Season 1 Episode 20

Five Years Gone

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 30, 2007 on NBC

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  • Thats what this show is amazing!!

    Oh My God!! This is classic T.V. It was amazing. Just seeing how everyone turned out. WOW. I loved loved loved this episode. Now I know I have immaculate taste in TV as a general rule but I have been doubting myself recently. Black Donnelly's gone Studio 60 not looking promising and I watched Dirt (didn't enjoy it though just watched). But this week wow!! Greys Anatomy "Deisre" was amazing, one of the best TV episodes I ever seen. Then this comes along and blows my mind. It was startlingly good. I can't wait to see future Peter fighting future Sylar it's going to be killer!! Parkman is not a nice guy in the future and I hope that he next episode is up to this level. If this show continues in this vein it will surpass any show that has gone before it. I only pray that they don't ruin it like Lost was ruined and that if a second series isn't plausible they just leave it alone. I can do without thememory of how good this series was being tainted!!
  • A Matrix Peter, Heroes in the goverment, Heroes haunted , two Hiros,Heroes being chased as rats and a hot brunette Claire =)

    What happened to the world after the explosion? 1) "Nathan" is president.
    2) Ando is dead.
    3) Peter is with Nikki/Jessica and looks like Neo. 4) DL and Micah are dead.
    5) Matt is a special agent from Homeland Security. 6) Claire is hidden as many other Heroes.
    7)Mohinder is trying to develop a formula to save Heroes
    8) HRG is helping people to discover if they have or not abilities
    9) A samurai Hiro developed a time line to go back in the past and kill Sylar before he explodes.

    In this context "our" Hiro finds himself in the future. He teams up with Hiro from the future to develop a solution to world chaos.This is what happens: Special agent from Homeland Security Matt Parkman captures Hiro form the past and forces him to tell which are his plans for memorial day(5 years since explotion). Samurai Hiro and Ando escape and when they are about to be caught Peter saves them and teleports himself to where Jess is. Parkman finds Claire location in HRG head and takes her to the president. Claire is upset with his father for making their kind look like monsters. As Claire is leaving he methamorphs(we find out he stole Candice s power) and its Sylar omg!!! so he kills and takes Claire s power.So it wasn t Sylar who explode but Peter as Peter tells Nikki or Jessica. Sylar/Nathan asks Mohinder to prove his alliance and kill Hiro from the past after they find out about the time line .When Mohinder is about to kill Hiro with the Haitian guy s help he decides to trust his inner voice and instead kills his helper. It all comes down to future Hiro,Peter and Ando breaking into the facility where Hiro is being kept.They pass thorugh guards without problems and slide to the back door where they unite with Mohinder and Hiro. After seeing Peter, Mohinder realizes how wrong he was all this years. Matt Parkman calls the president,who was hosting the memorial speach, and lets him know about the situation. When he finds out he flies out as quickly as he can in front of all the amused crowd. Meanwhile, at the facility Matt kills Future Hiro and before dying he gives a part of 9th Wonders to Ando. Peter is dragged out through the door by "Nathan" who gives instructions to Matt to finish the work off and kill Present Hiro. At the end of the episode Peter finds out how his brother really is and while an ultimate battle is held Hiro manages to teleport himself and Ando five years ago where the future of the world is in his hands."And now The Hard part"as he says.

    To kill Sylar before he explodes. But wait a minute isn t Peter who will explode?

    by 24treehills
  • Finally the show is back on the track!

    The show started great, it even stayed great. But then the hiatus came, and a big big cliffhanger had to come. Now, it seems to me, cliffhangers are not quite the thing the creators of "Heroes" are best at. At least the conclusion, the return into the story tends to get a little stupid. Like last week's episode ".07%", which, let's be honest, was a little weird. But they made up for it with this week's "Five years gone". A, first still a little weird and then very revealing and very thrilling episode. Especially the end left me with the best cliffhanger, "Heroes" had yet. Great!
  • Everything has changed.

    Hiro and Ando are in the future and they see how the world has changed in the next five years.
    Hiro is desperately trying to reverse the past because Ando died in the explosion in Manhattan.
    Nikki won in the Jessica Nikki battle but she chooses to be Jessica. Peter has all the powers and he is the one to blame for everything not Syler. Nathan is alive but he is not Nathan but Syler took his form. Claire is living like an outcast pretending like she is not Claire but ultimately is killed by Syler.
    Absolutely amazing episode but too many informations to digest. Hope that the future won't be like this...it's too depressing. But all the characters are just awesome.
  • It show 5 years in the future and what could happen or what will happen.

