seems willing to fill his place. He's totally committed to seeing the vision of "goodness" fulfilled. Now Peter and Claire are the only sane people left in the Petrelli family. Peter doesn't kill Nathan, he loves Nathan too much, but he's willing to knock Nathan out. It's time to finish it. He storms into the lab where Mohinder is and starts to destroy the formula. Mohinder protests but Peter is joined by villains Knox and Flint, willing to help Peter because once everyone has powers, they won't be special anymore. Hey, a villain helping a hero can be a good ally. Claire, Angela, Noah, and Meredith try to get to Pinehearst to help Peter but are stuck in Primatech due to Sylar. Sylar is fully-charged and fully embracing being back to a villain. No more self-doubt, he knows what he is and he doesn't care anymore. No holding back. It's time for revenge on those who wronged him: Angela, the woman who tricked him into believing she was his mother and Noah, Sylar's nemesis that helped make Sylar into a monster. Nemesis Claire and her biological mother Meredith are not exempt. Sylar's method of revenge can be comparable to The Joker in The Dark Knight, in a much smaller, Heroesish way of course: show these heroes that they have a button to push, prove to them that they are evil like him. Noah is willing to sacrifice a few villains to get Sylar weakened. Claire is tasked to choose between grandmother Angela or adoptive father Noah. Kill Angela or Noah will die. Claire opts for a third option: in a semi-dramatic move, shooting the phone and letting Angela and Noah live. Angela is perfectly cool in the situation, she thinks she still has enough control to get under Sylar's skin. Ando, Daphne, and Matt look for a way to save Hiro in the past. Daphne swipes the formula from Mohinder, who's still trying to cure himself, and Ando injects it into him. He has a power now. Of course, his power turns out to be the red lightning shown in the future. Not to worry, for Ando's ability has the useful gift of supercharging heroic abilities. In the case of Matt, it extends his mindreading. With Daphne, she can go fast enough to bend time. Time to retrieve Hiro. In the past, Hiro uses his past self to get to the formula and confronted by his creeped father, he tears the formula in half, right when Daphne saves him, which is how the formula was split up in the first place. Hiro comes to the present to a happy Ando and Hiro is shocked to learn Ando is a hero now. He still needs to get the formula, so he and Daphne rush to retrieve it from Pinehearst. Peter is causing some major damage with the formula and Mohinder is trying to goad Peter to stop, saying that he's joining with villains, how could he? Hypocrite. Knox binds Nathan and kills Scott but Knox is froze-cut by Tracey. She's out for self-interest but her involvement with Nathan ends. Nathan fires her. Tracey tries to steal the formula but Hiro and Daphne intervene. For the second time, Hiro is called Pikachu. Funny. Both stop Tracey and take the formula. Hiro tears it up. It's gone. Flint, going rogue, wants to kill Mohinder but Peter won't let him. Flint sets the lab on fire while Mohinder gets a dose of the formula, curing him. Nathan walks in to try to kill Peter but he's stopped by the explosion. Still caring for his brother, Peter decides to inject himself with the formula and flies Nathan out of the explosion. If Peter has his original ability back or just flight, it's hard to say. Sadly, it's probably the latter. Nathan blows through Peter's heroics, Peter stopped a good thing from happening in Nathan's view. He's now the enemy. He flies away. Peter will regret saving him. At Primatech, Sylar uppes the game. After wasting Doyle and other villains, he injects Meredith with adreniline and traps her and Noah in a room where Meredith can't control her flames. Claire looks to save Noah and her and is successful in holding back their deaths. She and Noah walk away to find Angela, promising her mother she will come back for her. Angela is trapped by Sylar, looking for some revenge and some answers. Angela finally admits that she used Sylar and she didn't have his interests at heart. Of course not. She's not his mother. Hoping to stop Sylar from killing her, Angela reveals she knows who his real parents are. Sylar still wants to kill her. He's "killed" by Claire, stabbing glass in the back of his head. Like he's going to stay dead. In the meantime, Claire is moving away from her innocence. She goes back to save Meredith but it's too late. Meredith can't hold back her powers anymore. The building's going to blow. She tells Claire to get out. The building explodes, Claire, Noah, and Angela looking. Poor Claire. Her real mother's dead and her real father's gone evil. Mohinder escapes the Pinehearst explosion and walks away with a rogue Tracey. Nathan, he makes a final betrayal that cements him as the next villain. He betrays all the heroes. Why? If he can't select who heroes are anymore, he can eliminate all the heroes against him and the superpowered villains. Win, win. The world will be safe without the superpowered "freaks". He uses his senator position to inform the President, ironically in of current events is African-American, of current hero wherabouts. The heroes are to be hunted down and experimented on. Now that the formula future is gone, the first season future becomes a reality. Uh-oh. Even though the finale didn't feel extremely complete and a bit rushed, it brillantly sets up the next volume. The heroes face new issues. In a X-Men-ish scenario, they will be branded as freaks, traitors and threats, be exposed to the normal world as such, become isolated and abused. There are very few actual human main characters anymore with Ando and Mohinder aquiring powers. Hiro and Ando are still friends but there will be tensions with Ando's new powers and there's no guarentee Ando won't be corrupted. Will Hiro get a power again? Claire will move away from her more-innocent self. Peter is now the only normal person in the relative Petrellis and I think he will have to face, even kill Nathan. And the heroes will have to band together if they are to survive this hunt. Heavy stuff. Hopefully, Season Three Part Two will deliver.