Season 1 Episode 20

Five Years Gone

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 30, 2007 on NBC

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  • A little confusing to understand.... A lot of information to take in, gonna have to watch it again...

    Okay, definitely another great episode. It was really cool to see everyone looking so different in the future.... I feel sorry for Niki because of Micah. Who would have thought she and Peter would become an item... I kind of like that idea.... I wonder if, because Hiro will change the time, that will still happen. Now there were a lot of things that just went way over my head... But it kind of all came together at the end.... I guess present Hiro by changing the past will be able to save not only Ando but himself too.... I wonder if now that we know Sylar wasn't the one who exploded, if it was Nathan who did in the future.... I really wished that was more clear... But just another great episode and I can't wait until next week again!!!!!
  • It's exciting to see what meddles around five years after the bomb explodes.

    At first I was really confused with who worked for who and who was supposed to be the 'good guy' and the 'bad guy', to keep things simple. But after going past that point there's nothing you won't like about the episode. Sure, it's a dark episode, but isn't that what makes it so intriguing?

    Five years later in Heroes, it seems as if history is repeating itself and we're back to Stalin's purges. There's the secret police, Matt and the memory guy, there's Stalin, Sylar - oops I mean Nathan, there are the persecuted, all the 'heroes', and well then there's the group of people who want to change things, and I don't know where in Stalin's time would that fall into, but still it's pretty similar don't you think?

    Hiro from the future said that Hiro from the present (this is getting confusing) that he should kill Sylar before he explodes and destroys everything and everyone in New York City, but we all know that he isn't really the one who explodes. That's where the episode leaves you hanging, could the answer be... kill Peter?
  • Hiro and Ando travel five years into the future and learn why their mission is so important... HUGE SPOLIERS!

    Before you read, there are major spoilers posted! Hiro and Ando travel five years into the future and find out why their mission is so vital. Future Hiro and Peter are an amazng ass whooping duo, but Sylar is still in the future and more dangerous than ever. It's a dark reality where clearly the bad guys are winning, but genocide is on the horizon and worse. I loved this episode because it gave the show a chance to display it's full potential when characters like Hiro and Peter are ready to fight back and have full control over their powers. We see what kind of 'heroes' they will turn out to be when they step up and learn to control things. There is so much death in this episode, I'm surprised there wasn't any warnings but this will rank high if not the highest for all time best from this show. I was however left with a few questions: 1) Where did Peter get his scar? 2) Now that Claire was saved from her original death by Peter, will Peter's ability to regenerate prevent that scar from coming in now? 3) Peter likely has always had the ability to stop time and teleport ever since he bumped into Hiro on the subway. Seeing him do that in this episode was super cool. It will be interesting to see when he figures this out in the present. 4) We know that since Sylar was able to move through the wall to grab Peter, that he killed Nikki's husband. 5) By the way that Hiro/Ando flashed out... I think Sylar/Peter went nuclear again as they teleported out. 6) Claire was definitely killed by Sylar, cause she can't regenerate without her brain. 7) It will be interesting to see of the deaths presented in this episode will play out in future episodes (can't fight the future, remember?) or if the timeline change will prevent them... This episode was amazing. Best of the year... and I'm glad I taped it cause I'll be watching it as much as I can until the next episode airs! Peter
  • "Heroes" meets "Days of Future Past"

    In another nice bit of inventive plotting, the story takes a leap forward, with Hiro and Ando getting a glimpse of a future where Sylar exploded in the middle of New York after killing Claire. Right from the beginning, the writers start providing answers to questions from early in the season. From there, things get even more interesting, as aspects of each surviving character emerge. This is the “Heroes” version of “Days of Future Past”, the classic tale from the heyday of “Uncanny X-Men”.

    Matt is the fascist head of Homeland Security, working alongside the Haitian, hunting down “terrorists” like Future Hiro. He reports directly to Nathan, who has assumed the presidency as foretold by Isaac. He’s been trying to find a “solution” to the “superhuman problem”, and it sounds an awful lot like history repeating itself.

    Future Hiro is still dedicated to changing the fate of the world, thankfully, though his life has ripped away a lot of the joy and wonder. As it turns out, Peter is still alive and living in Vegas. So is Niki, who works as a stripper under the name Jessica, in a nice throwback to her original entrance, even if it was ultimately unnecessary. Peter has a ton of physical and emotional battle scars, looking oddly like Jason Behr from “Roswell” in the process, and yet he remains an important piece of the puzzle.