    This episode was so good I loved how they wrote this episode. This show still has it and can keep you guessing even though we saw the future but the future can be changed. I liked the character of Peter in the future a cool guy which can use his powers like a pro now. Also Matt how much he changed he became a ruthless killer for the president Nathan but I could not believe Sylar was really Nathan that shocked me. It was funny to see Hiro's reaction to future Hiro but it was sad for Ando to find out he dies in the future.

    This episode was really good but I would of liked to see the fight that occurred with peter and Sylar because I Knew Peter would do better this time.
  • I will punch you if you say you don't like this show!

    What an episode! Almost perfect!! I love this show: the twists, the powers they come up with, the characters... just WOW! I'm really looking forward to the next episode and back to real-time. I was a little freaked out by that speech in New York, reminded me a lot of 911.
  • Hiro and Ando sees the future and discovers dark things.. the world thinks Nathan Petrelli is the president when in reality Sylar is the president Niki now has control over her body but she misses Jessica many people died in those 5 years .........!!!!!!!

    Wow shocking episode! i'm speechless!!! wow... aparently Candance or Candice i dont remember her name sided with the good ones but she got killed too.. by Sylar not surprising though... Peter has a scar in his face wich i dont know how... cause he could've regenerate himself and disapearing that scar and well if i had Hiro's powers i would teleport back the day Sylar was born and kill baby Sylar i know some people might say why kill a baby? and not teleport back before Sylar discovered his powers.. i guess Sylar could've avoid that too.. but as a baby he's harmless.. well i guess nothing is so easy in this tv show..!!
  • Ando and Hiro are thrust 5 years into the future where the heroes have failed to stop the destruction of New York. Nathan, or rather Sylar, has taken power as the acting leader of the 'free world' and those with powers are being hunted as terrorists.

    What can I say about this episode. Save for a couple others, there is not a doubt in my mind that this was one of the most spectacular and mind gripping episodes this season. The action, the thrill and the suspense just kept me going and what was really an hour of TV passed by in fleeting seconds of pleasure.
    Some complain that this episode really doesn't add much to the focal point of Heroes and doesn't further advance the plot. I say, so what? I'm pretty sure the point of this eipsode was that the writers wanted to explore what would happen in the future if the bomb did go off etc. I congratulate them at their flawless attmpt. The twists and turns of this episode were great and even though we were robbed of a few should-be amazing action sequences, I can forgive that.
    In my opinion, this episode was a perfect lead into the 3 remaining. Just what the doctor ordered.
  • I have come to expect a very high standard from Heroes but even now it can still surprise and amaze me; I was waving my arms and screaming at the TV. Does it get any better than this?

    There are not enough superlatives in the world to describe how I feel about Heroes right now. I have so carefully avoided spoilers, and every new episode surprises me more and more.

    I was surprised to find an episode set in the future, and everyone seemed to fit roles that were plausible based on their storylines from the past. Parkman protecting his son, Bennet protecting everyone, and Nathan doing his best to keep his power. Mohinder is torn, trying to do the right thing.

    And the big reveal. It was great. My mouth hung open.

    And then I was cheering - Peter is my hero, he can seriously kick some butt now. From annoying needy bloke at the start of the series, to a true hero.

    So who was my hero in all of this? Hiro? Future Hiro? Of course, as ever! But ... for me, the stand-out was Ando.

    Go Ando, you are the anchor.
  • Hiro goes 5 years into the future and learns what could be, and why things went wrong to begin with.

    Awesome episode, totally a great ride. I've got only ONE question.

    If Peter can absorb everyone's powers and use them, he's already proven he absorbed Claire's. Why DOES he have a scar? Clearly he should have regenerated and cleared that up? Even a serious case of acne wouldn't have done that!
  • The pieces are coming together, at last.

    What an important episode, I don't know if it was just me (maybe I missed some clues in the previous episodes), but this episode finally clarified sooo many things for me, especially the "Save the cheerleader, save the world" part. The mood in the episode was much darker and grimmer, the change in Hiro was the most amazing one. An underlying political message, about the future, made this episode even more powerful. Milo Ventimiglia displayed his acting chops, with a sobered-up, not so idealistic older Peter. This episode was worthy of a season finale in every descent show. So I'm wondering what amazing things will come up at the end of the first season.

