Season 1 Episode 20

Five Years Gone

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 30, 2007 on NBC

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  • can't stop re-watching the part where peter petrelli kicks ass

    this episode is excellent cuz peter petrelli is crazy wit all his powers. sylar is out of his league now that peter is copying everybody's powers. the part where peter petrelli stops time and teleports is amazing. he's truly on a whole new level that's absolutely insane. this is one of the best episodes of all the excellent episodes of heroes. I got nothin else to say . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . .. . . . . . . .
  • Future Hiro, Dark Matt, Peter has the power!!

    Future Hiro, Dark Matt, Peter has the power!! This is Heroes at its best. Someone give Ando a power please!! I'd guessed who Nathan was quite early. Brains, must eat brains!! Cool use of powers as well. Intersting to see what could happen. What was brilliant about it was that the cheerleader had been saved but nobody new it. So is this where it will end up? I doubt it. Somehow I don't think Peter or Sylar will blow up New York. But this was superb. I am gagging for more. It is so well written, full of suspense and well acted. Best thing is you don't really need to see much of the superpowers as the characters are that good!! Keep going...
  • the most amazing thing ever on tv

    Heroes is dreadfully slow. That being of the show that is painful that it is only on once a week. I could watch this show every hour of every day. And with the promise of the battle between peter and syler finally being glimpsed i only hope this series can be extended to a few series while keeping the excitement. The character interaction is amazing and the story lines fresh and original. the show had hype when it first aired but unlike so many to be out this delivers all that was promised. The best show on tv by far.
  • Too many DEATHS, little explanations...

    Nathan is dead. Peter has a scar the FAR is explained in the episode. Claire and Hiro are killed. Sylar is still alive and playing President Petrelli, the deceased Nathan.

    The episode is called one of th emost important one in the series, but it's confusing and does not explain a THING of what's going on.

    I liked the story, though. In Brasil, it was not aired yet (this is June, 19th) and people are waiting for a blockbuster season finale. Me too... I hope to get some explanations oons for the events in this episode.

    Hopefully, it is gonna be soon.
  • What a difference half a decade makes...

    This is an insane episode and a great one, but has a few inexplicable moments and isn't as entertaining as it could have been.

    Five years into the future has some interesting moments, like Niki winning the war with Jessica and regretting it, the bomb effects, the sides certain heroes have chosen, and of course Sylar being the President.

    The fact that the Save th Cheerleader was a whole screwup from the beginning since people assumed Sylar caused the explosion kind of defeats the purpose of half the season but Sylar's power also opens up some interesting points because he'll obviously get the shapeshifting power soon to mix the show up a bit.

    Hiro is a great character and my favourite in this episode with many revelations but not all of the episode lives up to expectations, though if it did, there'd be no need to change the future.

    Overall, the episode is certainly great but not as good as the visit to the past.
  • Man am I mad that I missed thie the first time around!

    this was a really important episode! Everything change! and the one part the really change for me was peter he was a loner and stuff. it was weird cause peters brother (i don't know his name) he was the president and everything! and i was like why is he soo mean to everyone and hating on other people with powers! and they said syler had blowen up already! it was crazy and all the main heros were hidding in different places! clair was a waitress and bout to get married but then the government (her real daddy) found her and brought her to the white house she didn't like him cause doing stuff to other people with powers. so when she was bout to leave he stopped her ..with out touching her so she couldn't move and i was like hold up he can only fly then clair was like SYLER! and the that like of blood came acroos her head and her real dad turned in to syler!! it was crazy cause i totally didn't see that coming!! that was soo cool!!!
  • Probably the best episode this season!

    This episode blew my mind in so many ways! I thought it was fantastic- the story, the acting, the scenes... it all just came together in a really cool, dark, kind of way. I loved seeing the heroes alliances after the bomb and seeing which characters were good and which were bad.

    The sylar twist was great, though a little expected, but that still did not detract for me from how great this episode was. I love watching this show grow and this was a prime example of that growth.

