Season 3 Episode 7

Eris Quod Sum

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 27, 2008 on NBC
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Tracy and Nathan try to save themselves from a dangerous Mohinder who is no longer in control of himself. Sylar is given the task to save Peter from a rival company. Daphne is ordered to kill or be killed. Hiro is still searching for answers.

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  • Okay... this seriously needs to stop.

    I'm sorry, but the writers REALLY need either a) give up or b)try harder. I understand that writing a show isn't easy, and appealing to the fanbase is even harder, but if I may poke at seasons one and two, my argument stands on its own rather well.

    Honestly, I don't know what to say except that this episode almost literally bored me to tears. Literally. One of the worse episodes I've seen so far. I really don't know what it was about this episode, but my God. I hated it.

    Matt Parkman. Again. Shut up, for God's sakes. That turtle probably wants to kill itself by now. Daphne, amazingly, seems to be getting cooler, and I admit I didn't expect the whole "he thinks I'm on his side" plot twist. Knox was at first interesting, but now... well, he punched a hole in Matt, so I cheered. Then of course it was all the "mind mojo" and I was fairly disappointed.

    Sylar, dear, you're breaking my heart. If you're going to stop being a villian, don't take the "Hiro Nakamura" approach to doing so. Plainly stating "I'm a hero" just really makes you look stupid. Plus, your eyebrows seem to have gotten bigger. Maybe it's just me. Peter, listen to me: NO ONE (as far as I know, anyway) CARES. Claire I despise, so I'm skipping over her. Suresh and Maya are having their little soap opera drama and now Papa-Petrelli can kill people by getting mad. Greeeat.

    Ando, seriously, just slap Hiro and yell at him. Get it over with. We all know he's a dumbass; we need someone on the SHOW to actually say this. Please? Maybe Mr. African Issac should just bonk him on the head again with the shovel. Random bit of info: I watched Balls of Fury yesterday and starting laughing when Masi Oka appeared on the screen. What has Heroes done to me?

    Two weeks from now my faith in this show will be tested. Til then, ta.moreless
  • this is the perfect episode for all of the sylar lovers such as myself...oh and i show that i can count!

    First off, i love sylar and the character development that this season is bringing out of him. Second off, i was iffy when i first saw that he was going to possibly become a good guy BUT now i love it. Third off,the storyline of this third season is that of the first season with beautiful plot twist such as the one with daphne. Fourth off, sylar saved his brother peter. THis third season has reached the pivotal section of it that will decide its fate be that of season one or else that of season twos and if i was a betting man(i was until the dolphins became utterly pitiful thank you very much dave wannstedt) i would put my money on it being as good as season one when its all said and done.moreless
  • Plot lines are beginning to come together.

    The Plot line are beginning to come together. I thought when Maya's ability was taken away was a good thing. Elle and Claire are hot when working together. A lot of adrenaline especially with Matt's power and Sylar saving his little brother. And Meredith and Tracy meeting, boy does Nathan love his super-powered blondes. Hiro did not get anything in this episode, but it was alright. Daphne is torn to save Matt's life as well as hers. Let us hope she makes the right choice and not betray Matt completely. The writers are doing a good job on making Arthur very intimidating and evil. Overall great episode. I hope they keep it up because the plot lines are unfolding.moreless
  • LOL

    this episode was LOL-worthy... most of the dramatic scenes came off extremely laughable. The script? Oh, God. Jesse Alexander should be banned from writing, he has written the worst episodes of the show.

    This one isn't the worst -- it's just poor. Rather poor. I mean, what was there that was actually good? I can't say I didn't enjoy the Sylar scenes, but that's PRETTY MUCH it.

    I probably liked powerless Peter too(okay. Like is a bit strong. I enjoyed.) He just seemed less dumb this way.

    Also Elle - I liked the direction of her character, but I'm almost certain she's gonna be written out soon, unfortunately. Though, the airplane scene - LOL. Seriously. LOL. The rest was... ohmy. Mohinder? God, that was... embarassing. To even watch. Horrible.

    AND they kept Maya alive! WTF!