    I didn't give the episode a 10 rating, because it wasn't clear how Sylar was able to heal himself (in the past after Hiro stabbed him) if Claire is still alive.
  • Could this really happen

    Could this really happen for sure. As we dig in five years into the future. Which would make it 2012. They make many references to the Matrix and the after we see a very dark sides from the perspective of Ando & Hiro. Knowing that now those Heroes have become fugitives from justice. But also labeled as worse...terrorists. Very scary episode as we see dark sides of Nathan, Matt, etc.

    The what if's at its best. Hiro and Ando know what should have changed, only to go forward and find out the worst could still happened. We are taken 5 years into the future - where we find Linderman's Law - we suspected what Linderman was up to, now we know. Ando finds out what happens to him –Does knowing his future change anything in the past/future?

    Peter's scar - has to be part of the cover up his brother the President cooked up to keep him safe. They saved the cheerleader but Sylar was never stopped - Sylar is Nathan - Where's Nathan!?
  • Wow five years in the future: 2 Hiros, 1 Ando. Where's Sylar? Nikki wants to be Jessica. Peter has a wicked scar; Suresh has a beard. Who's good? Who's bad? Claire's getting married, maybe. Parkman, Bennet, the Haitian they're all there. Watch!

    What a fascinating and revealing episode. Five years in the future is a scary place to be. This show continues to keep you guessing, while still revealing enough so that you aren't constantly confused. Hiro's character development is great, we come to understand why future Hiro is so ominous compared to present day happy optimistic Hiro. "Save the cheerleader; save the world" also finally makes sense. I appreciate that some of the characters disappoint you in the future. It really shows how the decisions that they make can affect their future, and that the writers aren't just trying to make us happy. These are "real" people and sometimes they don't live up to their "hero" status, but sometimes they do. Of course we still don't know if they will be able to stop the bomb, but this seems to set up the end really well. All in all this was one of the most engaging episodes of an engaging show.
  • great episode

    Hiro and Ando accidentally teleport themselves five years into the future. People with powers are now referred to as terrorists by the government, they are doing everything they can to control them including violating human rights. The future is dark place, Matt is now a bad person, Nathan is someone not the same person that he uses to be. This episode is like an alternative reality set in the future, it's an exciting story to explore, so much is shown but so much more can be made out of it. It's a really exciting episode, I can't wait for the next episode.
  • Wow! I had goose bums the entire hour of this episode.

    The episode started off beautifully with Hiro seeing Hiro. Just what i hoped for. Then took off in so many different angles. I must say that Matt was excellent at playing the bad guy. I trully wanted to punch his face!!! Great acting on his part! I cried when he shot Mr. Bennet!!! I am a big HRG fan and didnt think they would do that to my favorite father on a series tv show! :( The great part was seeing Nathan or should I say Sylar! :o yes my mouth dropped. I mean i always thought Nathan would be Villain but i didnt expect him to be Sylar in disguise. I do have to say i was happy about it though because it means that sylar took Candice power and killed her. Thank God for that! I really didnt like her after she did what she did to HRG! :x Oh and to be honest, I really dont like the whole Peter and Niki love thing! They just dont look right together! Where they came up with that is beyond me! But the greatest part was seeing Mohinder in action and take out the Haitian!!!! :D I was thrilled and then the show down with Peter and Sylar! :D All in all a great episode!!!! Keep it up Tim Kring! Your show is awesome!!!
  • Take a bow, Chris Claremont and John Byrne. "Days of Future Past" makes it to the screen.

    When Heroes first premiered, I thought it reminded me a lot of the X-Men. Not the current books, but the near-legendary title of the late 1970s that was the most highly regarded comic of the era and credited with bringing in a whole new generation of readers. After all, here was Claire with her Wolverine-like healing factor. Peter Petrelli with his Rogue-like powers. Niki sort of has Wolverine's berserker fury. D.L. is Kitty Pryde. Nathan Petrelli is more or less Angel. Parkman is a telepath like Charles Xavier.

