Season 3 Episode 13


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 15, 2008 on NBC

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  • Uhh...not so good.

    Usually Heroes gets good near the end of a volume...but not so much this time. I saw no climax here at all. Sure, the formula was destroyed, but that somehow didn't seem like such a big accomplishment to me. It didn't matter if Hiro destroyed it anyways, since the catalyst is gone now and no more of it can be made. And Sylar capturing Claire/Angela/HRG/Meredith? Where did that come from? Sylar is season one, what is he doing now other than being annoying? It was cool that he pitted his victims against each other though, and anything with Angela in it is automatically just awesome...so I guess that was the best part. It did make me scared too - Angela almost died multiple times. She is way too hardcore to die. I'd cry. The Hiro/Parkman/Ando/Daphne stuff was also really boring. Hiro messes things up more than he fixes anything, and his lameness is just too much to handle anymore. Parkman is boring like always, and Ando with a power (one he can't actually use himself haha) - I dunno about that.

    The Pinehearst action was okay, but nothing too exciting. I really wanted Suresh to be dead finally, but this is Heroes so no one ever dies, or if they die they come back, so yeah he wasn't dead, darn. Nathan turning bad is sorta cool...but why didn't he fly out of the fire? Peter had to fly him out? Uhh no. That was dumb. I really can't keep waiting for the show to get better anymore...sorry Heroes, I'm breaking up with you. Goodbye.