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Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 02, 2009 on NBC
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After a tip from "Rebel", Matt and Peter hurry to rescue Daphne and find evidence that may expose the government's plans to capture those with powers. Sylar uncovers the truth about his mother from past memories on his father, while the Hunter hatches an explosive plan of his own.moreless

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  • I'm really curious to see how our heroes get out of the mess Nathan has made, but Angela's secret may be the key.

    This episode is quite a relief, Nathan finally admits he has messed up and is desperately trying to fix it. Danko's out of control and tries to kill Peter so Nathan must expose himself to save him. I'm so glad the writers have kept Nathan on the edge, never fully villain, so that he can find redemption. I never stopped loving him though there were times he did break my heart, but looks like he's almost back on the straight and narrow.

    Danko announces to his team that he's given the go-ahead for lethal force. Nathan just cannot be ruthless when it comes to his family, between Claire and Peter, they have him wrapped around their fingers. I love that, Nathan still loves Peter that much despite the current rift between them. I have no doubt the rift will be fixed in season 4, Heroes just isn't Heroes without Peter and Nathan as brothers AND best friends.

    Bennet appears to side with Danko against Nathan but I never bought it. Bennet's protected Peter for Nathan too many times. Rebel contacts Peter and Matt with Daphne's location and warns them to run just as agents come through the back door. The agent takes video of the painting on the floor which will no doubt reinforce Danko's views.

    Claire gets caught with Alex in her bedroom. Where Sandra picks up Mr Muggles with the sandwich in his mouth is absolutely hilarious! I am honestly bewildered about why Claire lied about Alex being her boyfriend. Her mother knows everything else, she would be sympathetic. Alex is completely spineless and 'fesses up. I wish they'd stop lying to her, she's proven over and over that she's strong and capable and not the wilting flower Noah thinks she is. Look at the change in her since he stopped erasing her memories, she is one very cool lady – fake ID! What neither Claire nor Noah seem to get is she doesn't object to this dangerous life, it's the lies that she can't accept. If Noah had told her the truth, she probably wouldn't have kicked him out.

    Matt can be so incredibly stubborn! Instead of listening to common sense which says 'Hide!', he insists on going after Daphne now. Peter has to give up flying to get Matt's powers which will get them into the building but ruins their exit. They actually just walk into building 26! Their mind mojo works great on guards but doesn't work on video cameras! All it takes is one alert tech… which there is but surprise, the boys reprogrammed the guards to protect them. Which works long enough for them to copy files but Noah's unique knowledge finds their weakness and Matt is captured.

    Luke is seriously starting to annoy me, he's whining every five minutes, don't know how Sylar stands it. Sylar doesn't have many memories of his real father but he recognizes a restaurant: Flashback 1980: When 'ownership' of little Gabriel was switched to his uncle. His father and mother argued in the car and his father had telekinesis – killed her exactly like Sylar kills!! Thank goodness, Sylar gets tired of Luke and ditches him.

    Sandra really does know more than we thought, even where Noah had a secret compartment. Even the agents couldn't find Alex. Claire shouldn't have gone with Alex, then they could deny knowledge. She goes with him and they get captured, even Nathan can't protect her. Clever to hide at the bottom of the pool but could have backfired if they knew Alex's power, which apparently they don't. Very nice kiss but there's no real chemistry between them so didn't do much for me.

    Nathan starts to suspect Angela of being 'Rogue' but she knows which side her bread is buttered on. Nathan is the only thing keeping her out of custody. Danko is openly defying Nathan now, branding Peter a terrorist. There is a light at the end of the tunnel – Noah is still on our side!! Danko shot Peter but Nathan caught him!!! Nathan admits he screwed up but is sure he can fix it and he truly is the only one who can. He is the only one who cares whether those with abilities live because he has an invested interest, his family and himself, but everyone else involved would rather take the easier and more efficient route: kill them all, quick and quiet. Peter just doesn't trust him though he knows Nathan loves him. Nathan's broken his word too many times. Poor Peter, in pain and close to tears, hugs his big brother. Nathan would have followed when he took off but Angela told him some sort of secret and looking shocked, Nathan looks after Peter. The future has changed and it's something to do with Peter?

