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Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 02, 2009 on NBC

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  • I'm really curious to see how our heroes get out of the mess Nathan has made, but Angela's secret may be the key.

    This episode is quite a relief, Nathan finally admits he has messed up and is desperately trying to fix it. Danko's out of control and tries to kill Peter so Nathan must expose himself to save him. I'm so glad the writers have kept Nathan on the edge, never fully villain, so that he can find redemption. I never stopped loving him though there were times he did break my heart, but looks like he's almost back on the straight and narrow.

    Danko announces to his team that he's given the go-ahead for lethal force. Nathan just cannot be ruthless when it comes to his family, between Claire and Peter, they have him wrapped around their fingers. I love that, Nathan still loves Peter that much despite the current rift between them. I have no doubt the rift will be fixed in season 4, Heroes just isn't Heroes without Peter and Nathan as brothers AND best friends.

    Bennet appears to side with Danko against Nathan but I never bought it. Bennet's protected Peter for Nathan too many times. Rebel contacts Peter and Matt with Daphne's location and warns them to run just as agents come through the back door. The agent takes video of the painting on the floor which will no doubt reinforce Danko's views.

    Claire gets caught with Alex in her bedroom. Where Sandra picks up Mr Muggles with the sandwich in his mouth is absolutely hilarious! I am honestly bewildered about why Claire lied about Alex being her boyfriend. Her mother knows everything else, she would be sympathetic. Alex is completely spineless and 'fesses up. I wish they'd stop lying to her, she's proven over and over that she's strong and capable and not the wilting flower Noah thinks she is. Look at the change in her since he stopped erasing her memories, she is one very cool lady – fake ID! What neither Claire nor Noah seem to get is she doesn't object to this dangerous life, it's the lies that she can't accept. If Noah had told her the truth, she probably wouldn't have kicked him out.

    Matt can be so incredibly stubborn! Instead of listening to common sense which says 'Hide!', he insists on going after Daphne now. Peter has to give up flying to get Matt's powers which will get them into the building but ruins their exit. They actually just walk into building 26! Their mind mojo works great on guards but doesn't work on video cameras! All it takes is one alert tech… which there is but surprise, the boys reprogrammed the guards to protect them. Which works long enough for them to copy files but Noah's unique knowledge finds their weakness and Matt is captured.

    Luke is seriously starting to annoy me, he's whining every five minutes, don't know how Sylar stands it. Sylar doesn't have many memories of his real father but he recognizes a restaurant: Flashback 1980: When 'ownership' of little Gabriel was switched to his uncle. His father and mother argued in the car and his father had telekinesis – killed her exactly like Sylar kills!! Thank goodness, Sylar gets tired of Luke and ditches him.

    Sandra really does know more than we thought, even where Noah had a secret compartment. Even the agents couldn't find Alex. Claire shouldn't have gone with Alex, then they could deny knowledge. She goes with him and they get captured, even Nathan can't protect her. Clever to hide at the bottom of the pool but could have backfired if they knew Alex's power, which apparently they don't. Very nice kiss but there's no real chemistry between them so didn't do much for me.

    Nathan starts to suspect Angela of being 'Rogue' but she knows which side her bread is buttered on. Nathan is the only thing keeping her out of custody. Danko is openly defying Nathan now, branding Peter a terrorist. There is a light at the end of the tunnel – Noah is still on our side!! Danko shot Peter but Nathan caught him!!! Nathan admits he screwed up but is sure he can fix it and he truly is the only one who can. He is the only one who cares whether those with abilities live because he has an invested interest, his family and himself, but everyone else involved would rather take the easier and more efficient route: kill them all, quick and quiet. Peter just doesn't trust him though he knows Nathan loves him. Nathan's broken his word too many times. Poor Peter, in pain and close to tears, hugs his big brother. Nathan would have followed when he took off but Angela told him some sort of secret and looking shocked, Nathan looks after Peter. The future has changed and it's something to do with Peter?

    Peter turned over the footage to the news networks. The footage only showed the prisoners but no mention of abilities, did Peter deliberately not release that? Expose the agency without exposing them?

    The source of the explosion in Washington is Matt! Did Danko see Nathan, has he figured it out yet? He was already suspicious when Nathan showed up so quickly when Peter had a gun to Danko's head. Danko wraps Matt in dynamite and drops him off, which is deeply shocking… oh, wait, wasn't there a painting of this or something? Danko's finally lost it – the point of 'showing people how dangerous they are' is to show their abilities are dangerous, ANYONE is dangerous wrapped in dynamite!!

    And the final scene is about the weirdest we've ever seen – Doyle, of all people, comes to Claire for help, sent by Rebel! Seriously this guy gives me the major creeps, he is so sleazy.

    Favorite scenes:
    - Nathan, Peter and Angela together again, starting to act like a family again. We even get a hug, even if it was just Peter taking Nate's powers. I see a reconciliation in the future! Yay!
    - Matt and Peter just stroll into Building 26 and take control, that was extremely cool! Walking side by side, using the same powers then taking control of the guards to contain Nathan and the team. Awesome!

    The hunted are running out of options but have some strange bedfellows and a mystery ally. We're obviously closing on the finale and the only thing that makes sense is that Angela's secret is somehow the key to saving them. The mysterious Rogue appears to be on our side and it's clearly someone with inside knowledge so it's quite possibly someone we know. Hard to know how this will end which is new for Heroes.
  • Sadly, in the desperate desire to appease a vocal minority who bemoaned the overly complex nature of the show, Tim Kring has overreacted, his knee has jerked, and now Heroes has abandoned the complex altogether.