    In an unexpected turn, Mr. Bennett has become a crucial part of the resistance, helping superhumans escape Homeland Security with Hana’s assistance. Of course, in retrospect, it’s a logical direction for his arc to take. His dedication to Claire, and the study of the superhumans through Primatech, could have led to more than a few personal epiphanies. Claire, gorgeous with dark hair and the experience of five long years in hiding, is still his primary concern.

    It doesn’t take long for Matt and Mohinder to pull together Future Hiro’s original plan, and Matt tracks down Mr. Bennett and then Claire, with very little concern for the consequences. Nathan is more than willing to let it happen, despite Mohinder’s attempts to change his mind. And when “Nathan” is finally revealed to be Sylar, happily taking out his competition, it all begins to come together and make sense. This is a great twist, especially since the writers all but established that someone with Claire’s ability could survive exploding like a nuclear bomb, and Sylar never would have taken on Claire’s power!

    Peter, Hiro, and Ando make a great commando team, and it would have been nice to see more of that action. On the other hand, the latest match between Peter and Sylar, completely off-screen, promises some serious fireworks as the season draws to a close. The result is a restoration of Hiro’s confidence in himself, and the truth about what Isaac saw in Sylar’s future.

    This episode is a nice bookend to Hiro’s adventures in the past in “Six Months Ago”, an episode that revealed a great deal about Sylar and the emergence of the current batch of heroes. One is left to wonder if Sylar’s rise as president in Nathan’s place was planned by Linderman or something Sylar himself did to survive. Whatever the case, Isaac has predicted that Hiro will run Sylar through with his sword, and Peter is still on course to explode. Getting to that point will be half the fun.
  • an interesting episode with more to worry about than there was to like (any danger of the make-up staff putting Hiro's facial hair on straight!?!).

    most episodes of heroes i give about a 9 out of 10, and i love the show, but this episode really struggled to convince me they are going in the right direction.

    it's always a difficult task to keep the order when you have an episode set in the future, so many series have lost sense completely of the purpose, for example nip/tuck season 3, we are taken on a trip and there is nothing to like about the year 2025. this was awful but nip/tuck is a different show to heroes and did not rely heavily on the future concept to further the ongoing plot of the show.

    hiro's facial hair, parkman's unbelievable character, claire's high heels, all things from this episode that do not inject any confidence in the viewer.

    ofcourse, their are some redeeming qualities that do make up for these "urks," the sylar revelation for one, i really was not expecting that. and i must admit the last 15 minutes involving mainly peter were some of the best scenes on tv this year.

    though how many times can peter save an episode with his impressive powers??

    hopefully they can tidy up the plot to this show, i really enjoy it.
  • 5 years gone...days of the future past...linderman act...mutant registration act...possible *SPOILERS*

    ok so this was one of the most anticipated episodes of heroes. We are taken into a future where the bomb had exploded...A future that was supposibly changed, but somehow the events changed and led to someone else becoming the bomb...and lead to some drastic actions being taken. This episode gave me everything i wanted. There was a great story, and we get to see how things change. how the Bomb really does effect everyone not just NYC. Many of the heroes don't even surive or exist in this future. But one hero somehow get by everyone and becomes a power man in the country. all i have to say is i want to see this again, and again, and again! I won't say much more except expect a some characters to become what we always wanted them to be and expect to see one of the coolest little pre fight sequences! oh and future peter...HE IS THE MAN!
  • Hiro and Ando travel to the future and see the Dark versions of the "Heroes" and figure out a way to save the present day from what is yet to come.

    I love tv shows when they go back in time or forward in time. Learning about the past or future of a show is so fun because people aren't always the same and in Heroes case they have a chance to see the future if a different path is taken. Causing them to learn how to go back and fix the decision so the grim future they just saw won't happen. This by far is my favorite episode of Heroes thus far.
  • Heroes version of "Days of Future Past" meeting with "Dark Knight".

    One of the best episodes of the show so far. True, I can't decide which is best, because some of them are so different from one another, but probably that's one of highest points Heroes has, like if the show was the true mutant, always morphing and reformating itself like it has already been said will occur in second season.

