Season 1 Episode 20

Five Years Gone

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 30, 2007 on NBC

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  • The idea is not original, but the Heroes-way of mix everything turns this into a very good episode.

    In this tv show, the is the bad guy, the good guy and all the others. Take Harry Potter for comparing: in book or movie, you always know who is an angel, who is the devil. But heroes, it´s not that simple. The holes use to have moral conflicts, individual goals and their own means of archeivement. Mr. bennet, for example, is a character took as "bad", but he was just doing what he thought needed to protect his family. The same can be told about Nikki, Nathan, DL, Parkman, and so on.
    The Episode "Five Years Gone" shows some results of choices they made. More than that, it shows the Heroes-way of mix anything, of never knows everything; shows that there is always a possibility that nobody could think before, Cause till that single moment, it was senseless.
    The problem is the lack of new ideas. Lots of movies, series, anything, have their period in the future or in the past. they also have the death of someone drying the hope of a hero; the fight of unconfusing good and bad sides; and the redemption of a charismatic protangonist.
    Putting togheter this and that, it´s nota perfect chapter, not a perfect history, but an unforgettable episode.
  • Wow!!!!! This show just gets better and better....

    Firstly I need to say that when I first heard about Heroes I wasn't impressed. And then when AICN made some less than favourable comments, mostly about the cheerleader...I had decided to give this show a miss.
    After veiwing 'Five Years Gone' I am glad I settled down to make up my own mind.
    So much happened in this episode, to have a peek at possibilties, and see characters in places we don't expect was thrilling to watch.
    I love the dynamic between Hiro and future Hiro.
    The Syler story arc took me by surprise and as a writer that doesn't happen often.
    This program is wonderful in every way. And this episode is an example of how to make 'must see TV'
  • Hiro and Ando teleport 5 years into the future and what a bleek future it is...

    *** Possible Spoilers ***

    This episode was, for me, absolutely brilliant!! Seeing all of the Heroes set in the future was great and I especially liked Peter who is pretty much the most powerful of all.

    The plot twists were perfect and I totally gasped at Nathan turning out to be Sylar - fantastic!!

    I was a little disappointed in future Hiro as I loved him when he first appeared to Peter on the subway and thought he was really cool. But in this episode he didn't really do anything - Peter is definitely my favourite now although I did wonder how he got that scar on his face if he can heal!

    I also really liked the face off at the end between Sylar and Peter - even though it was short and we didn't see any fighting, I loved to see that Peter has obviously acquired new abilities.

    The "ice fists" Vs "fire fists" was fantastic and the blue and red glows kinda made me thing of Luke and Darth Vadar's duel lol.

    All in all another brilliant episode - my favourite so far!!
  • A nearly flawless episode

    This episode is the pinnacle of television story writing. There hasn't been an episode of this show I haven't liked, but this one puts Heroes over the top if it hadn't gone there already. The unexpected mid-episode twist (worded thusly to avoid spoiling it) was bone-chilling and simply brilliant. Watching this episode makes you thrilled to have been alive to witness it, it is that good. The story was incredibly well written and the entire cast pulled off an award-calibre performance. The only thing I would have liked was to have seen more of the Sylar v. Peter showdown but I guess they've gotta save something for the season finale, but if the teaser we were given was any indication it will be nothing less than amazing.

    This episode, in this reviewer's humble opinion, seals the deal that season one of Heroes is the best season of any show in the history of television.
  • hiro and ando are in the future. they basically get to know wat the future looks like and wat the individual ppl turn into. they also find out about their own fates in the future (if things are unchanged). they return to their normal lives at the end.

    it was an awesome episode. but i didnt understand one thing. future hiro sed that he stabbed syler and he regenerated. but then syler only took clair's brain in this episode. this means that syler still couldnt regenerate till just now. then who was it that was stabbed and regenerated? was it peter? was hiro in a delusion? or is somethin messed up here?
    that was the only confusion i faced after watching this episode. other than that, it was a simply awesome episode. had lots of powerful words in there along with a whole bunch of interesting things going on. very much thrilling and not-expected.
    we can also assume a few other things here, such as peter met clairs real mother at some point. thats y he got the fire power. he also met DL, which is where he got the power to go thru things. also syler killed DL it seems, coz he can also go thru things.
    but ya... overall.. this episode was just awesome!!! simply awesome!! .. cant get very much better than this...
  • An amazing spine-chilling episode!