    Writing this review seven weeks after the original broadcast of the episode has proven to be a somewhat frustrating experience. I really cannot remember very much about it. Unfortunately, this is considerably telling, hinting that there was nothing particularly memorable about the instalment to set it apart from the other hours in the Heroes arsenal. In the end, I resorted to trawling through the TV.com archives for a synopsis and determined that, yup, nothing of much consequence happens in 'Exposed'. Claire helps handsome, buff comic-book-store-guy (oxymoron? Go figure)-cum-young-Aquaman escape from the clutches of the evil Nathan Petrelli regime. This is plot stretched wafer thin, barely able to maintain its own momentum. Hell, I know I was drooping during it. Sylar remembers his dad murdering his mom and mysteriously saves Luke when he would normally abandon him/slice his brains open. This is passable, sure, but that's got a lot more to do with Quinto's acting chops than it has with the quality of the writing. The story, again, is predictable and rather trad, taking baby steps toward its ultimate goal and not even having the decency to make them particularly surprising. And then there's Matt and Peter's attempt to expose the duplicitous Danko which, again, seems to lack that oh-so-crucial element of engagement, primarily because we're all painfully aware that it won't come to fruition. Sadly, it seems that in the desperate desire to appease a vocal minority bemoaning the overly complex nature of the show, Tim Kring has overreacted, his knee has jerked, and now Heroes has abandoned the complex altogether. Shame really. This isn't a bad hour of television by any standards... it's just rather blase. And that's not what I expect from this show.
  • Matt and Peter go to Building 26 after a tip from Rebel to find Daphne. Sandra finds out about the man in the closet that Claire is hiding, Sylar has a flash about his young years and his mom and the Hunter takes drastic measures about the operation.

    A much better chapter than the previous one, it seems like taking 3 stories per episode has started to pay off and the show is getting better.
    Claire is still hiding Alex something which her mother realizes and demands explanations. After Claire comes forward, Sandra decides to help Alex get away from the agents that have been watching the house for hours. She makes Alex a fake ID and shows him a hiding place when the agents burge in and look for him. Not finding anything, Sandra thinks of another plan to get him out which includes her as a distraction. While it works at first, the agents realize that they are trying to get Alex away and run after him. Claire and Alex climb inside the neighbours' house and having no other choice they jump in the swimming pool. Using Alex's underwater ability they manage to get away from the agents. Returning home and with Alex long gone, Sandra decides they should watch a movie. When Claire goes to get the popcorn she finds an unexpected visit; Eric Doyle who got a message from Rebel that Claire might be able to help him.
    Matt and Peter are still in Isaac's loft, with Matt painting a catastrophic doom waiting to happen in Washington involving him and some explosives. When Danko's men track them down, Rebel manages to warn them and also give them Daphne's location. Arriving there, Matt and Peter (who lost his flight ability and borrowed Matt's telepathy) use telepathy to get inside. Finding the operations room they try to find Daphne. Meanwhile, Danko realizes they are inside the building and tries to stop them. They first attempt is useless as Matt's telepathy seems much stronger than Danko thought. Peter finds Daphne's location which is in a health clinic. With Noah's useful information they raise the alarm so they can make Matt powerless and try to take them out. Peter finds (with Rebel's help) a video that shows them inside jumpsuits ready to be deported and he thinks this might be the right opportunity for Nathan's operation to be exposed. Taking the disc, Rebel takes off the power, including the alarm, so Matt and Peter can get away. Matt stays behind however in order for Peter to escape. Later on, Nathan meets up with his mom thinking that she might be the Rebel but Angela assures him that she isn't. He receives a phone call from Peter telling them to make an arrangement; Matt and Daphne for the material he has in his hands that could expose Nathan's operation. Nathan agrees but Danko has other plans. He sets a trap for Peter something that the latter picks up with his telepathy. Danko shoots him and Peter falls over the building. At the last minute, Nathan saves him (without showing himself to Danko). A meeting between Nathan, Peter and Angela ends up with Peter taking his flight ability once again and flying away and with Angela holding back Nathan by whispering to him what she saw in her dreams. Meanwhile, the material Peter had is given to the media with the operation totally exposed. Danko makes another plan, however; to make Matt's painting come to life. He arms Matt with explosives and leaves him in Washington drugged. The idea is for everyone to think he is a terrorist.
    Finally, Sylar continues on his search for his father and makes a stop at an abandoned place that he remembers from his childhood. There, he has flashes of his father selling Sylar to his uncle (we never get to see his father's nor his uncle's face) and also of him as a little boy running after his father (after he sold him) and witnessing his biological mother's death in the hands of his dad. Filled with rage, Sylar abandons Luke without killing him, telling him to go back to his mother. He assures Luke however that his father will be killed by his hands.
    An incredible episode. This three story episode is very very good. All three stories are interesting and there are no sidetracks (like Hiro's story in chapter 3). In the following episode we meet up with Sylar's dad and get to see his ability. The identity of Rebel will be revealed in chapter 20: Cold Snap, but I am sure you figured who he is by now. Also notice Ashley Crow's excellent performance in this chapter, something which you will enjoy further in later chapters. Key facts: Eric Doyle is still alive, Sylar didn't kill him. Angela's part in this volume becomes bigger in the following episodes. Enjoy!
  • Getting better, enjoying the fourth Volume.

    This show is getting interesting again and I'm so glad it is because its been a long time since we had a good run of episodes. Matt uses his power in one of the best ways we have seen yet also Peter used it, I thought it was awesome when they totally took control of Building 26. Claire's story has been good for once in this volume and it looks like it will get better with Doyle back. The best part of this episode was Sylar's story, it's very interesting I actually felt sorry for him when he was abandoned as a kid. Also awesome music by Fleetwood Mac that totally fitted in with flashbacks. It was refreshing to see no Hiro again he shouldn't be in the show as much as he is now thats two episodes without him and the episodes have been really great. Heroes is coming back I can sense it, 9.5 out of 10.
  • Disappointing.