    Of all the 23 episodes this season, this is definitely the best!
  • Best of the season. They should have kept the series there.

    Amazing what a difference 5 years makes. Peter is not a whiner anymore. Neither is Claire, really. Hero is a mountain. Parkman has a cool mean streak - and heroes die. THIS is what a punch-in-the-gut show should be like! These people fart thunder and spit fireballs - there should be consequences, death, confusion and fire.
    For one hour we got to see what can happen if writers don't have reigns to moderate everything they do; from action to text. Have you listened to the text in the last few episodes? Corny is being polite. Everyone is just posturing - there is no real definition, no grit. THIS episode had all of that in volumes. No fuss, to the point. Everyone was intense to the max - except Jessica, who has been lost anyway for over half the season.
    I do hope some of that can transfer to the next season and make it not only hot but also more realistic - if I can use that word in this comic book world. It's a difference between super-heroes (yawn) saving the world with fists for the umpteenth time and a constructed alien taking out half a city (yes, it happened!) in Watchmen - which was a monumental work of super-hero fiction.
    Holding my breath...
  • The best episode of the season.....amazing!!!

    Thrown five years in the future, Hiro and his friend Ando discover that people with extraordinary abilities are not only widely known about — after the destruction of New York City and the deaths of millions — but are being registered, imprisoned, hunted and even killed as “terrorists.” As the President takes his first step towards a “final solution,” the pair get swept up in what could be the “Heroes” final battle and encounter a range of new and darkly familiar faces. If they survive the experience, can they still get back to the present and save the world? The best episode of the season.....amazing!!!
  • Review

    This episode certainly showed why the bomb that is supposed to go off in three more epiosdes needs to be stopped. At first I thought that Sylar may have actually blown up New York City, taking the shape of Peter before he did it. I still dont understand how or why Peer blows up the city, but thats for the writers to explain at another time. Sylar dressed as Nathan was an awesome twist and I loved the scene with Sylar and Claire as he finnaly gets her power, the thing he has been wanting for so long and thought that he had lost. The ending little teaser scene where it looks like Sylar and Peter might actually fight was the only downside to the episode, it would have been cool too see a mini fight in the future before the show cut back to present time. The only down part of the episode was the scene with Claire in the coffee shop where she works, I thought that part was a little slow and unneeded, but the writers still did a great job in drawing this eisode up. I undertsnad now why it is one of the highest rated episodes of the season.
  • Highly overrated filler episode.

    I have nothing against filler episodes, if they're enjoyable.
    Not saying 'Five Years Gone' wasn't; however, it felt a total lackluster until the last 5 minutes.

    The idea of an alternate timeline is always fun, especially to see how things would turns out IF...

    Unfortunately, the episode spends way too much time exploring our characters' new lives.

    For example, I grown sick of every scene involving Claire until the very end, or with Matt, or Nikki.

    The episode was screaming for action - which unfortunately only occured in the last 5 minutes.

    The twist with Nathan being Sylar was great, and that's definitely the highlight of the episode. While we do get a Peter and Sylar face off, due to the low budget, it's not shown... and we never find out who won. Letdown.

    Hiro's adventure with FutureHiro was somewhat disappointing too: really, who couldn't see Ando being dead coming from miles? Also, I feel that the episode didn't take advantage of the apocalyptic setting. Due to the low budget, maybe? Overally, a highly overrated episode, which, ultimately, reached it's goal: give a final push for Hiro to finally finish his mission.
  • What happens five years from now if the bomb goes off...

    What a powerful and amazing episode.

    Somewhere along the lines in "the last five years," Sylar must have killed the lady that can change into other people and as a result, he became Nathan. Then, he killed Claire in last night's episode.

    When they filmed the episode, it appears that some guys went a few days without shaving especially Suresh.