    "Five Years Gone" refers to the time and place this episode takes place. When Hiro and Ando find themselves five years into the future, half of New York has already been destroyed, they then attempt to find other previous Heroes.

    Hiro runs into trouble when he is arrested by Matt and the Hatian, who now works for Nathan. Mohinder has also been working for Nathan, helping him find a cure that can reverse the effects of the powers. Nathan also takes the throne of president, as seen on Isaac's paintings. Nikki is working in a strip club after the lose of D.L. and Micah. Peter, future Hiro and Ando try to rescue Hiro. Mr. Bennet is keeping Claire safe, while Matt hunts her down.

    When Hiro brings himself 5 years into the future, he hopes to find Isaac Mendez. When he and Ando enter Isaac's office, Hiro gets arrested by Matt Parkman. For some reason, the Hiro from 5 years in the future is a terrorist, and they mistook Hiro for future Hiro. Matt tries to get information out of him, but can't seem to because Hiro can't remember anything from the past 5 years. I like how they plotted everything out so correctly. Just one of the many interesting events in this episode.

    Nathan becomes president of the United States and has Mohinder working for him. Mohinder is working on a cure to reverse the effects of the powers. Sadly, when Mohinder is no where near close to finding a cure, Nathan suggests a genocide. Very interesting plot right here, I don't want to reveal to much.

    Meanwhile, Nikki is working in a strip club in Las Vegas with the name "Jessica." She is still mourning after the death of husband, D.L. and son, Micah. She goes to Peter for comfort and peace. I like Nikki's situation 5 years into the future.

    Future Hiro and Ando seek the help of Peter to save Hiro. They convince Peter that they can change the future. They work together to stop Matt, the Hatian and Nathan and finally save Hiro's life, but with a cost. Amazing battle scenes right there.

    Claire is sporting a new hair color and keeping a low profile thanks to daddy dearest. She has plans to get married with co-worker, Andy. Nathan asks Matt to hunt her down, and that he did. I can't reveal to much about this part because it would really spoil the best part of the episode.
  • A fantastic installment, with every episode I love this show more!!

    Heroes has been going strong for a long time now and I thought the big break they took when they got their season extended would be the death of them. Luckily, I was wrong! This episode serves as proof that this show still has PLENTY of life left in it.

    The two Hiros meet in this episode which was, unfortunately, a little less eventful than I was hoping. I was kind of half hoping that the world would implode or the space-time continuum would rip and suck everyone within a 10km radius into nothingness or something, but they just had a bit of a chat and everything was fine. I was a little upset to see Peter was an a**hole but he came good in the end and Nikki/Jessica seemed pretty uncool too...

    The real surprise was the scene in the oval office. If you're reading this, i should think you've seen the episode, if you havent, please DONT read this, skip to the bottom, as it will reveal the massive twist at the end!

    The whole Nathan/Sylar thing was an amazing twist, I really didnt see that coming and it was a really clever plot device! With Candice, Nathan, Jessica, Micah, DL, Claire and Hiro dead, the future looks bleek, let's hope past Hiro can save it, it's all on him now!

    Speaking of Claire, she looked SMOKING hot as a brunette! Wow, that girl is stunning! Anyway, her trying to "get on with her life" and all that stuff made things a little bit boring but Matt, now that he's an a**hole too, changed all that...

    This was a fantastic episode, I loved every second of it and gave it 9.8/10! Cant wait for the season finale next week although i have a horrible feeling it will end with... you guessed it... a cliffhanger! Oh well, still LOVE this show!
  • Twists and Turns! Awesome! (spoilers)

    So many twists and turns as to what the future could be like if the bomb is not set off. Sylar being the one that exploded actually made sense to me when the episode first revealed it. It explained how peter survived that much power, even with Claires ability. But then to find out that Sylar is alive, and Peter was actually the bomb, and Sylar is pretending to be Nathan! WOW! Incredible!!

