Season 3 Episode 18


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 02, 2009 on NBC

Episode Recap

In her bedroom in Costa Verde, Claire brings Alex a sandwich and tells him that she's arranged a ticket for him to Albuquerque. He's reluctant to give up his friends and family and figures the government will find him no matter what. Alex figures she's in over her head but she points out he'd be dead without her. Sandra comes upstairs to talk to Claire and Alex hides in the closet. She tells Claire that the house money is gone and Claire finally admits that she took it. Meanwhile, Mr. Muggles starts barking at something beneath the bed, then grabs Alex's sandwich. Sandra hears a noise and goes to find Alex in the closet. At Building 26 in Washington, D.C., Noah is meeting with Danko, who wonders if Noah minds if they're watching Claire. Noah says Claire will have to live with the consequences. Danko tells his team that Peter Petrelli is a priority one along with Matt Parkman. Nathan tells them not to use lethal force but Danko tells him he's giving the order on his own authority. Nathan talks to him privately and asks if he wants to push it, but Danko says that Peter made it personal by threatening to shoot him. Nathan tells Noah to keep an eye on Danko, but Noah points out that Peter and Matt kidnapped him. An agent comes in to report they have a lead in Manhattan. At Isaac's old apartment, Matt is still painting pictures of himself rigged with explosives and Washington D.C. in flames. Peter warns they need to leave but Matt insists that finding Daphne is the important thing. Peter follows up on that but Matt admits he didn't see much from Noah's memories. They're interrupted when a computer activates on its own. The word "Rebel" flashes on the screen followed by Daphne's name and an address in Washington. Peter doesn't think they can trust Rebel, but Rebel types a message saying "They" are on their way and they have to leave. The two men run out seconds before two agents come in. They report in to Danko and take pictures of Matt's paintings. Seeing the painting of Washington, Danko figures out where they're going. Claire introduces Alex to Sandra and claims he's her new boyfriend. She tries to explain why Alex was in her closet and claims they were having sex. Alex says he hasn't touched her and Sandra demands the truth. Claire explains that Alex has an ability. Sandra warns how dangerous it is and tells Claire how disappointed she is. Luke Campbell is with Sylar, using the stolen tracking device to make sure the government isn't following them. Luke would rather have the chance to fry some agent but Sylar warns against it. Luke tries to show Sylar the scars his father gave him but Sylar shoves him up against the car window telekinetically and tells him he isn't interested. Sylar suddenly pulls off the road and goes to an abandoned diner, then starts telekinetically pulling off the boards over the windows. Claire apologizes to Sandra and says she lied to protect her. Sandra insists she's strong enough to protect them and knows that there's a pool cleaning van parked outside watching Claire. Rachel Mills and her partner are watching them. Sandra wonders what Claire has in mind and then offers her help, and Alex agrees. Claire asks her mother for help. Peter and Matt arrive at Building 26 but Matt warns there's a limit to how many minds he can control. Peter duplicates his power and they go inside. Working together, they bypass the guards and get to the top floor. They take refuge in a operations office and mentally control the man to leave. Peter starts going through the security systems, unaware that an analyst has spotted them on the surveillance cameras. Danko and the others get word and Danko goes after them against Noah's advice. The commander finds himself confronting his own mind-controlled men, who usher him back into the control center. Sandra goes to get Lyle and points out he failed his history exam, then grounds him and takes his driver's license. Next she shows Claire and Alex how to make a fake ID and alter Alex's face to bypass facial recognition software. Claire apologizes for dragging her into all of this and wishes she were normal, but Sandra tells her that their issues before Claire came along. Now she's tired of being lied to. Claire wonders if it's over and Sandra admits she doesn't know. Sylar goes into the abandoned diner and tells Luke that something happened there. He remembers being there before with his father. 1980 Sylar's father brings a young Sylar into the diner and sits him at a table while he talks to someone. Young Sylar drops a toy car into a hole in the railing. The Present Sylar telekinetically rips open the banister, revealing the toy car inside. Claire goes upstairs and sees Alex getting out of the shower. He wonders why she's helping him and she explains that she's just trying to save an endangered species. He puts on his new clothes and she compliments him as a cute boy. When Alex flirts with her, Claire says that she isn't interested in a relationship after seeing her mother and father considering a divorce. Alex thinks marriage is still worth it just for the moments when someone gets someone else. Sandra comes in to tell them the agents are coming toward the house. She shows them a