    When the bomb went off, DL, Micah, Ando, and apparently, Nathan died. Parkman became somewhat of a bad guy and Mr. Bennet did what he could to protect others.

    The sad thing is, once the last episodes are aired, we have to go until September or October with no Heroes.

    I LOVE this show.
  • This is just amazing... How did they even come out with something like this??!! I'm just surprised... (Spoilers)

    What do I have to say... You really have to watch this episode... Even if you are not a fan of "Heroes" you would fall in love with the series just like i am...

    It is just the one episode that shows us what we will get if our Heroes do not stop the awful incoming bomb... A sad and hopeless future, where the ones with abilities are pursued...

    In this awesome future we get to know that Ando's dead, Micah's dead, D.L.'s dead, even Nathan is dead... And as if it was not enough, we see Claire and Mr. Bennet die while Sylar prevails...
  • The best chapter ever!!!!

    It was amazing!! I think is one of the best chapters I have ever seen from any tv programs! First I thought it will be a little strange to know what will happen five years after the explosion of NY but it was really incredible. Seeing Peter (the Skar is really impressive) with Nicki, Sylar has killed half of our main characters, Claire with brown hair and near to marriage, Mr. Bennet saving special people, and Parkman working with the bad one's. And of course, Mohinder with this awful look!!! OMG he's sow handsome that eventhough this episode I still love him!!!JAJAJAJAJA!! All the stories and the problems revelated left me hungry, hungry of knowing what would happen with Hiro!!!
    Congratulations and big HUGS!!
  • Riveting episode that draws you into the world of Heroes. People are very mistaken with the idea that the episode is flawed.

    This episode linked up alot of my hypothesis on the episode, as we got to see the many connections of the smaller elements that create the idea of what needs to be done to save the world. This episode also drew us into a greater depth of what is to come for the show, as an average joe would think that the show can only go one way; but this episode truly shows alot of noir within the world and characters. Alot will complain about the many links to Marvel comics, especially with the recent civil war comics, and the same kind of political movement that is vagualy seen within the show, but overall it is quite outstanding with the depth of ideas even if it is xmen like. The whole there being a future claire and hiro not knowing, syler and the bomb thing.... that some would say is a floor, is pretty clear if u put the pieces of the puzzle together, claire stepfather was clearly protecting her from everyone, peter petrelli revealed it was still him that was the cause as we should know by the revelation of the future and what he says, which means it still has nothing to do with syler. those who cant work that out should watch the whole thing again or atleast the re-caps to work out why this is.
  • Just what i was expecting from episode 0.07%

    Trivia: As Nathan/Sylar is talking to Parkman, he must asume that Nathan is actually Sylar, cause Parkman can read people's minds, even if Sylar eats the Haitian's brain gaining the ability to stop Parkman's power, Parkman should know is NOT Nathan, as Nathan only power is the ability to fly!

    This episode is by far the best of all the Heroes episodes i ever seen, not to mention the best TV series i have ever seen, as the plot continues i just wonder where is it going to go, there are a lot of things going to happen in those two episodes left.
  • they could have really screwed this up, but they nailed it!

    excellent episode. we see future versions of peter, nikki, claire, nathan, bennet, sylar, hiro and officer parkman. peters a bad ass powerhouse. nikki's gone back to pole dancing. hiros a cynical bushido master and claires a waitress in hiding. peter kind of took a backseat in the first half of the episode and then really came back in at the second half to kick some ass. matt parkmans character had really changed since we last saw him. he was always one of my favourite characters and it's good to see him get more screen time and while he still had elements of his old character, greg grunberg brought parkmans dark side across brilliantly. nikkis character was a little wierd but still totally likable. hiro was awesome, but claire didn't really do much. sylars sudden appearance was unexpected and complete genius and the only reason i've given this episode 9.8 instead of 10 is because we didn't get to see how the peter/sylar fight panned out in this episode. a really dark, well written, well acted and gripping episode.
  • Excellent but some things just don't add up