    They did an awesome job with makeup too. I noticed they didnt' even bother to approach how Peter got a large scar when he can heal. If he can take a huge shard of glass to the brain and walk away, you'd think that scar would heal. Unless it was caused by another person with abilities.

    I cannot wait for the end of this season. I just hope the show can go longer if the bomb is stopped.
  • The Evolution is here.....Rise !!!

    This is what it's all about...this is what I've been waiting to see since the start of Heroes. We see a glimpse of the future where the characters have completely embraced their abilities and found their place in a world which fears and despises them. It always seemed that Heroes was borrowing heavily from the X-men, though they never quite went the distance, and always maintained a distance to seem different and original. But I'm glad that they've finally taken the leap and hit on all those important issues that make the X-men saga so amazing and deep. Its not just about people with special abilities and their corresponding special effects...it's about how they fit into a world who is very aware of them and what they are capable of doing; and how the world reacts to that fear. It's also great to see Peter become the man he was meant to be. He almost seems like Neo from the Matrix, after he realizes his potential...stoic and deterred by nothing. Very good to see where this series is going. Hope they keep it up.
  • from my perspective, this is by far one of the best Heroes episode ever. Five years into the future and we see an alternate reality if the explosion isn't stopped.

    THe first half hour was to explain things into details but i don't want to write an spoilers so i'll just leave it as that. Heroes have turned aganist each other but they've also reached the peak of the potentials/abilities which means Peter was or should I say will be extremely powerful being that he is able to control all his abilities.
    A shocking moment I thought i saw coming but at thesame time i didn't expect was Sylar returning, You'd have to watch to see this yourself.
    Hiro seing the future will do everything possible to stop the explosion and i think he'll need the Hiatian guy (as seen in this episode he's able to impede other people's abilities) but i'll just leave my theories out of this.
    Amazing episode and i can't wait to see what happens next!!!
  • We get a glimpse into a possible future. Where Hiro is a wanted terrorist and Nathan is the president...or is he? Hiro tries to escape this dark future so he can change the past.

    Great episode. I loved, loved, loved when it turned out that Nathan was actually Sylar. I liked that it was still Peter that caused the explosion because it did not make any sense for it to be Sylar because that would be against his goal of trying to round up as many "Heroes" as he can, if he blew up half of New York City killing many "Heroes" most likely. I wish that Issac's paintings and comics would be more clear. A few episodes back I couldn't tell if he was drawing pictures of himself dead or Peter and in this episode I couldn't tell if the comic showed Hiro stabbing Sylar or Nathan (I assume if it was Nathan that it was actually Sylar disguised as Nathan). Anyway the only point I want to make is the drawings need to be more obvious.
  • AWSOME, Perfection at its best

    erm.....AMAZING just peter, future hiro, and nathan being syler ye just simply awsome. very xmen days of future past the only thing it was lacking was sentinals and wolverine but who needs those when you got hiro and peter kicking ass, syler pretending to be nathan and characters who seem to be good guys working on the dark side but destined for good. also the passing of the lindeman act adds a rather scary touch to whole lindeman as saviour of the world. before nathan was revealed to be syler he showed a very lex luther'ish mind set. can't wait to see what happens next what will the definite future hold.....will it come to past OR not?
  • Absolutely perfect!

    The show has been staggering lately, so I wasn't really expecting anything fancy, but this episode blew my mind.

    You actually get to think here, connect the dots, use your imagination. You realize for the first time that there may be bigger trouble than Syler, the loss stretching farther than 0.7%, that others also present a danger, and you start thinking how they will deal with that.

    The acting was impeccable. I could actually feel how the characters changed, how colder they've become, which only made me wish harder they could fix it. I was right there with them, and it's such a rare feeling that I'm awed by this episode.

    Absolutely Brilliant!
  • What could have been cliche, done so very well...

    You know that an episode is well done when you know what's going to happen and you're still on the edge of your seat. "Five Years Gone" did exactly that. In what was a wonderfully revealing episode, Hiro and Ando are in the future where they didn't stop the explosion. Watching Matt turn to his dark side was a side of Greg Grunberg that I hadn't seen before, and I must say that he pulled it off extremely well. Also, Mohinder is still as naive as possible, never quite knowing who to trust and who not to trust. Also, I know that she'll be back in the series, but I hated having to watch Claire get killed by Sylar. Overall, the entire tone and tempo of this episode was amazing. As I've said before, I can't wait for the end of the season.
  • Amazing!!!!

