Season 2 Episode 5

Fight or Flight

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 22, 2007 on NBC

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  • Elle is introduced.

    Another hero is introduced or should I say villain, she is looking for Peter surprisingly. Even though she wasn't even mentioned in season 1. Ricky dies. That really sucks. It was so sad at the end. Poor Caitlin. Looks like Elle is working for her father, wonder who that could be. Maya & Sylar aren't in this episode even after that humongous cliffhanger. Strangely, Claire isn't in this episode, that's a first. Came to a bit of a disappointment. Molly is still sick. Matt finds his father. That dream sequence was chilling. Monica exercises her powers. Fell like the plot isn't developing though. Peter draws a painting. Nikki reprises her role finally, she looks like hell but it turns out she is happy? Great episode that revealed a lot.
  • Amateurish screen writing deserves MAJOR negative feedbacks

    As a native french speaker from Montreal, how could they make such a big mistake ? Peter Patrelli wrote St-Jaque Street instead of Rue St-Jacques .. Yeah I know french culture is a must when it comes to getting attention. I can't describe the feeling I get when I see things like that, since french is getting butchered by it's own speakers sometimes and now we have to face the same situation on national television. I just hope this show will get cut next season because it shouldn't be taken lightly, throw out the sucky CGI and hire competant artists. Thanks for publishing me
  • YAWN, where is the story, little action (to the ones who disagree with my review - go write your own and stop insulting M Y opinions)

    I'm 5 episodes into the 2nd season and couldn't care two shakes about anyone on the show at this point - while they have to drag out 22 episodes, the continuing addition of other characters each week is annoying to the point that they're bringing in "guest" stars to play new people...

    Get on with the story already! We know it's a family genetic carry over, so everyone from the original group, their children have now come together....yawn...it's been done...

    The show could have been much more this season...but it's looking like a tired, lame, pathetic, and rather uninteresting RIP OFF of Xmen again.

    And please stop with the Star Trek alumni joining the casts...what's next...Leonard Nimoy as Syler's grandfather...just to plug the new Star Trek movie! If they add him or Shatner...I'm done with the show for good! Build a story and roll with it...
  • Hiro's still tries to fix history, Matt and Nathan track down Molly's nightmare man, Mohinder submits Molly to the Company while he's given an assignment to save a special girl and a woman is looking for Peter in Ireland with deadly intentions.

    The fifth chapter is one of my favourites in this volume. Matt and Nathan track down Molly's nightmare man who turns out to be none other than Matt's own father, Maury. When they manage to get into his appartment and tie him up, Maury reveals a few secrets of his own. We are told that he also has an ability that of mind reading but it is much more advance than Matt's. Tricking both Nathan and Matt to untie him, he manages to trap them into a nightmare where in the end Nathan and Matt fight each other thinking they are facing their own nightmares. Nathan thinks he is facing himself after the explosion of New York, while Matt after he gets a visit from his wife and baby, thinks he is fighting a prison guard (at this point it is revealed that Matt's baby is in fact his and not his wife's affair; Matt appearantly read her mind but still went on and abandoned his wife just like his father did with him). Maury manages to escape and he goes after Bob, the current head of the company.
    A woman arrives in Cork, Ireland looking for Peter and she is tipped that he's in Ricky's pub. Arriving there she asks Ricky of the whereabouts of Peter and when she doesn't get the answer she was looking for she kills him. It turns out she is working for the company and she is on an assignment. Her name is Elle and she is the original user of the electrifying power Peter demonstrated in chapter 1 of this volume. Meanwhile, Peter is at Caitlin's appartment. Hesitating at first, Peter opens the box that was given to him by Ricky and finds a picture of himself and his brother and a ticket to Montreal, Canada. In a moment of confusion, Peter's precognitive power kicks off and paints a picture with him and Caitlin standing in Montreal outside a pub. At that moment, Caitlin is informed of her brother's death and Peter realizes that he can't hide anymore.
    Hiro follows Takezo's stories as being told by his father and helps Takezo complete his trials. He's however sad because he is helping Takezo and Yaeko get closer together while he is in love with her. At the trial of rescuing Yaeko's father at White Beard's camp, the group realizes that it might be more difficult than they thought.
    Meanwhile, Mohinder takes Molly to the Company to help her, after she fell into a shock in the previous chapter when attempting to track down Maury Parkman. Noah's warning over the phone (from Ukraine) not to let the Company get close to him and Molly is fruitless. Furthermore, Mohinder witnesses a breakout of Niki and he tries to set her free she refuses to leave as she admits that she is sick (Jessica appearantly is not as gone as she thought) and that she has given up her son for this treatment. Monica experiments with her newfound ability but she is more scarred than ever. At her aide comes Mohinder who offers to help her control her ability.
    Overall a great episode. The scene of Nathan and Matt in a dream like sequence is amazing and answers a few questions about out Heroes' backstory. Key facts: Notice the comic book Micah shows to Monica with a woman in a black costume (St Joan). That alias will play a major part in Monica's story which expanded lately through the graphic novels. Also, notice Kristen Bell's first appearance as a psychopath woman. Kristen Bell is amazing and her story continues until volume 3. Niki's story is once again none existent and as I said before she doesn't have any this volume. Finally notice the first absence of Hayden Penettiere from an episode of Heroes. Until this point she was in every other episode making it a total of 27 straight episodes; something that I didn't notice the first time until I actually saw it in imdb. Enjoy!
  • Getting Better.. I Like Monicas powers.

