Season 3 Episode 6

Dying of the Light

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 20, 2008 on NBC

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  • I've never hated an episode of anything more than I hated this one.

    I start to ponder why I watch the show anymore after this episode. The writers must be smokin somethin if they thought this was good.

    The Bad:
    1. Peter got his powers taken. With all the powers he has to predict and see the future as well as read minds, him losing his powers so easily is an impossibility. Get your act together writers, that was horrid!
    2. Sylar went down so easily. Sylar was like the ultimate bad guy and now out of the blue he's a sissy who doesn't fight and get knocked out from a few punches.
    3. Mohinder's storyline this season is a DISGRACE.
    4. Peter's father, introduced horribly and so far his part is crap.
    5. So many plot holes!
    6. Parkman's storyline fails...
    7. Claire's and her family are EXTREMELY lame.
    8. Go somewhere with "The Company"! They're at a stand still because someones in a coma. This is turning into a really crappy soap-opera.

    The Good:
    1. Peter dealing with Sylar's power is good.
    2. N/A
  • The show where nobody, ever dies. Yet when they "finally" kill someone, they kill one of the greatest characters in the most anticlimatic way possible.

    Are the writers playing who can write the worst-game on this show?

    How lame was it to kill Adam off? On a scale of one to ten, and ten being the lamest. 15 in my opinion.

    Adam was not only one of the better characters of the show, he was portrayed by the brilliant David Anders.

    What a FREAKING waste of a character and a good actor.

    The rest of the show was just dull, almost useless to review. Peter and Sylar seem to fight almost every episode, its getting really ridicilious now. And thinking that almost all fans actually hoped for a truly epic fight between them during season 1 and 2... lol...

    the ending? ROFL.... the writers clearly didnt take their pills before writing that. This wsa just bad, not even worth of a 4/10.
  • Falling apart at the seams

    This show is becoming increasingly difficult to review, not because of its complexity, but because of its chaotic inability to settle into meaningful plot threads. The story is propelling along towards something, as this complication-laden episode attests, but it's hard to know what the endgame might be, beyond setting up yet another powerful villain from the days of the Twelve.

    Arthur Petrelli may be the worst of them all at this point, because he has the ability to steal abilities (just like his sons Peter and Gabriel), but the process takes them from the original "owner". This is an important distinction, especially for Adam, as it meant instant death. It also means that Arthur has immortality from Adam, a hunger for power from Sylar (via Peter), and a wide array of offensive and defensive powers from Peter. In short, Arthur is the kind of villain that Sylar was supposed to be by the end of the first season, only far more powerful.

    Making him this powerful by the middle of the third volume should give the writers the opportunity to take the season in a logical direction. Arthur has been assembling those with abilities he wants or can utilize in other respects, but despite Angela's best and equally questionable efforts, there's no assembled team ready to counter Arthur at the moment. So for a little while, at least, Arthur will have his way.

    Ironically, I think Sylar is going to be the focal point of the resistance against Arthur (in a nice bit of generational strife, harkening back to the second season). I think he'll do it in the name of his mother, the only person who treated him as someone special. And in turn, he will make himself into something special, perhaps explaining the process how he could overcome the negative aspects of his ability. If the writers want to make something of this mess they've made, that's the most direct way to accomplish it.

    The trick is going to be making sense of the journeys for nearly every other character. In particular, Hiro's journey is becoming a major annoyance. The second season supposedly advanced Hiro's character out of his awkward phase into something more assured. This season, he's once again the bumbling idealistic fool. Hiro is one of the most powerful of the metahumans when given the chance to express his ability properly, so why reduce him to a laughing stock?

    I was relatively happy with the direction they took with Claire in the previous episode, but I'm not so sure what this episode was supposed to accomplish. Was this experience meant to toughen Claire by showing her what kind of animals have abilities, thus increasing her already potent fear of being victimized again? If so, then the writers didn't quite sell it in that fashion. Instead, it felt like a way to pad the episode.

    The time spent on Denise and Matt's "first" meeting was a little better, because it began to explore some of the divisions growing among the metahumans and Denise's faltering faith in the rightness of her actions. Similarly, it was great to see Peter and Sylar have a little family spat while they still could. But I have no idea what Mohinder's role in all of this will be, or why Nathan and Tracy had to wind up in his clutches.

    I can speculate that Mohinder's ongoing work to find a cure to remove abilities will eventually succeed, despite Peter's trip into the future, and the result will be a weapon that could be used to defeat Arthur Petrelli at the end of the "Villains" arc. Perhaps that's why the next arc is called "Fugitives"; one would imagine that Arthur's minions would run for the hills and need to be apprehended.

    The problem with "Heroes" is the same as it's been since the first season finale: wasted potential. The first season had its issues, but it still made a strong case for future growth. The first season finale was a huge letdown, and the show has struggled to find itself since that defining moment. There are some great ideas and good stories here, but I don't think these writers are still capable of making them work.
  • You can't chose your family, but you can chose a side. Great tag line. High five turtle!

    I knew Hiro wouldn't let us down, I didn't imagine he actually killed Ando but good for him for pulling a fast one on the baddies. That was brilliant, still his African friend was right he was becoming a little to reliant on his powers. He's got a good creative intelligent brain and should use it more often. It'll only make him stronger for what's to come.

    Nathan and Tracey, went to see Mohinder who has clearly gone all Jekyll/Hyde. One second he's drugging them the next he's having flashes of the old logical moral Mohinder. Now I'm not one to say anything about what he can and can't control, especially given the track this season in on but he needs some help and he needs to get that power out of him like yesterday. Although the last place he should be looking is the Pinehearst company.

    Claire and her mother, along with Meredith have a creepy encounter with the puppet master Doyle. He totally unnerved me, made me real uncomfortable. To be that powerless and completely at the mercy of someone who is missing a few screws has to me just terrifying. Claire is all bad ass now though, she's no Barbie and even though she can't fight she finds ways to make her power work for her. She down Doyle which is impressive, HRG thought so too. Claire and her father are having some issues but one of them, one of us. Meredith may have the fire power but Claire...