    About the episode itself, there's almost too much to talk about. One point to be made is that it was almost too short. What cost the action scenes to be very few and only partially developed on screen. Man, what I wouldn't do to see the total extension of Sylar and Peter's battle...

    Hiro meeting Hiro and realising what he'll become through Matt's interrogation will surely bring lots of consequences to the character and to the show, but seeing the dark side of almost every major character was the major triumph of the episode. Peter being lonely and selfish, Nikki a coward, Hiro a terrorist famous for killing people, Matt an government agent without scruples hunting down his own kind, HRG being the nice guy of the story and Nathan a cold blooded president giving the order to a genocide to take place.

    But wait, that's not Nathan! It was Sylar all the time usind Candice's power. And he revealls himself the moment he's taking Claire's power! Peter was the one who exploded in this timeline, too, leaving Sylar to be blamed.

    However, Claire's presence leads to some questions, if she's alive, although not many knew it, how come Sylar regenerated when stabbed by Hiro? Simple, since Future Hiro was time travelling when events reordered themselves around Claire being saved, he would still have his former timeline memories, but with the change of events in the past, he probably didn't even stabbed Sylar in this new future where Claire is alive.

    I must say to conclude things I'm not a big fan of alternate realities storylines since you can do everything there like horseplaying with the characters whilst it won't matter in the long run, but since Hiro and Ando were there seing things happening, it takes a total different perspective and adds a lot to the show.

    The questions now are if Hiro will be capable of killing Sylar to prevent everything he saw and how do you stop an exploding man.

    Impossible not to stay tuned to find out!
  • Oh My God(as in Janice from Friends)

    I LOVED this episode its just so amazing if you haven't watched
    this episode you should stop what you are doing now and doe everything you can to watch this episode BAD Matt how come
    his son is called Matt(ew) to well i don't care i HATE that Micah and DL are both dead i would love to see Micah all grown up DL was probably mad and that is why he got killed Nikki is in control Nathan is Sylar Peter is so bad ass i cant tell how bad ass kinda like Neo but way cooler Claire is
    engaged and gets killed by her own father or is it(its Sylar)
    i hate F-Matt he got so evil he beat the hell out off Present Hiro he killed Hana and Bennet Bennet is a good guy hiding all the specials cool episode the only bad part was that they didn't show the Peter vs Sylar fight well now comes the hard part(clicking the Submit button:lol: )
  • Now what?

    Good people turning bad (man, it felt like I was watching a different show) and missing because they're dead, Silar still alive, the explosion not prevented... It was very interesting, but now we now that this won't happen in the main storyline. At least not quite. I'm pretty sure that there will be no explosion, and they must keep the good characters, but something has to go wrong for the second season, so I'm guessing that it will be Silar staying alive.

    Anyway, this episode reminds me of Stargate SG-1: too many time travelling episodes, there was at least three different ones that I can recall. The problem with them is that the time travel paradoxes lack logic in the storyline (you know, if there's no explosion, then Hiro never went back in time to stop it in the first place). But this episode was good enough to make me forget about these inconsistencies. Let's see the hard part!
  • WOW! Great episode.

    I am continually impressed by this series. Just an incredible episode!!

    The changes in everyone were intense. Peter & hiro especially. Actually Matt's turn bout was pretty cool. He was always a character I could do with out, but he was really interesting in this episode. Nikki/Jessica with Peter was bizarre. Nathan turning out to be Sylar was just awesome.
    Of course there are still questions. What did happen to Nathan? Did Sylar kill him. I saw him fly, so I assumed he did. What bout Linderman? What does he have planned for Micah. What is gooing to happen once Hiro learns that peter is the bomb, not Sylar?

    Can't wait for next week.
  • The United States 2011 (that's five years from the election): the bad are thought to be good, the good are terrorists, and the big dose of crazy is going on. Great Episode.

