Season 3 Episode 6

Dying of the Light

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 20, 2008 on NBC

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  • My Thoughts (Spoilers Abound)

    Thank you writers for not killing off Ando! Especially by Hiro's hand. This episode is probably the best this season. While Mohinder's story continues to dive, Mr. Pettrelli coming back is a good twist. My main beef is the killing of Adam Monroe. I mean, why bring him back if your gonna kill him in three episodes? I guess to show how powerful Mr. Pettrelli is, but still, lame. Matt and Daphne's plot is working out well, and Hiro and Ando seem to have made up after the whole "your going to kill me in the future" thing that was really lame.

    Best episode this season, not draggy like season 2, but not cramming stuff down your throat like the season 3 premiere.
  • great episode...

    There were some things that I liked in this episode and some things that just really ticked me off. For one they had Adam killed before the opening credits. He was one of my favourite characters and it really sucked to see him go down so easily. The writers just brought him back so they could kill him off. I liked Sylar wanting to work with Peter but maybe Peter will next week. Hopefully Peter can get all of his powers back from his father. Now we finally have a Villain who now seems unstoppable. I just wish that Claire would stop being such a B**** she just needsa to grow up. As always there is humor whenever Hiro is around, very funny how he kept getting hit in the head with the shovel by "Mr. African Isaac."
  • Gets more intriguing....

    The Petrelli patriach returning from the dead. Claire, Meredith and Sandra teaming up to defeat the puppeteer. I think the big question is who are the bad guys and which side is the right side. Sylar is trying to be good but Suresh isn't. You find yourself puzzled by who the Heroes really are and which is which.Skylar and peter teaming up could prove educational for both. How is Matt gonna feel when he finds out he going up against his dad, again. Daphne is going to have to choose a side and soon. I think for awhile it's going to be Pinhearst versus The Company. But which one is in the right?
  • I've never hated an episode of anything more than I hated this one.

    I start to ponder why I watch the show anymore after this episode. The writers must be smokin somethin if they thought this was good.

    The Bad:
    1. Peter got his powers taken. With all the powers he has to predict and see the future as well as read minds, him losing his powers so easily is an impossibility. Get your act together writers, that was horrid!
    2. Sylar went down so easily. Sylar was like the ultimate bad guy and now out of the blue he's a sissy who doesn't fight and get knocked out from a few punches.
    3. Mohinder's storyline this season is a DISGRACE.
    4. Peter's father, introduced horribly and so far his part is crap.
    5. So many plot holes!
    6. Parkman's storyline fails...
    7. Claire's and her family are EXTREMELY lame.
    8. Go somewhere with "The Company"! They're at a stand still because someones in a coma. This is turning into a really crappy soap-opera.

    The Good:
    1. Peter dealing with Sylar's power is good.
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  • The show where nobody, ever dies. Yet when they "finally" kill someone, they kill one of the greatest characters in the most anticlimatic way possible.

    Are the writers playing who can write the worst-game on this show?

    How lame was it to kill Adam off? On a scale of one to ten, and ten being the lamest. 15 in my opinion.

    Adam was not only one of the better characters of the show, he was portrayed by the brilliant David Anders.

    What a FREAKING waste of a character and a good actor.

    The rest of the show was just dull, almost useless to review. Peter and Sylar seem to fight almost every episode, its getting really ridicilious now. And thinking that almost all fans actually hoped for a truly epic fight between them during season 1 and 2... lol...

    the ending? ROFL.... the writers clearly didnt take their pills before writing that. This wsa just bad, not even worth of a 4/10.
  • Yes another semi-good, semi-bad review here.

    Let me start with the con's of tonight's episode. First, I was a bit disappointed to see Adam Monroe just dismissed that easily, I really had hoped the writers would've given him more of a pivotal role to play in this season. In past episodes he was portrayed as a uber-villain, which left me wanting more screen time with him battle things out with Hiro. Second, Peter is always blazing into things without any sort of plan or focus which always seems to make things worse. I can understand now because he has Sylar's hunger so he probably isn't thinking very clearly, but still i'm a bit upset that they always have him rushing off only to have him fail.

    Now for the pro's of tonight's episode.

    I absolutely love seeing Sylar as a Hero, while don't get me wrong I truly enjoyed him as the villain in past seasons. I still find myself amazed at how likable his character is while he struggles with his ability of not continuing as a murderer. This was absolutely brilliant of the writing team to switch his roles and give us a champion that would first think then fight, as an example when he tried to stop Peter from just rushing to Pinehearst.

    Next, I'm glad to see Claire now longer being the victim and start being a hero. I completely understand and can believe why all her parents want to protect her. What parent wouldn't want to protect their child. But at the same time i'm happy to see her stepping up to the plate and ready to play ball.

    Last, i'm getting more excited as the season progresses with the pacing of the story. The first season was great because we wanted to know what's the deal with the whole save the cheerleader to save the world deal. Season 2 (in my personal opinion) tried just a bit too hard to throw too many angle's in the story with really no third act to explain why we jumped on the roller coaster ride to begin with.

    However, with season 3 we are getting answers throughout each show and not having to wait till the last episode just so we can go, ohhh okay - I see what you did there. Or worse yet, find ourselves really saying - I see what the goal was, but why have characters that don't play any role for this final act? Case in point the whole cat burglar storyline of last season, whatever happened with that - better yet do any of us really care?

    So for me, the biggest PRO of this season is we're actually getting rid of filler characters and sticking with those that DO play some role in the main storyline.
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