Season 3 Episode 6

Dying of the Light

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 20, 2008 on NBC

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  • Hiro is recruited to Pinehearst and he's asked to recruit Usutu. Daphne continues recruiting people in Pinehearst including Mohinder and Matt. Tracy and Nathan ask for Mohinder's help with their abilities. Peter goes to Pinehearst. Claire goes after Doyle

    Continuing from the previous chapter this one is even more exciting.
    Hiro turns out didn't kill Ando but it was all a trick so he can get in Pinehearst. Daphne is convinced and gives Hiro his first assignment; to recruit Usutu in Africa. Hiro travels along with Ando to Africa but it turns out Usutu is much harder to catch due to his pre-cog powers. In the end, Usutu teaches Hiro a lesson to not rely on his powers a lot but use his brain more. Showing Hiro the villains he's after he asks Hiro to pick a side. Meanwhile, Knox takes Adam Monroe to Arthur who absorbs Adam's ability and so he rises from his comatose state.
    Tracy and Nathan arrive in Isaac's loft and ask for Mohinder to help them remove their abilities. Mohinder however tricks them and drugs them instead. Daphne goes to Mohinder in order to recruit him by telling him that the company she works for, Pinehearst, has already found what he is looking for; how to give people abilities. When Daphne however sees what he has done with Nathan, Tracy and the other people in the cocoons she runs away leaving behind only the Pinehearst card. Tracy manages to escape from the bonds Mohinder tied her and both her and Nathan have to face Mohinder's wrath.
    Daphne meets up with Matt at JFK Airport and Matt thinks this was destiny and so was the future he saw with her. Daphne is not convinced at first but later on she seems attracted to Matt.
    Sylar has a visit from Daphne asking him to come with Pinehearst. Sylar is tempted but he refuses. Daphne leaves taking Flint with her (the flamethrowing guy). Sylar frees Peter to assist him help Angela. Peter however seems to be completely overcome by the hunger. After a confrontation between the two, Peter defeats Sylar and ties him up. Then he heads to Pinehearst headquarters. There, he meets up with a man he thought he was dead; his father Arthur Petrelli. Arthur tricks Peter into giving him a hung and absorbing his powers. Peter is left powerless and Arthur is now the most powerful in the world.
    Finally, Claire arrives with her mother Sandra outside Doyle's puppet theatre in order to take him down and save Meredith. In there, we see Doyle's, evil and cool at the same time, powers in use on Meredith. When Sandra and Claire try to trick Doyle, he is on to them and he puts the three women into a supernatural game of Russian roulette. In the end, Sandra shoots Claire and Claire takes down Eric Doyle. Eric is put back to the cell by Noah who is shocked to find out that Claire helped capture him. Noah asks Meredith to be his partner; his "one of them".
    A very enjoyable episode. Claire's story seems to be getting better and better. The game of Russian roulette is amazing with wonderful performances from all four actors (Sandra - Ashley Crow, Meredith - Jessalyn Gislig, Claire - Hayden Penettiere and Eric Doyle- David Lawrence). Arthur's power is really cool suitable for the villain of this volume. The villains start rising and those include Flint, Knox, Daphne, Maury and a still not recruited Mohinder. Enjoy!
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