Season 3 Episode 7

Eris Quod Sum

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 27, 2008 on NBC

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  • Okay... this seriously needs to stop.

    I'm sorry, but the writers REALLY need either a) give up or b)try harder. I understand that writing a show isn't easy, and appealing to the fanbase is even harder, but if I may poke at seasons one and two, my argument stands on its own rather well.

    Honestly, I don't know what to say except that this episode almost literally bored me to tears. Literally. One of the worse episodes I've seen so far. I really don't know what it was about this episode, but my God. I hated it.

    Matt Parkman. Again. Shut up, for God's sakes. That turtle probably wants to kill itself by now. Daphne, amazingly, seems to be getting cooler, and I admit I didn't expect the whole "he thinks I'm on his side" plot twist. Knox was at first interesting, but now... well, he punched a hole in Matt, so I cheered. Then of course it was all the "mind mojo" and I was fairly disappointed.

    Sylar, dear, you're breaking my heart. If you're going to stop being a villian, don't take the "Hiro Nakamura" approach to doing so. Plainly stating "I'm a hero" just really makes you look stupid. Plus, your eyebrows seem to have gotten bigger. Maybe it's just me. Peter, listen to me: NO ONE (as far as I know, anyway) CARES. Claire I despise, so I'm skipping over her. Suresh and Maya are having their little soap opera drama and now Papa-Petrelli can kill people by getting mad. Greeeat.

    Ando, seriously, just slap Hiro and yell at him. Get it over with. We all know he's a dumbass; we need someone on the SHOW to actually say this. Please? Maybe Mr. African Issac should just bonk him on the head again with the shovel. Random bit of info: I watched Balls of Fury yesterday and starting laughing when Masi Oka appeared on the screen. What has Heroes done to me?

    Two weeks from now my faith in this show will be tested. Til then, ta.
  • this is the perfect episode for all of the sylar lovers such as myself...oh and i show that i can count!

    First off, i love sylar and the character development that this season is bringing out of him. Second off, i was iffy when i first saw that he was going to possibly become a good guy BUT now i love it. Third off,the storyline of this third season is that of the first season with beautiful plot twist such as the one with daphne. Fourth off, sylar saved his brother peter. THis third season has reached the pivotal section of it that will decide its fate be that of season one or else that of season twos and if i was a betting man(i was until the dolphins became utterly pitiful thank you very much dave wannstedt) i would put my money on it being as good as season one when its all said and done.
  • Plot lines are beginning to come together.

    The Plot line are beginning to come together. I thought when Maya's ability was taken away was a good thing. Elle and Claire are hot when working together. A lot of adrenaline especially with Matt's power and Sylar saving his little brother. And Meredith and Tracy meeting, boy does Nathan love his super-powered blondes. Hiro did not get anything in this episode, but it was alright. Daphne is torn to save Matt's life as well as hers. Let us hope she makes the right choice and not betray Matt completely. The writers are doing a good job on making Arthur very intimidating and evil. Overall great episode. I hope they keep it up because the plot lines are unfolding.
  • LOL

    this episode was LOL-worthy... most of the dramatic scenes came off extremely laughable. The script? Oh, God. Jesse Alexander should be banned from writing, he has written the worst episodes of the show.

    This one isn't the worst -- it's just poor. Rather poor. I mean, what was there that was actually good? I can't say I didn't enjoy the Sylar scenes, but that's PRETTY MUCH it.

    I probably liked powerless Peter too(okay. Like is a bit strong. I enjoyed.) He just seemed less dumb this way.

    Also Elle - I liked the direction of her character, but I'm almost certain she's gonna be written out soon, unfortunately. Though, the airplane scene - LOL. Seriously. LOL. The rest was... ohmy. Mohinder? God, that was... embarassing. To even watch. Horrible.
    AND they kept Maya alive! WTF!

    Yet they killed Maury! WTF! One of the coolest misc-villains! WHY? This just - sucks. Really, it does.

    The Matt/Daphne scenes were so cringeworthy, LOL. Though Matt's mind mojo was fun and pretty cool twist.

    However - Daphne double, triple, quad crossing peopleŰ? Seriously, when will the writers learn it

    DON'T OVERDO TWISTS! Don't. Twists are great but overdoing them is stupid. X is dead... not, not dead. Yes, dead. No, not dead. Y is working for A. Not.... or maybe yes. The show just loses credibility this way.

    The ending, I don't even know what the hell that meant. I mean that was such a powerless cliffhanger, they at least could've added one more scene. A shot of Sylar looking evil would've been more exciting. Hiro is just really overdone.

    Oh, and Noah... I'm sorry to say this: but right now, his presence on the show, is absolutely useless.
  • I really duno what to say

    Let's put it this way,

    Everytime i watch this show, or Smallville. I need to remind myself, this is a Sci-Fiction/Fantasy/Comic thingy, so i wont feel like God, do they think i'm dumb? But ok, that aside. This is a great show.. lol

    We must first understand, in such Comic territory, not everything must make sense or logic and that not everything has to piece together, this is not CSI and its not House MD.. we got to let the loopholes go and the loose ends hanging..so that we can truly enjoy the show. Seeing how many 9 and 10 ratings this show has, tells me that many ppl are able to do that.. ^^

    Lets get to the review, small points, some one previously said that giving someone too many powers makes it hard to control that character and i think its totally true.. Arthur Petrelli..is like a arsenal or a circus of tricks right now, so was sylar and so was Peter. I'll bow down to anyone who can list down all of Arthur's tricks now and bend even lower to someone who can tell me how he himself remembers what he has..

    Its like, he flicks his hand, and u wonder what is gonna be unleashed..blue energy bolts? Telekenesis? Atmic bomb..or just a pizza he's eating halfway. The man is a walking superman and when he gets nathan's power, there it is! Clark with no weaknesses.

    Thats my main gripe, the characters fail to use their powers when they need to, cos the scriptwriters told them not to ..and thats it. Mind control..out of the window, freeze?..nope..not today..speed to run away? U better not.. u might slip and fall..