    This was one of the worst written episodes this season, and that's saying something for a season that is regarded by many as being the worse so far of the show. As usual, the romance scenes were awkward and pointless. It's obvious that they couldn't come up with anything else for Claire to do, so the writers kept her busy with some boy like they did in season 2. I'm also a little confused why Peter is suddenly a computer geek and was able to "hack" the government's system? There were plot holes all over this episode. Also, Sylar is NOT naturally telekentic. He STOLE this power, so it really doesn't make sense that his father would have that power. This episode was a big disappointed, but I will keep watching and hope for the best.
  • This episode was awesome! Kept me on the egde of my seat and I laughed like crazy at some parts.

    I really enjoyed this episode. Really felt like the old heroes was back. I thought Matt and Peter breaking in was awesome and hilarious at times. Matts what now expression at the camera was awesome. Claire's story wasn't too exciting but Sylar remembering his father was good. It was cool how he used his power he got in vol.3 to remember about his dad. It was sad. Also the reveal that the hunter is who sets up Parkman to explode D.C was a good twist..I am excited for this show again and can't wait until next monday. Peter needs his powers back if going to save everyone though.
  • Sylar finds out the truth about his dad, and Matt and Peter expose the operation to the general public.

    I loved this episode. The parts with Matt and Peter were exciting, although I was disappointed that Daphne did not appear in this one. I was very impressed with the writers for finally making Sandra Bennet have a small purpose in this show. I thought the Claire/Alex thing was well written, but I didn't like it at all. It gave nothing to the general purpose of this episode.

    I was pleased that Nathan seemed to begin to understand what he has done. I think the writers have done an excellent job with the Hunter, and he continues to surprise me every week.

    The best part of this episode was the Sylar scenes. They were very emotional, and I cried when he had the flashback of his father selling him and then killing his mother. The young boy that played little Gabriel was excellent, and I could ask nothing more of him. Sylar is, and always will be, the greatest character the world has ever seen!
  • Wow

    I'm a little tired of the hit-and-miss of this season: great, okay, great, okay. But now the score has shifted to great. This episode, wow. Unbelievably good. This is Heroes the way we want it. This is Heroes that is one of the best shows on television. It is at turn suspenseful, adventurous, daring, funny, but not afraid to be dramatic. Well done. Claire is still hiding Alex at home and trying her best to convince him to leave. There's a train leaving for Albuquerque. Alex refuses to go, reasonably, his family and life is in California. Sandra stumbles into Claire's room, knowing something is up. Claire sweetly denies anything, despite that in Trust and Blood, she was so racked with guilt over lying to her mother. Whatever. Alex is uncovered through some involvement with Mr. Muggles and the fact that Alex can't keep quiet. Peter convinces Matt to stop worrying about his visions. They get a tip from Rebel, hacking into their computer systems, telling them where to find Daphne and to get out of Issac's loft, for the government found them. My guess to Rebel now is beautiful Micah. Yes. At Building 26, Danko/Hunter is letting his grudge with Peter get well, personal. He has ordered Peter and Matt be shot on contact. Nathan tries to override him but he's losing control of his own personal. No help from Noah either since Noah's supposed to pretend that he's on Danko's side. He doesn't even faze when Danko spies on Home. Brigade patches Matt's visions to base and Danko 'brilliantly' deduces where Peter/Matt are headed. Sylar-Luke's trip makes headway, Luke still under the impression this is a joyride. He wants to commit minor felonies and what-not. Punk. He does put up a good point that Sylar is one of the strongest if not the strongest hero around since Peter is no longer his heroic counterpart. Sylar ignores him and abruptly stops at a beat-down diner. Why? He's starting to remember what happened 29 years ago. Flashback to 1980 (black-and-white again but oh well, it's back far enough to work) where an adorable young Sylar is being handed off to his adoptive parents. Before Father dumped him, he gave Sylar a toy car to play with. Sylar left it there and Sylar retrieves it. Alex and Claire are busted. Claire makes a shocking lie that she and Alex are having sex (bet she wishes) but Alex is too noble to play along so Claire is forced to admit that Alex has powers. Sandra is pissed off, reasonably, her daughter is putting herself in danger helping Alex and she lied, despite that she said she was tired of lying!!! Shame. Claire explains that she understands now why Noah lied all the time, they both want to protect the people they care about. Sandra informs her that she's not a weakling and no (personal argument), she didn't deserve to be repeatly mindwiped in Season One, and she knows what's going on. Sandra's the one who noticed the ominous van across the street (poolcleaners, some foreshadowing?). Sandra deduces a way to hide Alex. At Washington D.C., Peter-Matt come up with a plan. Matt's powers have limitations. He can manipulate only a couple of minds at a time. Peter solves this by absorbing Matt's power but then Matt calls him on the fact that now they can't fly away. Funny. Matt and Peter pull off some wonderful Jedi-mind tricks and navigate their way into Building 26, hacking into the computer to find Daphne's file. Danko and crew notice them but Peter-Matt aren't stupid and they've hypontized people to hold the crew and someone to guard the door. The look on Matt's face when Danko finds this out is priceless. Brigade barges into the Bennett household, knowing that Alex is hiding somewhere. However, Sandra's hid him in a closet-vent. A close-call and Alex is safe for now. However, he's not in the clear. Sandra shows some wonderful initative, she should be on the show more often, she's great, by stealing Lyle's (great to see him on, he's grown up so much) driver's license and creates Alex a fake id. Some trivia, Sandra snuck to see Def Leppard (excellent) and tells Alex it's a good idea to diguise himself. She informs Claire that it's okay to tell the truth, she can handle it. She tells Claire it's not her fault Noah-her are facing problems, it started a long time ago. Claire scaredly asks if they will get a divorce. Sandra's thinking about it. Uh-oh. She still loves Noah very much but she's fed up with being played. A shirtless Alex (smirk) dresses and then tries to assure Claire that her parents will work things out, then says they probably would have dated in normal circumstances, and feels free to flirt a little. Awww. Peter discovers that Daphne's no longer in Building 26, she got transferred. However, since they're there, Peter downloads the government files so they have leverage to get Daphne back. Noah helps Danko take down Matt by showing a crucial weakness: Matt is susceptable to loud noises. Whoa. Rebel informs Matt-Peter and Building 26 is shut down while Brigade try to capture the two. Peter and Matt make some headway but are soon cornered. Matt sacrifices himself so Peter can get away, taking the secrets with him. At Costa Verde, Sandra has deduced another way to save Alex. She pretends to drive to a movie so Claire and Alex can have some leeway to escape. It might have worked better if they were more quiet. Brigade comes close to finding Alex and Claire but they hide underneath a neighbor's pool. Brigade must not know Alex's powers or else they're completely stupid. Claire has trouble breathing and Alex solves the problem by mouth-to-mouth rescue. A kiss of romance and survival. Awwww. Now I "understand" what Alex's powers are good for: making out romantically underwater. Might not be a date on top of the Hollywood sign but it will do. Peter phones Nathan, blackmailing that he will release the secrets unless Nathan will give him both Daphne and Matt. Nathan is more than willing to trade. However, Danko refuses to cooperate. He says Nathan isn't his boss, the President is, and the President has said that heroes are terrorists. No negoiating with the terrorists. Noah tags along but Nathan gives a not-so-subtle hint that Peter can read his mind. Noah understands. Noah meets up with Peter, Danko lurking in the shadows to shoot Peter, Noah telepathically telling Peter to get out, it's a setup. Too late as Peter is shot in the shoulder and falls to his death, until he flies away. What!!?! Luckily but unfortunately (power-wise) it's only Nathan, stepping in to save his brother. They meet up with Angela, where Peter gets a cast for his arm. Nathan asks if Angela could be Rebel and she tells him how could she? Hum. . .Nathan onces again offers Peter a role by his side and Nathan will protect him. Peter looks to agree but. . .In a moment of serious ownage, Peter hugs his brother, only to steal his power to escape. In your face, Nathan! At the diner, Sylar's purpose for being there becomes clear as he remembers a disturbing memory he blocked for 29 years: Little Sylar ran back to Mom and Dad, when he saw Daddy kill Mommy and run away. Sylar repeating "Mommy" in the present was tragic. Sylar's problems started when he was just a kid. He never stood a chance. Luke tells Sylar he tried to warn him but Sylar corners him on the fact Luke's been telling Sylar only what Sylar wanted to hear. If Sylar wanted a happy story, Luke gave him one. If he wanted an ugly truth, then Luke gave it to him. He pins Luke to the wall. Ugh. Luke views Sylar as a playbuddy, a partner in crime, but Sylar's through. However, the urge to kill is repulsive to him for now. He lets Luke go, telling him to go back home to his mother. Because Sylar's mother. . .sad. Luke's gone. Finally. Sylar goes to avenge his mother. Claire lies in bed, blissful and in a robe, Alex presumably fled. Sandra comforts and Claire thanks her for all her help. Now all she wants is to have some good quality-time with Mom. Awwww. Peter is good to his word and leaks the secrets to the news. Nathan's operation is unraveling. Danko won't be undone. Matt's paintings gave him some "inspiration". He jacks Matt with adrenaline and dumps him on a plaza, strapped to a bomb. Let Matt show that heroes are evil. Cringe. What a evil d!!!! Danko is. Finally, Claire wakes up at night to get a glass of milk but Doyle, yes, Doyle shows up in the kitchen, telling her Rebel needs her help. What?!? We saw Doyle die. What powers are at work here? An absolutely incredible, slam-bang episode. Way to go, Heroes. Just, wonderful. This is Heroes at its best. Next week, Sylar will discover his father, Nathan will try to defuse Matt, and the prodigal Bryan Fuller will return. I expect and hope another slam-banger. This episode is the way to make us proud
  • Wow. That was exciting. :)