    Back to Pineheart, whatever their point or purpose. Whatever they are trying to do they are clearly compromised of baddies and they are looking for more. Mohinder, Sylar, Matt, Hiro. They're looking for lots of new recruits. But they have a weak link, or should I say a good link. Little miss Daphne isn't as bad as she once appeared, they've got something on her that's keeping her with them. Who knows what but I think Matt will be the one to save her, especially considering she's already showing she's no murderer and she's not a fan of the concept as a rule. With his trusty turtle in tow he came clean to Daph about their future not that she necessarily believed him but they did have a certain connection, at least as much as two people could have having just met. I like them together, Matt is after all one of the few characters on the show who has through everything remained very human and very moral despite everything he has faced. He could protect her, he could save her. Here's hoping he gets the chance.

    Mr. Petrelli is doing a lot of damage left and right, he killed Adam. Aged him, crushed him, disintegrated him I'm not sure but Adam is dust (thus proving that even those characters that can't be killed aka Sylar, Peter, Claire can in fact be killed. I read a spoiler that says he's crunched for good too, which I understand because they had to show if there was in fact a way to kill those characters who we previously thought were unkillable but I was still a little upset to see such a great character bite the dust). I couldn't believe it, I realize Arthur and Adam have some kind of past but wow! I mean he just dusted him like nothing, needless to say Arthur is a big power and his comeback is going to be huge. Angela, through I'm assuming her vision of her ex-hubby or her ex-hubby himself is in some kind of coma. Sylar cares, he's worried and brings Peter out of his own coma (What is up with these comas lately? Everyones got one.) to save their mother. Peter is a little less then receptive though, they come to blows and it feels so strange. Their roles have been reversed. Peter is highly unstable, though I don't exactly blame him considering the upsetting news that Sylar is his brother combined with Sylar's power/hunger now in him, and Sylar is so different. He's calm, he's in control and he's caring. He's already becoming the man we saw in the future. During their little match Sylar barely fights back, only using his powers to restrain Peter at times. He doesn't even hit him back. He's already so different, Peter on the other hand is having serious internal issues. His comment about being the most special, which has significance later in the episode, kind of makes me think one reason he has such a problem with Sylar being his brother is because Peter over the years has learned he is one of the most special people in the world even among all the special people. But Gabriel, he's in the same league as daddy....somehow or another though Peter bests Sylar and puts him in yes you guessed it a coma. Comas for everyone!

    Speaking of daddy he and Peter have a little reunion now I'm not saying for sure that Peter shouldn't have hugged him but come on! How naive can you be! He saw his dad was back from the dead, now some people can do that but he was in the room with villains and bad guys...always a bad sign. But he hugged him and boom, he did some weird light thingy, Arthur took Peter's powers and his newly obtained hunger with them. He's not the most special anymore, not by far. Among other things, daddy is some kind of power sucker/absorber/life sucker similar to his boys powers (not including Nathan that is). Sylar, Peter and Arthur share original abilities. They haven't gone into great detail about how Sylar's works, or Arthur's for that matter. But from what we have seen the three of them share the same ability, in variations. Interesting, very interesting. Makes me think Sylar and Peter together may just be enough to take him down, of course with his bad of baddies and now Peter's powers I wouldn't place money on it at least not while Peter and Sylar are where they are now.
  • Review

    Couple of interesting parts to the episode, but for the most part it was a pretty average hour of Heroes. After the blockbuster first two episodes, Heroes has taken a turn for the season two form. Arthur Petrellis power is obviously awesome. I didn't get it at first when he took Adams, but it makes sense now. He took Adams power and because of that Adam was about 10,000 years old and finnaly passed away from old age. The confrontation at the end with the villians and Peter was interesting, though I'm not sure how I feel about Peter losing his power for any length of time. Mohinders storyline wasn't that great, though him turning on Nathan and Tracey was pretty forseeable. Matt Parkman and Daphnie had something going and I wish she would have seent he light and not gone back to Pinehurst. Hiros storyline was boring, I thought. Way too much attention paid to trying to "catch" the African Mr. Issac. And the whole portion of the episode devoted to Claire and her mother? Not good. Not good at all. I think this was the worst of the season.
  • Good, but not enough to boost Heroes back

    Well, not too long ago I was certain people would be coming back to Heroes. While there were still plenty of flaws, it was a lot more entertaining than last season. Apparently I'm the only non-fanboy who felt this way, as the show seems to be teetering towards ruin, which is unfortunate. People are far less forgiving of the flaws that have always been there and ignoring some decent entertainment. The show is at a serious crossroads, and this episode isn't enough to push it towards the better side.

    One act of course correction is welcome. The danger with writing these reviews as they air is that sometimes a plot or development that seems stupid or inaccurate at the time redeems itself later. Here it turns out Hiro stabbing Ando was all orchestrated by freezing time and getting a dummy sword and blood. While it may be a cheap means of garnering shock (which is really the fault of the last episode), it helps negate what was a ludicrous and unearned character turn.

    It obviously works on Knox and Daphne, who send him to Africa to pick up Usutu (who since his name hasn't been mentioned on the show yet, tech unsavy viewers only know him as "African Isaac"). Petrelli wants to get anyone who can see the future out of the way, which surprisingly no past villain has attempted to do. His ability makes him a difficult person to catch as Hiro finds out in a series of humorous situations wherein he repeats the same mistake. It also solidifies Hiro's resolve not to use his power to go back in time to find out more about the villains he's up against. Usutu doesn't seem concerned about whether Hiro and Ando will take him, likely because he had visions and knew they would be valuable against the four baddies. Of the four villains Usutu pictured, three are easily identifiable: Petrelli, Knox and Flint (why Flint is such a major villain I don't know). The fourth man is more ambiguous, scruffy to obscure who it might be. If it's someone we've met, it's likely either Peter or Sylar, the former being the likelier candidate with his story this season.

    Sylar's redemptive arc still doesn't feel natural yet, but Peter's downfall does. Emphasizing his self importance due to his powers is a major red flag, and attacking Sylar as brutally as he did doesn't help him either. These are clearly steps towards Future Peter. Ultimately that rashness causes him to go unprepared to Pinehearst and have his powers stolen.