    The story is setting up a good premise, its looking good, a team of bad guys..and a pathetic team of good guys, but the leading up to it..thats the problem..its all too convenient, Sylar is obviously a spy.. why does Arthur need anyone to go ahead with his plans? maybe some lackeys to do some leg work..but why sylar or peter? These 2 are super threats..killing them..and eradicating their powers would be best. I dun believe he still cares for family ties, maybe to Peter..but why does he need sylar for? As a chinese, i can quote a chinese saying, never keep someone too good close to u..cos u're so gonna regret it.. Anyway, this is still one of my favorite shows..if i choose to leave my brain and logic behind..and just enjoy..and i think all of u should too ^^
  • Can't wait till November 10th Hero goes to the past, let see what that like. Sylar did help Peter survive that fall right? Can anyone help me confirm this please? Well guys nice talking you guys hope to get back to this forum after the 10th

    I think it was a pretty good episode very promising, I think the show is getting better and that very interesting. I do think that the part of Claire and Ellen in the plane was a little off; Heroes suppose to be this people with abilities but the outside world don't know about it. And yet having electricity all over a plane come on you can do better than that, great special effect though. I would not stop watching and please haters out there if all you have to say is negative reviews don't bother seriously we don't care, so stop wasting yours and our time because no matter what you say we will watch it and love it.
  • The Bold and the Heroful, with Robocop baby food. Easily the worst episode so far.

    Like JBentham pointed out in the review ( http://www.tv.com/heroes/eris-quod-sum/episode/1231053/reviews.html?review_id=552429&flag=&tag=reviews;episode;continue;3 ), we know whose fault it is for "Let me check the circuit breakers".

    Even from the actors' acting, it's easy to see what they thought about this episode.

    Your review needs to be at least 100 words long.

    Someone else said, "We didn't think it advanced the story line very far... though hopefully it did - finally! - rid the series of Maya once and for all." ( http://www.heroesfanatic.com/2008/10/heroes-episode-guide-photos-quotes--more-from-eris-quod-sum/ ). Couldn't agree more, enough of her, finally. Somehow it might be possible to burn the compilation DVDs without her, for the most part.
  • The Bold and the Heroful, with Robocop baby food. Easily the worst episode so far.

    Like JBentham pointed out in the review ( http://www.tv.com/heroes/eris-quod-sum/episode/1231053/reviews.html?review_id=552429&flag=&tag=reviews;episode;continue;3 ), we know whose fault it is for "Let me check the circuit breakers".

    Even from the actors' acting, it's easy to see what they thought about this episode.

    Your review needs to be at least 100 words long.

    Someone else said, "We didn't think it advanced the story line very far... though hopefully it did - finally! - rid the series of Maya once and for all." ( http://www.heroesfanatic.com/2008/10/heroes-episode-guide-photos-quotes--more-from-eris-quod-sum/ ). Couldn't agree more, enough of her, finally. Somehow it might be possible to burn the compilation DVDs without her, for the most part.
  • another action-packed, suspenseful, surprising episode

    Heroes is starting to crank up the intensity and the suspense of the hero war is very noticeable. It won't be long. This episode packs the excitement yet again. Last episode Peter found out Daddy was alive, Daddy was evil, and "sweet" Daddy stole all his powers. And now Daddy has him locked up in the cell. Between Arthur and Angela, they have a way with parenting. Arthur informs Peter his powers are gone for good, but I don't believe that. Somehow, Peter will find a way to get a power back, whether it's his old ones or a new one. For now, he has to settle with being a regular human being. Mohinder has Tracey and Nathan cornered in NY. Mohinder doesn't believe he's evil and to prove it, he sweeps Maya off to Pinehearst to help her. Back at Pinehearst, Daphne is ordered to kill Matt or Arthur will kill her and killing Matt doesn't sit well with father Maury, because as he says, he only helped Arthur so he wouldn't kill his son, a fact that is a bit stretchy, I admit, and should have been elaborated more on. In response, Arthur kills Maury and sends Daphne off. Claire and family get a surprise visit from Elle, who's power's are short-circuiting and she needs help. Claire offers to go with her to Pinehearst so they could fix Claire's no-pain problem as well. Sylar is tasked by his incompacitated mom to bring back Peter from Pinehearst. Back at Pinehearst, Arthur relieves Maya of her powers and Mohinder is happy, and completely his old self, until Maya won't have anything to do with him. Arthur offers Mohinder a chance to conrol his new powers without removing them; in return, Mohinder will help experimenting on unwilling test subjects. Mohinder, after only a brief moment of doubt, agrees. It shows how far Mohinder has fallen. When he joined the Company, he was doing it to help the people he loved and he questioned some of their worst moments. Now, Mohinder just doesn't care anymore about good or evil and just wants to fulfill his own ends. Daphne meets up with Matt and tries to kill him but hestitates when Matt pulls out the future card. She agrees, grungingly, to help him fight Pinehearst and Matt shows off consider skill in his mind-maniuplation fighting off Knox. Elle and Claire fly to Pinehearst, Elle's powers almost causing the plane to crash, where Claire's no-pain is actually useful here in helping absorb the electricity. Tracey and Nathan contemplate where Mohinder and Maya went. Arthur wheels Peter to Mohinder, who's going to try to inject new powers into him. Peter warns Mohinder of his future but Mohinder shrugs it off, feeling it's too late to save him from what he's become. Sylar barges in and saves Peter. Peter, amazed, starts to have second thoughts of his brother. It will have to wait since Mohinder bashes Sylar's skull, enraged over past deeds. Peter barely escapes with his life. Now Sylar is captured and Arthur tells Mohinder that Sylar is his son too. More surprises are in store when Arthur informs his son the reason why Angela put him up for adoption: she had nightmarish visions forseeing what he would do and is pretty good in convincing Sylar Mommy's not to be trusted. Peter sticks around Pinehearst to save Sylar. Mohinder catches up with Maya and Maya tells him she's leaving to atone for her past and hopefully, Mohinder will do the same. Maya is officially gone. I believe many Heroes fans are cheering and celebrating from their couches. I know I am. It is hard believe that there could be a character that just plain annoys the hell of you, while you know they're useless. With Maya, Adam, and Maury gone, disappears all traces of Season Two. Peter tries to save Sylar but Sylar won't have it, switching his loyalties from mother to father. Back to being a villain. He flings Peter out the window just when Claire and Elle arrive and both watch shocked when Peter hits the ground, and amazingly, walks away alive. What? Could his powers still be there? Claire helps Peter get away and Peter warns them of his father but Elle, desperate to get rid of her powers, walks into Pinehearst. Peter and Claire meet up with Nathan and Tracey. Peter has a theory that Sylar hasn't gone evil again, that he created a ruse to gain Daddy's trust and saved Peter's life. Nathan is shocked to learn from Peter that Daddy is alive and can't believe that Peter's telling him Daddy's evil. He warns Nathan not to go to Pinehearst, but of course, Nathan is starting to go, along with Tracey, who remembers Pinehearst as injecting her with powers. And finally, Hiro, who has been noticeably absent in this episode, finally shows up. Still in Africa, he refuses to go to the past to find out the truth, feeling he's messed up the past plenty of times. Hmm...maybe he's not far off. Utusu, knowing Ando and Hiro need the truth, gives Hiro the future-seeing paste he gave Matt. The episode ends with Matt and Daphne on their way to Pinehearst, Daphne's double-crossing Matt and still plans to kill Matt due to a mysterious threat Arthur is holding over her, Peter powerless, Mohinder joining again with the bad team, Sylar too but is Sylar still good or has he returned to a villain?, Nathan and Tracey on their way to Pinehearst, Angela still in a coma, and Hiro warped on paste, seeing the past. Awesome stuff. Unfortunately, it won't be another two weeks until the next episode where it's revealed how Pinehearst came about. It's only going to get more exciting and deadly as the war between heroes and villain will soon begin. How will it play out? We'll have to wait to find out.
  • One of the best if not the best episode so far this season! Claire decides to help Elle and takes her on a plane to Pinehearst... and ends up semi-saving Peter and hugging Nathan and all... Matt's story gets interesting, etc!