    Wow...words fail me. This was just a fabulous episode. The performances from all the actors were phenomenal. The plot was amazing and a bit shocking. I loved the humor in the beginning between Hiro and Future Hiro! Evil Nathan and Matt were definitely interesting to watch, as was angry Peter. The way the plot developed was great. Each scene fit into the next seamlessly. Sylar as the president? Wow, didn't see that coming. The showdown at the end between Sylar and Peter looked like it could have been great, so I wish that would've been longer. This was truly a great episode, and my new favorite.
  • Ooooh, flossy flossy

    This episode is probally one of my favorite episodes in this series. The whole episode was filled with action and drama. I was suprised to see that Future Nathan, is actually Sylar, which was kinda freaky, and we finally see Claire's head cut open! Yay! Future Hiro, was kinda creepy too, the present Hiro is sooo nice and optimistic, but future Hiro is all mean and stuff. I liked the ending battle with Peter and Sylar, what was with the glowing hands? Peter's were red, probally from that necular guy, and Sylar's were blue??? Where did that come from? Maybe we'll fine that out in the next episode.
  • Showing us what could happen if New York is decimated, Heroes delivers another great episode.

    Firstly, this isn't a filler episode(as many have refered to it as), it's called a stand-alone episode. True, Heroes is a serial drama along the lines of lost and 24 and so each episode is meant to give something to the overall story of the show, but aren't we alowed to just have a bit of fun now and again?

    As I said this episode could probably have been missed and the overall story would still make sense, but that's part of what makes "Five Years Gone" so entertaining. This could almost be called an alternate reality episode because we see the world as it is after Peter explodes and takes out half of the New York City(presumably this won't happen at the end of the season and New York will be saved).

    Similarly to "Six Months Ago", we see the future by means of Hiro's power. Each of the main characters, who are still alive, are now darker(and therefore cooler) versions of themselves. Both Hiro and Peter kick ass and Nikki acts a lot like Jessica, despite her alter-ego having gone somehow. Nathan is now, as predicted, the president with Mohinder, the Hatian and Parkman all working for him. After the millions that died in the explosion those with super powers are feared and even hunted, giving us a very grim, X-men style future.

    We also got our first proper big action sequence in Heroes, sort of. Future Hiro and Peter managed to take out a room full of guards, however we only saw Hiro take out three and Peter neutralise one. Fair enough budget and time restraints were the most likely cause of this, but it would have been nice to get a bit more action. Similarly we had another fight between Sylar and Peter. What was impressive is that this was very different to the one in last weeks episode. Both men moved towards each other with what appeared to be ice and fire powers as opposed to throwing each other around psychicly, but again all we really saw of the fight was a light show from behind a door.

    But I would like to mention the incredible visual effects in this episode. It's getting more like a film every week. Flames are very hard to do in CGI (take the Human Torch from the Fantastic Four movie for example) but when used on Peter it looked great. Also when Sylar(as Nathan) flew up into the sky, the switch between the actor and the CGI double was seemless.

    Although, as well as all this, there was some great acting(given that many of the characters got to take their performances to different places than they normally could) and the twist that Nathan was really Sylar I never saw coming, there was a lot unanswered that did hinder the enjoyment of the episode a little. We were left to make our own assumptions as to the specifics of how Sylar managed to kill Candace and then use her ability to get close enough to kill Nathan and take over as President. Also, as to exactly how far Nathan had gone as President in restricting the rights of those with super powers before he had his brain removed.

    But my main gripe was some conflicting main timelines. Alternate futures and time travel has a lot of wiggle room for what could be classed as mistakes by virtue of the fact it is impossible to determine what effect time travel has on the world. However we seemed to be in the future where Sylar had killed Claire and taken her power and so Hiro could not kill him. This was also inforced by the fact that Peter had a large scar, that he wouldn't have if he had Claire's ability and the fact that Sylar wasn't dead! However neither was Claire. Her timeline seemed to have her having been saved by Peter and therefore Sylar did not have her power. This then conflicted with the first story and I could go on, but it's making by head(and presumably the head of anyone still reading this) hurt.