    Yet they killed Maury! WTF! One of the coolest misc-villains! WHY? This just - sucks. Really, it does.

    The Matt/Daphne scenes were so cringeworthy, LOL. Though Matt's mind mojo was fun and pretty cool twist.

    However - Daphne double, triple, quad crossing peopleŰ? Seriously, when will the writers learn it

    DON'T OVERDO TWISTS! Don't. Twists are great but overdoing them is stupid. X is dead... not, not dead. Yes, dead. No, not dead. Y is working for A. Not.... or maybe yes. The show just loses credibility this way.

    The ending, I don't even know what the hell that meant. I mean that was such a powerless cliffhanger, they at least could've added one more scene. A shot of Sylar looking evil would've been more exciting. Hiro is just really overdone.

    Oh, and Noah... I'm sorry to say this: but right now, his presence on the show, is absolutely useless.moreless
  • I really duno what to say

    Let's put it this way,

    Everytime i watch this show, or Smallville. I need to remind myself, this is a Sci-Fiction/Fantasy/Comic thingy, so i wont feel like God, do they think i'm dumb? But ok, that aside. This is a great show.. lol

    We must first understand, in such Comic territory, not everything must make sense or logic and that not everything has to piece together, this is not CSI and its not House MD.. we got to let the loopholes go and the loose ends hanging..so that we can truly enjoy the show. Seeing how many 9 and 10 ratings this show has, tells me that many ppl are able to do that.. ^^

    Lets get to the review, small points, some one previously said that giving someone too many powers makes it hard to control that character and i think its totally true.. Arthur Petrelli..is like a arsenal or a circus of tricks right now, so was sylar and so was Peter. I'll bow down to anyone who can list down all of Arthur's tricks now and bend even lower to someone who can tell me how he himself remembers what he has..

    Its like, he flicks his hand, and u wonder what is gonna be unleashed..blue energy bolts? Telekenesis? Atmic bomb..or just a pizza he's eating halfway. The man is a walking superman and when he gets nathan's power, there it is! Clark with no weaknesses.

    Thats my main gripe, the characters fail to use their powers when they need to, cos the scriptwriters told them not to ..and thats it. Mind control..out of the window, freeze?..nope..not today..speed to run away? U better not.. u might slip and fall..

    The story is setting up a good premise, its looking good, a team of bad guys..and a pathetic team of good guys, but the leading up to it..thats the problem..its all too convenient, Sylar is obviously a spy.. why does Arthur need anyone to go ahead with his plans? maybe some lackeys to do some leg work..but why sylar or peter? These 2 are super threats..killing them..and eradicating their powers would be best. I dun believe he still cares for family ties, maybe to Peter..but why does he need sylar for? As a chinese, i can quote a chinese saying, never keep someone too good close to u..cos u're so gonna regret it.. Anyway, this is still one of my favorite shows..if i choose to leave my brain and logic behind..and just enjoy..and i think all of u should too ^^moreless
Ron Perkins

Ron Perkins

Arthur's Doctor

Guest Star

Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell

Elle Bishop

Recurring Role

Brea Grant

Brea Grant

Daphne Millbrook

Recurring Role

Ntare Mwine

Ntare Mwine


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Why was Claire so upset upon seeing Tracy? Nathan had to assure her that Tracy was good and even then she still gave Nathan the cold shoulder. Claire met Nikki only once and Nikki did nothing to warrant such a reaction from Claire.

    • When Mohinder jumps with Maya through the roof, it's shown that Nathan's shirt is open. But when the camera goes back to Nathan after the jump, his shirt is buttoned up.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Sandra: You okay?
      Claire: I think so. Is that weird? We just starred in the human puppet show, my dad is working with a serial killer and I can't feel pain.
      Sandra: Claire, the things you deal with, the demons you face, I can't imagine. How you handle them, that you stay strong in the face of it all, that makes me proud.

    • Meredith: (to Nathan about Tracy) I see you still got a weakness for blondes.

    • Meredith: (to Tracy about Nathan) I'd watch out for that one.
      Tracy: Oh, we're not together.
      Meredith: (suspiciously) Ah.