    Peter was amazingly hot tonight, but not only was he nice and shirtless but he got to share a moment with Sylar, multiple scenes with Claire, there was Elle/Peter in the same scene again, Nathan/Peter - which is always awesome - and Peter was back to his good old self. :D No crazy hunger, no evil future self... being the Peter Petrelli fan I am I adored Monday's episode.

    Sandra was a good mother and had a few good and sweet lines, from the whole "Staying strong in the face of it all" speech to the "if she gives you trouble just throw water on her Lyle style" cute line...

    Speaking of which, Lyle made an awesome appearance! :D I love seeing them utilize Lyle. Idk why, I just love that Claire has a little brother who lives with Claire and whom Sandra and Noah care about and all and knowing that he's not used much but he always is there and could be used in various ways in episodes... ;)

    Elle was awesome. I really enjoyed seeing her.

    I was so torn inside watching Aurthur Petrelli take Maya's power - especially when she smiled - she was so genuinely relieved and happy and I was happy for her that her curse was gone, but now Aurthur Petrelli has that horrible ability!! My god, how does he control them all and not accidentally kill people left and right? I'm very curious to find out more about the mystery that is Aurthur Petrelli.

    When they killed Maury... well I was surprised that he actually cared that much about Matt, and it was a little bit... aw, well... you really don't love Maury so it's not that sad that he died but it was horrible in its own way.

    Mohinder... I'm really worried about him... I mean he almost would have maybe listened to Peter's warning saying that Mohinder regretting working with this company in the future - but Peter HAD to tell him the truth and say that Mohinder looked all deformed and horrible in the future - so know Mohinder... idk... I felt like if Peter hadn't said it we would have had more hope for him. In general Mohinder is just doing what he always does - trust the people who set out from the start to manipulate him - Eden, Sylar, HRG and Thompson, Bob, and now Aurthur Petrelli... lol.

    Sylar... hmm... idk if he wanted Peter to live and broke his fall or not. It would be cool if he did but I think maybe Peter lived the same way Sylar did in Homecoming - even though Sylar didn't have the ability to heal he fell really far and then could walk away... idk, though, I think Sylar walked away without a scratch and Peter had definite injuries... plus Peter was dead from that Homecoming fall... so why he'd suddenly have the ability to not die like that, hmm... idk. Either way I'm definitely glad Peter's alive!!

    I liked all the Ando/Hiro in Africa stuff, and I love how worried Ando is when Hiro's eyes turn all white. It wasn't the greatest part of the episode but it wasn't too boring or done before or anything!

    I too really enjoyed Tracy pointing out the relationship between Nathan and Meredith and HRG. I thought it was a good clarification/reminder for everyone who didn't remember as much as a ridiculous fan like me does...

    I love how when we first see Matt he's back in Suresh's apartment leaving a message on Mohinder's phone saying "where the hell are you"... at least the writers are keeping the fact that they're liviing in the same apartment, techinically, consistent - although with Molly gone now it's a bit weird for them to be roommates - of course Mohinder seems to be gone for now too, so who knows... LOL.

    Daphne's DEFINITELY growing on me. When she was horrified by them killing Maury and when she came to Matt's apartment with the gun and Matt pulled a Dumbledore and was SUCH a perfect lovable hero and told her to just shoot him, it's the only way he could save her, just do it, and she just couldn't bring herself to do it (like Draco in the 6th HP book, lol)... idk, it was so cute. And then I really belived that the creepy stronger with your fear guy had killed Matt - what's his name again - and I was horrified!! But then when he was still alive and all I was SO happy. :D Then again I think Peter, Claire, Hiro, Sylar, and Matt are 5 characters we can pretty much count on not dying - they're too important for what the show is! And I loved the Matt/Daphne cuteness by the end. But is Daphne really bteraying Matt?! That was a great plot twist I think... ;)

    I'm a bit annoyed that Nathan is ignoring Peter's warnings and lied to Claire but is now going to find his father. I mean I understand why Nathan might be hesitant to trust his brother - future Peter shot him and Nathan loved his father - but... seriously... Nathan's just stupid. And Tracy's going with him... oh no! LOL. Tracy told Meredith she's not with Nathan?! LOL. I totally thought it looked like they were dating... you know, kissing, saving the other from an attempted suidice, having sex, saving the other one from Mohinder by using her cool ice ability to break out of the restraints and hurt Mohinder, etc... ;)

    I don't think I missed anything. Idk, I'll have to rewatch the future episode but really I think those 2 are definitely the 3 best of this season so far, and that this one MIGHT be my favorite of the season. :D

    I can't wait a whole 2 weeks for the next episode! LOL.
  • Very well crafted. I am looking forward to the next episode in two weeks.

