Season 2 Episode 5

Fight or Flight

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 22, 2007 on NBC
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A woman named Elle is searching for Peter. Ando looks for Hiro in the past. Matt looks for the man in Molly's dreams. HRG takes another step in hopes of protecting his family and himself.

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  • Elle is introduced.

    Another hero is introduced or should I say villain, she is looking for Peter surprisingly. Even though she wasn't even mentioned in season 1. Ricky dies. That really sucks. It was so sad at the end. Poor Caitlin. Looks like Elle is working for her father, wonder who that could be. Maya & Sylar aren't in this episode even after that humongous cliffhanger. Strangely, Claire isn't in this episode, that's a first. Came to a bit of a disappointment. Molly is still sick. Matt finds his father. That dream sequence was chilling. Monica exercises her powers. Fell like the plot isn't developing though. Peter draws a painting. Nikki reprises her role finally, she looks like hell but it turns out she is happy? Great episode that revealed a lot.moreless
  • Amateurish screen writing deserves MAJOR negative feedbacks

    As a native french speaker from Montreal, how could they make such a big mistake ? Peter Patrelli wrote St-Jaque Street instead of Rue St-Jacques .. Yeah I know french culture is a must when it comes to getting attention. I can't describe the feeling I get when I see things like that, since french is getting butchered by it's own speakers sometimes and now we have to face the same situation on national television. I just hope this show will get cut next season because it shouldn't be taken lightly, throw out the sucky CGI and hire competant artists. Thanks for publishing memoreless
  • YAWN, where is the story, little action (to the ones who disagree with my review - go write your own and stop insulting M Y opinions)

    I'm 5 episodes into the 2nd season and couldn't care two shakes about anyone on the show at this point - while they have to drag out 22 episodes, the continuing addition of other characters each week is annoying to the point that they're bringing in "guest" stars to play new people...

    Get on with the story already! We know it's a family genetic carry over, so everyone from the original group, their children have now come together....yawn...it's been done...

    The show could have been much more this season...but it's looking like a tired, lame, pathetic, and rather uninteresting RIP OFF of Xmen again.

    And please stop with the Star Trek alumni joining the casts...what's next...Leonard Nimoy as Syler's grandfather...just to plug the new Star Trek movie! If they add him or Shatner...I'm done with the show for good! Build a story and roll with it...moreless
  • Hiro's still tries to fix history, Matt and Nathan track down Molly's nightmare man, Mohinder submits Molly to the Company while he's given an assignment to save a special girl and a woman is looking for Peter in Ireland with deadly intentions.moreless

    The fifth chapter is one of my favourites in this volume. Matt and Nathan track down Molly's nightmare man who turns out to be none other than Matt's own father, Maury. When they manage to get into his appartment and tie him up, Maury reveals a few secrets of his own. We are told that he also has an ability that of mind reading but it is much more advance than Matt's. Tricking both Nathan and Matt to untie him, he manages to trap them into a nightmare where in the end Nathan and Matt fight each other thinking they are facing their own nightmares. Nathan thinks he is facing himself after the explosion of New York, while Matt after he gets a visit from his wife and baby, thinks he is fighting a prison guard (at this point it is revealed that Matt's baby is in fact his and not his wife's affair; Matt appearantly read her mind but still went on and abandoned his wife just like his father did with him). Maury manages to escape and he goes after Bob, the current head of the company.

    A woman arrives in Cork, Ireland looking for Peter and she is tipped that he's in Ricky's pub. Arriving there she asks Ricky of the whereabouts of Peter and when she doesn't get the answer she was looking for she kills him. It turns out she is working for the company and she is on an assignment. Her name is Elle and she is the original user of the electrifying power Peter demonstrated in chapter 1 of this volume. Meanwhile, Peter is at Caitlin's appartment. Hesitating at first, Peter opens the box that was given to him by Ricky and finds a picture of himself and his brother and a ticket to Montreal, Canada. In a moment of confusion, Peter's precognitive power kicks off and paints a picture with him and Caitlin standing in Montreal outside a pub. At that moment, Caitlin is informed of her brother's death and Peter realizes that he can't hide anymore.

    Hiro follows Takezo's stories as being told by his father and helps Takezo complete his trials. He's however sad because he is helping Takezo and Yaeko get closer together while he is in love with her. At the trial of rescuing Yaeko's father at White Beard's camp, the group realizes that it might be more difficult than they thought.

