Season 3 Episode 6

Dying of the Light

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 20, 2008 on NBC

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  • This events of this episode absolutely show that the series can get itself back on track, but the show's main problem at this point is in it's characters.

    The events during this episode were exciting and riveting, and the direction the plot is taking is great so far. However, I have one big problem with the series right now, and that is it's characters, and some of the situations they end up in.

    The characters in this episode make some of the stupidest decisions I have ever seen. Let's start with Adam Monroe (this one is actually a writing decision.)

    I understand that Adam dieing was necessary for Peter's father to get his health back, but still - killing the character off was not the best decision in my opinion. He was the best part of season two (although I liked him better for comic relief than a villain) and why bother bringing him back at all if you were going to kill him two episodes later!?

    Secondly, I am now Sick and tired of the two invincible character in the show, Peter and Sylar, hooking eachother up to the machine every ****in episode, it's getting annoying! Luckily, now that Peter has lost his powers, we won't have to watch any more of Pylar. (Peter acting exactly like Sylar with his power) He was interesting to see at first, and a great way to reinforce how Sylar was an unwilling villain, but that whole plot point was also getting annoying.

    Also, what the hell is Mohinder doing?? Hes getting all these damn people in cocoons, is he feeding on them, experimenting on them, or decorating his room with them? What the hell is his deal?

    I think Matt made a very stupid decision in telling Daphne outright that he saw them married. Kind of scared her off didn't it? Came on a little too strong. "Hey, eventually we get married, so, how about we just get married and leave? I'm perfectly fine with such a life changing event, as long as it means saving the life of a complete stranger."

    So anyway, great episode, great twists (tho I think maybe there should be a little less of um in the future) but dumb, stupid characters that can't learn from their mistakes.
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