    But this episode seals the similarity. It can't be an accident. This is very much like "Days of Future Past" from 1981, one of the last, best stories of the Claremont/Byrne run. Just like in the comic, New York is in ruins in the future. Mutants are hated and hunted, jailed and killed. Some of the Heroes have already fallen, just like some of the X-Men in the future world. One of the heroes has traveled in time. And there's one, final desperate battle where almost all of the remaining future heroes perish. It was a good story then, and it's still a good story today, and a nice reminder of a time when comics were enjoyable and created by people who weren't just in it for the money.

    Hmm, now that I think about it, Claire... Claremont? Is there an homage there?
  • How else can you describe a possible future, than alternate reality?

    This episode was one of the best since the first episode! I am a huge comic book guy, and this one was made for me, and other fans like me. We got to see future versions of all of our favorite heroes, and a lot of them were darker or different than we've come to expect. Peter Petrelli looked very cool with his scar, and likewise Claire looked great as a brunette. The similarities to the X-men movies and the way mutants are persecuted was downright scary, and it all made sense of course, when we learned who the president really was. I knew Sylar was lurking somewhere, but I assumed he was Suresh. I wished I could've seen more of the brothers dueling, but overall, there were a lot of cool powers on display this episode, and the story was great! The only thing that bothered me a bit was seeing Peter get together with Niki, who'd also been with his brother earlier in the series, and we don't really know exactly what happened to her husband or son, or did they say it was the NY bomb? I forget. Anyway, I can't wait until next week, and I'm dying to know what next season will be like.
  • Hiro travels five years into the future where he discovers somethings have changed, but with a similar apocalyptic ending to the "how do you stop an exploding man" question.

    One of the best shows of the season IMO. Hiro encounters his future self as well as several other heroes. We see F.Hiro, Claire/Sandra, an evil Matt Parkman, an all too alive Sylar, and my personal favorite Super Peter. The reasoning behind the string theory is also discussed at length. Most importantly we get a glimpse at the most anticipated confrontation on the show. I know I was yelling at the screen from them to show just one scene of that fight! But overall this episode raises even more questions then we previously had after episode 19. Once again a Joe pakanski written ep. leaves the viewers on the edge of our seats.
  • Five Years Gone is the reason why I watch Heroes. It is an early classic of many more awesome episodes to come. It was beyond a classic.

    Five Years Gone is the reason why Heroes is clearly the best show on T.V. right now, and why it is going to establish itself as one of the best T.V. series ever. This episode was incredible. The episode is obviously placed five years into the future set in New York City. This episode is the most revealing episode thus far, yet it is the best. First is that the bomb did explode, and half of New York City was wiped out; furthermore, it was Peter, who exploded. Moreover, Peter has absorbed more powers due to dating Niki/Jessica Sanders and meeting and working with Hiro. He now has superhuman strength, and chronokinesis and teleportation to add his collection of abilities.
    There were a lot of Heroes that departed in this episode or in the recent past. Sometime between the last episode and this episode, Sylar killed D.L. Hawkins, Micah Sanders and Nathan Petrelli. During the episode, he also kills Claire Bennett. The Haitian also dies by getting a lethal injection by Mohinder, but Hiro was suppose to get the injection, yet Mohinder believed Hiro that he was only trying to save the world while the government was trying to eradicate all persons who posses an ability, which was an action set by President Peterlli. However, while Hiro is being detained by Homeland Security officer Matt Parkman, Peter, Ando and future Hiro make an appearance to help save Hiro where he was being detained at a disclosed location and under attack by Peter and future Hiro. Then, Parkman calls and informs President Peterlli that Peter and future Hiro have infiltrated the facility to rescue Hiro. So, President Peterlli flies out of the ceremony to the location, and rips Peter out from the room. The ultimate shocker was when Peter noticed that his brother can’t phase in between rooms and realizes that it is his ultimate nemesis, Sylar. Then, there is an ultimate battle at the end with Sylar and Peter, but we obviously don’t know the winner or the extent of the battle because Hiro travels back to the current time and place. Overall, this is the best episode by far. It will be hard to better this one. This episode was full of suspense, action and drama. It was simply brilliant and well scripted. The episode was mind-blowing. It made me just want more and more.
  • five years in time

    wow this eposide was the best so far and its really hard to top it...We get to see how far the writers can go and after you watch it you'll be like how can they come up with these things? This kind of shows has an unlimited potentials as Hiro can go through time. I can't wait till next eposide I don't think that hiro knew that the exploding man was peter not sylar and killing syler doesn't really stop the bomb... I really am excited... what is gonna happen to peter and the rest of the heroes?!

    just wait and see
  • WOW!!!! Brilliantly scripted, well thought out, excellently acted...all-around amazing!