    As Peter settles into his new life with Caitlin, a young woman named Elle searches for him at the Cork docks. Will directs her to the Wandering Rocks Pub. Ricky gets wind of Elle's search and sends Peter to stay at Caitlin's flat, rejecting his offer to deal with Elle on his own. While at Caitlin's, Peter decides to open the box, and finds his passport, a plane ticket from New York to Montreal, and a photo of himself and Nathan. While frustrated about the lack of useful information in the box, Peter accidentally taps into his precognitive ability and paints a picture, befuddling Caitlin in the process. The final picture shows Peter and Caitlin outside what looks like to be the Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal. At the same time, Elle visits the Wandering Rocks Pub and meets Ricky, who lies about seeing Peter. Elle uses her ability to weld the doors closed and electrocutes Ricky, leaving his horrifically charred corpse behind. Later, she receives a phone call from a man for killing Ricky, she is ordered to halt her assignment of finding Peter and return to the Company headquarters. Peter and Caitlin are summoned to the Pub. Caitlin is distraught by her brother's death and is not comforted when Peter confesses that Ricky's killer was there looking for him. The episode ends on his ominous statement, "I can't hide anymore."

    Monica is questioned by the police concerning the attempted robbery. She refuses to identify the assailant, a local gangbanger, for fear of retribution. Later, she is speaking to Micah at the Dawson home and unconsciously mimics his piano skills. Micah figures out that she has an ability and confesses his own to her. Using a 9th Wonders! comic book as an example, he theorizes that Monica possesses muscle mimicry, which is the ability to mimic any physical action she sees. Together, the two test her ability's limits; she copies a complicated jump rope routine and martial arts moves from television but is interrupted by Dr. Mohinder Suresh.

    Matt recruits Nathan on his mission to find Maury, his father, and help Molly. The two find Maury in his apartment in Philadelphia, and discover that he possesses a powerful form of telepathy. Maury has also received the same death threat as Kaito and Angela. Under the pretense of getting something for Matt, Maury traps him, and Nathan who follows them, in mental illusions while he escapes. In Matt's illusion, he is trapped in a prison cell where a vision of his ex-wife, Janice, appears holding a baby and claiming that Matt walked out on her and her son, threatening he'll eventually do the same to Molly. He is assaulted by a prison guard when he tries to leave the cell after Janice. Nathan's illusion places him on the roof of the Deveaux Building in a post-bomb New York, where he meets and fights a horribly burned vision of himself. As it turns out, Nathan and Matt, are actually fighting each other. Matt is able to project his own thoughts into Nathan's mind and they are able to snap out of the vision before serious injury. In a quick search of Maury's apartment, Matt finds another of the death threats, this one for Bob.

    While Matt is gone, Mohinder considers taking Molly to the Company for their help. He calls Noah, who advises him to leave the Company out of their affairs, but Mohinder is more concerned with Molly's safety and takes her to Bob and the Company doctors. As Bob assigns Mohinder to retrieve a girl with abilities, Niki manages to break through the Company's internal security and attack Bob, but Mohinder disables her with an air taser. Once Niki is restrained, Mohinder tries to help her escape the Company hospital, but Niki insists that she is sick and must stay. At the end of the episode, Mohinder goes on his assignment; he meets Monica at her house and offers her answers to her questions.