    Peter turned over the footage to the news networks. The footage only showed the prisoners but no mention of abilities, did Peter deliberately not release that? Expose the agency without exposing them?

    The source of the explosion in Washington is Matt! Did Danko see Nathan, has he figured it out yet? He was already suspicious when Nathan showed up so quickly when Peter had a gun to Danko's head. Danko wraps Matt in dynamite and drops him off, which is deeply shocking… oh, wait, wasn't there a painting of this or something? Danko's finally lost it – the point of 'showing people how dangerous they are' is to show their abilities are dangerous, ANYONE is dangerous wrapped in dynamite!!

    And the final scene is about the weirdest we've ever seen – Doyle, of all people, comes to Claire for help, sent by Rebel! Seriously this guy gives me the major creeps, he is so sleazy.

    Favorite scenes:

    - Nathan, Peter and Angela together again, starting to act like a family again. We even get a hug, even if it was just Peter taking Nate's powers. I see a reconciliation in the future! Yay!

    - Matt and Peter just stroll into Building 26 and take control, that was extremely cool! Walking side by side, using the same powers then taking control of the guards to contain Nathan and the team. Awesome!

    The hunted are running out of options but have some strange bedfellows and a mystery ally. We're obviously closing on the finale and the only thing that makes sense is that Angela's secret is somehow the key to saving them. The mysterious Rogue appears to be on our side and it's clearly someone with inside knowledge so it's quite possibly someone we know. Hard to know how this will end which is new for Heroes.moreless
  • Sadly, in the desperate desire to appease a vocal minority who bemoaned the overly complex nature of the show, Tim Kring has overreacted, his knee has jerked, and now Heroes has abandoned the complex altogether.moreless

    Writing this review seven weeks after the original broadcast of the episode has proven to be a somewhat frustrating experience. I really cannot remember very much about it. Unfortunately, this is considerably telling, hinting that there was nothing particularly memorable about the instalment to set it apart from the other hours in the Heroes arsenal. In the end, I resorted to trawling through the TV.com archives for a synopsis and determined that, yup, nothing of much consequence happens in 'Exposed'. Claire helps handsome, buff comic-book-store-guy (oxymoron? Go figure)-cum-young-Aquaman escape from the clutches of the evil Nathan Petrelli regime. This is plot stretched wafer thin, barely able to maintain its own momentum. Hell, I know I was drooping during it. Sylar remembers his dad murdering his mom and mysteriously saves Luke when he would normally abandon him/slice his brains open. This is passable, sure, but that's got a lot more to do with Quinto's acting chops than it has with the quality of the writing. The story, again, is predictable and rather trad, taking baby steps toward its ultimate goal and not even having the decency to make them particularly surprising. And then there's Matt and Peter's attempt to expose the duplicitous Danko which, again, seems to lack that oh-so-crucial element of engagement, primarily because we're all painfully aware that it won't come to fruition. Sadly, it seems that in the desperate desire to appease a vocal minority bemoaning the overly complex nature of the show, Tim Kring has overreacted, his knee has jerked, and now Heroes has abandoned the complex altogether. Shame really. This isn't a bad hour of television by any standards... it's just rather blase. And that's not what I expect from this show.moreless
  • Matt and Peter go to Building 26 after a tip from Rebel to find Daphne. Sandra finds out about the man in the closet that Claire is hiding, Sylar has a flash about his young years and his mom and the Hunter takes drastic measures about the operation.moreless

    A much better chapter than the previous one, it seems like taking 3 stories per episode has started to pay off and the show is getting better.

    Claire is still hiding Alex something which her mother realizes and demands explanations. After Claire comes forward, Sandra decides to help Alex get away from the agents that have been watching the house for hours. She makes Alex a fake ID and shows him a hiding place when the agents burge in and look for him. Not finding anything, Sandra thinks of another plan to get him out which includes her as a distraction. While it works at first, the agents realize that they are trying to get Alex away and run after him. Claire and Alex climb inside the neighbours' house and having no other choice they jump in the swimming pool. Using Alex's underwater ability they manage to get away from the agents. Returning home and with Alex long gone, Sandra decides they should watch a movie. When Claire goes to get the popcorn she finds an unexpected visit; Eric Doyle who got a message from Rebel that Claire might be able to help him.