    This was a pretty good episode. The whole Matt and Peter going to try and save Daphne kept me on the edge of my seat. Daphne is one of my favorite characters, along with Matt. That being said, I was kind of disappointed when Daphne didn't show up at all. Not even a little glimpse on a video servailance or something. I had been really looking forward to Daphne coming back. Last week, I was so glad to find out that she was still alive and I was really excited for her to come back. But, hopefully that'll happen next week. :)

    Overall, a good episode.
  • More Questions.....

    The curiousity of who exactly rebel is, is going to drive me crazy. We have a couple of options, whomever it is, is at least trying to help our Heroes. I was glad to see Claire finally finding someone special in Alex. I hope he's not gone long. I've always thought they never gave Mrs. B enough credit. She's proved she's smarter and tougher than your average mom. Sylar finally learning the truth about his father and it's wasn't pretty but it was revealing in regards to why Sylar is the way he is. Nathan and Peter being at odds is definitely becoming the norm but Nathan's idea of fixing it is obviously not working but only making things worse. HRG is really showing what side he's one in regards to helping Peter, but we'll have to see how long it lasts.
  • I kept not watching.

    What is going on!? This was definitely a letdown. Hopefully it will lead to better episodes. I am still waiting for some real Heroes action to happen. The scenes with Claire and fish boy were inconsequential to the plot (whatever left of it). The action sequences were quite lame with Peter and I find myself wishing that I was excited. The only good part leaving me wondering what was to come was at the very end with Matt. Also, the B&W flashbacks - slightly annoying and unnecessary? They were much better when they were in colour; I hope they are not doing this so that new viewers can understand better. And where is Hiro, Ando, Tracy and Mohinder? They need to start covering more character lines per episode again. This episode is not why I love this show.
  • Okay. Screw it. Heroes is back on track.

    They finally reduced the storylines so you can get a little character developement. I felt as if Brian Fuller suggested a few things before his return, and the writers listened, they actually listened for once. This episode had a realistic feeling for once. Last season, I felt like everyone was all over the place. This season, Claire is back to her normal life, and so are the rest of the heroes...besides the fugitives factor. Get rid of the Washington D.C. bomb crap though, please...otherwise this would eb a 9.5.