    "Five Years Gone" was the best episode of television I've ever seen. It was excellent! Definitely the show at its best, if not television at its best!

    Brilliantly scripted, well thought out, excellently acted...all-around amazing!

    A very revealing episode, "Five Years Gone" gave viewers a glimpse at the future that was possibly prevented by the saving of the cheerleader. However, at the same time, we see that stopping Sylar or not, the "bomb" will go off. Sylar didn't blow up New York, even if that's what Nathan made everyone believe. Peter exploded, and killed at least one special person and hundreds of thousands of others.

    Killing Sylar will still have its benefits, though. Even if it doesn't stop the "bomb," it'll stop the killings of at least four heroes (Nathan, D.L., the appearance-changing chick, and the nuclear-powered guy).
  • Regardless to what episode comes after this one, this one is most definitely in the top 10 best.

    This was a great episode. Nathan Petrelli is supposedly president while Sylar is dead because he was supposedly the bomb, but actually Nathan has been killed by Sylar whose got the powers of Kandace (the shapeshifter), Nathan, and D.L., and he's president and has Mohinder, the Haitian, and Matt working under him. In this episode, future Hiro is seen as a terrorist has killed a lot of people at this point. While Hiro and future Hiro are in Isaac's place, Matt and Mohinder crash in looking future Hiro in order to capture him. They end up getting Hiro while Ando and future Hiro gets away. During Hiro's investigation, Matt knows that something is up because when reading Hiro's mind, he has no memory of all the things that future Hiro has done. Mr Bennett is still alive and well and mostly invests in hiding Heroes from the government, including Matt's family, but since Matt needs to hand over some to the president, he reads Bennett's mind in order to find out where Claire is and then kills him, and captures Claire and leaves her with the president. She dies not long after at the hands of Sylar. In this episode, Peter is dating Jessica who has a more settled attitude due to the loss of Micah during the bombing. At this point, Peter can freeze time, has the super human strength,and the radiation guy powers. Sylar also has radiation powers. He has to rescue future Hiro from Matt at some point, and also tells Ando that at this point, he's dead. Near the end of the show, things get chaotic, because instead of Mohinder killing Hiro, he kills the Haitian, just as future Hiro and Peter are attacking the place. Once the president/Sylar gets there, he finally reveals to Peter who he really is. At some point, Matt kills future Hiro. Peter and Sylar get into a radiation battle, while Mohinder is in a room with Hiro and Ando trying to hold the door close from the radiation. Hiro eventually zaps back to the present with an issue of the 9th Wonders in hopes of changing the future. This show rocked better than anything we have seen in the past. That's not everything that happen, it is most definitely a necessity to watch this episode whether you're a fan of Heroes or not, or just an occasional watcher. This episode gets a 10 all of the way.
  • Nice to awatch a TV series reach for its potential as well as Heroes does.

    I rarely give a high rating to tv episodes but I had no choice with this episode of Heroes. The revelation of Sylar using the illusionary powers of Candice Wilmer to masquerade as the future President Nathan Petrelli was chilling. A psychopathic serial killer in charge of the nuclear might of a nation and ready to commit genocide is truly a frightening future. Masi Oka truly showed his acting abilities in protraying both the lovable Hiro and his grim future self. At times I had to remind myself that the contrasting characters were being protrayed by the same actor. The future and grimmer Peter Petrelli was also nice to see, in full control of his powers and his willingness to go toe to toe with Sylar. Not all questions were answered in this episode but I will definitely tune in to all future episodes of Heroes and go along with the ride.
  • What if.....

    I'm not sure what to think about this episode. I feel they made this one to show us what would happen if they don't stop the bomb, while making me feel they will, but they all wanted to play bad/evil characters. I mean, Matt Parker, who is normally quite and good, was quite the opposite, and didn't hesitate to kill anyone. My like for him turned to dislike. Alot of the characters died. Didn't like that either. I did like Peter kicking butt. And I did like that Suresh did survive (atleast till he died too). Eventhough Sylar is evil, I do like his character. My only thought is, that if Peter was the bomb, and not Sylar, wouldn't Hiro stabbing Sylar still not change things. He would have to kill Peter to stop the bomb. And if they did save the cheerleader, wouldn't everything have changed then?
  • Hiro and Ando meet Future Hiro in the future when the bomb has exploded. Hiro is arrested by Matt who works for President Nathan Petrelli. Nathan is Sylar in disguise. Future Hiro and Ando team up with Peter to break him out, helped by Mohinder.