    Matt and Peter are still in Isaac's loft, with Matt painting a catastrophic doom waiting to happen in Washington involving him and some explosives. When Danko's men track them down, Rebel manages to warn them and also give them Daphne's location. Arriving there, Matt and Peter (who lost his flight ability and borrowed Matt's telepathy) use telepathy to get inside. Finding the operations room they try to find Daphne. Meanwhile, Danko realizes they are inside the building and tries to stop them. They first attempt is useless as Matt's telepathy seems much stronger than Danko thought. Peter finds Daphne's location which is in a health clinic. With Noah's useful information they raise the alarm so they can make Matt powerless and try to take them out. Peter finds (with Rebel's help) a video that shows them inside jumpsuits ready to be deported and he thinks this might be the right opportunity for Nathan's operation to be exposed. Taking the disc, Rebel takes off the power, including the alarm, so Matt and Peter can get away. Matt stays behind however in order for Peter to escape. Later on, Nathan meets up with his mom thinking that she might be the Rebel but Angela assures him that she isn't. He receives a phone call from Peter telling them to make an arrangement; Matt and Daphne for the material he has in his hands that could expose Nathan's operation. Nathan agrees but Danko has other plans. He sets a trap for Peter something that the latter picks up with his telepathy. Danko shoots him and Peter falls over the building. At the last minute, Nathan saves him (without showing himself to Danko). A meeting between Nathan, Peter and Angela ends up with Peter taking his flight ability once again and flying away and with Angela holding back Nathan by whispering to him what she saw in her dreams. Meanwhile, the material Peter had is given to the media with the operation totally exposed. Danko makes another plan, however; to make Matt's painting come to life. He arms Matt with explosives and leaves him in Washington drugged. The idea is for everyone to think he is a terrorist.

    Finally, Sylar continues on his search for his father and makes a stop at an abandoned place that he remembers from his childhood. There, he has flashes of his father selling Sylar to his uncle (we never get to see his father's nor his uncle's face) and also of him as a little boy running after his father (after he sold him) and witnessing his biological mother's death in the hands of his dad. Filled with rage, Sylar abandons Luke without killing him, telling him to go back to his mother. He assures Luke however that his father will be killed by his hands.

    An incredible episode. This three story episode is very very good. All three stories are interesting and there are no sidetracks (like Hiro's story in chapter 3). In the following episode we meet up with Sylar's dad and get to see his ability. The identity of Rebel will be revealed in chapter 20: Cold Snap, but I am sure you figured who he is by now. Also notice Ashley Crow's excellent performance in this chapter, something which you will enjoy further in later chapters. Key facts: Eric Doyle is still alive, Sylar didn't kill him. Angela's part in this volume becomes bigger in the following episodes. Enjoy!moreless
  • Getting better, enjoying the fourth Volume.

    This show is getting interesting again and I'm so glad it is because its been a long time since we had a good run of episodes. Matt uses his power in one of the best ways we have seen yet also Peter used it, I thought it was awesome when they totally took control of Building 26. Claire's story has been good for once in this volume and it looks like it will get better with Doyle back. The best part of this episode was Sylar's story, it's very interesting I actually felt sorry for him when he was abandoned as a kid. Also awesome music by Fleetwood Mac that totally fitted in with flashbacks. It was refreshing to see no Hiro again he shouldn't be in the show as much as he is now thats two episodes without him and the episodes have been really great. Heroes is coming back I can sense it, 9.5 out of 10.moreless
  • Disappointing.