    Overall good episode. Thank you writers! Can't wait till a Brian Fuller ep!
  • Another great episode, this time with a shocking surprise. Warning spoilers ahead.

    So now that I have warned you, please don't read ahead. I think we finally find out in this episode that Peter can now hold more than one ability again, as when he is shot, he fly's away, even though Nathan was nowhere near and the last ability he took was from Parkman. I like the fact that he can take more than one now, though it was an interesting concept for him to only use one power at a time, I had a feeling that it was just the start of his power, and that it would eventually get back to how it was before, or close to it. I do think the writers show limit how many powers Peter can get in some way, because having to many powers would probably lead to disaster. Near the end of the episode, we see that Matt get's strapped up with a bomb, but not by choice, by force. This leads us to an interesting situation, the Hunter has got Matt hooked up to a bomb, and plans to blow him up to gain support in his cause. Not sure how that will work, but either way Matt is a danger to everyone around him now. Sylar also finds how about what his dad did in the past, and now goes on a hunt to find his dad and get revenge. Overall I liked this episode, though it felt rather short, and I wish it could have been longer, it was well paced and had a good chunk of story and information.
  • Slowly getting back. People going to their roots and hard to tell who is on whose side. Hopefully the Fuller guy can fix all this up.

    This episode is the FIRST episode this season arch(fuitives) that I actually liked. Matt and Peters tag team was amazing. The writers are making so the paintings that are being made seem NOT be a big deal. Whatever is being painted seems to be happening very soon. Thats good because we know that the season isnt about another bomb.

    Claire is gettin less annoying surpringly. It was great to see Claires mom have a different side to her weak helpless side. Also the ending when the puppetmaster really made a big twist. How far is Claire willing to go for helping her own kind of people. The best part was obviosely the "petrelli hug" I totally saw taht coming. However, I still REALLY enjoyed it. Hopefully you guys know what I am talking about :D. It shows Nathan not being a total bad guy. He still has feelings for his brother. Sylers roots are FINALLY explained. We see why he is so messed up. His dad killed his mom right in front of her and then he abandoned him. Talk about a crappy childhood. Nice twist that the nation finally knows about the patriot act being abused(love the connection it has for the USA, how the government is doing the same thing to us. PROPS)

    Improvements? Matts constant complaining about daphne-getting annoying. Hiro isnt in the series. I think its an IMPROVEMENT that he is not part of the show. His immature attitude is REALLY annoying. Why doesn't he grow up already and start being more responsible in the show?? Peter had some character development and I am happy about that. Now its Hiros turn!!
  • Code name Rebel someone we know? Matt will explode? Daphne alive? Nathan saves Peter? Claire and Alex together? Sylar and his biological dad?

    Something finally occurred to me in this episode. Something Matt said 'someone is hacking into the computer' made me think who do we know that has a way with machines? Someone who maybe couldn't risk being in the fight because he is a little guy but has defenite skills that could help those who are being caught. The worlds best hacker, Micah! I mean it's gotta be right? Well okay maybe it could be, it's possible anyway. I would make sense too seeing as he would be able to hack into everything Nathan's people are doing via computer and they'd never even know he was there.

    Matt's going to blow up the white house? At the end of last weeks episode I knew that couldn't be what it seemed. Turns out it wasn't, not technically anyway. Matt and Peter break into building 26 to in attempt to save Daphne but end up causing some great trouble, with a little help from rebel. I want them to save Daph don't get me wrong but I was so pleased to see that the heroes are finally giving these jerks a run for their money. I mean between them all they've got loads of power and up until now they've all managed to avoid capture but haven't really done much damage to the operation that's hunting and capturing them. When Matt and Peter pulled their mind mojo on practicly the entire building I was so pleased, I so wanted Matt to flip them off when Danko and Nathan were watching them over the security feed. And you could tell he wanted to boy! Even though Matt ended up being captured, strapped to a bomb and released in front of the white house as a terrorist they did do some damage. The tapes of the governments first attempt at detaining the heroes just made the news. Yes, yes yes! I just certainly hope Matt will live to see it. I mean wow, I knew Danko had issues with people with powers (let's hope Nathan gets a taste of his own medicine with that one) but yikes. I mean what the hell is the deal? I still say it's a he's hating on his own kind like someone else we know.

    Nathan is a nut, I mean I seriously don't know what the hell he thinks he's doing. He's locking people away "for their own good" yet he decides who gets a pass when he so decides. He tries to capture Peter repeatedly but then saves him from Danko aka The Hunter, then he just expects Peter to come away with him and get locked away forever? For a second there I thought Peter would be his old naive self too, especially when he went to hug Nathan but this time he finally used it to his advantage and flew away. Good for him, let's hope he fully understands now that he and Nathan are no longer brothers as far as this fight is concerned. HRG is a nut too. He's siding with Nathan and his people, leaving Claire to fend for herself and then he's tells Matt Daphne is alive (last episode) knowing full well he'd break in to save her and then he tries to warn Peter that Danko is about to kill him. Their two dysfunctional peas in a horrible, horrible pod. Speaking of dysfunction our favorite dysfunctional mother Angela keeps making small appearances, nothing particularly relevent yet but her prescence is never a sign of good things to come. But not every parent on the planet is nuts or a couple aren't anyway.

    Claire's mom really pulls it together, after Claire reveals she's been hiding her new super powered hottie in her closet for a couple days. Without HRG I didn't really think Claire would stand much of a chance saving him, only because she doesn't have a ton of experience foiling government plans. She got lucky at the beginning of the volume with the plane crash but beyond that she needed a really good plan to get Alex out of the house. Luckily Claire's mom helped out and good for her! I like seeing the lay folk being helpful to our heroes. Anyway they got Alex away but not before he and Claire shared a couple moments and one super cute (hot :)) under water kiss. Yes technically it was to help her breath but just the same they both wanted it. I just hope Alex makes another appearance, for Claire's sake. But also because this season they've finally hit a good role with new characters appearing and staying on the show, I just hope they stick with it.