    Ando continues to read through Hiro messages from feudal Japan, with the aid of experts in the period working for Yamagato Industries. The scrolls describe how Hiro has been assisting Takezo Kensei and Yaeko to track down maps leading to Whitebeard's camp. According to Hiro, history is falling back into place, including the romance between Kensei and Yaeko. At the end of their story, Hiro, Kensei and Yaeko climb a ridge outside the camp and find Whitebeard's army. The story told by Hiro's scrolls ends when the final written characters can't be deciphered. Ando is left wondering how Hiro's journey concluded.
  • This episode stunned me!

    Matt and Nathan try to find answers and they end up fighting. Matt's father had a control of their brains. Hiro continues his journey with Kensei. Yaeko is interesting too. Monica and Micah explore her new-found ability. She can copy whatever or whoever she wants! She is a copy - cat. Mohinder looks to help Molly, while dealing with other evolved humans. Peter finds new abilities - he has an ability of using electricity - he got this from Elle. Elle seeks for Peter. This is a funny quote from this episode: "We can probably get there faster, you know, because you can... "
    "I'm not a cargo jet, Parkman."
  • Much Better....

    A woman named Elle Bishop tries to find Peter and kills Ricky with her electric powers. Matt and Nathan visit Maury, who has put Molly into a deep sleep and has been giving her nightmares. Maury escapes and gives Parkman and Nathan nightmares. Suresh sends Molly back to the Company for a cure, much to Noah's dismay. The best episode so far in "Heroes", this episode is so far the best episode in season two, nothing compared to season one still. I love the new character they have got a brilliant actress for the job. Can't wait to see more or her and the show!
  • Much better...

    This episode was much better than the prevous ones Peter's story looks like its starting to liven up, with Elle being introduced, her power is awesome one of the best on the show so far, I like the new character wonder who her dad is probably Bob or something. Matt and Nathan's scene were also very good in this episode both of them were very funny at times, when Nathan loads the shotgun was really funny. but that is about all that happened in th e episdoe again the other stories were weak, and I was gutted that Sylar and the twins werent in it.
  • Finally the series is getting back on track!

    I wasn't really all that happy with the beginning of season 2, it was slow and lacked a solid storyline. This episode started to change things. The series picked up and new, exciting things started to happen, such as Elle's search for Peter and her ruthless murder of the Irish mafia Guy whose name I cannot remember.
    And I know a lot of people are going to hate me for this, but I was happy not to see Claire. I was starting to get really sick of her whining and her useless storyline in season 2. I liked her much, much better in the first season. Initially I had mixed feelings about Elle after this episode, mostly cause I kinda liked the Irish Mafia Guy. After a couple more episodes though I really started to like her and hopefully we'll be seeing more of her.
    the character emotions in this episode were great too! The ending scene with Peter and Caitlin was heartbreaking.... loved it!
  • n parts of California the broadcast of this episode was preempted for coverage of the wildfires. (edit) This is the very first episode of Heroes in which Hayden Panettiere (Claire Bennet) doesn't appear.

    n parts of California the broadcast of this episode was preempted for coverage of the wildfires. (edit) This is the very first episode of Heroes in which Hayden Panettiere (Claire Bennet) doesn't appear. (edit) In this episode we see Micah playing the piano. In real life the actor who plays him (Noah Gray-Cabey) is an excellent piano player and has been playing since he was 3. In fact he got famous for being so talented at such a young age.hen Monica changes the channel on the TV to find an action movie, among the fictional networks seen are the Living Room Channel (either a women's channel like Lifetime or SoapNet mainly for soap operas), the Gulf News Channel (likely a local news channel for New Orleans), the All-Cartoon Channel (similar to Cartoon Network), and Brava (likely an offshoot of Bravo for independent movies)
  • ZOMG!!! new heroes!!

