Season 3 Episode 13


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 15, 2008 on NBC

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  • Sylar holds a group hostage at Primatech. Nathan & Peter square off but it's not much of a fight. Peter joins two from level 5 to destroy the formula. Hiro and his buddies try to save the formula after he is able to survive his brush with Arthur.

    I just don't know, like some here I'm starting to lose faith in this show. Since I like the show as much as I do I'll give it this next season to revamp some things and get this show right. I read the recent TV Guide mag and I'm glad to see that Kring is talking about changing certain ways they've been doing the show but I'm still nervous over the final product come next year.

    This particular episode was very "meh" and it didn't keep my interest at all. I don't know what happened to the "Heroes" of season 1 but it seems that things are sliding downhill.

    As others have stated I really don't care for the idea of them keeping characters around like they do; in particular Sylar. Sylar was bad *** in Season 1 but when they chose to drag him to this present day that "badness" has dissapated and the whole back n forth good guy bad guy deal just didn't appeal to me.

    I didn't care for how it seemed the show contradicted itself. You had a panzy Suresh getting it handed to him, a Nathan who couldn't think to fly for some reason, cliche lines from Clair that felt empty & forced. The Hiro deal has gone silly and Ando's new power are a dissapointment. I hate the way to kill off some characters (Knox) but keep other washed out characters stringing along forever.

    Well I'll see what 2009 has to offer with the first few episodes and if it doesn't deliver then I'm done.
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