    In his brief appearances at the beginning and end of the episode, Robert Forster shows promising menace. Besides knowing he could steal their powers, Petrelli's underlings had to be afraid of him. It's a bit like Linderman without the sense of wonder he had. One can hope the story behind why he faked his death and the explanation for his actions isn't too far away.

    Petrelli's power is vague at first. Turning Adam to dust implied that he sucked the life out of him, but in reality Petrelli just steals powers. Some argued that Peter should've died too because of the fatal injuries he has received that Claire's power saved him from, but Adam died because his regeneration couldn't override three hundred years of not aging any longer. Peter was in no present pain or condition where it should be an issue. Petrelli's also absorbed some form of telepathy which, like Matt and his father, has trapped someone in their own nightmare, in his case his wife's. The big twist is where he steals Peter's power arsenal at the end of the episode. This could be just a way of collaring his son so he can explain himself, but it could also be how Peter gets his scar since he can't instantly heal now. Obviously Peter is going to get his powers back somehow, and since Petrelli's power is open for rules, that could be easy.

    Those looking for the ensemble to be trimmed must've been happy (unless they really liked the character) when Adam turned to dust like a Buffy vampire. Heroes has often been criticized for a heavy ensemble cast with many members staying much longer than they should, a function of the show's original concept clashing with the strategy for long term success.

    It's also an important expectation viewers have going into a volume of the show called "Villains". Bodies should be dropping. For the villains to be a true threat, people have to die, and it can't be just extras or characters introduced in the background the episode before. Granted Petrelli's involvement makes it personal, but they should go one step further.

    Doyle's mind games, while a little predictable, were still tense and creepy, thanks to David Lawrence XVII (following up a remark made in an earlier review, he was the 17th David Lawrence on IMDB, and registered under that name for SAG). Anything involving someone using another person's body against their will is going to be unsettling. Forcing Claire to play Russian roulette with her adoptive and biological mothers gave him the added sick pleasure of playing off the tensions between the mothers that's been brewing since Meredith came around.

    Claire's attempt to be a vigilante Company associate is further fleshed out by bringing her mother along, following the "one of us, one of them" rule. With so few people on the show not having powers, it was nice to bring one of the underused ones to the forefront. The show was originally about people juggling real world problems with extraordinary abilities, but that has been muted as the series has gone on, so it was nice to see someone from the real world side involved. For someone with little experience dealing with people with dangerous powers, Mrs. Bennet did well.

    However, it is Claire using her regenerative power to her advantage in the roulette game that is most telling of her effectiveness as an agent. Even Bennet gives her credit, which she isn't willing to accept because, in a nice case of continuity, of what happened with Stephen.

    There is also the promise of recruiting Meredith to help Bennet. There is a major qualm with this element: why isn't The Haitian involved? Was he was killed in early drafts for this season, but when they revised, failed to adjust accordingly?

    Elsewhere, Nathan and Tracy try to get answers about their synthetic powers from Mohinder, who is still up to his wacky shenanigans. While Mohinder's story has been uninspired all season, bringing it closer to the other main stories makes it a little easier to swallow. And at least someone used their powers smartly, when Tracy froze up Mohinder's hand to free herself, even if she earlier froze potentially helpful blood samples.

    Daphne's recruitment of Matt adds towards her redemptive arc. Unlike her associates at Pinehearst, Daphne's not a real villain. She steals for monetary gain, but took serious issue when Knox made Hiro "kill" Ando. Obviously Petrelli's team is going to kill more people, but for real in their case. On top of that, Matt tells her this affiliation's going to get her killed. So the question becomes will she get out before Petrelli and Pinehearst realize she's a liability?

    Apparently my feelings that Heroes is getting back to being fun entertainment aren't shared by the public. Those I've talked to have been unhappy with the progress (or lack thereof) made this season and feel it has grown stale. Ratings are at a series low and Entertainment Weekly's even devoted a cover story to why Heroes is floundering. I've enjoyed most of the season so far, but that doesn't seem to be enough. For the show, they're going to have to best this caliber to regain its buzz.
  • Review.

    Hiro and others accept offers to join Pinehearst Industries. After the Company is paralyzed, Peter goes to Pinehearst, its rival, for information. Claire and Sandra try to save Meredith from Doyle, one of the escaped villains. Nathan and Tracy come to Mohinder to learn where their abilities came from

    The third series of Heroes started strong but the quality has decreased over the last couple of weeks. I get the impression that the show is trying too hard. Killing Adam was a major mistake, David Anders is one of the more talented actors on the show and Adam was a cool and funny character, I was sad to see him die its a shame the writers killed him off. Hopefully the show picks up again next week.
  • Heroes continues...

    I'm very disappointed in them killing off Adam Munroe. His character was one of the few that I found interesting. He had the ability to be bad or good. He wasn't either one or the other. His character could have been utilized in a more effective manner than to be cast aside, and turned to dust.

    There are a lot of other characters that I would have killed off first. It seems they are determined to get rid of every character that made an appearance in the second season.

    It seems absurd to create characters and seem to forget about them. Where is West or Monica? I thought West was a horrible idea, but what about continuity.

    I like the relationship that seems to be developing between Daphane and Parkman.

    Daphane is an interesting character that I hope to see more often.
  • One more Dimension please

    As usual, the story quality is exceptional, the personal growth and pain of a couple of the lead characters is good, and the VO monologues are near perfect poetic pieces. But, the shallow, dare I say, stupidity of a few of the more impressive (powerful) lead characters is almost laughable. Example you say? Peter Petrelli. His brash save the world mentality has been prevalent since his introduction, with his brother, a far more sophisticated drawing upstaging him, not for acting per say, but because Peter's character is so poorly drawn that Nathan's selfishness and troubling sense of hope almost seems real in comparison. Over and over again Peter's character makes the same arrogant lashings, the same moral compass mistakes, and seems to never, ever, learn from his own decisions. He backed Adam last season with disastrous results, without the curse of his 'newest power', ignoring the pleas of those people whom helped him and protected him earlier. If he had learned one single thing in the last two seasons, you'd think it would at the very least have been, be careful whom you trust. Yet, this episode ends with Peter making, yet again, one really terrible decision. In fact isn't most of the world ending Peter's fault in someway, with all of is interfering and unintelligent bumbling? Yet, the guy just doesn't get it. This is terrible writing...or brilliant writing, but the latter remains to be seen. I challenge the writers to approach the characters with some sense of their own identities, to reflect more of their own personal experience into the heart of ALL the characters, not just Claire or Sylar, whom at this point seem to be the only characters growing at all, will all the rest flounder in their adolescence. Yet, then again, this Soap Opera style of writing leaves out so many natural human elements anyway thus creating a superficial and unrealistic picture of the true world. Maybe that's the point, what do I know.
    And yes, I still give this episode an 8, because, even with its elephantine character failures, the feeling and intention, its animus, remain clever and sometimes brilliant. I'm just worried the show will never grow up.
  • Gets more intriguing....

