Season 3 Episode 7

Eris Quod Sum

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 27, 2008 on NBC

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  • I really duno what to say

    Let's put it this way,

    Everytime i watch this show, or Smallville. I need to remind myself, this is a Sci-Fiction/Fantasy/Comic thingy, so i wont feel like God, do they think i'm dumb? But ok, that aside. This is a great show.. lol

    We must first understand, in such Comic territory, not everything must make sense or logic and that not everything has to piece together, this is not CSI and its not House MD.. we got to let the loopholes go and the loose ends hanging..so that we can truly enjoy the show. Seeing how many 9 and 10 ratings this show has, tells me that many ppl are able to do that.. ^^

    Lets get to the review, small points, some one previously said that giving someone too many powers makes it hard to control that character and i think its totally true.. Arthur Petrelli..is like a arsenal or a circus of tricks right now, so was sylar and so was Peter. I'll bow down to anyone who can list down all of Arthur's tricks now and bend even lower to someone who can tell me how he himself remembers what he has..

    Its like, he flicks his hand, and u wonder what is gonna be unleashed..blue energy bolts? Telekenesis? Atmic bomb..or just a pizza he's eating halfway. The man is a walking superman and when he gets nathan's power, there it is! Clark with no weaknesses.

    Thats my main gripe, the characters fail to use their powers when they need to, cos the scriptwriters told them not to ..and thats it. Mind control..out of the window, freeze?..nope..not today..speed to run away? U better not.. u might slip and fall..

    The story is setting up a good premise, its looking good, a team of bad guys..and a pathetic team of good guys, but the leading up to it..thats the problem..its all too convenient, Sylar is obviously a spy.. why does Arthur need anyone to go ahead with his plans? maybe some lackeys to do some leg work..but why sylar or peter? These 2 are super threats..killing them..and eradicating their powers would be best. I dun believe he still cares for family ties, maybe to Peter..but why does he need sylar for? As a chinese, i can quote a chinese saying, never keep someone too good close to u..cos u're so gonna regret it.. Anyway, this is still one of my favorite shows..if i choose to leave my brain and logic behind..and just enjoy..and i think all of u should too ^^