Season 3 Episode 6

Dying of the Light

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 20, 2008 on NBC

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  • "Heroes" throws us a curveball of surprises.

    Dylan Thomas' quote regarding overcoming death is a fitting title for this week's episode. I expected maybe a few more nudges into the darkness but this time we had some *definite* unexpected surprises, lots of action, and a few wonderful gag lines. "High Five Turtle" and "Mr. African Isaac" are unforgettable comments. I was startled to find out how quickly and efficiently Adam was terminated. Adam's got a great personality--suave, charismatic, and level-headed--but he served his purpose as a crucial adversary for the season two story arc. Furthermore, Adam's a talkative villain and there's only so much a badass can do on an action-packed show like "Heroes". Farewell, Adam Monroe. You shall be missed. (I wonder if Kensei's latest bride is still looking for him….)

    Not to worry about the loss of Adam because we've got more baddies on the horizon. Some are bad to the core, a few are joining teams, others have fallen from grace, and one or two hang in the balance between right and wrong. The writers must finally realize that Sylar can't be the only dangerous adversary on the show. Enter Eric Doyle, a psychotic puppet-maker who appropriately "toys" with Claire, Meredith, and Sandra when they fall into his clutches. Eric is eventually (and successfully) put away by Claire but we already know she won't go quietly back home like her father wants her to. So what about Sylar? It's almost disturbing to watch him act in a state of sincerity and/or kindness when he's determined to save Angela Petrelli. Can "Heroes" greatest villain actually turn around? The question is left hanging in the air when Peter rejects Sylar's assistance. A battle breaks out and the roles are reversed: Sylar is put into a comatose state and Peter leaves alone for Pinehearst. Pinehearst's plan appears to be recruiting people with special abilities into a new army. Daphne knows her heart is not in the plan but Matt suspects Pinehearst has leverage over her to keep Daphne in line. I'm sure there's some hidden irony using a turtle to bring two people together: a cop who berates himself for being too slow and a speedster who runs away in fear. Hopefully we'll learn more about the Matt/Daphne relationship in further episodes. Mohinder also receives an invitation from Pinehearst, followed by a surprise visit from Nathan Petrelli and Tracey Strauss. He expresses a brief moment of regret for his errors before imprisoning them both. But if his conscience won't stop him then I don't know who or what will save Mohinder from his doomed fate. Some viewers thought Peter was getting too powerful with so many abilities developing throughout the series…and the writers have answered that beautifully. We've only been introduced to a fully capable and restored Arthur Petrelli but he seems dangerous enough to drain Peter of his powers. The last few minutes end with a great cliffhanger struggle between Arthur and Peter-and we have no idea what will happen to Peter. I feel the writers are back on track.
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