    Meanwhile, Mohinder takes Molly to the Company to help her, after she fell into a shock in the previous chapter when attempting to track down Maury Parkman. Noah's warning over the phone (from Ukraine) not to let the Company get close to him and Molly is fruitless. Furthermore, Mohinder witnesses a breakout of Niki and he tries to set her free she refuses to leave as she admits that she is sick (Jessica appearantly is not as gone as she thought) and that she has given up her son for this treatment. Monica experiments with her newfound ability but she is more scarred than ever. At her aide comes Mohinder who offers to help her control her ability.

    Overall a great episode. The scene of Nathan and Matt in a dream like sequence is amazing and answers a few questions about out Heroes' backstory. Key facts: Notice the comic book Micah shows to Monica with a woman in a black costume (St Joan). That alias will play a major part in Monica's story which expanded lately through the graphic novels. Also, notice Kristen Bell's first appearance as a psychopath woman. Kristen Bell is amazing and her story continues until volume 3. Niki's story is once again none existent and as I said before she doesn't have any this volume. Finally notice the first absence of Hayden Penettiere from an episode of Heroes. Until this point she was in every other episode making it a total of 27 straight episodes; something that I didn't notice the first time until I actually saw it in imdb. Enjoy!moreless
  • Getting Better.. I Like Monicas powers.

    As Peter settles into his new life with Caitlin, a young woman named Elle searches for him at the Cork docks. Will directs her to the Wandering Rocks Pub. Ricky gets wind of Elle's search and sends Peter to stay at Caitlin's flat, rejecting his offer to deal with Elle on his own. While at Caitlin's, Peter decides to open the box, and finds his passport, a plane ticket from New York to Montreal, and a photo of himself and Nathan. While frustrated about the lack of useful information in the box, Peter accidentally taps into his precognitive ability and paints a picture, befuddling Caitlin in the process. The final picture shows Peter and Caitlin outside what looks like to be the Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal. At the same time, Elle visits the Wandering Rocks Pub and meets Ricky, who lies about seeing Peter. Elle uses her ability to weld the doors closed and electrocutes Ricky, leaving his horrifically charred corpse behind. Later, she receives a phone call from a man for killing Ricky, she is ordered to halt her assignment of finding Peter and return to the Company headquarters. Peter and Caitlin are summoned to the Pub. Caitlin is distraught by her brother's death and is not comforted when Peter confesses that Ricky's killer was there looking for him. The episode ends on his ominous statement, "I can't hide anymore."

    Monica is questioned by the police concerning the attempted robbery. She refuses to identify the assailant, a local gangbanger, for fear of retribution. Later, she is speaking to Micah at the Dawson home and unconsciously mimics his piano skills. Micah figures out that she has an ability and confesses his own to her. Using a 9th Wonders! comic book as an example, he theorizes that Monica possesses muscle mimicry, which is the ability to mimic any physical action she sees. Together, the two test her ability's limits; she copies a complicated jump rope routine and martial arts moves from television but is interrupted by Dr. Mohinder Suresh.

    Matt recruits Nathan on his mission to find Maury, his father, and help Molly. The two find Maury in his apartment in Philadelphia, and discover that he possesses a powerful form of telepathy. Maury has also received the same death threat as Kaito and Angela. Under the pretense of getting something for Matt, Maury traps him, and Nathan who follows them, in mental illusions while he escapes. In Matt's illusion, he is trapped in a prison cell where a vision of his ex-wife, Janice, appears holding a baby and claiming that Matt walked out on her and her son, threatening he'll eventually do the same to Molly. He is assaulted by a prison guard when he tries to leave the cell after Janice. Nathan's illusion places him on the roof of the Deveaux Building in a post-bomb New York, where he meets and fights a horribly burned vision of himself. As it turns out, Nathan and Matt, are actually fighting each other. Matt is able to project his own thoughts into Nathan's mind and they are able to snap out of the vision before serious injury. In a quick search of Maury's apartment, Matt finds another of the death threats, this one for Bob.

    While Matt is gone, Mohinder considers taking Molly to the Company for their help. He calls Noah, who advises him to leave the Company out of their affairs, but Mohinder is more concerned with Molly's safety and takes her to Bob and the Company doctors. As Bob assigns Mohinder to retrieve a girl with abilities, Niki manages to break through the Company's internal security and attack Bob, but Mohinder disables her with an air taser. Once Niki is restrained, Mohinder tries to help her escape the Company hospital, but Niki insists that she is sick and must stay. At the end of the episode, Mohinder goes on his assignment; he meets Monica at her house and offers her answers to her questions.

