Season 3 Episode 6

Dying of the Light

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 20, 2008 on NBC

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  • Petrellis rule!!!!!!!!!!! Well maybe Peter, Sylar and Arthur. Hiro king of comedy. Shocking. Brilliance. Not keen on the other characters as the petrellis and Hiro stole the show.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this episode as it was a mix bag of everything from Drama and boy was there drama, Comic relief through Hiro, Emotions and bundles of suspense along with mayhem. I will only include the best bits from this episode without bringing in boredom of Claire and her brood.

    Hiro goes back in time and warns Ando to play dead. Then he goes back to the present and stabs Ando with a fake sword with fake blood. Ando does this. Knox invites Hiro to the fold and Daphne is shocked Hiro killed his friend. She gives him an assignment to bring Usutu from Africa and leaves. Hiro and Ando go to Africa.

    Knox brings in Adam to see Arthur. Adam tries to run but is stopped. Knox makes Adam face Arthur who Knox makes touch him which leads to Arthur absorbing Adam's power causing him to age fast. Adam ends up in ashes. Arthur is healed up and has Adam's power permanently.

    Claire goes to see Doyle to resue Meredith.

    Nathan and Tracy seek Mohinders help but the tables are turned when Mohinder tricks them. Daphne gives pinhearst card to Mohinder seeing a problem she escapes from his clutches before revealing that the Pinhearst company has already found a way to give abilities to people.

    Daphne goes to see Sylar trying to break him free. He doesn't want to be bad. Daphne leaves him a card if he changes his mind. She runs off with Flint.

    Syler goes to Peter freeing him to save their mother. Peter and Sylar get into a war of words about Sylar calling Angela his Mom. They both see Angela lying on the hospital bed. Peter notices that Sylar genuinely cares for Angela. Sylar mentions that she was the only person that embraced him for who he was. Peter delves into his Mothers mind and see the double helix symbol. He draws it and shows it to Sylar. Sylar shows the card to Peter. Peter attempts to go to Pinehearst by himself but Sylar tries to stop him as its not safe. He calls him his brother. Peter calls Syler weak and thrashes him and electricutes him. He leaves telling Sylar he is the most powerful.

    Daphne meets Matt and they talk about what happened in the future. He wants to know what the people she works for have against her.

    Hiro attempt to catch Usutu but failing everytime. Hiro said"Helli African Isaac". Until Hiro uses his brain. He gets to see the villains for the first time through a painting by Usutu. Peter like a bull in a china shop marches in to fight going in invisible first time this season only to be shocked by the person staring back at him. His presumed dead father who was alive and well. Arthur stops anyone from attacking Peter saying its his son. He wants a hug from Peter. They hug and Arthur absorbs all of Peter's power rendering him powerless.