    Unbelievable episode.
    Reveals so many details.
    A nagging doubt that i have is the future hiro would have gone earlier in time and killed Sylar since he thought that Sylar blew up Newyork .So why didnt he.
    Another major flaw is why didn't Claire regenerate why Sylar cut her open. Since Peter knew that Nathan was actually Sylar only at the end why didn't he go to Nathan earlier for help. Why does Nikki/ Jessica have to strip for a living with a potential future brother in law as a president.
    There are a few other flaws (minor and trivial) but the underlying theme is amazing.
    This episode raises so many other questions which will probably be revealed in future episodes.
  • Perfect!!!

    From day one I said that series is something else, something that you don't see in TV often, and this episode is a perfect example why you all should see this series.
    Let make this as simple as I can:
    Characters: perfect! you really believe them, you really feel the emotions, and they don't look siily or pathetic no metter what strange powers they got. And this is a very diffucult thing to do.
    Plot: perfect! Well written, interesting and you are left with a taste for more.
    Action: Damn good! One of the scenes in this episode would not shame the Matrix movie.

    Perfect episode, perfect cast, perfect series.
  • Seems as if there is a major flaw in this epsiode though, either that or there's a big twist that not many people seem to have cottoned on to yet.

    Good episode, definately. Seems as if there is a major flaw in this epsiode though, either that or there's a big twist that not many people seem to have cottoned on to yet. That version of the future is apparantly there as originally Sylar killed claire and got her power to regenerate, ok, so how do we see claire with brown hair working as a waitress in Texas, that certainly doesnt add up, doesnt that mean that future Ando got it wrong cos he only beleived claire was dead??? This would also fit in with the lie that it was Sylar who exploded and not Peter but surely future Ando knew the truth about that. this would mean the bomb is still on track to go off. AND, if saving claire was the key then when todays Ando jumped forward at the start of the episode that should already have been taken into consideration and the bomb wouldnt have gone off when they arrived in the future, even Back to the Future gets this kind of thing right, sorry for the bad review, like i say, really good episode but seemingly bad story telling unless it fits together in future episodes.
  • Increible capitulo como un acontecimiento cambia todo

    Este episodio nos da la idea de lo que sucede despues de la bomba como estos acontecimientos cambian el futuro y como algunos heroes ya estan muertos y otros han cmabiado pero deja un duda en que parte peter o cuando le sucede esa cicatriz.PArkman porque se debio retirar de su familia que habra pasado para que el se haya vuelto asi.

    Como es que peter no ha podido leer la mente de sylar y porque el no ha matado a parkman y el atian, el siguiete apisodio espero que nos libre de muchas dudas y que veamos si hiro puede cumplir su mision o simplemente isaac se equivoco en su prediccion
  • Five years in the future...

    I can't really call this a "series classic"...Because 1: the show has only been on a season, and 2: I think every show has been phenomenal all year long...But nonetheless, I still think this was a perfect show...The only thing this show really does is bring up a lot of questions, which I like that about shows...Shows that always keep you guessing, instead of the cookie cutter, same old same old...But, the real question is if they do stop the explosion happening in New York, what does this episode truly mean then?...None of this stuff won't happen...Then this is more like a McGuffin episode than anything else. It was still an enjoyable episode to watch.
  • WOW...

    What an amazing episode! The best so far... there was so many things happening at the same time. Just LOVED the Peter and Hiro from the future, the action scenes were cool. Peter was kind of a mix between Neo (Matrix) and an x-men. The duel at the end between him and Sylar looked good too. If they kill Sylar in the past then there will never be a kick a$$ duel between them. Matt became a bad cop, too bad... I like him. Jessica vanished somehow... I still don't get Nikki's power. I'm gonna stop writing and watch it again. Can't wait for the next episode!
  • excellent episode this episode really struck me most it reveals what happen to the future this episode reminds me the movie Terminator 3, i hope the story wouldn't be the same as terminator.

    excellent episode

    this episode really struck me most it reveals what happen to the future this episode reminds me the movie Terminator 3, i hope the story wouldn't be the same as terminator but there are two heroes in this episode the director for this episode done a great job what more i can say keep up the good work making this type of series gives a big impact to the viewers it's not just for fun but also can give you a lot of perceptions in life. keep up the good work
  • This has to be truly the best episode yet!