    • Mohinder: What kind of father would put his children through such agony?
      Arthur: Have you met their mother?

    • Tracy: (to Nathan about Meredith and Noah) Ok, let me get this straight: She is the biological mother of your illegitimate daughter, and he's her adopted father?
      Noah: That sounds about right.

    • Peter: Giving everyone on the planet an ability, that's really your idea of the greater good?
      Arthur: That's not what I want.
      Peter: That's what happens. I've seen the future, Dad. I've seen the whole neighborhood get nuked.
      Arthur: You can help me. Together, we can make sure that the future you saw never happens. Once you understand what I'm doing...
      Peter: I'm not interested in what you're doing. And with or without my powers, I'm gonna find a way to shut you down and I'm gonna make you pay for everything you ever done!
      Arthur: Son, until you change that attitude, you're grounded.

    • Claire: What if there's something wrong with all of us and they can fix it?
      Elle: You're fine. You're perfect.
      Claire: No, I'm not. Whatever is happening to you, it's happening to me, too.
      Elle: You're still healing, aren't you?
      Claire: Yeah. But I can't feel pain. And I think it's only a matter of time before I can't feel anything at all.
      Elle: You can't feel pain. I wish I had your problems, Cheerleader. My body is screaming. I'm in agony.
      Claire: Go with me. If there's a chance that these people at Pinehearst can help us, we'll go together.
      Elle: Alright, Dorothy. Then we're off to see the Wizard.

    • Daphne: How can I fix this?
      Arthur: Re-visit Mr. Parkman.
      Daphne: But I don't think he's gonna take the deal.
      Arthur: You're not going to offer him anything. You're going to kill him.
      Maury: What?
      Arthur: I just asked her to kill your son, Maury. Is that a problem?
      Maury: You're damn right. My loyalty for his safety. That was the arrangement.
      Daphne: I'm a thief. I steal things. There's no way I could kill anybody.
      Maury: I'm not going to let you do this, Arthur.
      Arthur: You're not in the position to give me orders.
      Maury: I'm Matt's father. Without me, you'd still be lying...
      (Arthur snaps Maury's neck with his power)
      Arthur: Thank you, Maury, for all your sacrifice.

    • Knox: You think you can hold me with a power?
      Matt: Not only can I hold you, I can kill you. I'm going to dig inside your head, find your worst fear, and make it eat you alive.
      Knox: I'm not the one that's scared. You are. And your fear just makes me strong.

  • NOTES (1)

    • International Airdates:
      Australia: November 13, 2008 on Channel/Prime
      New Zealand: December 17, 2008 on TV3
      Latin America: January 9, 2009 on Universal Channel
      India: February 3, 2009 on Star World
      Belgium: April 2, 2009 on VT4
      Germany: October 14, 2009 on RTL II
      Finland: March 20, 2010 on Sub
      Czech Republic: July 16, 2010 on Prima COOL
      Slovakia: July 19, 2012 on Markiza


    • Elle: Alright, Dorothy. Then we're off to see the wizard.
      Alluding to The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz, a book published in 1900 by L. Frank Baum about a girl named Dorothy and her journey to see the Wizard in the land of Oz.

    • Book that Arthur is reading: Thus Spake Zarathustra by Friedrich Nietzsche
      This book introduces the concept of the Übermensch (or overman/superman) as a goal for mankind. The concept is that the purpose of mankind is not to aspire towards an otherwordly union with God and an afterlife, but rather to will the birth of a new, evolved generation of mankind.

    • Lyle: The bitch is back
      The Bitch is Back is the title of the last episode of the series Veronica Mars. Kristen Bell, who plays Elle in Heroes, played the title character of Veronica.

    • Title: Eris Quod Sum
      The Roman poet Horace wrote the maxim "Eram quod es; eris quod sum" which means, roughly, "I was what you are; you will be what I am." The second part of this (Eris quod sum, "you will be what I am") became a popular epitaph, and may still be found on grave markers in some early New England cemeteries.