    Ando continues to read through Hiro messages from feudal Japan, with the aid of experts in the period working for Yamagato Industries. The scrolls describe how Hiro has been assisting Takezo Kensei and Yaeko to track down maps leading to Whitebeard's camp. According to Hiro, history is falling back into place, including the romance between Kensei and Yaeko. At the end of their story, Hiro, Kensei and Yaeko climb a ridge outside the camp and find Whitebeard's army. The story told by Hiro's scrolls ends when the final written characters can't be deciphered. Ando is left wondering how Hiro's journey concluded.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • The scene of Micah playing the piano may have been inspired by the fact that Noah Gray-Cabey is a piano prodigy. He began playing complicated and intricate pieces by ear at the age of three.

    • Alan Blumenfeld and Greg Grunberg (Maury and Matt Parkman) has appeared on screen as father and son before, on the WB teen drama, Felicity, in which Greg Grunberg was a star. The two appeared together on season 4 of the series.

    • The movie Monica copies the martial arts moves from is Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, starring Jason Scott Lee.

    • When Monica changes the channel on the TV to find an action movie, among the fictional networks seen are the Living Room Channel (either a women's channel like Lifetime or SoapNet mainly for soap operas), the Gulf News Channel (likely a local news channel for New Orleans), the All-Cartoon Channel (similar to Cartoon Network), and Brava (likely an offshoot of Bravo for independent movies).

    • According to Peter's passport he is born on 23rd December 1979.

    • In the 'nightmare' fighting scene between Nathan and Matt, Matt realizes it's not real and holds onto Nathan's face to tell him to 'wake up'. We first see Matt's hand wearing a watch holding onto Nathan's face even though it is in Nathan's nightmare. Nathan begins to strangle his burnt self but it still Matt's hand on his face. However the next shot we see the hand is now Nathan's burnt self hand (no watch different sleeve).

    • On Peter Petrelli's passport, his gender is marked "F" for female.

    • The church Peter paints at the end is the Basilique Notre-Dame in the old Port of Montreal. It was built in 1824.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Mohinder: Niki, you're a prisoner!
      Niki: No, I'm not! I came here on my own. I gave up my son to be here. I'm sick. I didn't think anyone could understand my problems. What I've done, what I'm capable of. These are the only people who can help me.

    • Elle: Y'know, I've never been in an Irish pub before. Do you have haggis?
      Ricky: That's Scotland, love. We have stew.

    • Peter: You were right. Whatever I was, whoever I am, I have to face it. Nothing that I find in this box is gonna to change anything. Whatever my life was before, this is where I wanna be now. With you. 'Kay?
      Caitlin: Okay. Get on with it, then.

    • Mohinder: (about taking Molly to the Company) Molly won't last, not like this. They are the only people who can understand what's happening to her.
      Mr. Bennet: Don't do this. The moment you trust them with what you care about most, they'll have you. Don't forget who's side you're on.
      Mohinder: I'm on her side.

    • Mr. Parkman: Still angry, huh, Matt? Feel better slapping the cuffs on your dad? Make you feel good?
      Parkman: Starting to, yeah.

    • Nathan: Parkman, this is not a family reunion.
      Parkman: I know.
      Nathan: He's not your dad today, He is a suspect. Get your gun out.

    • Ricky: (about the girl looking for Peter) No worries, boyo. I think I can help.
      Peter: This is my problem.
      Ricky: Not given what I just saw between you and my sister. You care about her, don't you?
      Peter: Right now she's the only thing in my life that means something.

    • Disfigured Nathan: Let's go over the edge. You won't feel anything. You never do.
      Nathan: You don't know me.
      Disfigured Nathan: I am you.

    • (Micah is playing the piano when Monica arrives)
      Nana: Isn't it wonderful? We've got a musician in the house again.
      (Monica approaches and he stops playing)
      Monica: (To Micah) Nobody's touched that thing since my mother died.
      Micah: Oh, I'm sorry. Nana said I could, but if you...
      Monica: Oh, yeah. It's okay. Please, keep playing.
      Micah: You must really miss your mom.
      Monica: Yeah, I do.
      Micah: I miss mine too.
      Monica: Oh, I'm sure she's fine and missing you right back.
      Micah: She wouldn't even tell me where she was going.
      Monica: You gotta remember she cares about you. I know new things can be scary. My mom always said God doesn't give us anything we can't handle.
      (Then she starts playing without noticing)
      Micah: You play piano, too?
      Monica: No, never learned.
      (Stops to look and plays faster and faster. Then in shock, stops herself)
      Micah: If you don't play, then what was that?