    Heroes has always had so much potential, and this episode simply shows how good the show is. It was great seeing the future and seeing everyone being able to control their abilities.

    It was almost like a film at the end of the episode since it was brilliantly created and acted by everyone. It was so good to see the show reach the hights which i have been expecting for a while. Syler is still at large in the world and is the president as well. And we see that Syler must have crossed paths with the new girl who works for Bennetts company for the body swithcing ability.
  • Other than this episode being AMAZING, future scarred Peter is damn hot.

    Hiro & Ando travel 5 years forward after the bomb has exploded. This episode shows how awful things would be if the bomb explodes. In this episode we find out many heroes were killed including D.L, Micah, Nathan, Candice & Ando. Also during this episode Claire & the Haitian & Future Hiro are killed.

    Also we find out that Matt has a child with special abilities. HRG protects other "heroes" including his daughter(Claire) who gets killed by Sylar during this episode. Pete & Nikki are together & Peter kicks ass. Peter & Sylar face off at the end of the episode. "To be continued"...
  • Amazing!

    Oh My God!! This is classic T.V. It was amazing. Just seeing how everyone turned out. WOW. I loved loved loved this episode. Now I know I have immaculate taste in TV as a general rule but I have been doubting myself recently. Black Donnelly's gone Studio 60 not looking promising and I watched Dirt (didn't enjoy it though just watched). But this week wow!! Greys Anatomy "Deisre" was amazing, one of the best TV episodes I ever seen. Then this comes along and blows my mind. It was startlingly good. I can't wait to see future Peter fighting future Sylar it's going to be killer!! Parkman is not a nice guy in the future and I hope that he next episode is up to this level. If this show continues in this vein it will surpass any show that has gone before it. I only pray that they don't ruin it like Lost was ruined and that if a second series isn't plausible they just leave it alone. I can do without thememory of how good this series was being tainted!!
  • Utterly speechless...

    This episode defintely had me on the edge of my seat.

    So many unexpected events in this episode. We head off into the twisted future to see their failed attempts to save the world, we realise that Sylar has killed off so many of our beloved characters, accumulating so many new abilities, we meet Heero and Peter who hav become such different people (aggressive), but still, it was amazing to see how they were able to control all his abilities so well...

    A lot of things happened that left so many unanswered questions at the doorstep of my brain. There's just so many, there is no point listing them. The mysteries are slowly unfolding throughout a very well written plot.

    Can't wait to see the next episode...
  • Four Words: Peter Petrelli is amazing. That's why i watch this show, i hope there will be a season 2 aswell. I'm looking forward to it.

    Hiro and Ando teleported 5 years into the future and meet the future Hiro in Isaacs resident. The House is full of strings which represents the timeline of all heroes that have a connection with the bomb.

    We finally get to see the scar of Peter which future-Hiro talks about in the subway when he traveled back in time to talk to Peter. I Really Love it! Sylar took candice' power and killed Nathan, you see Peter and Sylar batteling each other with their nuke power, it's really amazing what they can do. I hope we get to see another part of the future.

    Future Hiro is dead and the other Hiro returns back, but has he teleported to the right past, we'll see next time.
  • Solid view of the ol' "what if" story line.

    Time travel is a always a tricky plot device, but they did well enough with it. The only problem is that it gives them kind of a carte blanche to do whatever they F they want since, theoretically, it may never happen. My only complaint would be the elimination of the "Nicki" personality. Yes, she's kind of a weak character in general, but wouldn't that remove her powers altogether?
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