Season 3 Episode 18


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 02, 2009 on NBC

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  • Matt and Peter go to Building 26 after a tip from Rebel to find Daphne. Sandra finds out about the man in the closet that Claire is hiding, Sylar has a flash about his young years and his mom and the Hunter takes drastic measures about the operation.

    A much better chapter than the previous one, it seems like taking 3 stories per episode has started to pay off and the show is getting better.
    Claire is still hiding Alex something which her mother realizes and demands explanations. After Claire comes forward, Sandra decides to help Alex get away from the agents that have been watching the house for hours. She makes Alex a fake ID and shows him a hiding place when the agents burge in and look for him. Not finding anything, Sandra thinks of another plan to get him out which includes her as a distraction. While it works at first, the agents realize that they are trying to get Alex away and run after him. Claire and Alex climb inside the neighbours' house and having no other choice they jump in the swimming pool. Using Alex's underwater ability they manage to get away from the agents. Returning home and with Alex long gone, Sandra decides they should watch a movie. When Claire goes to get the popcorn she finds an unexpected visit; Eric Doyle who got a message from Rebel that Claire might be able to help him.
    Matt and Peter are still in Isaac's loft, with Matt painting a catastrophic doom waiting to happen in Washington involving him and some explosives. When Danko's men track them down, Rebel manages to warn them and also give them Daphne's location. Arriving there, Matt and Peter (who lost his flight ability and borrowed Matt's telepathy) use telepathy to get inside. Finding the operations room they try to find Daphne. Meanwhile, Danko realizes they are inside the building and tries to stop them. They first attempt is useless as Matt's telepathy seems much stronger than Danko thought. Peter finds Daphne's location which is in a health clinic. With Noah's useful information they raise the alarm so they can make Matt powerless and try to take them out. Peter finds (with Rebel's help) a video that shows them inside jumpsuits ready to be deported and he thinks this might be the right opportunity for Nathan's operation to be exposed. Taking the disc, Rebel takes off the power, including the alarm, so Matt and Peter can get away. Matt stays behind however in order for Peter to escape. Later on, Nathan meets up with his mom thinking that she might be the Rebel but Angela assures him that she isn't. He receives a phone call from Peter telling them to make an arrangement; Matt and Daphne for the material he has in his hands that could expose Nathan's operation. Nathan agrees but Danko has other plans. He sets a trap for Peter something that the latter picks up with his telepathy. Danko shoots him and Peter falls over the building. At the last minute, Nathan saves him (without showing himself to Danko). A meeting between Nathan, Peter and Angela ends up with Peter taking his flight ability once again and flying away and with Angela holding back Nathan by whispering to him what she saw in her dreams. Meanwhile, the material Peter had is given to the media with the operation totally exposed. Danko makes another plan, however; to make Matt's painting come to life. He arms Matt with explosives and leaves him in Washington drugged. The idea is for everyone to think he is a terrorist.
    Finally, Sylar continues on his search for his father and makes a stop at an abandoned place that he remembers from his childhood. There, he has flashes of his father selling Sylar to his uncle (we never get to see his father's nor his uncle's face) and also of him as a little boy running after his father (after he sold him) and witnessing his biological mother's death in the hands of his dad. Filled with rage, Sylar abandons Luke without killing him, telling him to go back to his mother. He assures Luke however that his father will be killed by his hands.
    An incredible episode. This three story episode is very very good. All three stories are interesting and there are no sidetracks (like Hiro's story in chapter 3). In the following episode we meet up with Sylar's dad and get to see his ability. The identity of Rebel will be revealed in chapter 20: Cold Snap, but I am sure you figured who he is by now. Also notice Ashley Crow's excellent performance in this chapter, something which you will enjoy further in later chapters. Key facts: Eric Doyle is still alive, Sylar didn't kill him. Angela's part in this volume becomes bigger in the following episodes. Enjoy!
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