    I love the way the third season I shaping up. You have Sylar being put in an emotional tug of war between his mother, Angela and his father, Arthur. Each person I feel has a dark need for him. Perhaps they wanted him to become powerful enough to fulfill a goal. When Sylar sent Peter sailing out of the window an he fell seven stories, I knew Kring would not kill off an important character. When Peter got up, I thought his powers were slowly coming back, but that would have been too predictable and not worthy of Tim Kring. Sylar saved him. Obviously he is not that loyal to his father after all, and perhaps wants to see what he is up to. I think it is wonderful how Sylar went from this evil villain and evolved into a person now bent on helping the heroes. Question is, how long will this last? Maybe as time passes he will slowly revert back to his villainous self and go after the heroes once again. Elle and Clair go to Pinehearst. Elle is losing control as is Clair. When Clair sees Peter fall from the window, she has a change of mind about this place. Unfortunately for Elle, she walks right into the building hoping they can help her.

    Nathan and Tracy escape from the evil Mohinder. Now he is at Pinehearst working with Arthur. I feel that Arthur is such a good villain. I wonder why there is a rival company. Perhaps the prisoners in Level 5 were created at Pinehearst. Maybe there will be a battle between the two companies using these people for world domination. Will Daphne kill Matt? If she does not fulfill her obligation to do this will she suffer a fate worse than death? Then there is Hiro. I wonder what answers he will find. Then there is Ando. Will he eventually be given powers so that he will stop Hiro? I am thinking about season 1 and Hiro from the future. I am sure we are not done with him. Perhaps Ando must stop Hiro before Hiro can help the remaining heroes save the world. I cannot wait for the next episode in two weeks. This season keeps on getting better and better.
  • I love how heroes keep on connecting and new relationships start .

    The characters since the start of season 3 are connecting a lot , new alliances are created and the friends became foes and viceversa

    -Elle and Claire start to get along for a common purpose

    -Peter and Sylar are tested by their father and surprisingly Sylar saves Peter from death.

    -Maya's powers are taken by Arthur and she is released from Pinehearst saying good bye for good to Mohinder . Perhaps is the last we see of her.

    -Sylar can't get over his daddy-mommy's issues and after saving Peter changes sides to be command by his father -Maury is killed by Arthur and Daphne is asked to kill Matt.

    -Hiro and Mr. African Isaac discuss about hiros destiny.

    -Nathan fiery past meets his icy present.

    The season is growing in emotion and it gets better and better I hope it keeps up like this cause we are headed to a great season.
  • Loved it!

    This episode was full of action! So, Peter was held by his father (Arthur) in Pinehearst. Arthur took Maya's ability and Mohinder works for Pinehearst to work on their formula. Claire and Elle have shared a lot of scenes in this episode and they were all great! I loved the plane scene and their conversations! Sylar went to save Peter and so he did but he pushed him through the window but seems like he slowed his fall - he wanted to look "bad" to Arthur so he can crush Pinhearst from inside!
    Daphne got an order - she needs to kill Matt. She played on Matt's innocence and got him on her side.. I hope she won't be bad... She is such a great character! The next episode is going to be a flashback episode - we will see the past - before the characters became Heroes or Villains!
    Can't wait! :)
  • "Until you change that attitude, your grounded." Ultimate villian father stamps his authority on the honest, hero like son. Fantastic episode, villians are the best characters and so far Volume 3 has been great!

    This episode is brilliant, for all the non-sayers and disappointed Volume 2 fans, take note!

    Peter encounters his real father and cannot do anything to stop him, Hiro realises that he cannot avoid the past anymore and Mohinder really runs of the rails, but can we be sure of his "good-heart"? The Villians are gaining notoriety in this show, which really is to the benefit of all viewers. As I mentioned above, I think the villians are the best characters and instead of the traditional TV approach (which really means that the villians are simply portrayed to be ego boosters for the heroes) we have the story straight from the Villians mouth! No "this person is bad so lets get in a fight with them and in the end win" there is also non of the typical "im a poor orphaned child who has now grown up into a vicious killer with superpowers, but all I really want is to be loved" instead we have some good people gone bad, some bad people gone good and some bad people gone even more bad. Most of the villians in this Volume are simply evil because they want to be, not because they were forced to be! They enjoy being the bad guys, which is a credit to the actors and a benefit to the viewers, let em have it baddies!!!
  • Sylar goes to Pinehearst to rescue Peter but ends up meeting his father and staying behind. Elle and Claire decide to travel to Pinehearst in hope that they can get answers. Maya finally gets her powers removed.

    This episode was nothing more than a filler. It tried to tie up the loose ends from last week's and lead into the next episode. The Patrelli's can really be a disfunctional family. They are decietful with one another. It is humerous how Arthur talks bad about Angela. On the same note, it is pretty lame how Arthur told Peter "Until you change that attitude you are grounded". Was that line necessary. Seems like both companies want Sylar on their side. Arthur tells him that Angela hated him and tried to kill him and Angela tells Sylar that he is her favorite. Talk about toying with the emotions, especially since he suffers from mommy and daddy issues. Peter needs to get his powers back and soon. This show can really start to fall off if he doesn't regain his powers. Out of every other character, he is the only one to match Sylar. If Sylar is to be taken, Peter will have to be the one to fight him. Now that is good for action as well. Two brothers going at it head-on.
    I look forward to the Flashback episode. Notice that every season has at least one Flashback and one Future.
  • The plot tinckens thickens as Elle returns in the midst of a Petrelli family reunion.

    As the Parkmans are desperately trying to establish the relationship Matt foresaw back in "I am become death" only to be painfully aware that those who won't choose their path then will have someone else choose the path for them, Lyle Bennet defends his home as only the powerless brother of an invulnerable cheerleader would: armed with wits and water. However, the b***h is back and Elle seems more focussed than ever to get the answers she seeks.

    Apparently, not only Claire's powers are out of sync but Elle's as well which almost causes a crash on the very plane "the Company daughters" use to reach Pinehearts. Also out of sync are both the relationship between Mohinder & Maya - damaged long before the deal made with Arthur in order to release her of her ability - and the Petrelli, although to be fair to Sylar, it does suck being the one in the middle and yet Gabriel himself is the one who must fix this mess whether between Arthur & Angela, Peter & Arthur - and even Peter & himself! - so what could be worst than to fail the first task your mother ever trust you and watch your brother being thrown out of a window? Know that your father did it and that not even Claire herself can aid Peter this time around.
  • Who's playing who, who's lying, who's telling the truth, what pieces are missing?

    I swear those are the questions I'm asking myself during every episode this season and just when we think we know the next episode airs, the next scene airs and then I find myself totally changing my mind or just plain not knowing.

    Hiro and Ando are in Africa about to get a look at the past of many heroes and villains, or to be more accurate characters, we know.