    Molly is sick after trying to track Matt's father. Mohinder takes Molly to The Company to seek help for her illness. Matt goes in search of his father along with Nathan. Niki/Jessica is taken care off in The Company. Peter is on the lookout by an american blonde lady who has the power of electricity. Peter paints a new painting. Hiro, Kensei and Yaturo are about to take on White Beard's army in the past. Micah reveals to Monica what he can fdo. Micah tells Monica that she is like the comic character Copycat and that she can copy anything she sees. Mohinder's next hero assignment is Monica. He goes to Monica to give her some answers abput her powers.
  • Another awesome episode that begs to be explained just like those episodes in the past. Only problem is, the episode gives us more questions then answers.

    So it seems we now know who Peter got his new ability from, the only question is, who is this person and what did she do to Peter. We also see Matt go and try to find his dad to try and solve his case as well as find out what happened to Molly and what to do to save her. The other really confusing and shocking thing we learn is that Matt's dads can read minds to, or so he says, but he can do a lot more. He traps Matt and Nathan in a fake world and then gets away, so it seems to me that maybe he is the one behind all the killings after all. It seems there is a higher power looking for Peter and maybe a new enemy, but for all we know it could be a new group all connected to all the different bad people we think are behind different things. The connections in this show lead me to believe that there is more to the story then what we know, so I am excited to see the rest of this season to learn more about these connections.
  • A setup episode.

    It's a total setup episode. The next several episodes look great. This episode was still good. I'd give it an 8.5 out of 10.....probably a 9 just because Claire was finally out of it...but back down to an 8.5 because of Hiro's storyline. Peter finally opened the damn box, nothing really special happened but he did paint like Isaac. Matt and Nathan were the best thing about this episode. I love the little Hero teams. They don't have to all come together like X-men but it's still nice to see people who are already comfortable with their powers in action. The whole new discovery thing is old as hell. I'm sick of seeing people with new powers act shocked and whatever. Let's stick with the Veterans. Next week looks great. Bob is cool and Matt's dad is messed up. There's going to have to be a serious confrontation with that guy.
  • Excellent episode of the show!

    This was a great episode. Peter has come closer to learning more of his past. He must have gotten that electrical power of his from Ellie Dearest. She's a pshycopath. For someone with no clue of what he's doing he seems to be unlocking an awful lot of his powers: telekinesis, electrical manipulation (probably from the evil psychopath from hell that killed Ricky in this episode), phasing (probably absorbed from DL in Kirby Plaza), super-strength (absorbed from Niki Sanders), regeneration (absorbed from Claire) and now his painting precognitive abilities (absorbed from Issac). He now at least has some clue of where to go next: wherever that place in his painting is in Montreal. He was looking for a clue of where to go and who he was and he found his precognitive abilities again and painted where to go. I'm amazed that with his amnesic condition he is able to access more than his regenerative abilities which always seem to be there ever since he gained those from Claire and learned how to tap into them fully with Claude's help.
  • In this episode a woman named Elle is looking for Peter. In the meanwhile Micah finds out that Monica has special powers too and convinces here to use them. Matt and Nathan go to Philadelphia to find Matts father.

    This is the best episode so far of the second season! It's very thrilling and shows us that the show definitely hasn't lost it's charme and excitement!

    A new character is introduced, named Elle, and she's looking for Peter. In New Orleands, Micah tells Monica that she probably has "copycat powers" and that she shouldn't be afraid to use them. Later in the episode Micah and Monica go out to test what she can do. When Monica is jumping the robes like she was that good all her life, you see how happy Micah is for her and that's very endeering to see!

    In the meanwhile Matt and Nathan go to Philadelphia to find Matt's father and to see what he has to do with Molly's comatose state. When Matt get's locked in the room and starts to fight with a guard and Nathan starts to fight with his "other self" at the same time, it's a beautiful transformation when in the end they are fighting with each other! Anyone who said that the special effects in the second season are much worse then in the first has to come back at his opinion just because of this scene alone, not to mention the scene from the previos episode where Claire's toe growes back on!

    Also, Mohinder takes Molly to the company and finds out that Niki is staying there as well, on her own decision, to his astonishment!

    So this is the best episode I've seen of this season so far! I hope they are able to keep up the good work and excite us the next couple of weeks!
  • Pretty good!

    Mohinder takes Molly in to the company so they can help her, against Mr. Bennet's advice. Matt goes to find his father with Nathan. His father can read minds and do more than that. Elle comes looking for Peter and kills Ricky. Peter paints and opens the box. Ando cannot read some scrolls so he goes to decipher them. Hiro is about to attack on an army. Micah helps Monica with her power.