hidden compartment in the pantry where Noah used to hide covert equipment. Alex hides inside as the agents come in to search the house. Rachel asks where Alex is and searches the pantry, but doesn't find anything. Sandra orders them out and they leave. Once they're gone, Claire congratulates her mother but Sandra warns it isn't over yet. Alex suggests he make a run for it and Sandra suggests they give him a head start. Peter accesses the systems and discovers that Daphne was transferred to a medical facility. They get another message from Rebel, who opens up a file containing video of their imprisonment and transport. Peter copies the file as evidence to give to the evening news, and figures they can use to blackmail Nathan and the others into turning over Daphne. Noah advises them that Matt's becomes sensitive when he uses his telepathy. He sets off the fire alarm and Matt loses control over the guards. Peter finishes copying the file and Rebel sends a message saying they have 30 seconds, and then cuts the power. They make a run for it and take control of the guards again. Nathan, Danko, and Noah arrive and Nathan warns them it's going to end badly. Matt tells Peter to go while he holds them off. Peter runs and the power comes back up, setting off the alarms again. Noah captures the stunned Matt again. Sylar remembers that something terrible happened in the diner, something that he forgot. Luke thinks that's good but Sylar says it ate away at his soul. 1980 Sylar's father Samson leads Sylar over to a table where the boy sees his father exchange money with his brother and then leave. Young Sylar runs after Samson and sees him get into a car outside and telekinetically kill his wife. Samson shoves Sylar's mother out of the car and drive away. The Present Nathan meets with Angela and asks if she's helping him. Angela denies it, noting she doesn't know anything about computers. Nathan points out she could buy someone but Angela notes that she is living in safety because of his generosity. He warns her that people want Peter and the others like him dead. Peter calls Nathan to tell him that he wants to trade the file for Matt and Daphne. Nathan asks where Peter wants to meet him. Rachel and her partner see someone drive away from the Bennet house. They follow and see Sandra and Lyle, and Sandra claims they're going to a movie. The agents hear a noise and go in pursuit of Alex and Claire, who are fleeing through the backyards. The agents end up in a backyard but fail to find the fugitives… who are hiding in a pool. Alex kisses her to pass on some air to breathe. Danko prepares for the meeting but tells Nathan that they don't negotiate with terrorists. Nathan warns that if the file is released, their entire operation is compromised. He gives Danko the order to go through with the deal, but Danko tells him he answers to someone else. Danko goes and Nathan warns Noah that Peter can read his thoughts. Noah drives a car to the rendezvous spot and Peter asks him where Matt and Daphne are. Noah mentally thinks a warning that the entire thing is a set up. Danko prepares to shoot Peter and Peter hears his thoughts. He starts moving just as Danko pulls the trigger. Peter is hit in the shoulder and falls over the edge. Noah and Danko run to the edge and see a blurred figure fly up past them and away. Nathan is the one who has rescued Peter, and takes him to meet with Angela. Nathan insists he's trying to saving the world but Angela wonders if there's another way. Nathan admits that it's out of control and he's the only one who can fix it. He asks Peter to come with him and he'll be treated well. Peter gets up and embraces him, then borrows his flight power and soars away. Nathan prepares to go after him, but Angela warns that the game has changed and he needs to be ready. All of the news channels play the footage of the prisoners being imprisoned and drugged. Danko considers the photo of Matt's painting of Matt rigged with explosives. Luke wonders when they're going to leave. Sylar snaps at him and wonders why Luke has been telling him stories about their time together bird watching. Luke claims Samson was a jerk and he was waiting for the right time to tell Sylar. Sylar telekinetically slams him into the wall and Luke suggests they flee to Canada. Sylar tells Luke that no one can outrun the pain no matter what, and tells him to go back to his mother. As Sylar walks away, he tells Luke that he's going to find his father and kill him. Danko and his men have Matt in a van. Matt insists that Danko is hunting innocent people but Danko warns that they're not innocent and he's going to make Matt the face of the enemy. After rigging something to Matt's chest, he injects him with a drug, shoves him out of the van, and drives away. Matt finds himself near the White House with explosives strapped to his chest. Claire is at home in bed when Sandra checks on her. Sandra tells her she wouldn't trade this life for anything and Claire agrees. Sandra has made some popcorn and the timer goes off. Claire goes to get it while Sandra considers a photo of herself and Noah together. In the kitchen, Claire finds the popcorn missing from the microwave. She turns to find Eric Doyle eating the popcorn. He reveals that he received a message from Rebel saying "Claire will save you."