    Very interesting episode. Reveals for the first time why saving Claire was so important: Future Hiro thought Sylar was the bomb and would be dead if he couldn't regenerate. Neatly keeps up the suspense as the episode ends; Hiro saying "now the hard part" after all they've just been through. Emotional fallout well addressed as Ando learns he didn't survive the bomb, Peter finds out Sylar killed Nathan and we learn Micah's dead. Sympathy is created for Matt as we see that he has become bitter and turned against his own kind after being forced to leave his wife (and son). I would be very interested to learn what "the hard part" is. One minor gripe: the death of Candice Wilmer was confusing (if that's who it was). Other than that, excellent.
  • Wonderful, beautiful, and so true to the comic book genre. One of the best "what if?" episodes I've ever seen. Awesome show, and keeps you in suspense the whole hour. Even if the series does rip so many things straight out of "The 4400" tv show :)

    Heroes is quite simply the best comic book tv show of all time. It is true to the genre, itself, while still maintaining mainstream appeal because it is SO WELL WRITTEN. It's as fast-paced as 24 and as mysterious/interesting as LOST. That's what I love about Heroes, it really is a comic series and not just a prime-time commercialization. This episode "5 Years Gone" is a great 'What If' episodes that comic books are so well known for. That's a great part about this genre--you can get away with writing ANYTHING you want because one of your characters can travel through time and change it all back if you want. I loved the bit with Sylar, and didn't even guess it until half-way through.
    Great episode from a great show.
  • Reminds me so much of X-Men comics I'm surprised Marvel hasn't sued yet. Still an excellent episode with a nice twist.

    For the love of God will someone PLEASE kill Sylar. He is the worst villian in television history. I have no sympathy for him and can't wait till he's dead. And if he doesn't die, I will quit watching. I do like how young Hiro and old Hiro meet and interact. It's obvious the old one still gets the whole "hero" thing and isn't phased by seeing himself. Seeing how the other have become puppets of who they think is Nathan is actually sad. Again, goes back to X-Men comics with Genosia(sp) the mutant act, and congress. They only thing they're missing is Henry Peter Gyrich and the Sentinals. The twist with Sylar really got me, especially since he was acting so much how I figured Nathan would act. Nathan is in so much denial Stuart Smiley would even give up on him. I also had to feel for Hiro when he watched his older self die. Still, he knows if he success this future won't happen and life can go on. Go Hiro! And did I mention how much I hate Sylar?
  • Maybe I'm slow, but I didn't realize what "Save the cheerleader, save the world" signified until this episode.

    Maybe I'm slow, but I didn't realize what "Save the cheerleader, save the world" signified until this episode. Seeing Sylar in position as leader of the free world, with plans to eliminate his only serious rivals, made it clear that he can only be invincible if he can gain Claire's power to heal. Since he had limited world influence in the present day, this was a much more nebulous threat until we see him five years in the future. Now we truly know how important it is to keep Claire alive- only this can save the world.
    The plot twists are masterful, and each character seems to have an endless capacity for development. I'm still waiting to see what part Micah will play, and I want Parkman to redeem himself (in the past). And how is the Linderman thing going to play out?
    This show has great casting and is clearly addictive- note the cult following. Will it all end this month, or is a Season 2 inevitable? And what will it be like in Season 2 when everyone knows everyone's secret? Will the show just degenerate into one set of heroes warring against another?
  • We near the end.

    This episode showed us the dark side of our heroes through some serious action and amazing twists. Future Hiro, plagued by the loss of a friend. Nikki dealing with the death of Jessica, DL, and Micah. Matt and the Hatian, confused or corrupted. Claire and her father, fighting still to keep the secret. Sylar, poised to achieve the extinction of his kind. Peter struggling to deal with his guilt. Many heroes dead. Simply put, the best Heroes yet.
    Five Years Gone shows the aftermath of a nuclear explosion and civil war. Many questions are left now, when Sylar became our President, what happened to Linderman and Peter’s mother, what exactly happened to make Peter explode, why did each hero choose the side they chose ? Most importantly, what can they do now to prevent their utter defeat? I, for one, cannot wait to find out.
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