    This was one of the worst written episodes this season, and that's saying something for a season that is regarded by many as being the worse so far of the show. As usual, the romance scenes were awkward and pointless. It's obvious that they couldn't come up with anything else for Claire to do, so the writers kept her busy with some boy like they did in season 2. I'm also a little confused why Peter is suddenly a computer geek and was able to "hack" the government's system? There were plot holes all over this episode. Also, Sylar is NOT naturally telekentic. He STOLE this power, so it really doesn't make sense that his father would have that power. This episode was a big disappointed, but I will keep watching and hope for the best.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Matt says "30 seconds for what" before the sentence "You have 30 seconds" appears on the screen.

    • When the two agents are searching the Bennet house for Alex, one of them goes to the room where Alex is hiding. She moves a basket which hits the fake back wall and makes it shake.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Matt: What are you doing?
      Peter: Copying the files.
      Matt: What for?
      Peter: To expose them. Look, American citizens rounded up like this, no warrants, no trials. This is gonna look great on the evening news. Nathan's not gonna know what hit him. And we'll use this as leverage. Daphne's not here, Matt. There's no guarantee that we're gonna find her. But if we have this...
      Matt: We can make a deal. Everything we've got in exchange for Daphne.
      Peter: One life at a time.

    • Alex: I still don't know why you're doing all this for me.
      Claire: Well, we're an endangered species, I'm just... doing my best to try to save us.

    • Sandra: How'd you do on your history exam?
      Lyle: C-.
      Sandra: Right. You're grounded. Driver's license, please. Now. (Lyle hands it over) Thank you.
      Alex: That was harsh.
      Sandra: He's a terrible driver, anyway.

    • Luke: Why are you doing this to me?
      Sylar: Because you're here and I need to express my feelings. You used me for some joyride and escape. I got news for you, kid. There is no escape. There is only pain and you can not outrun it. No matter what you do. No matter where you go.

    • Nathan: Pete!
      Angela: No, Nathan. Don't.
      Nathan: You give me one good reason why I shouldn't go after him, right now.
      Angela: Because the game has changed. I've seen it. And you need to be ready.

    • Noah: I wouldn't go out there if I were you.
      Danko: You're not me.

    • Luke: All clear. Officially off the grid. No communications within 50 miles.
      Sylar: You sound disappointed.
      Luke: Maybe I am. I mean, the way I see it, agents catch up with us we just... charbroil them from the inside out.

    • Claire: Mom, this is Alex. He's, uh, he's my new boyfriend.
      Sandra: OK, that doesn't explain why he's hiding in your closet.
      Claire: Right. Well, uh...we're... Are you really gonna make me say it out loud?
      Sandra: Absolutely.
      Claire: We're having sex, and I know it's wrong. Very, very wrong...
      Sandra: You do understand that my daughter is only seventeen?
      Alex: I haven't touched her, okay? I barely even make eye contact.

    • Claire: I have a plan. I just haven't thought of it yet.

    • Claire: I cannot believe you know how to make a fake ID. Where did you learn that? Dad?
      Sandra: No. Claire, believe it or not, I was a teenager once, and an enterprising one, not unlike you, young lady. There was this band once I just had to see. Def Leppard. Oh, my God. Rick Savage. Bass player. So cute. Oh, what I would have given to...
      Claire: Mom!
      Sandra: Sorry.

    • Alex: So... how do I look?
      Claire: Like an exceptionally cute boy who can breathe underwater.

    • Sandra: You gonna miss having a cute guy in your closet?
      Claire: A little.

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Airdates:
      Belgium: May 7, 2009 on VT4
      Latin America: May 8, 2009 on Universal Channel
      Australia: May 21, 2009 on Channel 7
      Germany: December 30, 2009 on RTL II
      Finland: June 5, 2010 on Sub
      Czech Republic: October 1, 2010 on Prima COOL
      Slovakia: August 9, 2012 on Markiza

    • Featured Music

      The Chain by Fleetwood Mac - plays during Sylar's flashbacks


    • Alex: You're not Harriet Tubman, Claire. And, this isn't the Underground Railroad.
      Alex compares Claire to Harriet Tubman who helped rescue over seventy slaves during the U.S. Civil War using a network of antislavery activists and safe houses that was known as the Underground Railroad.