Season 3 Episode 13


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 15, 2008 on NBC

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  • Action packed episode with so much in store.

    Sylar locks down Claire, HRG, Meredith and Angela at the company seeking out revenge on Angela and for answers. Claire knows how to stop Sylar by hitting the spot in the brain to paralize him/shut him down.
    HRG lets out the inmates in a bid to lure Sylar. Sylar injects Meredith with Adrenaline causing her powers to go out of whach forcing HRG to take action which he doesn't. Sylar reaches Angela and gets the answers he was looking for that she's not his mother and that she thinks he is weak but knows where his birth parents are. He attempts to kill her but Claire saves the day.

    Peter powerless uses his brain for once knocks Nathan out and gets Flint to help him destroy the formula. Knox is on Peter's side and holds Nathan hostage till the formula gets destroyed. Peter and Mohinder get into a fight but Flint saves Peter. Eventually Knox gets taken out by Tracy with Nathan telling her he fires Tracy from her job. Nathan goes on the rampage on Peter. Flint flames down the formula leaving Peter with no choice but to take the formula. He flies Nathan out of danger and the brothers part on bad terms with Nathan being a villain.

    Ando injects himself with the forma and becomes the battery charger for Heroes with gifts. He with Daphne bring back Hiro frm the past while Hiro tries to destory the paper but ends in 2 halves.

    Ends with Tacy leaving with Mohinder.

    Over all full of everything but lacked emotion. Sylar at his best hope we get to see this evil side more often. Peter as always Rocked using his brains. Heres to the next volume.
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