    Mohinder and Maya are on the outs big time, though Maya finally said bye to her power courtesy of Arthur Petrellli she also left. Mohinder on the other hand is still crazy, one second he's acting more like the old Mohinder and the next he's letting loose with the thrashings, though it was Sylar he was kicking around so I don't totally blame him.

    Claire and Elle team up, when Elle starts experiencing instability in her powers similar to what Claire is going through. They head to Pinehearst, even managing to bond a bit along the way but Elle sees answers in Pinehearst. In a way I don't totally blame her, or Mohinder for that matter, given the difficult powers they are dealing with. Claire may not be able to feel but at least she's not nearly killing others or herself.

    Matt and Daphne were sort of making progress or so it seemed. First Arthur ordered her to kill Matt, though not before killing Matt's dad Maury. Then she seems to warm to him, then maybe it's all a scam then she hugs him but looks shifty and it's all very sketchy for them at this point. Where Daphne is, who she is lying to, if she is struggling is anybodys guess. I'm hopeful for the best because I already love them together but at this point it's impossible to get to hopeful, anything can happen. Meanwhile, Matt is showing more and more progress with his powers. Good for him, he'll need them if he truly expects to fight Pinehearst.

    Angela appers to her middle child or maybe she does, it's not totally clear if it was her or possibly someone playing with Gabriel or maybe even a hallucination but anyway Sylar see's her and goes to rescue Peter. He does too and even manages to reach Peter on a different level. In return Peter doesn't leave him, Peter comes back for him even though he has no powers. I can't explain how happy that scene made however daddy is just as manipulative and grey as mommy (it's unclear at this point who is telling the truth to Gabriel). He seems to be playing with Gabriel, playing him against his mother. At first Gabriel stands up to him seeming to really believe he can become something other then what he was. That he can become a hero but Arthur is very convincing and uses some pretty disturbing, if they are true, stories and Gabriel eats it all up. Or does he? This episode is particularly misleading and confusing. Just when it seems Sylar is I won't say reverting to form but following his previous patterns of being easily swayed (by his own powers, his mother and now his father). Or is he? Again, misleading. After how far he came in this episode he throws Peter from a seven story building and Peter is badly cut but he's not dead. He survived a seven story fall without dying, without powers. How is such a thing possible I wonder, is Gabriel perhaps doing something? Does he have a plan? Was he just keeping the promise he made to his mother? There were dozens of ways he could have killed Peter, especially now that Peter has no powers. I wasn't expecting a seemless transition for Sylar and it's clear he's going to have set backs and difficulties but I'm not convinced yet that he won't become, as much as he can, a hero after all. I don't take Angela's word for it but if you look at who he is now versus who he was and you can see there's change, there's more of Gabriel in him now and even though he may be following the wrong people trying to become more of Gabriel I still think he's making progress. I am rooting for him, in case you haven't guessed and I don't think I'm totally wrong for being hopeful. I mean mommy and daddy may not be the answers but there might be someone else who is. Last episode it seemed like Peter would never accept Sylar as Gabriel let alone as his brother but now maybe Peter could be the help he needs. I'm not saying they'll live happily ever after, a nice little family of two but they are brothers. And Gabriel has maybe shown that could possibly count for something...maybe, possibly....I hope....

    There are so many questions at this point and as I said I think they made this episode deliberately misleading, grey and filled with all the back and forth good and evil stuff because of the episode that's coming next. I can't wait!
  • Sylar is asked to save Peter from Pinehearst whilst Claire and Elle make their way there. Suresh makes a deal with Arthur to strip Maya of her abilities and Daphne is ordered to kill Matt.

    After being stripped of his abilities by his father (Arthur Petrelli) Peter is locked up in Pinehearst. A comatosed Angela reached out to Sylar and asks him to save his brother (Peter). Nathan and Tracy break free from Suresh but he takes Maya to Pinehearst. Whilst at Pinehearst Arthur removes Maya's abilities and offers Suresh a job. Maya still afraid of Suresh says farewell and Suresh's first test subject is peter but that is before Sylar saves him. Claire and Sandra return home to find Lyle knocked out and Elle there. Arthur convinces Sylar to join him. Daphne ordered to kill matt cannot go through with it and reveals to Matt about his father's death and Matt fools Knox with his power. Just as Elle and Claire arrive at Pinehearst Peter is thrown out of the 8th story window by Sylar. Claire and Peter go to Peter's flat and wait for Nathan who wants to see his father.
  • The Writers Got Something Right.

    Hiro begins his sprit walk while Mohinder joins Pineherst. This latest episode of Heroes was surprisingly well put together compared to other recent episodes. The reason why this is because the charcters all have one objective which in some way revolves around Pineherst. This then makes the plot easier to follow despite the flaws in certain characters. One of the biggest highlights is Robert Forster performance as Arthur Petrelli and who is probably the best villain the show has had do far. If the writers stick with this kind of story format and fix the personality flaws in some of the characters the show should survive.
  • Adventurous and action packed, but the show seems to be caught in a circle and doesn't seem to be moving forward towards something quickly enough

    Lots of action with an enticing pace that keeps things moving at breakneck speed, but this season seems to be going around in circles. Maybe its because we have too many characters and not enough episode time to explain enough.

    I liked the episode to a point, but one of these days maybe the show will move forward. Lost had this same problem in its second season, and it took them another two seasons to get back on track. I hope it doesn't take Heroes this long.

    I have complaints about the show, but I do enjoy the pace, but overall the story should stop going around the subject and get to the point. THis episode was somewhat better, but still not great. However, Hayden Penatierre(sp) is looking hotter than ever. Two weeks to the next episode. Man, how can they take a break so soon?
  • Another great episode.

    Well, after the previous episode, with Adamn dying and Peter losing his powers, it was really hard to keep the vibe up.
    Even though Matt's dad got killed, I think the series has beem keeping a good plot and I'd really like to see more of Petrelli family.

    I like how Matt and Daphne are getting along. He saw the future, they are gonna be together, but now in the present, she's double crossing him, working for Arthur.
    We'll see.

    3 seasons and Hiro & Ando are always doing their own thing and in the end getting themselves entwined with the main plot. I hope they develop more and do something really interesting to the story.

  • Hiros plotline is getting better. The mind reading guys father is dead...the reason why...made me cry (in a bad way). Peters pop is more powerful but he isnt showing the 'need to understand craze' of Sylar. COME ON!!!!!!