    With Luke too! Granted I never expected he and Sylar to last long as a team if that's even what you would call them but just the same I want to see Luke again. I mean they went to all the trouble of working it so Sylar didn't kill him and I just hope it wasn't for nothing. I was a little surprised that he didn't kill him now that's he's remembering daddy.

    Oh yeah! Oh boy! Sylar remembering daddy. Yikes. Now that we know that Sylar wasn't exactly a baby in a buggy when his biological dad sold him to his uncle it makes sense that he would have a couple small memories of him. After seeing said memories it's easy to see why he would surpress them. Through another stroke of fate (those seem to just find Sylar somehow, this time I'm guessing it's because his dad stuck close to the same areas all these years) Sylar stumbles into perhaps the most important memory of his life. An old abandoned diner holds his last memories of his biological father and...mother. We see the scene where Sylar's dad sells him (How cute was it seeing little Sylar, and then when he found the tiny car! So cute!) but what happens after it what really counts. Sylar runs after his dad into the parking lot, his dad gets into a car with a woman. And then boom, or to be more accurate slice. Sylar's dad slices her head open, Sylar's mother. Gives new meaning to the phrase like father like son. Suffice it say Sylar was a little pissed he took a little bit of it out on Luke but like I said didn't kill him, he's saving that bullet for daddy.

    There's one thing I don't understand though, how is it Sylar didn't remember any of this? The memories from the diner. I understand surpressing the memory of his dad killing his mom and dumping her on the side of the road. But why didn't he remember being sold like that? He seemed old enough, why didn't he remember suddenyly having a different dad? I mean he was young and maybe just kind of forgot but it seems odd somehow.
  • I liked this episode.

    Yay heroes is definitely back on track!I really loved this episode.Amazing episode, perfectly written/acted, Claire was sweet and 'real', yay for Sandra, and Sylar brought emotion/pathos, enjoyed Peter/Matt and their use of powers, ...loved it.and veru much revealing too like sylars father used telekinesis to kill hes mother!? it was all seen in a flashback but i think he probably used hes new powers to understand the object history , finally he used a new power than telekinesis.And wow i jumped when i saw the puppet master last in the episode! dident sylar kill him!? cant wait too see next episode and soon it is bryan fullers episode yay!
  • What's not to like?

    Peter and Matt were completely kick-ass in this episode. Using the guards to their advantage and Matt taunting the other agents on camera was really funny. And the twist that the Hunter added with the whole "terrorist" thing was indeed a smart move from the writers and it clearly shows how demented he is and how determined he is to kill everyone with abilities, but I do hope he gets discovered soon by Nathan, that should be an interesting conflict. And I wonder what Angela told Nathan in his hear that caused THAT expression? Could it be the identity of Rebel or something? Knowing Heroes, we won't know soon..

    With Claire and Alex, I think the underwater kiss while being chased by agents was a nice touch. Claire needed a break from the whole "my dad is bad" thing. And who knew Sandra was so naughty? fake IDs, fantasizing about sleeping with a band guy, it showed us a new side of her making her an interesting character after all (in this episode at least). And Doyle... how powerful is this rebel guy? Great twist...

    Sylar's story here wasn't that great. The flashback stories were interesting and all, but it would've been nice if his father had walked in after he remembered all this to top off the whole "old times" thing. And honestly, I don't know why Luke is important now, getting him caught or meeting the others somehow might be a good idea right now writers...

    An entertaining episode that had my heart beating at points, and laughing out loud at others. Cannot wait for next week's, I need a dose of Hiro for godsakes!!
  • Heroes is finally back!, as incredible and perfect as when it started!!

    This episode was so exciting, my heart was pounding the whole 45minutes, nerve-wrecking all the way. I'm so excited that my favorite character is back now calling himself "The Rebel". He had to be back at one point and they brought him back in the perfect moment and in the perfect way. A triumphal entry!!!

    Everybody is conspiring on each other and the Angela, Noah, and Nathan triangle is still a big question for me, on whos bad or good. I'm really intrigued to see what happens with Sylar and his father and also why is Luke still there in the picture. Also I'm loving the fact that Claire and Alex may have something, because I think they make an awesome couple, the kiss in the pool was beautiful. At the same time can't wait to see what will happen between Eric and Claire and how is Claire going to help him.
    Now we have a lot to see and a lot is going to happen. For those who may still have doubts about who is the "Rebel", you are all up for a big surprise. This is what I was waiting for all along for this show. All the heroes good or bad together as a team helping each other against the world.
    My thanks goes to the writers for making such great scripts and making the show better and better on each episode. I'm so excited for the upcoming events...Can't wait.
  • Classic season 1 Heroes action.

    Ok , without objection this was a great episode and I am happy to defend that against everyone who denies it.This episode had everything season 1 had : action , intrigue , great character development , powers ; bottom line if this episode appeared in season 1 it would be rated at least 9.5 .Everyone is so keen on throwing Heroes to the sharks , that it's starting to blind their judgement. Sylar's storyline grows in power by the minute in the quest to find his father. Peter is starting to be a very interesting character again and I think his new power is a bit more suitable for him and is easier to handle. Matt's involvement is very important and I really liked the final scene of the episode which I didn't see it coming. Claire storyline was a bit of a setback for the episode but wasn't so bad either , I really didn't like Alex , he is a copy of Adam and is very annoying I hope he is gone for good. I admit that there are some episodes that aren't absolutely great this season , but this one was very special and with episodes like this , Heroes will unleash it's whole potential , keep up the good work.
  • Three reasons why this episode was the best so far in a LONG while

    1. The Peter/Parkman duo staging an ultimate coup and infiltrating Building 26 (along with Rebel) utilizing one of the most entertaining powers on the show. This also led to a clear division of good guys (heroes) and bad guys (government agents), which this show has been lacking for quite some time as well as a major plot twist at the end for Parkman.