    It is possible that this could become a bit clearer by however Sylar and the bomb is stopped, but for now it seems like a plothole. That still should not let it bring down this excellent episode, if like men it did annoy you, chalk it up to a side-effect of Hiro's timetravelling and watch the episode again. Now with only three episodes left can Heroes give us the finale we all want, with a real battle between Sylar and Peter and a successful ending to a successful first season.
  • An Incredible Look Into the Potential Future of our Heroes

    I've got to qualify this by saying that I am a huge fan of timetravel and alternate timeline stories. The ST:TNG episode "Parallels" is one of my favorite of all time. That said, this episode was brilliant and a joy to watch. It was great seeing more of future Hiro, and I really dug Future Peter. It's a shame that Future Matt ended up being such a dick, and I could do without Future Jessica/Nicki. Also, another dimension was added to Hiro and Ando's friendship which was really heart-warming, for lack of a better phrase. The *spoiler* of Nathan being Sylar the whole time was really something. This was a really great episode and shows the dire consequences of not stopping the exploding man.
  • Has the world gone mad? Yes! (SPOILERS)

    Our_Hiro and Ando are 5 years in the future where they encounter Future_Hiro - who's all serious and more than a little stabby.

    The worlds a different place - Niki's there and Jessica isn't? Peter got the "the scar." Claire is a brunette hiding in Charlie's old job. HRG is his usual ambiguous self and Matt is the turncoat I always knew he'd turn out to be. Long story short, Hiro and Ando get back, knowing what they have to do - if not quite sure how they'll do it.

    One thing I noticed, when Future_Hiro needs HRG's help getting the people he needs to pull off the mission, he asks for the location of, among other people, Molly Walker. Where has out little Molly been? What power does she posses? Hmmm.
  • The future doesn't look to bright for the Heroes!!!

    This episode was sensational...Hiro and Ando teleport in the future, and the scenario there is horrifying...not only are the majority of the buildings in New York destroyed, but the majority of the people also died in this destruction...We are presented here the most important heroes, but they can no longer be named like this, they are negative heroes now...Matt evolves into a killer and a stalker of his own kind...Mr. Bennet, gives the impression that he helps people with special abilities, when in fact he does the contrary...Niki , after losing Micah and D.L. teams up with Peter to run a bar...Hiro also becomes a killer...Mihnder tries to work up a program eliminate the abilities of the heroes...But worse of all Sylar survives and becomes the main aggressor here...The only regret i had is not seeing the fight between Sylar and Peter till the end.
  • uhmm, what can I say....

    They should go to Stephen Hawking to get time travel time-line straight. It is been done in so many shows (which i wont mention them due to respect) that everytime I see writers to try to pull a timeline stunt I have big laugh about it. There logic dont even work right. Anyway, as i said before, all this hype would give objective users a disagree mark so big, why bother?
  • Hiro and Ando are 5 years in the future and wild antics ensue...

    Great episode. A lot of new information came into play in this episode. In the future, Peter and Nikki are dating, we learn about Hiro from the future, who really caused the bomb to explode, Matt works for the president and is trying to round up all the heroes to capture them, Clair as a brunette living in Texas at a diner, Nathan's plans for all the 'heroes', and Sylar comes back by morphing himself into Nathan. Another battle begins with Peter and Sylar. There were definitely some really intense moments. Nathan seems pretty ruthless as president. I'm not really sure what ended up happening to Clair. Sylar began doing his scalping thing on her but we never really discovered what happened with that. A lot of action packed moments. I can't wait for next week's episode!
  • You can't change the Future you can only hope to contain it!

    Can you Change the Future? Being a Sci-fi geek this is the question which I seem to ask alot. If you the see the future then the events have happened and you have memory of it. If you change it then it never happened and you have no memory of it becaue it never happened. And if it never happend then the actions which caused the future to change never happen thus the future never changes. One can not alter ones' own timeline. However, one can affect the events in a similar dimensions timeline. Wow am i a Geek!