    This was a pretty good episode! I don't know who Elle is, but for some reason, I think her dad is Bob. I don't know why. That's sad for Ricky though. This episode gets a 9.5!
  • After a slow start, now cooking!

    I will admit that the first few shows of the Heroes sophmore season have been pretty slow. But this one is really good. As I think the viewers are really trying to catch up with the stories. Elle is on the search for Peter. As Peter I think has been the most intriguing story of the sophmore series. Ando comes and takes Hiro on a wild past ride. As Hiro is in for the ride of his life. While HGR is doing everything he can. To protect his family from any harm. As he is going really nuts in order to ensure their safety. Being taken care of. Shows you another side of him trying to really protect his family.
  • Best of the season so far.

    Th show seems to be slightly improving after a rough start, though the show still has its faults such as Hiro still in the past when he should have come back after he 'fixed' the past the first time.

    The plots in this episode are pretty cool, with Peter finally accepting that he has to go back to fighting the good fight, the revelation of where Peter got his new power from, an evil chick who is quite nonchalant about killing, the Nightmre Man finally getting some development from the plot with Nathan's confusing mirror image becoming a crazy nightmare, Mohinder meeting Micah's cousin, and Niki's condition all having curious and confusing aspects to them.

    Matt's father being revealed (more or less) as the killer behind everything aswell as having a crazy power or two up his sleeves was a great ending, along with Peter vowing revenge. Overall, this episode is quite good, and hopefully the writing only gets better.
  • New evil Heroes.

    There always seems to be more bad guys then good on this show. Or if there is more good, they are running around confused while the bad ones know what they want. Anyway, I am enjoying the New Orleans Hero stories. And it's too bad to see what happened in Ireland to that girls brother. I don't mind the girl with Peter, but they don't seem like a good couple to me. I hope Peter runs into Nathan soon, it would be nice to see a reunion between the two. Now we know where Matt got his power, and it will be interesting to see how powerful he gets.
  • While not quite where I'd want it, it is taking steps in the right direction.

    After a few episodes, the pieces are slowly starting to come together. While it may be too slow for some audiences, it is encouraging for the direction of the season. A little bit more is discovered about the threat Mr. Parkman poses while giving some of the characters connected to him more material. It seems likely that some major stuff will come around in the next 2-3 episodes, which should hopefully kick the season into shape.

    Alan Blumenfeld as Mr. Parkman could be another interesting villain turn. Blumenfeld looks anything but menacing, and that's what makes the con in the opening so successful. Zachary Quinto initially didn't feel right as Sylar, but as the first season progressed, he fit into his character. Hopefully this will be the case for Mr. Parkman.

    This is also the first instance of a power passing down from one generation to the next. This seems like it would make more sense than random powers bestowed on the next generation (fire + flight = spontaneous regeneration). However, genetics are far more complicated than that, and considering powers aren't like facial features or medical history, they have some leeway.

    Mr. Parkman's abilities, while similar to his son's, are far more sophisticated. Mr. Parkman has the ability to project a physical nightmare world to whomever he wishes; making the participant believe it is real. This explains why he knew Molly was tracking him and the ability to inflict a comatose state on her for getting too close. Matt has a beginner's degree of this ability as he breaks the hold the nightmares had on them, but he needs training to hone it so he can face him in the eventual showdown.

    The nightmares he transplanted Matt and Nathan into both cause them to confront the major issues in their lives. Nathan's guilt and the visions of his burnt alter-ego have been present since the beginning of the season. Looking at what's been shown it could be surmised that he cut a deal with someone to restore his face at the price of leaving his brother to the unknown and being unable to tell anyone about it. It seems like he's hiding something. With Matt as his partner, it would make sense that that truth should come out soon.

    Matt worries that he is turning into his absentee father, as doubts that he may be the father of his ex-wife's child after all creep in. It's common for someone to turn into the type of person their parent was (or be attracted to that kind of person) even if they were a bad parent like Mr. Parkman. With his father at the center of the crisis, it gives Matt a lot to work with.