    The Petrelli patriach returning from the dead. Claire, Meredith and Sandra teaming up to defeat the puppeteer. I think the big question is who are the bad guys and which side is the right side. Sylar is trying to be good but Suresh isn't. You find yourself puzzled by who the Heroes really are and which is which.Skylar and peter teaming up could prove educational for both. How is Matt gonna feel when he finds out he going up against his dad, again. Daphne is going to have to choose a side and soon. I think for awhile it's going to be Pinhearst versus The Company. But which one is in the right?
  • My Thoughts (Spoilers Abound)

    Thank you writers for not killing off Ando! Especially by Hiro's hand. This episode is probably the best this season. While Mohinder's story continues to dive, Mr. Pettrelli coming back is a good twist. My main beef is the killing of Adam Monroe. I mean, why bring him back if your gonna kill him in three episodes? I guess to show how powerful Mr. Pettrelli is, but still, lame. Matt and Daphne's plot is working out well, and Hiro and Ando seem to have made up after the whole "your going to kill me in the future" thing that was really lame.

    Best episode this season, not draggy like season 2, but not cramming stuff down your throat like the season 3 premiere.
  • great episode...

    There were some things that I liked in this episode and some things that just really ticked me off. For one they had Adam killed before the opening credits. He was one of my favourite characters and it really sucked to see him go down so easily. The writers just brought him back so they could kill him off. I liked Sylar wanting to work with Peter but maybe Peter will next week. Hopefully Peter can get all of his powers back from his father. Now we finally have a Villain who now seems unstoppable. I just wish that Claire would stop being such a B**** she just needsa to grow up. As always there is humor whenever Hiro is around, very funny how he kept getting hit in the head with the shovel by "Mr. African Isaac."
  • Yes another semi-good, semi-bad review here.

    Let me start with the con's of tonight's episode. First, I was a bit disappointed to see Adam Monroe just dismissed that easily, I really had hoped the writers would've given him more of a pivotal role to play in this season. In past episodes he was portrayed as a uber-villain, which left me wanting more screen time with him battle things out with Hiro. Second, Peter is always blazing into things without any sort of plan or focus which always seems to make things worse. I can understand now because he has Sylar's hunger so he probably isn't thinking very clearly, but still i'm a bit upset that they always have him rushing off only to have him fail.

    Now for the pro's of tonight's episode.

    I absolutely love seeing Sylar as a Hero, while don't get me wrong I truly enjoyed him as the villain in past seasons. I still find myself amazed at how likable his character is while he struggles with his ability of not continuing as a murderer. This was absolutely brilliant of the writing team to switch his roles and give us a champion that would first think then fight, as an example when he tried to stop Peter from just rushing to Pinehearst.

    Next, I'm glad to see Claire now longer being the victim and start being a hero. I completely understand and can believe why all her parents want to protect her. What parent wouldn't want to protect their child. But at the same time i'm happy to see her stepping up to the plate and ready to play ball.

    Last, i'm getting more excited as the season progresses with the pacing of the story. The first season was great because we wanted to know what's the deal with the whole save the cheerleader to save the world deal. Season 2 (in my personal opinion) tried just a bit too hard to throw too many angle's in the story with really no third act to explain why we jumped on the roller coaster ride to begin with.

    However, with season 3 we are getting answers throughout each show and not having to wait till the last episode just so we can go, ohhh okay - I see what you did there. Or worse yet, find ourselves really saying - I see what the goal was, but why have characters that don't play any role for this final act? Case in point the whole cat burglar storyline of last season, whatever happened with that - better yet do any of us really care?

    So for me, the biggest PRO of this season is we're actually getting rid of filler characters and sticking with those that DO play some role in the main storyline.
  • Exciting, but personally flawed...

    I'm gonna first off say that some parts of this episode are flawed for personally reasons. Mainly the supposed death of one of my favorite characters. My score is not effected by this answer however.

    That aside, I did enjoy this episode very much. The big news this time around is the mysterious Mr Petrelli and his power. His character seems intriguing and I can't wait to see him develop more.

    The other big thing, I'm sure people will talk about, is every scene with Doyle and Claire's family. Definitely 'edge of your seat' kinda stuff that we've all been wanting since this season started.

    The little things about this episode are what bring it all together I think. Like Sylar and Peter's continued struggle to swap alignments. Or how Matt's turtle kicks so much ass...But that's getting into the personal again. Lets just say, this episode will most likely have something everyone can enjoy. Keep it up Tim!
  • Finally we get to know something about what is going on this season!

    This is one of my favorite Heroes episodes in awhile. We finally get to learn a bit more about the "made" heroes. We meet Gabriel, Nathan, and Peter's dad who is terrifying and has a strange power that allows him to SPOILER ALERT kill Adam, which was very sad (I really wanted him to turn over a new leaf and make nice with hero). Dad Paterelli will be a great villain for this season. Its good the see Gabriel trying to turn over a new leaf. I'd love to see all the Paterelli bothers together since Peter and Gabriel are so funny together. Overall, lots of exciting stuff! We have the new villains so let the adventure begin.
  • Arthur's back

    Claire and her mother attempt to save Meredith from the Puppet Master. Naturally it takes Claire about 2.5 seconds to screw things up, refusing to call her Dad in for assistance and making the worst entrance ever and the trio find themselves in a messed up game of Russian roulette. Daphne spends her day chatting with Parkman in between journeys around the world to recruit different bad guys. Mohinder drugs Nathan and Tracy when they show up asking for his help. So, Ando isn't really dead, Hiro takes his Pine Hearst assignment and tries to abduct African Issac in many different ways until he uses his brain. Arthur get his groove back and then some when he sucks the life out of Adam, Sylar turns down Daphne's offer and instead wakes Peter up so that he can help their mom. Peter head's to Pine Hearst but Sylar won't let him; a fight ensues in which Peter wins and puts in him chemical coma treatment. Peter heads to Pine Hearst only to be shocked his dad is still alive and before you know it he sucks away all his powers.
  • "Heroes" throws us a curveball of surprises.