    That Said I loved this Episode. It touched on things set up in previous episodes. It Showed Nathan standing in the exact pose he was standing in, in the painting of him in the oval office. And still explained why sylar painted himself standing there. Also Nathan is not a bad guy. I believed he had a lex luthor complex but alas it was sylar with more stolen abilities.
  • This show just keeps getting better

    This episode as cemented heroes as my favourite TV show at the moment. Another great episode.

    It is 5 years in the future and we get to see what will happen if Peter is allowed to explode. People with abilities are thought to be dangerous as the world believes Sylar was responsible for the explosion. 'Present' Hiro is captured by Matt who is now working to hunt down the other heroes. Now 'Future' Hiro and Ando must enlist Peter's help to rescue 'Present' Hiro so he can teleport back to prevent the explosion in the first place. Wow! Loved this plot line. This was also a very important episode as it makes us understand what is it stake should Hiro fail in his mission. Not only will many people die in the explosion but it will set in motion a chain of events which will ultimately lead to the extinction of all the heroes.

    There were some great moments in this episode. Notibly we discover Ando dies in the explosion and Peter believes that Hiro's real motives to change history are to save him. Very touching. Also Nathan has become the president who turns out to be Sylar, which was a good twist. Can't wait for the next episode now.
  • Back to the future!

    Let me just say this - "Five Years Gone" rocked. Honestly, I think it could be a contender for the best episode of the season (so far) along with stand-out episodes like "Homecoming," "Company Man," and "Parasite."

    Before I go any further, I feel I should preface this with a bit of a disclaimer - I'm a sucker for these kinds of stories. "What ifs," alternate realities, possible futures (especially dystopic and oppresive ones). Generally, this is the kind of story that I would at least marginally enjoy no matter what took place; that said, I think among all that this is just a damn fine episode of Heroes.

    What I really like about this one is that it doesn't get bogged down by exposition. The audience gets just enough knowledge about what transpired in the lost five years in order to understand the state of the world and the events taking place on the screen. It doesn't matter why exactly Future Peter is so bitter; it just matters that he is. It doesn't matter how or when Sylar managed to slice open Nathan to get to his soft and chewy center; it just matters that he did. I think lesser writers could have easily (and understandably) fallen into the pit of trying to explain as much as possible.

    With that, allow me to go into a break down about my thoughts on the episode, primarily about the Future versions of our heroes:

    -Future Peter Petrelli? Hardcore, plain and simple. He's everything that Present Peter isn't - calm, collected, in control. Watching him use the array of powers at his command with little more than a thought was pretty awesome. If I've one complaint it's that the character is a bit too bitter - I'd like to see Present Peter find a sort of a happy medium between his current self and the character we see portrayed here.

    -Despite the hardcore attitude and swordplay, Future Hiro was really my least favorite character of the episode. Maybe it's the fact that Hiro's "Find the Sword" storyline kind of exhausted me on the character, or perhaps the Future versions of the other characters just outshined him, but I just didn't care for him all that much.

    -Niki was more likeable here than she has been for the entire run of the series. Perhaps it's because the character we see in Five Years Gone appears to be a nice balance between the two personalities - she's not overly angry and agressive (Jessica), nor is she overtly pathetic and prone to whining (Niki). It gives me something to look forward to for her character.

    -Likewise, I really liked what they did with Matt here - he was slick, kinda hardcore, and confident. I generally like Present Day Matt, but it's hard to deny that the man can get just a little bit grating.

    -I think big twist - that President Nathan Petrelli was in fact Sylar in disguise - was probably the most interesting part of the episode for me (even though I was a little disappointed; I thought that the previews for the episode kind of gave it away). I kind of wish there was more time, because I sort of would like to see this explored a bit more - although I think a good portion of it is more or less just a question of how Candace's powers work. I mean, can you keep up the illusion indefinitely, or do you have to recharge once in a while? What about when he's sleeping?

    -The biggest disappointment, I think, was that the show continued in it's grand tradition of giving us tragically short confrontations between Sylar and Peter. Since we learned exactly how Peter's powers work, I've been itching for an all-out superpowered slugfest between the two characters. I'm desperately hoping that they're building up all of this anticipation for an enormous blowout in the season finale. Alas, if we aren't treated to something awesome in the next three weeks, I'll be sorely disappointed.

