Season 3 Episode 6

Dying of the Light

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 20, 2008 on NBC

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  • Peter confronts the founder of Pinehearst with disastrous results.

    A major turning point – Peter changes the future but not as he intended; Claire proves she can take down a dangerous fugitive without help; Petrelli shows what kind of army he's building and the main players get shown to us.

    Hiro didn't go insane! He got a fake sword and blood and warned Ando in advance. Daphne is quite the little hypocrite, horrified that Hiro killed Ando. But it worked, Hiro's in and his assignment is Matt's precog friend in Africa. She mentions her boss can't have a precog around, same reason he took out Angela. Petrelli doesn't want people to know what he's up to. I love that despite all the character changes made, that the writers have kept Hiro and Ando together and the same. Ando is so perfect a partner for Hiro, keeps him more grounded and is so reliable and trustworthy. Hiro would be lost without him. I like them individually, but this is one of those times when the two together are greater than they are apart.

    Claire is going after Meredith and surprise, surprise, Sandra's going too. "Your father always said: one of us, one of them." That is so sweet!! Sandra is a really remarkable woman. Doyle is powerful and a game of Russian Roulette didn't exactly go as planned since he didn't know Claire could heal. Close call but the ladies pulled it off. Meredith is proving her worth, thought she was a gold-digger after she shook down Nathan for money but seems that was a moment of weakness, not who she really is.

    Doyle can play people like puppets – I am constantly stunned at the actions of the Company, they are so ruthless but don't terminate people like Doyle, Knox or Jesse who can never be released into society. If you're going to play God, decide who is dangerous and who isn't, even bestowing powers, then do it properly. Locking them up didn't work particularly well!

    What is Arthur Petrelli's power?! He seemed telepathic with Maury but here drains Adam's healing power, turning him to dust!! Is he like Peter, able to absorb people's powers? It's not the first time a child has the same powers as a parent – see Maury and Matt.

    Sylar goes to his brother and wakes Peter up – he's trying to change and Peter tells him how his future self repressed the hunger, but how? Peter realizes that Sylar actually is worried about Angela and Peter gets the symbol from her which Sylar identifies from the Pinehearst card Daphne gave him. "I'm your brother, you gotta listen to me, Peter, you need help." I was hoping they were already bonding but Peter's too far gone right now, he actually took Sylar down.

    Nathan and Tracy go to Mohinder who is naturally fascinated to know someone already perfected the serum that he himself messed up. He injects them, knocking them out. He's not Mohinder anymore, he's something else. He's also Daphne's next stop, make the same offer but hears Tracy and witnesses Mohinder's little horror show. She got out so I'm guessing she's gonna tell her boss.

    Daphne finds Matt who thinks they're soulmates, very sweet. Her next stop is to bust Sylar out. Sylar hesitates but she grabs the other guy. She eventually goes back to Matt, having a good idea of what kind of people Pinehearst are recruiting, and warns him to stay away.

    Our 'African Isaac' shows Hiro four men who are the 'villians' – Arthur Petrelli, Knox and the other two look like Maury Parkman and I so hope I'm wrong, Sylar??

    Peter goes alone to Pinehearst and finds… his father. Arthur is like Peter with one exception – when he takes someone's powers, it's permanent! Peter is now powerless!!!

    Some revelations but the most important thing in the episode is undoubtedly Arthur's attack on Peter – this never happened the first time, Peter still had his powers. The future just changed and not for the better, Peter now can't stop whatever Arthur is planning. This is getting interesting, though I'm extremely upset that Peter's lost his powers, it was always the coolest of them all.