    Well this and the last episode have shown that the writers arent stupid. Ando isnt dead (would have left Heroes if he had actually died with the sword stab). But inconsistencies remain...huge inconsistencies. The mind readers father for example. Why did he help Peters father? because he wanted to protect his son?....what a load of C.R.A.P.

    Then Peters dad is still alive. How did he get that done. Hope that clears up as the story goes. But dont have high hopes.

    Nathan Petrelli is going to his father...by breaking the doors down. Holy mother of crap. Thats gonna be interesting...if not funny.

    The plotline of Hiro is good though. Its always been good. And i hope it continues. Oh yes...what about that african beetle 's hit' or whatever thats puts you into a dream sleep. The writers a re a bit dumb to think we'll take all the crap they push our way. The heroes have powers...agreed but dont bring other crap in.

    Watching Heroes though...addicted as ever. But the story is no where near the quality of the 1st season or even the 2nd season.

  • heroes just gets better all the time

    This episode was so good.. the only thing heroes ever really lets me down with is that the fights are too short :( But the story and character interaction is great. I really liked how Gabriel came to rescue Peter and then peter did the same and though Gabriel through him out the window also saved him. It was definately a big development for their brother relationship. I get the feeling they will be fighting side by side later this season. Arthur petrelli is just badass. Doesnt care about anyone but himself and he knows hes better. Im really looking forward to seeing more hiro.. they havent done enough with him this season. But im loving how much peter is involved He really is a mysterious character having so many powers always adds a twist to what role he plays. I dont know why people think this season is bad. I think its just starting slow because they had alot to explain but it will pick up again. plus who doesnt like seeing the good side of sylar it really brings out the good acting of Zachary Quinto. Point: Heroes is getting better and better.
  • I am your father/mother/sibling/whatever They are trying too hard... Now in the third season they seem to have stuffed everything into the blender to the point it starts to become an annoying family reunion.

    While Hero is still one of my favourites this season has for me the storm clouds of failure.

    The family relations offered in this and the prior episodes reach the point of sheer absurdity. Can we please have two guys who do not know each other simply as two guys who do not know each other? Instead nearly everyone plays everyone else, everyone has a secret, everyone is lying.

    This is taken to the point where in reality the card house would simply implode because there is only so much complexity in your schemes to actually support your agenda, instead I feel my sense of suspension of disbelief tested to the limit by yet another revelation and oh so unpredictable plot twist. Usually in drama the most unpredictable plot twists are the awefully obvious and likely ones which is what I mean with they are trying too hard.

    It's the stuff I expect and thus do not want to see. In a sense this happens if one tries to mimic breathtaking stories by simply making extremely complex stories. They are not really more breathetaking, they just have the greater danger of waking my logical cortex to pick apart the plot holes.

    I hope Heroes does not keep dwelling on all the standard tool box of screen writing because similar developments in other highly promising shows simply killed them for me because they went down this road and became awefully complex without becoming equally clever.

    Fingers crossed.
  • This is what they needed.

    I won't use this review space to cover what happened throughout the episode, other reviews do that already. What I will use this space for is to say that this episode gives me hope that Heroes is changing. The episode previous to this one seemed to have no focus. The whole thing with Claire and the puppet guy was a waste of time, as were other things. This time though, the plot focused much more on a single subject. They have brought our heroes/villians into groups. Mohinder doesn't seem quite as freaky as he once did. I know this isn't the most eloquent, but my point is that this episode seemed to lack many of the things that I thought were dragging the series down. I have high hopes for this next episode.
  • awesome

    awesome episodeheroes season 3 is the the best season so far, it may even be better than season 1, it really is that good it rules, cant wait for the next episode, i dont know why its had such a low score on tt.com cuz its been awesome, i think ppl just come on and ive it a low score cuz they dont like it and they dnt want it to have a higher score than what there favourite show is, thats what i think, but anyway this show and smallville and supernatural are simply the best shows, so till next tme heroes rules
  • Good episode but was expecting more...

    October 28, 2008 - This was an episode of transition. It moved characters further along their paths, and it also moved a number of them into the same general vicinity. The problem is, I still can't find myself caring about any of these paths. With all the double crossing and manipulation, I'm not sure whom I should be rooting for. Worse yet, I'm not sure who or what I'm supposed to believe. Mystery and misdirection can often be a good thing, but in this season of Heroes it's only served to bog down the storytelling and cause more and more viewers to care less and less. "Eris Quod Sum" didn't do anything to change this fact. It started with Hiro again refusing to travel back in time to prevent some vague villainous occurrences. Maybe I missed something last week, but suddenly there are new paintings of some past events that if Hiro can prevent the world can be saved. I thought our mysterious African Isaac only painted Matt Parkman's life. In Costa Verde, Elle made a surprise visit to the Bennet household. Pairing Elle and Claire made for some interesting moments, not least of which was their brief catfight that ended with a wet Kristen Bell. Ultimately, however, their mini road trip appeared to be a means to an end: to get Claire to New York City to join the rest of the gang. That seemed to be a major purpose served in this episode. The last of the major players have finally made their way to the Big Apple, including Claire, her father and Meredith. This is similar to what has occurred in the previous seasons, where it would take a good part of the year before everybody came together. True to this season's form, this has happened much sooner and hopefully this will help streamline the stories. Pinehearst is becoming the focus for everybody! :0
  • A return to the old Heroes format, more focus on relationships and characters, letting the coming disaster unfold more slowly.

    Absolutely loved this ep – great character development and relationships, the old 'we're all connected' vibe, first time this season that it's felt like the original spirit.

    Nathan and Tracy manage to hold Mohinder off, who literally takes off with Maya. Takes her to Pinehearst. I'm starting to mellow towards her, but really, she has the worst taste in men. Arthur takes a personal interest in Mohinder and he's a real charmer - "What could possibly drive a father to put his children through such grief?" "Have you met their mother?" Arthur can instantly give Mohinder what he wants – take Maya's power away. Though I still don't understand why she wants rid of it, she can control it now and it's one hell of a self defense weapon. Not surprisingly, Maya tells Mohinder to get lost. Despite the people he's hurt, Mohinder wants to keep his abilities, just get rid of the side-effects. As if we had any doubt, Arthur has the formula. Mohinder actually has the nerve to get self-righteous and lectures Arthur on hidden agendas – excuse me, how many people have you attacked in the last week?!