    Amazing episode. First, of all I thought this was going to be totally random and be just a "what if" this happen episode, meaning IF the bomb go off, THIS would happen. Not the case AT ALL. Call me crazy, and this is what I got from it, but the bomb going off the first time was meant to happen not matter what. All of Issaic's paintings are destined to happen and there's nothing we can do about it. Issaic knew this from the very beginning and wrote all of the events in his last comic book titled "Hiro in the Future". I should have given him more credit. I could have never imagined that he knew that Hiro would not only end up in the future but be captured and need to be rescued by his future self, Mohinder, and Peter. It all makes sense now why he was soo calm when Sylar killed him. He KNEW it would play out that way.

    All of these events lead to Hiro being more confident in himself. Like Ando said "look at what you became, you're a bad" just to paraphrase lol.

    Another gap that was filled in, and this was asked by many in the boards last week, Sylar did in fact paint himself in the white house. He managed to kill Candice (the girl that changes people's perception) D.L., and Nathan to become president. Question: Did anybody in the future know this (obviously Bennet, Mohinder, the Haitian, and Matt didn't) I dont know if Peter was surprised or nonchalant when "Nathan" morphed into Sylar. Its so typical of Sylar to be power hungry and be the only one with powers, he wants to wipe out a whole "species" in order to accomplish it. Its not going to happen now lol. Thank goodness, Mohinder saw the light.

    Another question...Was Lindermann involved with the Lindermann Act? or was that another one of Sylar's schemes?. Would we see this mentioned again? I guess Nikki did get control of herself although I didnt see her powers demonstrated.

    All in all a great episode. Kudos. Brava.
  • Spoilers!!

    This was certainly the best episode of Heroes so far! I haven’t been this excited about an episode since ‘the Company Man’, and this certainly delivers. Hiro and Ando end up in New York, 5 years after the explosion. There, they find that a lot has changed, and the people that they knew are, are no longer the same. With the future Hiro and his ‘terrorist activities, the new ‘company man’ Matt, a scarred Peter and a morally corrupt president Nathan, things have changed and not for the better. I especially liked the twist at the ending, with Sylar and Peter battling it out. I can’t wait for next week’s episode.
  • Best tv series on air!!!!

    This episode is very pivotal but also very influential for the continuation of the series. One of the best yet, this could have gone horribly wrong for the producers, they really put there balls on the line with this episode and produced a masterpiece. Before this episode the show was slowly running out of ideas and was too predictable.

    With Sylar killing Nathan and then imitating him as president creates a million variables, also plots a very good storyline. For instance when did Sylar kill Nathan? It could have been before or after he saw Linderman. If this is the case and Hiro does go back in time and kill Sylar this creates many scenarios. For example, Scenario 1: If Hiro kills Sylar after Sylar has killed Nathan there will be no explosion and certainly no Nathan. Scenario 2: If Hiro kills Syler before he gets to Nathan will Nathan take up Lindermans offer to be President? for all we know (which is not much) Sylar could have previously agreed to Lindermans plan acting as Nathan. Nathan has been quoted in the show many times as caring too much; surly someone who cares too much would not kill 0.007% of people on Earth? However If Nathan does take Lindermans offer for presidency the bomb will certainly go off. It goes on and on!

    The Producers have now created allot of variables in the show which has brought a high level of unpredictability. This is probably the best written and produced tv series that is on air at the moment. We honestly don’t know what’s going to happen next. They have also ensured the sustainability of the show, Heroes aint going nowhere!!!!!
  • The whole episode is about Future Hiro and Ando trying to rescue Hiro from Matt, the Haitian, and Mohinder. In trying to do so they seek help from Jessica/Nikki, Peter, and Mr. Bennett. Claire and Nathan meet up again, but it's really Sylar.

    Wow!Awesome! Those are two words I'm using to describe this episode. As the season continues down that road to the finale, each episode is getting better than the previous one. It's a good thing that the episode was shown, that way viewers get to see what the future would've been like. Everything Hiro witnessed will help him assert himself sooner than expected and will fullfill his goal in becoming a hero. Peter has gotten more tough as the series progressed and the future Peter is one tough bad-ass. He masters every power he possesses with greatest of ease. The showdown between him and Sylar definetly needs to be shown in one complete scenem, without interuptions or cutting to someone else. Sylar with the Ice and Peter with the Radiation makes for a good battle. I called it last week-Sylar posing as Nathan in the White House. That was just an automatic gimme. The painting he drew in Issac's loft gave it away. Him telling Claire that he met Candice confirmed it. Obviously Nathan is dead because Sylar used the Flight Power to get to Matt. I can't wait until next week. Bump that, I can't wait until the season comes out on DVD. I will sit down and watch the whole season over again, this time without the commercial breaks.
  • Answers finally start coming and the questions that produced them are turned on their heads!

