Season 3 Episode 6

Dying of the Light

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 20, 2008 on NBC

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  • One more Dimension please

    As usual, the story quality is exceptional, the personal growth and pain of a couple of the lead characters is good, and the VO monologues are near perfect poetic pieces. But, the shallow, dare I say, stupidity of a few of the more impressive (powerful) lead characters is almost laughable. Example you say? Peter Petrelli. His brash save the world mentality has been prevalent since his introduction, with his brother, a far more sophisticated drawing upstaging him, not for acting per say, but because Peter's character is so poorly drawn that Nathan's selfishness and troubling sense of hope almost seems real in comparison. Over and over again Peter's character makes the same arrogant lashings, the same moral compass mistakes, and seems to never, ever, learn from his own decisions. He backed Adam last season with disastrous results, without the curse of his 'newest power', ignoring the pleas of those people whom helped him and protected him earlier. If he had learned one single thing in the last two seasons, you'd think it would at the very least have been, be careful whom you trust. Yet, this episode ends with Peter making, yet again, one really terrible decision. In fact isn't most of the world ending Peter's fault in someway, with all of is interfering and unintelligent bumbling? Yet, the guy just doesn't get it. This is terrible writing...or brilliant writing, but the latter remains to be seen. I challenge the writers to approach the characters with some sense of their own identities, to reflect more of their own personal experience into the heart of ALL the characters, not just Claire or Sylar, whom at this point seem to be the only characters growing at all, will all the rest flounder in their adolescence. Yet, then again, this Soap Opera style of writing leaves out so many natural human elements anyway thus creating a superficial and unrealistic picture of the true world. Maybe that's the point, what do I know.
    And yes, I still give this episode an 8, because, even with its elephantine character failures, the feeling and intention, its animus, remain clever and sometimes brilliant. I'm just worried the show will never grow up.