    Again, perhaps the best episode of the season. I am consistently pleased with the way this show presents itself - there's logical follow-through, it doesn't waste too much time, and it doesn't insult the viewer's intelligence (usually). Where 24 has burned me this season, Heroes has helped keep my love for the medium of serialized storytelling intact. I'm more than a little stoked for the rest of the season.
  • Amazing episode!!

    OH MY GOD, this episode was so damn great, it might well have been the best episode so far! The wait was definitely worth it!

    I love love love Peter in the future. He was so hot even with that big nasty scar in his face. And the way he controlled his abilities - just great. And I liked him with Nikki. Btw it's nice that she's Nikki again and not Jessica anymore, but I really want to know why!

    The future is so scary, they really have to stop it. I don't like future Matt, he's so totally cold-blooded. I don't get it. How can they be like that when they're special themselves? HRG on the other hand was a really good guy - funny people can change!
    Gosh, I could go on all night, they were all just so great.
    But the worst thing: how could Sylar make people believe he's Nathan for so long? I don't get it. And it was so awful when he killed Claire...
    Now I can hardly wait for next week - it was such a brilliant episode, it really makes me hungry for more. And more. And more. And more...
  • Ando and Hiro are on a journey...yet Hiro meets Hiro and what happens to Ando. Apocolyptic battle between Heroes and Humans!

    Ok here i go in my chatty style again. How can i even start to imagine how they came up with this episode because it extends on all beliefs that i could have expected. This was OUTSTANDING! so many questions are brought about and then so many are answers. The constant guessing of what can happen next is what makes this show a must see. Even if you started watching it at this episode you wqould still be hooked. I loved seeing the dark sides of everyone and knowing how sylar has changed the whole world they live in. Cannot wait to see the next 2 episodes and the season finale is going to be a shocker!

    Love the show - always will!!
  • WOW

    WOW, im absolutly stunned. Not only was this the best heroes to date (obviously) but for me this was one of the best episodes of a show EVER. No amount of words can explain how much i love this episode. It was just like reading a comic book only better. Incredible scenes (hiro taking out the guards, nathan making his speech with a melted new york behind him, sylar and peter fire vs ice stand off). This episode cements heroes into behind the best and original show on tv this year, i cannot wait for the final few episodes. Amazing tv!!
  • Best episode of the season, no doubt about it.

    OMG!!!!! This is definitely my favourite episode of the series. It’s going to be hard to top this. It was just…wow! I was just like ‘oh my god’ throughout the whole episode. There was not one thing I didn’t like. It could have been so lame and cliché but it wasn’t. I wasn’t looking forward to this episode, remembering Six Months Ago, and how much I didn’t like that, purely because we were seeing the characters at a completely different stage than we’re used to seeing them. It was a bit confusing, and annoying to have the storyline so out of place with all the other episodes. This was not like that at all. It was great having Hiro and Ando there so we could see things through there eyes, and find out things as they were finding them out. I also thought Masi Oka did an amazing job in this episode, playing the two different Hiro’s, both completely different, yet completely convincing. I also liked how they explained what happened to some of the other characters that we didn’t see and how they put in some nice touches concerning that, like Nathan pulling Peter through the door using DL’s power. The other characters were all convincing, I could see how they ended up where they were in this episode, and how they got there was nicely explained. I can’t really explain any more why I thought this episode was so amazing, it just was. Everything about it was just right, and there’s not doubt that this is my favourite episode. No other one even comes close. The cast and crew of the show have set themselves a high standard for the rest of the season, cos it it’s anywhere near as good then I can’t wait.
  • The future is so grim I got to wear coke-bottle glasses!

    Hiro and friend step into the future.And the future looks so grim. Many of the Heroes castr went dark and Syler is President of the United States. Trust me He got elected President under the deguise of another Hero. Nikki won her battle over the weak self and more stuff that will terrified you. I give this episode a 10 because we are seeinbg a future if they didn't stop New York city from blowing up. there are only three episode left and if you not watching the series, please do. these three epiosde are going to be terrific. Avengers Assemble!
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