    Dylan Thomas' quote regarding overcoming death is a fitting title for this week's episode. I expected maybe a few more nudges into the darkness but this time we had some *definite* unexpected surprises, lots of action, and a few wonderful gag lines. "High Five Turtle" and "Mr. African Isaac" are unforgettable comments. I was startled to find out how quickly and efficiently Adam was terminated. Adam's got a great personality--suave, charismatic, and level-headed--but he served his purpose as a crucial adversary for the season two story arc. Furthermore, Adam's a talkative villain and there's only so much a badass can do on an action-packed show like "Heroes". Farewell, Adam Monroe. You shall be missed. (I wonder if Kensei's latest bride is still looking for him….)

    Not to worry about the loss of Adam because we've got more baddies on the horizon. Some are bad to the core, a few are joining teams, others have fallen from grace, and one or two hang in the balance between right and wrong. The writers must finally realize that Sylar can't be the only dangerous adversary on the show. Enter Eric Doyle, a psychotic puppet-maker who appropriately "toys" with Claire, Meredith, and Sandra when they fall into his clutches. Eric is eventually (and successfully) put away by Claire but we already know she won't go quietly back home like her father wants her to. So what about Sylar? It's almost disturbing to watch him act in a state of sincerity and/or kindness when he's determined to save Angela Petrelli. Can "Heroes" greatest villain actually turn around? The question is left hanging in the air when Peter rejects Sylar's assistance. A battle breaks out and the roles are reversed: Sylar is put into a comatose state and Peter leaves alone for Pinehearst. Pinehearst's plan appears to be recruiting people with special abilities into a new army. Daphne knows her heart is not in the plan but Matt suspects Pinehearst has leverage over her to keep Daphne in line. I'm sure there's some hidden irony using a turtle to bring two people together: a cop who berates himself for being too slow and a speedster who runs away in fear. Hopefully we'll learn more about the Matt/Daphne relationship in further episodes. Mohinder also receives an invitation from Pinehearst, followed by a surprise visit from Nathan Petrelli and Tracey Strauss. He expresses a brief moment of regret for his errors before imprisoning them both. But if his conscience won't stop him then I don't know who or what will save Mohinder from his doomed fate. Some viewers thought Peter was getting too powerful with so many abilities developing throughout the series…and the writers have answered that beautifully. We've only been introduced to a fully capable and restored Arthur Petrelli but he seems dangerous enough to drain Peter of his powers. The last few minutes end with a great cliffhanger struggle between Arthur and Peter-and we have no idea what will happen to Peter. I feel the writers are back on track.
  • This events of this episode absolutely show that the series can get itself back on track, but the show's main problem at this point is in it's characters.

    The events during this episode were exciting and riveting, and the direction the plot is taking is great so far. However, I have one big problem with the series right now, and that is it's characters, and some of the situations they end up in.

    The characters in this episode make some of the stupidest decisions I have ever seen. Let's start with Adam Monroe (this one is actually a writing decision.)

    I understand that Adam dieing was necessary for Peter's father to get his health back, but still - killing the character off was not the best decision in my opinion. He was the best part of season two (although I liked him better for comic relief than a villain) and why bother bringing him back at all if you were going to kill him two episodes later!?

    Secondly, I am now Sick and tired of the two invincible character in the show, Peter and Sylar, hooking eachother up to the machine every ****in episode, it's getting annoying! Luckily, now that Peter has lost his powers, we won't have to watch any more of Pylar. (Peter acting exactly like Sylar with his power) He was interesting to see at first, and a great way to reinforce how Sylar was an unwilling villain, but that whole plot point was also getting annoying.

    Also, what the hell is Mohinder doing?? Hes getting all these damn people in cocoons, is he feeding on them, experimenting on them, or decorating his room with them? What the hell is his deal?

    I think Matt made a very stupid decision in telling Daphne outright that he saw them married. Kind of scared her off didn't it? Came on a little too strong. "Hey, eventually we get married, so, how about we just get married and leave? I'm perfectly fine with such a life changing event, as long as it means saving the life of a complete stranger."

    So anyway, great episode, great twists (tho I think maybe there should be a little less of um in the future) but dumb, stupid characters that can't learn from their mistakes.
  • The dangerous Arthur Petrelli is a real kickass villain. Bring on more episodes like this.

    Best episode so far but "poor" Adam's gone and I know this is Heroes but he is not coming back. He turned to dust! And if the writers were going to bring him back by hallucination or spirit form that would be lame! A flashback maybe...

    Anyway, wow. Since "I Am Become Death" was the best episode so far, this has jumped ahead and is now my favourite Season 3 episode. I thought at first that Pa Petrelli's power was to turn to dust and take powers but it became clear that Adam shoud have been dead a long time ago and so - ashes to ashes. Btw, I love Arthur Petrelli. My favourite villain.
  • In this episode we are finally shown a part of a plan that was previously hidden to us.

    In this episode we are finally shown a part of a plan that was previously hidden to us. Warning, spoilers ahead.

    I was pretty happy to see that Hiro set up Ando's death, and that it was not really real. It shocked me when Hiro stabbed his friend, but now that we know he set it up, it makes more sense. What was a bit shocking to see was that Arthur has the ability to take peoples powers, and leave them powerless. With Adam, he turns old and dies, but most likely because he was already so many years old, and now that Arthur has his ability, he will never age and can live forever. Bad new's for everyone else. I thought it was pretty funny when Hiro went back in time to prevent getting hit, and he sees a painting of himself getting hit again. I didn't really like seeing Peter insane with power, but now it seems he is, like his dad. Sylar seems to be the only one trying to control himself, and maybe because he found out his real mother. I kind of dislike what they writers have done, as interesting as it is. They seem to have turned some of the good characters bad, and the bad ones good. Sylar seems to be turning good, while Mohinder and Peter seem to be turning bad. The biggest shock was at the end of the episode, when Author stole his son's powers. This was an excellent episode, and it makes it more clear who needs to be stopped, at least for now.
  • Peter confronts the founder of Pinehearst with disastrous results.