    2. Claire's mother, Sandra Bennet, steps up to prove she's not just a lowly ol' housewife, but an impressive and insightful woman (Bravo!). And I know I wasn't the only one who backtracked to catch a glance at the weapon she was pulling out from under the counter.

    3. Finally revealing information, on both Sylar (which has been long awaited and annoyingly so) and a greater involvement of Rebel (pointing the figure squarely at only one person). I'm not counting out the involvement of others and not just the obvious technopathic hero we miss.

    If you see this message on other television boards, they are all posted by me (boundeffigy) because I am finally happy with this series again and I want others to see the improvement in this episode.
  • Matt and Pete break in to Building 26

    Much of the episode followed the Bennet family as they worked to help Alex escape the government. Claire and her mother reached a new level of their relationship than it was about saving Alex. This worked to an extent, as Claire got to see another side of her mother: the fake-ID-making, lying-to-government-agents side. Sandra created a diversion in which 2 agents were watching and waiting to pounce. Alex and Claire got away from the back, why couldn't they do that earlier? Peter and Matt tried to break into Building 26 to rescue Daphne. Matt and Peter were in and stealing their proof of this government cover-up, Matt taunted everyone in the security camera. Meanwhile, Sylar stopped at an old, abandoned diner and uncovered a long hidden memory: he once lost a toy car. If only he could have saved his car, years of killing could have been avoided. Also, his father sold him and killed his mother. One Question remains 'Who the hell is Rebel'?
  • Parkman's go down and so does Nathan's cover ops.

    As Claire tries to hide yet another kindred she's trying to save up in her closet, Peter & Matt do their best to expose the skeletons on her father's closet as they find the surveilance tapes from the hunts instead of Daphne back at Building 26.

    Armed with the knowledge of how much damage this could do Nathan's cause and a tip from rebel these two use Matt's ability to confine Danko within his own facility in a way I don't which one is more upset by the whole thing: Danko or Sandra. However, once Company wife and now her children's mother Sandra reasserts herself as she helps Claire even against the wishes of her husband's "colleagues". Problem is that Bennet is nothing like his wife so Parkman goes down once that Bennet exposes his weaknesses to Danko.

    And so there was one and no matter how hard Pete tries to win back Matt & Daphne he ends up exposing Nathan's whole operation the minute he realizes there's no exchange possible which leads to the most painful retaliation possible as Danko sets Matt free after he strapped explosives to his chet ready to blow up in the middle of Washington DC.
  • Claire makes out with the Sylar look-alike. Would the indestructible one even have drowned?

    Heroes is trying. They really are. But every good idea stumbles over poor execution or ideas that aren't completely thought through.

    Raise your hand if you were reminded of Season 2's Claire/West relationship (remember that loser? This show obviously doesn't) when the cheerleader started making googly eyes at fish boy. No chemistry developed between the two in the 1.5 episodes they've known each other, but hey, she's a girl and he's a boy so it's a given! The predictable "underwater breath kiss" never had me roll my eyes harder at this show. Note to villains, everywhere: drown Claire! it's the only way you can kill her!

    Another major annoyance for me was the scene where Mommy told claire bear that the parents' seperation has nothing to do with her. Except that it has EVERYTHING to do with her! Claire is the source of all the drama in the bennett household, Claire is the reason Noah does what he does, including lying to his wife, and Claire is directly responsible for getting Dad in trouble with Mom! Who are these people kidding?

    Elsewhere, Sylar got memories of a toy truck when he flashed (Chuck reference!) on an abandoned diner. Let's face it, Sylar has had no real motivation for wanting to see his father so badly, so now the writers are trying to give him one: because he killed his mother and sold him away. As if Sylar is so much more holier than thou. Now it's a basic revenge kick. This might have had more impact if they didn't play crappy emo music over the scene. And if they hadn't already done a couple other completely different Sylar back stories. But the prospect of papa evil having the same abilites as Sylar is interesting.

    The most interesting aspect of the show was Peter getting hold of and releasing the Fugie round up to news affiliates everywhere. He's been impressively cool this season. Hope they blow up parkman! Here's to the Puppetman! will Calire make out with him too?
  • Trudging forward

    For most of the episode, this was little more than a transitional installment, moving the plot forward incrementally. The final act ramped up the tension a bit and pointed to a more exciting direction for the next episode, which certainly helps, but even that seemed to do little to redeem this hour.

    The writers aren't being particularly subtle in their treatment of Danko and his steady takeover of Nathan's little program. His troubling background was covered back in "A Clear and Present Danger", so he's just falling in line with his established characterization. He was always going to be a serious threat to the metahumans, and that threat is certainly growing. His decision to use Matt to prove his point is just an evolution of the tactic he used with Tracy.

    All of which continues to demonstrate just how much of an idiot Nathan really is. It's bad enough that he thought a government program, however "black ops" it might be, would somehow be the best way to handle the potential threat posed by metahumans. He failed to see how containment could easily become elimination, especially when bringing in someone with a clear reputation for overkill. Add to that his inability to see why Peter and the rest of his "friends" among the metahumans would want to resist death or imprisonment, and he's living in a very special fantasy world.

    It would help tremendously if the "heroes" had an effective leader. Once again, Peter drops the ball in that regard. First, he and Matt lose Mohinder (who is oddly ignored by all sides in this episode). Then, in the process of trying to find Daphne for Matt, Peter manages to let Matt get captured. After negotiating an exchange of stolen information for Matt and Daphne, he walks into one of the most obvious traps ever devised.