    Knowing the thoughts of his colleagues was clearly an invaluable asset to Mr. Parkman, and that advantage must've corrupted him and may have lead to the twelve separating or whatever would lead one of them to target the others. Mr. Parkman knows how to con people, and the mind reading makes his work untouchable compared to an average swindler. Matt could go that same route. It's implied that Mr. Parkman may be involved in the murders of the Group of Twelve, as he happened to have Bob's ripped picture near his with the omnipresent symbol scrawled over his face. Why would he have Bob's picture there if he wasn't going to send it out? He could be working with someone else as well, as his physique was far from what the hooded figure looked like in the premiere.

    One of the most highly anticipated moments was the introduction of Elle, played by Kristen Bell of "Veronica Mars". Perhaps to reel in fans of that series, our first impressions of Elle draw comparisons. Elle is inquisitive, perky and a good sense of intuition. The obvious difference between the two is that Elle can kill someone without hesitation. It seems rash for her to do this, as she may have tried torturing Ricky into giving her what she wanted instead of killing him outright. I'm not sure whether the "Veronica Mars" comparisons are the writers trying to reel in "Mars" fans or if it is unintentional moments grabbed onto by fans of her old show, but perhaps that's why the introduction ultimately falls short of expectations.

    Considering the theme of generations this season, it would be dramatically appropriate for Elle's father to be Bob. His rank in The Company would give her more freedom than the average agent. Perhaps he spoiled her when she grew up. Having a daughter roam as freely as she does could jeopardize his status in The Company or their operations altogether.

    Obviously, Peter is a valuable commodity for The Company as he gets more powerful the more he meets other people with abilities. The Company has a vested interest in wanting to control those with powers, as seen with Niki, and Peter has already shown what losing control of his powers can do to him. So someone would be aggressively searching for him.

    It isn't unreasonable to believe that Elle might've been that person all along. Peter has used electromagnetism to throw several thugs away from him and Caitlin. Initially I expected this was Ted's power, as Ted created an EMP to break out Bennet in ".07%" which looked like Peter's burst, but being around Elle may be an easier explanation. It offers possible clues to what happened to Peter. Perhaps after the explosion in the season finale, he was picked up by The Company (ie Elle) and another powerful party managed to seize him in transit, placing him with the Irish thugs for safekeeping. McSorely, the alluded to mob boss, may be that power.

    While the box didn't have any huge revelations, it does offer a step for him to contact his family. With the precision of search engines nowadays, it shouldn't take long for him to find out his past. Unfortunately he is afraid of his true identity. However, that changes when he learns of Ricky's demise. People around him are at risk by powerful people, and staying low profile is going to get a lot harder. Ultimately he faces the eponymous options: keep hiding from Elle or find out who is looking for him. His only clue comes from his painting of presumably him and Caitlin standing outside a French building with that ubiquitous sign. Since there were plane tickets to Montreal among his personal effects, maybe whoever had him first is trying to sway his journey indirectly.

    The scene where the cop takes Monica's statement could be foreshadowing a future episode. It's not uncommon for citizens not to speak to the cops out of fear of retaliation, which ultimately only allows the crime to grow and fester in the community. One could surmise from her watching kung fu that she is preparing to possibly help her community that has been affected by the crime post-Katrina, and likely place her in the way of that robber later.

    Unlike the other characters, Monica has someone with her to explain what's happening when she manifests, and that makes a major difference in her learning. Once Micah provides some sympathy, Monica embraces her power: from enjoying double Dutch to recreating moves from kung fu movies. However, her actions in the restaurant were high profile enough to alert Mohinder to her. While Mohinder is out to help those The Company's ensnared, he has no choice but to bring her in. This merging of storylines is welcome, as those not connected to the main story have been uneven at best.

    Mohinder's undercover operation faces serious jeopardy when he feels Molly has gotten too ill for him to take care of alone, leaving him little option but to seek help from The Company. Mohinder and Matt's feelings towards Molly are an interesting contrast to how they acted in "Five Years Gone", where Mohinder eventually sided with the heroes and Matt was a Company operative.

    Hiro's adventures in Japan are getting a little frustrating. All Ando has to work with lately is reading (literally!) about Hiro's exploits. Unless Hiro's helping Takezo somehow plays out in the overall arc, like if Takezo was still alive in the present, then it would warrant why Hiro is still there five episodes into the season. Hopefully his battle between the three of them and the army will prove worthwhile.

    While the series hasn't gotten to the thrilling entertainment that made up the best parts of the first season, this episode offers some hope as a few storylines provide interesting developments. Although it is a patience tester waiting for these major moments to hit.
  • Overall, entertaining.