    Elle picks the strangest person to go to for help: Claire. She's pretty out of control, she's literally sparking and giving off such jolts that the entire house's electricity is flickering. Lyle is a fast thinker, throws a bucket of water on her! Pinehearst has contacted Elle too – they're implying that something is wrong with the Special, Claire identifies immediately – she no longer feels pain, it could be just the beginning, maybe a loss of all feeling. This is obviously how she ends up working for Pinehearst. Also explains FClaire's strange comment to FPeter "I loved you once.", as in she doesn't feel anything anymore.

    Almost the entire Petrelli family is out of commission – Angela's in a coma, Sylar's unconscious, Peter's stripped of his powers and a prisoner and Nathan has no idea about any of it. Despite her condition, Angela is able to get into Sylar's head and tell him to go help Peter. As usual, Angela plays her boys off against each other – calling Sylar 'my favorite'. It certainly gave him the drive he needed, he's back! "Don't worry, Mom, I'll save Peter."

    Daphne's decision to warn Matt off comes back to bite her, Arthur orders him killed. Maury, I'm pleased to see, is horrified but when he intervenes, Arthur kills him with telekinesis. He's got all of Peter's powers. Daphne goes to Matt but not surprisingly, can't kill him and he reads her mind, learning of his father's death. Matt changed the future (Maury was in the painting) and Daphne still worked for Pinehearst. Matt got into Knox's head and let him think he killed them. It's time to pick sides and looks like Matt and Daphne are going with the Company. Except that Daphne's playing double agent – how does Matt not know that?

    I almost feel sorry for Arthur! The last time he saw his youngest son, Peter was the gentle, kind, harmless boy we all loved and now look at him! Go Peter! How can Peter and Nathan be Arthur's sons?! He's a monster! He hands Peter over to Mohinder for his experiments!! But Pete's brother shows up to save the day! "You came for me?!" "That's what brothers do, Peter. They look out for each other." Awwww! This is how they become close in the future. Sylar is Arthur's son!! He's Peter and Nathan's full brother!! It really was Sylar in the painting. Arthur fills in the gaps Angela left – Sylar was given up for adoption because she had a dream of what he would become and she even tried to kill him. Arthur adds that Sylar was sent to save her 'favorite son' Peter. Used then discarded. Stop that! You're trying to turn him against Peter too!

    How did Claire and Elle think it was a good idea to get on a plane to New York? Elle starts to fritz and the plane nearly crashes. Since Claire doesn't feel pain, she is able to drain Elle's excess electricity.

    Peter came back for Sylar but Arthur's gotten to him and Sylar throws his brother out the window. Hearing that someone took Peter's powers, Elle makes the choice to go inside while Claire helps Peter away. Claire asks the obvious question – if he can't heal, how did Peter survive the fall?! Arthur asks the same question and Sylar (a little too innocently) replies he doesn't know. Did he know when he threw Peter out the window that he wouldn't die? I find it hard to believe that after what they've been through recently, the bonding they've done, that Sylar would just do 180 and kill his brother. Peter provides an explanation – he didn't hit as hard as he should have, what if Sylar cushioned his fall to get him out of the building?

    Bennet and Meredith show up to deal with Mohinder's mess and we have a little reunion between Nathan and Meredith. Poor Tracy tries to make sense of the rather twisted Petrelli family connections. Claire phones her father about Peter, who heads straight over there. Then Peter has to break the news to Nathan. Peter can't actually think Nathan will listen? He'll head straight for his father. Good news is: Nathan is back! "I don't need any doors opened, I plan on kickin' them down."

    The biggest indicator that Nathan isn't going to do what Peter asks is his body language: Have you ever seen Peter hurt or distressed and Nathan not fuss over him?! Nathan usually fusses like a mother hen over her chick and he doesn't touch Peter at all, which is bizarre in itself. We all know Nathan hero-worshipped his father, if he's alive, Nathan'll head straight for him, and that distraction shows in his unusual lack of interest in Peter's injuries. He doesn't even get the whole story, just walks out.

    Another point of interest in this critical scene is Claire: watch her reaction after she hugs Nathan. When Nathan asks Peter what happened, she gets this irritated look on her face pulling away, as if she's angry that he's paying more attention to Peter than her. She certainly makes that irritation known when she makes that crack about fathers and Nathan gives her a dirty look. And as the cherry on top, she gives Nathan Pinehearst's name and Peter looks at her in horror. Watch Claire during the entire scene, this isn't our Claire anymore, this girl has an agenda and I think she's very, very angry.

    Now this is more like it! Nathan/Peter time, Peter bonding with Sylar, Elle bonding with Claire – this actually feels more like the old Heroes. More focus on relationships than the coming disaster, which will unfold as we go anyway. Loved this ep!
  • Sylar is ordered to save Peter from Pinehearst, Elle and Claire join forces and head to Pinehearst, Mohinder enlists himself in Pinehearst, Daphne is ordered to kill or be killed, Nathan finds out a shocking secret.

