Season 3 Episode 6

Dying of the Light

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 20, 2008 on NBC

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  • You can't chose your family, but you can chose a side. Great tag line. High five turtle!

    I knew Hiro wouldn't let us down, I didn't imagine he actually killed Ando but good for him for pulling a fast one on the baddies. That was brilliant, still his African friend was right he was becoming a little to reliant on his powers. He's got a good creative intelligent brain and should use it more often. It'll only make him stronger for what's to come.

    Nathan and Tracey, went to see Mohinder who has clearly gone all Jekyll/Hyde. One second he's drugging them the next he's having flashes of the old logical moral Mohinder. Now I'm not one to say anything about what he can and can't control, especially given the track this season in on but he needs some help and he needs to get that power out of him like yesterday. Although the last place he should be looking is the Pinehearst company.

    Claire and her mother, along with Meredith have a creepy encounter with the puppet master Doyle. He totally unnerved me, made me real uncomfortable. To be that powerless and completely at the mercy of someone who is missing a few screws has to me just terrifying. Claire is all bad ass now though, she's no Barbie and even though she can't fight she finds ways to make her power work for her. She down Doyle which is impressive, HRG thought so too. Claire and her father are having some issues but one of them, one of us. Meredith may have the fire power but Claire...

    Back to Pineheart, whatever their point or purpose. Whatever they are trying to do they are clearly compromised of baddies and they are looking for more. Mohinder, Sylar, Matt, Hiro. They're looking for lots of new recruits. But they have a weak link, or should I say a good link. Little miss Daphne isn't as bad as she once appeared, they've got something on her that's keeping her with them. Who knows what but I think Matt will be the one to save her, especially considering she's already showing she's no murderer and she's not a fan of the concept as a rule. With his trusty turtle in tow he came clean to Daph about their future not that she necessarily believed him but they did have a certain connection, at least as much as two people could have having just met. I like them together, Matt is after all one of the few characters on the show who has through everything remained very human and very moral despite everything he has faced. He could protect her, he could save her. Here's hoping he gets the chance.

    Mr. Petrelli is doing a lot of damage left and right, he killed Adam. Aged him, crushed him, disintegrated him I'm not sure but Adam is dust (thus proving that even those characters that can't be killed aka Sylar, Peter, Claire can in fact be killed. I read a spoiler that says he's crunched for good too, which I understand because they had to show if there was in fact a way to kill those characters who we previously thought were unkillable but I was still a little upset to see such a great character bite the dust). I couldn't believe it, I realize Arthur and Adam have some kind of past but wow! I mean he just dusted him like nothing, needless to say Arthur is a big power and his comeback is going to be huge. Angela, through I'm assuming her vision of her ex-hubby or her ex-hubby himself is in some kind of coma. Sylar cares, he's worried and brings Peter out of his own coma (What is up with these comas lately? Everyones got one.) to save their mother. Peter is a little less then receptive though, they come to blows and it feels so strange. Their roles have been reversed. Peter is highly unstable, though I don't exactly blame him considering the upsetting news that Sylar is his brother combined with Sylar's power/hunger now in him, and Sylar is so different. He's calm, he's in control and he's caring. He's already becoming the man we saw in the future. During their little match Sylar barely fights back, only using his powers to restrain Peter at times. He doesn't even hit him back. He's already so different, Peter on the other hand is having serious internal issues. His comment about being the most special, which has significance later in the episode, kind of makes me think one reason he has such a problem with Sylar being his brother is because Peter over the years has learned he is one of the most special people in the world even among all the special people. But Gabriel, he's in the same league as daddy....somehow or another though Peter bests Sylar and puts him in yes you guessed it a coma. Comas for everyone!

    Speaking of daddy he and Peter have a little reunion now I'm not saying for sure that Peter shouldn't have hugged him but come on! How naive can you be! He saw his dad was back from the dead, now some people can do that but he was in the room with villains and bad guys...always a bad sign. But he hugged him and boom, he did some weird light thingy, Arthur took Peter's powers and his newly obtained hunger with them. He's not the most special anymore, not by far. Among other things, daddy is some kind of power sucker/absorber/life sucker similar to his boys powers (not including Nathan that is). Sylar, Peter and Arthur share original abilities. They haven't gone into great detail about how Sylar's works, or Arthur's for that matter. But from what we have seen the three of them share the same ability, in variations. Interesting, very interesting. Makes me think Sylar and Peter together may just be enough to take him down, of course with his bad of baddies and now Peter's powers I wouldn't place money on it at least not while Peter and Sylar are where they are now.