Season 3 Episode 13


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 15, 2008 on NBC

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  • Very riveting.

    It is quite obvious that Heroes is on an upward swing. The show is getting better and better. To see Nathan and Peter at odds with Nathan turning into his father. I feel Peter will have to stop him using whatever means possible so that the future will not happen. Clair has come along way since season one. She is no longer afraid to kill. She put a stop to Sylar, or did she. You can not keep a good villain down. When she witnessed her mother die, in my personal opinion this is what finally pushed her to do what she needed to do to stop Sylar. Now Aldo has power. Question is, will be a hero or become the Aldo of the future and kill Hiro. Imagine poor Hiro facing his father who naturally did not recognize him as his son from the future. Thinking he was a thief fought him with a sword to keep the formula. Just as his father was about to kill him, Daphne shows up and saves him.

    Hiro, with help of Daphne destroy the formula and Nathan fires Tracy. I do not feel this will set too well with her. Knowing her she will plot some sort of revenge.

    This episode was exciting without any boring scenes. This is exactly why I (along with many others) tune in to watch this show. There are so many twists and turns like when Sylar learns he was just being used by Angela. He could have a happy nobody, but Noah and Elle turned him into this. Who are his real parents? He died before he got a chance to find out. This is the best science friction drama I have seen in years.