    A major turning point – Peter changes the future but not as he intended; Claire proves she can take down a dangerous fugitive without help; Petrelli shows what kind of army he's building and the main players get shown to us.

    Hiro didn't go insane! He got a fake sword and blood and warned Ando in advance. Daphne is quite the little hypocrite, horrified that Hiro killed Ando. But it worked, Hiro's in and his assignment is Matt's precog friend in Africa. She mentions her boss can't have a precog around, same reason he took out Angela. Petrelli doesn't want people to know what he's up to. I love that despite all the character changes made, that the writers have kept Hiro and Ando together and the same. Ando is so perfect a partner for Hiro, keeps him more grounded and is so reliable and trustworthy. Hiro would be lost without him. I like them individually, but this is one of those times when the two together are greater than they are apart.

    Claire is going after Meredith and surprise, surprise, Sandra's going too. "Your father always said: one of us, one of them." That is so sweet!! Sandra is a really remarkable woman. Doyle is powerful and a game of Russian Roulette didn't exactly go as planned since he didn't know Claire could heal. Close call but the ladies pulled it off. Meredith is proving her worth, thought she was a gold-digger after she shook down Nathan for money but seems that was a moment of weakness, not who she really is.

    Doyle can play people like puppets – I am constantly stunned at the actions of the Company, they are so ruthless but don't terminate people like Doyle, Knox or Jesse who can never be released into society. If you're going to play God, decide who is dangerous and who isn't, even bestowing powers, then do it properly. Locking them up didn't work particularly well!

    What is Arthur Petrelli's power?! He seemed telepathic with Maury but here drains Adam's healing power, turning him to dust!! Is he like Peter, able to absorb people's powers? It's not the first time a child has the same powers as a parent – see Maury and Matt.

    Sylar goes to his brother and wakes Peter up – he's trying to change and Peter tells him how his future self repressed the hunger, but how? Peter realizes that Sylar actually is worried about Angela and Peter gets the symbol from her which Sylar identifies from the Pinehearst card Daphne gave him. "I'm your brother, you gotta listen to me, Peter, you need help." I was hoping they were already bonding but Peter's too far gone right now, he actually took Sylar down.

    Nathan and Tracy go to Mohinder who is naturally fascinated to know someone already perfected the serum that he himself messed up. He injects them, knocking them out. He's not Mohinder anymore, he's something else. He's also Daphne's next stop, make the same offer but hears Tracy and witnesses Mohinder's little horror show. She got out so I'm guessing she's gonna tell her boss.

    Daphne finds Matt who thinks they're soulmates, very sweet. Her next stop is to bust Sylar out. Sylar hesitates but she grabs the other guy. She eventually goes back to Matt, having a good idea of what kind of people Pinehearst are recruiting, and warns him to stay away.

    Our 'African Isaac' shows Hiro four men who are the 'villians' – Arthur Petrelli, Knox and the other two look like Maury Parkman and I so hope I'm wrong, Sylar??

    Peter goes alone to Pinehearst and finds… his father. Arthur is like Peter with one exception – when he takes someone's powers, it's permanent! Peter is now powerless!!!

    Some revelations but the most important thing in the episode is undoubtedly Arthur's attack on Peter – this never happened the first time, Peter still had his powers. The future just changed and not for the better, Peter now can't stop whatever Arthur is planning. This is getting interesting, though I'm extremely upset that Peter's lost his powers, it was always the coolest of them all.
  • Review is of both parts of this two-hander: 'Dying of the Light' AND 'Eris Quod Sum'.

    I've harped on just about enough over the past few weeks about this show's return to season one standards so I'm not going to bore you all again with it, except to say that yes, episodes six and seven, the two part 'Dying of the Light'/'Eris Quod Sum', are really rather good. You wouldn't know it from glancing at TV.com, of course, but then, how far can you really trust reviews that consist of 'omg Claire is so annoying and Jesus won't they just get rid of Maya and no one cares about Peter and omg omg omg omg explode!'? Well, I'll let you all make up your own minds about that one. I read an interesting article in the current issue of the UK's SFX magazine the other day, in which Tim Kring revealed that the writing staff's current approach to scripting the show consists of 'Haiku storytelling'. To quote the man, 'You take a story that would normally take ten beats to tell and you try to find a way to tell it in five. It makes for a very exciting kind of storytelling where every scene is very complete and very full.' For the most part, I agree with the implementation of this approach. Slowness of pace and padding of plot is what made Heroes' second season somewhat below par, so upping the ante in this fashion has got to be a good thing… and from the evidence we've been given for the past few weeks, that theory's been borne out. I do have one major reservation, however, and that is that the active attempt to shoehorn plot, to compact it into a set amount of narratalogical space, may ultimately prove counter productive to its own execution. Sometimes, narrative has to be allowed room to breathe; events and developments need some time to develop and prosper. This is particularly true of character beats: while it hasn't happened to a significant extent yet, it is possible that Kring's notion of 'Haiku storytelling' may not allow his audience to warm to any changes or developments in the arcs of particular characters. On a minute scale, Tracey and Nathan's minor-scale romance (holding hands!) is indicative of this as it seems to have sprung out of nowhere, while Sylar's attempts to be a 'hero', to rid himself of his villainous past, while explained quite logically within the context of the plot and also understandable, nevertheless niggle a little when compared to the sheer wealth of his, well, evilness in seasons past. Perhaps if this development had been given, say, eight or nine episodes to reach the point where he is trying to be good rather than, well, one or two, viewers wouldn't be so ready to down remotes in bemused disgust and return to their copies of The Umbrella Academy.