    A decent episode overall, with a few hiccups and errors, but those are really insignificant especially compared to the last couple of episode's problems.

    The highlight of the episode was Matt's and Nathan's adventure, and their "nightmare trip". Although Matt's father seems harmless, he really is a bad guy, but is he the man in the hood? I don't think so. However, now at least we learnt what Molly feels like every time she's sleeping...

    I liked the brief scene with Nikki, it was really fun and good to see some hardcore action. The show really lacks that. Now, Monica Dawson is an awfully useless character right now, but she's fun nonetheless, and paired with Micah, it's not a bad plot thread at all.

    What I disliked was Elle... If it wasn't for Kristen Bell, I doubt the buzz around her character would be so positive. Not only she is a completetly useless character, (again) but her attitude is... servicable. The writers tried to make her seem "daddy's girl" which might be cool in another show, but in Heroes, it just felt awkward.

    Peter opens the box, and gives the lamest explaination ever to why he didn't open it before "I just wanted you to kiss me". Yeah right. Plus, there wasn't anything special inside it, so I don't know what the big fuss was about it.

    All considered, a cool episode, loved the Matt/Nathan bits, Matt facing his fears, Nathan facing his fears, then both fighting them off and returning to reality, good stuff.
  • Play with me, you play with fire!

    Kristin bell joins the cast of "Heroes." with good reason. I'm a big fan of "Veronica Mars" and I just can't get enough of Kristin. She has a power yo just don't want to mess with. Matt comes to terms with his father in hius search for Molly. And Hiro is still in Japan in 1671. I sure hopes his adventure is concluded so he can return to the present. there are alot of thing s that are happening. thing are getting bad for the Heroes crew. Right now, we got more heroes than a Justice League reunion. So far this season, "Heroes" haven't score a 10. Let's hope luck change next week.
  • Awesome and A real Step Up!

    This episode was great! Heroes did really well on this episode. How the past haunts both Nathan and Matt. It was cool that we got to see more of Micah. It was also really great to see Nikki. The best part was no Claire! there was no Sylar and the Mexican Twins and i wouldn't mind if they came back but you can't show all the story lines. Elle was really freaky and really evil. I wonder what she wants with Peter. It was great to see The Irish Chick and Peters relationship becomed strained and i hope that Peter gets out of Ireland and joins everyone else.
  • Finally picking up the pace a bit.

    Sylar meets up with the twins and find out they also have powers. Peter opens the box containing information on his life to find his passport, an aeroplane ticket and a pic of him and Nathan, although he didn't recognize him. A girl named Elle, from the company, was looking for Peter and killed Caitlin's dad in the process. We later find out that she is the daughter of someone else working at the company (I'm guessing Bob). Ando goes to get some damaged notes looked at by professional so he can find out what Hiro wrote to him. HRG went looking for the paintings with the Haitian. Molly confronted the nightmare man aka Matt's father only to end up in a sort of coma. So, together, Matt and Nathan go to see Matt's father. They find out that he, too, has telepathy, but his powers are far more advanced than Matt's. Mr. Parkman makes Nathan and Matt see something other than what was really going on. They both start fighting someone in this state and somehow Matt is able to snap them out of it. When he does, you realize that they were actually fighting each other, having seen each other as different people. Hiro and his little clan continue on in trying to rescue Kensei's girlfriends father. Claire and Mr Muggles didn't make an appearance in this episode. I thought that this episode was the best of season 2 SO FAR. It's finally picking up the pace. I can't wait to see how they all come together again.
  • This episode was quite interesting.

    In this episode we learn more of Monica's powers with the help of Micah who is the one who figured out how her power works. Peter rediscovers more of his powers, he can paint like Isaac and paints another pictures of the future, and finally he opens the box that holds clues to his identity. A new villainess hero is introduced, as she tries to locate Peter and ends up killing Caitlin's brother, Ricky. Matt and Nathan confront, or should I say, try to confront Matts fathers. Only to be sent spiraling into their deepest nightmares while Mr. Parkman runs away. Mohinder tries to help Molly by bringing her to the company, Niki finally makes another appearance in this show and we learn that she has come to the company in order to be cured and HRG is up to something.