    Wow...this episode was about as good as it gets. I mean that in 1 hour, Heroes turned out an episode that ranked with the best 2-hour movies I've seen in ages.

    What an episode!

    The following will contain spoilers, so if you haven't seen the episode...stop reading.

    The first reveal is the extensive timelines that Future Hiro has constructed to deconstruct the past. What a cool piece. Lurking within that timeline were elements of the show that I had forgotte about (thanks to the hiatus) and other elements that I hadn't even noticed. One of those elements is another issue of 9th Wonder, completed by Isaac. Since Isaac died in last weeks show, when did he complete it? Oy...so the plot thickens.

    Next is the relevation that it was Sylar who exploded, not Peter or so we are told. From there the show started moving fast and didn't let up for a moment. Matt is bad (or is he?), HRG is good (or is he?), Claire is a brunette and Jessica is gone but Nikki is pretending to be her. And Peter...oh, Peter is a full blown hardcore superhero with a sword scar marking his face like the hole marks New York 5 years in the future!

    This show was complex, fun and wild. Exactly what the doctor ordered!
  • What can I say? Almost perfect.

    This episode was surprisingly good. It was possibly surprising because Heroes is about the only show I don't get spoilers for. This episode was truly amazing. You find out how the Heroes turn out 5 years in the future, even though I doubt that future will happen now that Hiro has gone back to his time. There were so many twists, the Nathan/Sylar twist. The genocide twist. And the deaths in the episode, amazing. Micah, DL, Bennett, Hiro and there was probably more, I just can't remember. Hiro talking to Hiro at the start was very funny. The only reason this episode doesn't get a 10 is because there wasn't more of a Peter/Sylar fight.
  • With this kind of episode, where expectations are high, there is no middle ground. It's either out of this world, or crash and burn. There was no crash.

    Why this episode rocked my world. One reason only, the opposite reason that made last weeks episode less then perfect. It was not predictable. I didn't see any of it coming. And that's been one thing that's been missing from a few recent episodes. A lack of predictabliity. Or even better in this case. Being lead down the wrong path. Okay, yes. We knew that Hiro and Ando would make it back to the right time and place, that goes without saying. But the episode wasn't about the conclusion, it was about the journey. After all, this episode wasn't about stopping the explosion, it was about what happens if the explosion doesn't get stopped.

    *We all read the blurbs that said there would be a definate winner in the Nikki vs. Jessica fight. I expected Jessica. Why? Because if life sucks so badly, wouldn't the bad twin win? Nikki being the victor, especially in light of her losing D.L. and Micah, was a great surprise. Because we need to know that good is stronger then evil, and can prevail, even in such a dark hour as that. Awesome, unexpected, both as a mystery in the first place, and as a conclusion. I also like how subtle it was that Peter and Nikki talk about her losing D.L. and how Future Hiro and H.R.G. (Even though we know he is Mr. Bennett, that nickname will never go away) talk about how Hiro mention D.L. as one of the people H.R.G. is hiding. You have to be paying attention when you watch this show!

    *Most if not all of the viewers believe that Nathan is dedicated enough to turn on the other heroes to attain power. That he would turn the tragedy into opportunity and that yes, he might even become President and threaten genocide. So finding out that it was really Sylar was a big, awesome, scary shock! A) Because a super evil villian because President of the United States! And B) because now the home viewer has to deal with the fact that we believed Nathan capable of everything that Sylar did. Is he? Who knows. He still could be.

    *Finally we know how saving the cheerleader can save the world. But can it really? Future Hiro told Peter that believing that Sylar made the eplosion, when it was really Peter. So even if Hiro kills Sylar, it wont stop the explosion. It wont save the world. Or will it? Because even though the explosion might still happen, Sylar wont be there to kill Nathan and take his place. But is Nathan still corrupt enough to do those things? Too many variables! My head is spinning! I'm just glad that "save the cheerleader, save the world" is valid. I was so afraid is was some cheesy damsel in distress thing.