    Still, this reviewer is perfectly happy to accept Sylar's current status as potential hero-in-the-making, if only because, well, you do have to drop all semblance of believability when it comes to this show really, don't you? It's making for some great sequences between he and Peter (the electro-fight in the first episode is awesome) and, ultimately, Kring and co are careful to ensure that shafts of Gabriel past come shining through when the carrot is dangled in front of him: see his potential 'recruitment' to Pinehurst for further evidence of this. And hey, what a series of twists and turns overall, eh? First, Adam Monroe snuffs it in one of the most surprising deaths by old age ever depicted on screen. Then, Maury Parkman bites the dust without even so much as a 'Goodbye Matty, nice messing with your head'. And let's not forget Daphne's betrayal (nope, definitely didn't see that one coming), the split second in which we all thought it might be curtains for poor Matt and his turtle (is it just me, or is Knox getting ever more likeably bad ass with each episode?), Mohinder's continued lack of mental stability and, of course, that moment at the end of episode six in which Peter's powers go bye bye. Which is probably a good thing, in all honesty, for the foreseeable future. Arthur's power – transference of others' abilities from them to him – is completely logical, given Sylar and Peter's similar variants on the theme, and is, evidently, the most potentially lethal of them all, making him a superbly sinister villain. And on that subject, what about Puppet Guy, eh? His scenes in 'Dying of the Light' simply ooze menace; for the first time since the season opener, the production staff take their time with the depiction of the sequence, milking every possible scare out of a deliciously harrowing situation. The 'Russian Roulette' with Claire's family is fascinating to watch, even if the outcome is ultimately rather predictable, and it's largely thanks to the actor playing Doyle: I defy you not to want to crawl right behind the sofa whenever he opens his mouth or, indeed, moves a limb. In amongst all of this general marvellousness, we are also treated to some lovely comedy moments involving Hiro and Ando (Mr. African Isaac is first and foremost), Maya's potential exit from the show (am I the only one whooping? Sorry…) and, um, Sylar's frankly ridiculous escape from Level 5. 'You don't know what you're capable of' and then wham bam, thank you ma'am, I'm out? Hmm. A little too convenient methinks. Shame really, as it's the only real blot on an otherwise damn fine couple of episodes. Here's to Hiro's spirit walk in a couple of weeks…
  • another exciting installment

    So much has been happening with Heroes, it's hard to keep up sometimes. Some of the events this season have happened so fast, a catching of breath is badly needed. In this episode, the stakes are tallied together and the real bad guys begin to reveal themselves. Daddy Arthur Petrelli is getting impatient and finally tired of sitting still, hooked on life support, he manifests another ability of Sylar-esque proportions by sucking the life out of Adam, apparently absorbing his powers, and grinding the poor guy's bones to dust. I will miss Adam, he was a good villain while he lasted. Now Arthur is on the loose and ready to take over the world. Angela slips into a coma, due to her loving husband, and a worried Sylar awakens Peter to try and help her. Too bad Peter's still incensed by Sylar's ability and he's not taking orders by anyone, least of all his newly-rediscovered brother, a fact which he's still not copping to. Sylar continues the path to be good while Peter's slowly losing his head to temptation. At least he's still good enough to teleport to Pinehearst and have a little one-on-one with Daddy. Daphne is continuing her recruit for "villains" with doubts on her mind, flipping from Sylar to Mohinder, stumbling upon Matt in the process. She is a bit creeped to find out what Matt has to say about their future together, but she likes Matt enough to say to stay away from Pinehearst. It is revealed that Daphne is not in this just for cash, that Pinehearst is holding something personal over her head. Nathan and Tracey are still pissed over what has been done to them and they decide to ask for Mohinder's help in curing them of their unwanted powers. Too bad Mohinder's continuing to slip deeper and deeper into a literal monster and is currently holding the two captive. If Maya's still alive, it's up for debate. It's revealed Hiro killing Ando was just a ruse, of course, and Ando is very much alive. Looking real enough for the "villains", Daphne asks Hiro to locate the quirky sage in Africa. Ando and Hiro go and Hiro spends a lot of time getting hit in the head by a shovel as a part of a test by the sage. It was also funny that Hiro called the sage "African Issac". And Claire and her adoptive mother race to save Claire's real mother from the clutches of Doyle, a psychotic 'puppeter' manipulating every move and soon all three girls are caught in a deadly game of roulette. The episode ends with Peter finding out that yes, Daddy is alive and well, Daddy is evil, and now Daddy's has sucked all of Peter's powers from him. Great parenting. The good news is that Peter won't have the Sylar power problem but unfortunately, he's powerless for the moment. Nathan and Tracey are caught in a confrontation with a super-angry Mohinder, Noah asks for Claire's real mother's help in the villain hunt, Matt is at a loss since Daphne's avoiding him, Sylar's incompacitated by Peter, Angela's still in the coma, and Hiro and Ando plan with the quirky sage over what their course of action will be. With all this action, there's bound to be a super confrontation at the end this midseason. I hope it will be worth it.
  • Another great episode. Revealing.

    I felt that this installment was great. The emotions between Claire and her two Mom's we're absolutely my favorite set of characters on this week's episode, although I had a hard time trying to get why she had a hard time having to shoot her daughter. Meredith's life was on the line. The Arthur Petrelli "Pinehurst" plotline was yet another interesting way to go. At first I thought he had the power to make you age, but that all cleared up once during the shocking cliffhanger. I'm still wondering why he's alive. Maybe they'll clear that up in the next episode? Tracy and Nathan go seeking answers to Dr. Suresh (Molhinder). He abducts them away and I'm guessing that he has a form of hunger similar to Peter and Sylar. (and Arthur Petrelli possibly...?) Molhinder's character shifted between a short time period, so I'm nowhere doubting this theory. Also, Daphne and Matt meet up, but are troubled with numerous obstacles. I felt this plot to be sort of dull but from time to time it was actually pretty fun. It's nice to see that he kept the turtle. Hiro and Ando go and visit the "African Isaac." This plotline was average but it added humor to the installment...which was needed. It's been rumored that the writers are trying to get Isaac to come back, and that he's been busy with other movies/films/television appearances...but I wouldn't see how he'd fall in. You never know. A lot of un-explaned re-appearances are starting to take place. Angela wasn't in this installment much, which I disliked. She's my favorite character in the series, along with Claire.