    I have to say, I really enjoyed the fact that this episode did not involve Clair, Wes, Maya and Alejandro as I am tired of them. And now, a question for all of you:
    So the new villainess, Elle, played by Kristen Bell, talks on the phone to the person who sent her after Peter at the end of the conversation we learn that the man that sent her is her father. Who do you think is her father?

    I'm guessing it's either Bob, the company man, played by Stephen Tobolowsky or HRG.
  • I liked this eppie!

    I really liked this episode. I liked how it emphasized on Peter and none on Hiro or Claire. I'm really getting tired of how annoying those two are. What bugged me is we didn't see any of Sylar, because he is quickly becoming my new fav charcter. Peter was just awesome though. Him and Caitlin are just two awesome charcters and they really have a good storyline. I am starting to like Matt's storyline also. His confrontation with his father was really an enticiing scene that had me on the edge of my seat for about ten minutes. So overall, I liked this episode outsideof the absence of Sylar.
  • Below average

    "Fight or Flight" had a few interesting moments, but the episode as a whole was unable to bring Heroes out of its sophomore slump. The major story lines continued to be padded out with events that, though a lot of fun to watch, ultimately go almost nowhere. And much like the early episodes of season one, the writers are still packing too much information into one dense hour of television, giving us no opportunity to actually connect with what's going on.

    Sorry, but this show is failing to reach last season`s level! I`m certainly finding boring mostly because last season was much better....come get things together...its too soon for this show to got downhill. However it was still slightly better than last week.
  • This episode is finally getting somewhere after weeks of waiting for crumbs. Full marks for putting Peter in and most of all for giving us Fresh new interesting characters that will link most of the characters. We finally see Nightmare man. Plus no Claire

    This episode is so far the best for Season 2. It has picked up pace and showing us what we can expect. Bonus there is no CLAIRE. That too for the first time. I used to like her character but thaere has been an over kill of her powers being used with a lame story. I don't want this season to even focus on her because her powers aren't that good now i mean she heals grows parts of her boddy back so.

    Peter's power is so awesome and the fact that he is rediscovering his powers are great especially i guess for newcommers to the show. I've missed the glowing white eyes. A new character Elle is close to finding Peter and gets mad that Ricky wont tell her his wherabouts.Ricky's death was sad but i wasn't attached to the character. But what is her story with Peter? We know that they have met eachother in the past because of her power. Who is her dad? Is she a former lover of Peter? What is her link with all this? I also loved the fact that he opened the box. A little sad that he didn't recognize his brother.I can't wait to find out what is in Montreal.
    Monica is someone I am totally feeling. The girl is fun and hip. She has a nice smile and I can see a brother/sister bond with Micah.
    I am totally digging the Nathan and Matt duo and that Matt's dads power was cool but he isn't scary yet.
    Mohinder stupid fool giving Molly to the company was a bad move. He might never get her back. They are dodgy. HRG even told him not to do it but went ahed and did it anyway.
    Atleast we get to see why Nikki is with the company. I don't think that was the right move but i guess desperate tomes call for desperate measure.
    Hiro stuck in time not feeling the love there. Hopefully he gets back in time before everything changes.
  • Best Heroes episode ever!

    It was amazingly awesome!!! I loved how there was no Claire in it, as you all know (you've probably at least seen one of my hate-Claire/Hayden posts) I really really dislike Claire and it was awesome having an non-Claire episode for once. Also leaving out Maya and Alejandro was pretty nice too, they get on my nerves also. We get to see Peter again and finally he's embracing his past but is not too happy about it but at least he now knows some things about his past. We got to see Matt's dad and Nathan tags (flies) along with him. He had me actually fooled I'll admit and I thought he was being serious but after that look and the nightmares Nathan and Matt had I got it figured out. This was a really great episode and hopefully (I bet we will) we'll learn more as the season proceeds.
  • they keep on introducing new characters and not really expanding on them like the ones from 1st season. So my guess is sylar is killing them.

    they keep on introducing new characters and not really expanding on them like the ones from 1st season. So my guess is sylar is killing them. Then the problem would be. they did not expand on sylar enough . not like in the 1st season. And second season seems more dark than the first one. especially 3rd episode gave me nightmares.
    So at this point i am confused, hoping that it will pick up like episodes 1-4 or 17-22 of season one.
    who's with me?
    More Character development a n d L E S S N E W C H A R A C T E R S
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