    • (Micah discovers about Monica's powers)
      Micah: Monica, do you remember last night when I said I was able to rig the pay-per-view on the TV?
      Monica: Yeah.
      (He touches the TV and changes channels)
      Micah: Well, I lied.
      Monica: How did... How did you...
      Micah: I think it runs in the family. I mean, maybe not exactly like me, but my dad could walk through walls.
      Monica: D.L.?!?
      Micah: Yeah, and my mom... Don't even get me started on my mom.

    • Matt: (to Molly) You're going to be okay. (Matt kisses her on her forehead)

    • Caitlin: Peter, just because you don't remember your past, it doesn't mean you don't have one.

    • Mohinder: (to Matt) Molly faced her worst nightmare for you. Do the same for her, find him.

    • Mohinder: (voice over) When confronted by our worst nightmares, the choices are few; fight or flight. We hope to find the strength to stand against our fears but sometimes, despite ourselves, we run. What if the nightmare gives chase? Where can we hide then?

    • Nathan: Listen, I'm guessing this isn't official police business. So if I'm there, it won't really make a difference because officially, neither are you.
      Matt: You don't understand. It's Molly. My father did something to her. She's in trouble.
      Nathan: What do you mean "did something to her"?
      Matt: Come here. (Both step aside for more privacy)
      Nathan: Did what?
      Matt: He got inside her head somehow. I don't know how he did it, but I think it's all connected. To Kaito, to your mother. It could be dangerous.
      Nathan: I can take care of myself. Listen, I have to do this. Let me come with you.
      Matt: Fine. We can probably get there faster, you know, 'cause you can uh...(Nods his head upward)
      Nathan: I'm not a cargo jet, Parkman!
      Matt: Oh, please.

    • Nathan: Hey, you okay?
      Matt: When I was 13, my father ran out on us. I haven't talked to him...I haven't seen him. I've spent half my life thinking about what I'm going to say to this guy if I ever got the chance and now I can't even knock on the door.
      Nathan: (Knocks on the door) You're welcome!

  • NOTES (6)

    • In Matt Parkman's nightmare, the cop speaks backwards. By recording and reversing the audio it's possible to hear: "You abandoned your kid. You're a deadbeat, and now you're gonna pay. You know the drill, hands against the wall."

      Later, when Parkman says he's not supposed to be in a cell, the cop replies both normally and backwards: "There's no one supposed to be here."

    • International Airdates:
      Australia: November 1, 2007 on Channel 7
      New Zealand: November 19, 2007 on TV3
      Latin America: February 15, 2008 on Universal Channel
      India: February 19, 2008 on Star World
      Belgium: March 31, 2008 on VT4
      United Kingdom: May 15, 2008 on BBC3
      Norway: October 5, 2008 on NRK3
      Germany: October 15, 2008 on RTL2
      Finland: May 3, 2009 on Sub
      Czech Republic: October 9, 2009 on Prima COOL
      Slovakia: July 26, 2010 on Markiza

    • This is the very first episode of Heroes in which Hayden Panettiere (Claire Bennet) doesn't appear.

    • The Symbol:
      The symbol appears on a building in Peter's painting.
      It also appears on Micah's Copycat comic. (left-hand corner)
      The symbol is also seen drawn in red on the photo of Maury Parkman.

    • Powers Developments:
      Maury Parkman and Matt Parkman: Maury Parkman revealed that he has telepathy, however he is clearly much more adept at it than his son. Mr. Parkman was able to block Matt's telepathy, read deep into both Matt and Nathan's memory and induce a vivid telepathic vision on both Matt and Nathan. This is also the first time we see that a power has been inherited.
      Plus, this is the first time Matt can send a message to someone else's mind, instead of simply reading his thoughtspeak.

      Monica Dawson: Her powers are revealed to be 'Muscle Mimicry'. This would mean that it was different from Charlie, as Monica's muscles seem to be able to do things of their own accord. Evidently Isaac had written an issue of 9th Wonders based on her.

    • New Heroes:
      Elle: (played by Kristen Bell) Elle is an agent and she has a power that appears to manipulate electromagnetism.


    • Chapter Title: "Fight of Flight"

      The fight-or-flight response is a theory in Psychology describing the animal body's response to a stress situation.