    The title of this chapter means "you will be what I am". Nathan and Tracy are still at Isaac's loft, where Mohinder realizing he's outnumbered takes Maya and heads to Pinehearst. Later on, Noah and his partner Meredith arrive (with a reunion none of us could have foreseen that of Meredith (Claire's biological mom), Nathan (Claire's biological father) and Noah (Claire's adoptive father)). Meanwhile, Mohinder gives Maya to the care of Pinehearst where Arthur removes her ability and thus ends Maya's story since volume 2. Maya leaves a regretful Mohinder at Pinehearst and wishes him luck while Mohinder is recruited in the company.
    Peter is still at Pinehearst after Arthur removed all of his abilities. Sylar on the other hand, given stength by his mother Angela, is released from his own bonds in Primatech and goes to Pinehearst to save Peter. He arrives just in time, before Mohinder injects him with an expiremental formula. Peter gets away and Sylar stays in Pinehearst. Convinced by Arthur Sylar refuses to leave when Peter asks him so. Not only that but Sylar telekinetically moves Peter out of a 7-floor building. Surprisingly enough though Peter has only a few scratches. At his house, Nathan arrives along with Tracy and they are told that behind the recent events there is Pinehearst and their father. Nathan is reluctant at first to believe his father is still alive but later on he is determined to go to Pinehearst and see him personally. With him Tracy follows.
    Claire arrives home with Sandra when she sees there is something wrong with the electricity in the house. Entering the house, she sees a fainted Lyle and meets up with a scared Elle. When Claire realizes that Elle might actually need help, much like she does as well, they join forces and head to Pinehearst thinking they might be able to help them. Arriving there (after an adventurous plane flight) they see a falling Peter, who's no longer able to heal. Upon hearing that Peter's ability were taken away by someone, Elle apologizes to Claire and enters Pinehearst. Claire assists Peter.
    Matt is in New York in Mohinder's appartment and a scared Daphne arrives with a gun in her hands. She tells him that she has been ordered to kill him or she would die just like Matt's dad died in the hands of Arthur. When Daphne can't do it however they come up with a plan to trick Pinehearst. When Knox arrives to kill Matt (assuming that Daphne wouldn't be able to do it), Matt and Daphne are killed by Knox who uses their fears to strengthen himself. In the end, it all turns out to be one of Matt's cool mind tricks to get rid of Knox and Matt and Daphne end up being OK. A phone call done to Arthur by Daphne however shows that Daphne might be more in the grey area that she seems.
    Finally, Hiro is reluctant to take the next step in his journey but Usutu forces him to take his path. Hiro's story is the introduction to the next chapter: Villains.
    Overall a great episode. I really enjoyed Claire and Elle's chemistry and the comparison between them as well as between Meredith and Tracy (also notice that Meredith creates fire while Tracy creates ice). Also the comparison of Peter and Sylar, as they are both Petrellis and once used to be rivals. The love affair between Matt and Daphne blooms in this episode and continues in the following ones. Key facts: This is in fact the conclusion of Maya's story that started with the trip all the way from South America in volume 2, chapter 1: four months later and ended with the removal of her deadly ability. The thing is that Maya's ability might have been able to kill but Maya learned how to control it and it wasn't more deadly than Elle's or Sylar's power. Regardless, Maya's exit from the series was a respected one and one that was pushed by the fans. I personally liked her but that's just me. Maya will appear in a short scene by the end of this volume. Mohinder's meeting with Sylar here is one that was needed as we have forgotten the hate of Mohinder towards the psycho-killer. Finally notice that just as villains are coming together with Arthur's team our Heroes will come together in chapter 9: It's coming and each of our characters will have to pick a side. Enjoy!
  • Review is of both parts of this two-hander: 'Dying of the Light' AND 'Eris Quod Sum'.

    I've harped on just about enough over the past few weeks about this show's return to season one standards so I'm not going to bore you all again with it, except to say that yes, episodes six and seven, the two part 'Dying of the Light'/'Eris Quod Sum', are really rather good. You wouldn't know it from glancing at TV.com, of course, but then, how far can you really trust reviews that consist of 'omg Claire is so annoying and Jesus won't they just get rid of Maya and no one cares about Peter and omg omg omg omg explode!'? Well, I'll let you all make up your own minds about that one. I read an interesting article in the current issue of the UK's SFX magazine the other day, in which Tim Kring revealed that the writing staff's current approach to scripting the show consists of 'Haiku storytelling'. To quote the man, 'You take a story that would normally take ten beats to tell and you try to find a way to tell it in five. It makes for a very exciting kind of storytelling where every scene is very complete and very full.' For the most part, I agree with the implementation of this approach. Slowness of pace and padding of plot is what made Heroes' second season somewhat below par, so upping the ante in this fashion has got to be a good thing… and from the evidence we've been given for the past few weeks, that theory's been borne out. I do have one major reservation, however, and that is that the active attempt to shoehorn plot, to compact it into a set amount of narratalogical space, may ultimately prove counter productive to its own execution. Sometimes, narrative has to be allowed room to breathe; events and developments need some time to develop and prosper. This is particularly true of character beats: while it hasn't happened to a significant extent yet, it is possible that Kring's notion of 'Haiku storytelling' may not allow his audience to warm to any changes or developments in the arcs of particular characters. On a minute scale, Tracey and Nathan's minor-scale romance (holding hands!) is indicative of this as it seems to have sprung out of nowhere, while Sylar's attempts to be a 'hero', to rid himself of his villainous past, while explained quite logically within the context of the plot and also understandable, nevertheless niggle a little when compared to the sheer wealth of his, well, evilness in seasons past. Perhaps if this development had been given, say, eight or nine episodes to reach the point where he is trying to be good rather than, well, one or two, viewers wouldn't be so ready to down remotes in bemused disgust and return to their copies of The Umbrella Academy.

    Still, this reviewer is perfectly happy to accept Sylar's current status as potential hero-in-the-making, if only because, well, you do have to drop all semblance of believability when it comes to this show really, don't you? It's making for some great sequences between he and Peter (the electro-fight in the first episode is awesome) and, ultimately, Kring and co are careful to ensure that shafts of Gabriel past come shining through when the carrot is dangled in front of him: see his potential 'recruitment' to Pinehurst for further evidence of this. And hey, what a series of twists and turns overall, eh? First, Adam Monroe snuffs it in one of the most surprising deaths by old age ever depicted on screen. Then, Maury Parkman bites the dust without even so much as a 'Goodbye Matty, nice messing with your head'. And let's not forget Daphne's betrayal (nope, definitely didn't see that one coming), the split second in which we all thought it might be curtains for poor Matt and his turtle (is it just me, or is Knox getting ever more likeably bad ass with each episode?), Mohinder's continued lack of mental stability and, of course, that moment at the end of episode six in which Peter's powers go bye bye. Which is probably a good thing, in all honesty, for the foreseeable future. Arthur's power – transference of others' abilities from them to him – is completely logical, given Sylar and Peter's similar variants on the theme, and is, evidently, the most potentially lethal of them all, making him a superbly sinister villain. And on that subject, what about Puppet Guy, eh? His scenes in 'Dying of the Light' simply ooze menace; for the first time since the season opener, the production staff take their time with the depiction of the sequence, milking every possible scare out of a deliciously harrowing situation. The 'Russian Roulette' with Claire's family is fascinating to watch, even if the outcome is ultimately rather predictable, and it's largely thanks to the actor playing Doyle: I defy you not to want to crawl right behind the sofa whenever he opens his mouth or, indeed, moves a limb. In amongst all of this general marvellousness, we are also treated to some lovely comedy moments involving Hiro and Ando (Mr. African Isaac is first and foremost), Maya's potential exit from the show (am I the only one whooping? Sorry…) and, um, Sylar's frankly ridiculous escape from Level 5. 'You don't know what you're capable of' and then wham bam, thank you ma'am, I'm out? Hmm. A little too convenient methinks. Shame really, as it's the only real blot on an otherwise damn fine couple of episodes. Here's to Hiro's spirit walk in a couple of weeks…
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