    This may be overstated a bit, but the "villains" always seem to have a leader, while the "heroes" always seem to fumble and distrust one another. Because of the nature of the series thus far, this is mostly a delaying tactic. The writers know that the heroes, if working together logically, could easily overcome the threats leveled against them. (For that matter, they've had how many chances to incapacitate or kill Danko so far?)

    The irony is that "Rebel" (increasingly likely to be Micah, based on the skills on display) has the potential to be that kind of leader. He's certainly guiding the aborning resistance movement well enough, if Claire's subplot is any indication. Alex may say Claire isn't some stop on the Metahuman Underground Railroad, but isn't that exactly what she and Sandra are being asked to create? (That doesn't make her "romance" with Alex any less cloying.)

    Sylar's road trip with Luke takes an interesting turn, to say the least. So Sylar's father killed his real mother, and sold him off to his brother? The flashback was a bit goofy at times, and it seems rather convenient that the road trip would just happen to take them past this particular restaurant. It also feels like the writers brought along Luke so they would have someone to talk with Sylar and give the scenes a little more heft. I'm not entirely sold on the notion that Sylar had to keep him alive (despite the hints that the two are related, which has yet to come up directly).

    The next episode promises to be a bit more lively, given Sylar's more violent direction and Matt's predicament. The process of getting there, however, was a bit drawn out and tedious. It also doesn't help when the writers assume that the audience is following all the online content. They featured Rachel, one of the government agents watching Claire, as if she was a well-established character, when most of her screen time has been devoted to webisodes. It was incidental in this case, but this isn't the first time the writers have made this mistake.
  • Did anyone realize the MAJOR gaff in this episode???

    When Matt and Peter are outside the building to rescue Daphne Peter borrows Matt's ability to control minds therefore disabling his ability to fly. As Matt says right there on the street. When Peter is on the roof getting set up and he gets shot in the shoulder and falls off the building he then flies away??? He does not get his ability back to fly until AFTER that when he borrows it from his brother while they are talking and they hug it out. Maybe I am wrong but I though Peter was at a point where he only had one ability at a time? Major gaff. Am I wrong here?
  • There is no gaff, people!

    I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, as I have most of the episodes since the show's creator returned. In his absence, the show had fallen completely off the tracks, but, with the last two episodes we are back to (as Joss Whedon would say) the reason we came in the first place...stories about ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances.

    As when the series was in its wonderous first season, the episodes are more tightly focused on just a couple of storylines/characters at a time.

    I, for one, cheered when the government abuses Nathan precipitated were exposed to the nation at large. The parallels to our own government are a bit too obvious, but I'm fine with that. Freedoms cannot be curtailed in the name of security--ever; it inevitably leads to abuse.

    We had wondered about Matt's prophetic paintings and now we know who set those in motion.

    As for the alleged gaff, it was clear to me, at least, that Nathan flew in to rescue Peter after Peter was shot. Case closed on that one.

    I do agree with many, here, that Claire's romances inevitably seem superfluous and don't add much to the show. But I am digging the "underground railroad" sub-plot.
  • After an episode without Sylar, he makes a glorious return!

    Sylar and Luke are a great duo. Do you know who else is a great duo? Ando and Hiro. But they haven't been around for at least two episodes. What's up with that? Anyway, mini-Sylar was adorable, and grownup Sylar is such a great actor that I can't complain about any of his scenes. I'm just sad to see the duo split.

    Claire's mom kicked some major butt in this episode. I'm glad she finally got some credit for being so awesome. But the puppet guy massively creeps me out. Claire has a real dilemma with that creep, I just hope she doesn't keep HIM secret from her mom too!

    I miss West. This Alex guy was no way near as adorable, and the underwater kiss was cute but it didn't make my heart melt. Peter, Nathan, and HRG, they have some major personal problems they need to figure out. I think they have all established that they don't trust one another, so why do they keep communicating and trying to make deals?
  • Tears of Boredom

    Oh my heck! Could we focus please? Wasted most of the show sidetracked about yet another meaningless recently introduced person with powers. Resurrected others and stunted the growth and progression of the main heroes. And apparently the world doesn't know that heroes exist? 1 out of 3 people are heroes! Peter is "neutered" as eloquently said in another post. Syler is now nice, no wait, bad, no wait... nice? Or was that Claires Dad... no the other one. Am I making sense? No I'm not a write for heroes.

    How can the writers stuff up a flawless concept? Oh wait, just watch seasons 2-3.
  • Better episode than last week's, mainly because Sylar was in it.

    Clearly Heroes is still struggling to recapture the brilliance of the first season but this was one of the better episodes of this volume. The scenes with Sylar were really creepy and well done, especially when he discovered the truth about his father (and mother too). The Claire story was so so, though i liked the fact that her mother knew how to fake an ID. Peter and Matt's story was alright too. I will glad when they sort out the Daphne business. Matt is not my favourite character and the painting thing is still a bit grating. Shows promise.
  • Claire starts forming an underground railroad. Sylar pieces together some of his past. Matt and Peter try to get Daphne back.

    Definitely a step up from the last episode. There was nothing really that blew me away in this episode. But I felt there were at least some solid moments in this installment.

    Sylar rules even when their not giving him that much to do. I swear even watching him driving and staring aimlessly at the road is interesting. And wouldn't you love to have a power just to shut some annoying brat up just like that? Looks like Sylar might be a chip off of the old block. Can't wait to see where this possible showdown might be heading.

    The Claire scene underwater with Aqualad was kind of interesting, but unfortunately just like in DC comics Aquaman is like the most worthless hero. The last I checked most of the action is on land and when Peter is charged up air but that's it. Good to see Aqualad go. I hope he doesn't come back.

    I still hate and do not recognize Matt's ability to paint anything, but I still thought it was a cool pay off moment when it ended up being him strapped to the bomb. I guess at least he isn't that good of an artist if I couldn't tell if it was him or Hiro from the painting.

    Like I said this was definitely a step up and the next one looks even a little bit better.
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