    I have a few questions and I was wondering if any of you could answer my questions via PM(private messing.)
    1. Is Maya dead?
    2. Why did Peter need Sylar's power to save the world?
    3. If Peter doesn't have Sylar's power now...(due to his father) does that mean that his future character was corrupted? I'm having thoughts that Linderman is from the future, trying to change the what is happening in the future. He's corrupting Matt's destiny with Daphne, but I really have a feeling Matt won't let that happen. I think they are destined, no matter what Linderman says. But I do know for a fact that Lindermans orders Daphne to kill Matt, seeing that he won't join Pinehurst's forces. I see good in Daphne and I almost know for a fact that she WILL become a hero by the end of this season.(Volume 4: Fugitives)

    Not much more to say but I enjoyed watching this and I have plenty more to say...I just don't want to keep this any longer.
    Thank you!
  • When Parkman met Daphne.

    As a quick flashback shows us how Hiro never killed Ando Daphne quickly races to the airport to pick up Parkman, conflicted enough by the murder that never happen her would be husband only makes matters worst as he greets her not as the creepy bad guy she was expecting but rather the friendly owner of a pet turtoise. If only Papa Petrelli would've greet Adam Munroe the same way but the sad reality is that he was brought to Pinehearst only so Arthur could drain Adam for all his worth until a pile of dust is the only reminder of what once was the immortal Taketo Kenzei, I guess this means Peter & Gabriel do take it after daddy.

    As Claire pulls out a stunt to free both of her mothers as only HRG would've done, Hiro finds the pre-cog Pinehearts wanted (none other than Matt's african friend) and Sylar learns that his father did love him, Daphne manages to recruit everyone on her list - plus escape from Dr. Suresh - just in time for dinner ...with Matt... only to inform him that he's such a sweet guy he wouldn't fit with the wrong crowd and the only way for her to protect him is to run as far away as possible, back to Pinehearts.
  • This single episode has finally gotten me interested in the show again and has reminded me of why I liked it in the first place.

    Finally, some answers! And someone gets killed (at least for now)! Peter's powers are gone, Claire becomes a true hero, and this show just got a whole lot better. Just when I had become convinced that it had jumped the shark, this episode comes along. I was actually glad to see Peter lose his powers, since I felt he had just become TOO powerful. Also, Peter, Nathan, and Sylar being brothers really adds an interesting twist. Hiro deciding to do things the "old fashioned way" was refreshing as well. It's just nice to see that all the problems that arise in the show can't necessarily be magically undone anymore with time travel.
  • wow, that's exactly why I watch the show!

    Hmm, who would've thought about Sylar trying to be good and talking to Peter like a good older brother.
    Interesting how the Sylar vs. Peter fight went down quickly. Well, the focus from their past is long gone, so no point to extend it too much, I guess.

    Hiro and Ando.. always a trip. It's funny how they mix this maga like stories within the plot. They are like the underdogs who we don't really pay attention but in the end they play a pivotal role in the story.

    Arthur Petrelli is the new villain now. Didn't see that one coming. Poor Peter, it was kind of obvious that his dad would do something to him.. he was too naive there.

    Hope to see what Sylar will do in the next episode!! Cheeers!!
  • Slowly, slowly, slowly, Heroes is pulling itself back from the brink...

    I was worried. We were getting stuck in to the third season of Heroes without any sign of the long-promised "return to form". Then gradually, ever so slowly, we get glimpses of what this show used to be. Decent plot development. New "bad guy" (well, fully revealed at least). An absolutely brilliant opening scene (Bye bye Adam!) Claire getting shot (again). A bit of humour. A tortoise. What more can you ask for?

    Now I just hope they can keep the plot (excuse the pun) for a bit longer - give us back the show that you've only been teasing us with since the end of Season 1. Well, actually I just wrote all this to give me an excuse to repeat the best line of Season 3 so far:

    "Harro? Mr African Isaac?"

    Gotta love Hiro...
  • Great as always!

    This episode is awesome!
    Claire, Meredith and Sandra were controlled by Eric Doyle. He's a real psycho! It ended up with Sandra shooting Claire (because he controlled her) and then Claire revived herself and knocked down Eric.
    I loved the fight between Peter and Sylar. Peter stated "I'm the most special".. Well, a few moments later all of his powers were gone! They were stolen by Peter's father, Arthur who killed Adam by taking his ability. I liked Hiro in this episode. He and Ando were funny. I'm so glad Hiro didn't kill Ando! The part when Hiro was in Africa was funny. "Mr. African Isaac!" :)
    And Daphne is getting better by every episode as a character! I like her! She is one of the good guys, I hope she will soon realize Hiro is good too!
    I like the fact Flint is back. Daphne helped him to escape from Level 5. He tried to bring Sylar with her but he resisted. Arthur put Angela in coma. Seems like he's really powerful! And now he has all of Peter's powers! Finally, a villain is the most powerful one!
    I hope Matt will try to connect with Daphne even now when he was rejected. And it seems like Daphne has a secret which is held by the Pinehearst Company. Can't wait for another episode!!!
  • So far out of all these wonderful episodes this season, this is my favorite.

    This episode was the best I have seen this season. From the start to the finish I was glued to the television. Think about Mohinder in seasons one and two and how he was this good guy helping people. Now he is becoming this dark villain slowly transforming into who knows what. I loved the way Trace broke free of her bonds, but she and Nathan are by far free of him. Daphne is recruiting people for Pinehearst. Peter meets his dad and he takes away his powers. Nice father. Poor Hiro, I felt sorry every time he got hit on his head. I laughed, but I felt sorry for him. In the three seasons, the poor guy has been knocked out so many times. That was very brilliant the way he traveled back to get a trick sword and blood bag to fool people that he killed Ando.

    The villain, Doyle was cool. The way he can control people. Poor Meredith was at his mercy. Soon, he had Clair and Sandra in his evil clutches. The Russian Roulette game was great. Lucky he did not know Clair can regenerate, she saved the day. Did you notice the coldness Clair has to here Dad? I wonder if she is slowly turning into the Clair of the future?

    There is no doubt in my mind that Heroes is back and better than ever.
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