    God, I have to know what happens next. I don't wanna wait!
  • This was the best episode I have seen of this show and I love everyone of them.

    Seriously this was what I wanted .07 to feel like. I wanted this feeling of holy s#@t and this gave me that. The fact that Hiro was a completely developed character instead of the stereotype he has been was a brilliant change. The Skylar being Nathan I didn't see coming but thought it was genius from a writing and character standpoint. Claire dying was a disappointment but hard ass Matt was cool to. I think to see where they all ended up after the explosion tells you a lot about where they can go as characters on the show. I wish thy would have showed DL instead of just referencing him or let the Haitian talk so we can see why he went that way. How is that Claire got to fake her death with them saving her and all. Some questions still lingering but the episode lets you forget all that and go on a ride.
  • they just can't seem to get it right.

    honestly... this show is wors than lost in the way it gives you just enough to watch next week but never enough to make it worth it. every week i end with the same feeling: "i want that hour of my life back." i wanna see peter and sylar fight! not just get some glowing hands and advance at each other. a real honest to god slugfest. but it never happens. and its not just that. you never see ANYONE really use their powers. peter is the best for some good action but his screen time is minimal. ARGH... i want less set-up and more powers.
  • I LOVE this show. Beyond love. Quite possibly obsessed. However this episode sucked more than a cheap hooker. Did not feel anything at all like Heroes.

    I don't know what happened. The show for me is insanely well-written and produced. The characters are so believable despite the fact that they are gifted with superhuman traits. Almost all of them you could imagine bumping into on the street in everyday life. They are not simply characters, but are people. That is the genius and crux of the show's brilliance. But this episode was so convoluted and so far short of what I've come to expect from the series that I'm questioning whether to return for next week's episode. As I've said before, the characters and the actors that portray them are phenomenal. But the characters were so far removed from who they were originally presented as is disconcerting. How is that that Matt and Peter - the two all-around nice, decent guys who just want to make the world a little better and find some happiness in their personal lives have been reduced to this? Peter in a sleazy bar in Las Vegas all pouting and on the verge of being a rogue superhero without a cause?! Matt a cutthroat take-no-prisoners head of Homeland Investigation?! Get real! The guy couldn't get a job as detective in the local police force! Hayden Panettiere is a gorgeous girl with a lot of potential, but she is far too young and undeveloped to even attempt to carry off - convincingly - being a working gal who's about to get married. The acting was painful. They devolved these beloved characters into caricatures of a bad action movie. The police officer who turns cutthroat, the loner who strikes out on his own, the professor with a heart of gold trying to make a difference working for a corrupt regime, the power hungry meglomaniac. This is not Heroes. And if this is what Heroes is going to evolve into, then I'd rather not watch its decay. Lack of imagination was around every corner. Half the regulars are dead. D.L., Micah, Ando (technically), the mysterious disappearance of Jessica -what, Nicki can "turn off" her power but no one else can? - Hiro is dead by the end of the episode, Claire's father is dead as well, her mom is out of the picture, Nathan is dead.....Was it really ingenious plot-twisting or just pathetic lack of imagination? I will continue to stay with Heroes because I believe this show has been consistently phenomenal in every episode and has the potential to become a landmark in television history, but only if it veers away from everything that was contained in this week's episode. I hope that this was nothing more than just a blip on the radar screen. If I wanted less-than-intriguing government corruption stories and terrorism plotlines, I'd watch 24.
  • Above 10 rating for this episode. A cornucopia of awesomeness.

    Episode was awesome. Right from start to finish and including the huge twist in the middle. You get a complete sense of what would happen should the wrong events take place. The characters are darker with their new struggle which is their loss of hope for their times. As well we see the political fallout of the bomb and how it changes the nation for the worse. The only downside to this episode was that I wished they had shown some of the fighting that took place between the characters especially the battle of the titans(peter and sylar). By the flashes of light, I could tell it would have been a huge battle. Hopefully in a future episode.
  • Last week was the long awaited return of Heroes on NBC. This week’s episode was highly anticipated as it was advertised as a chance to see the five years into the future. What would happen if the heroes would fail?

    Last week was the long awaited return of Heroes on NBC. This week’s episode was highly anticipated as it was advertised as a chance to see the five years into the future. What would happen if the heroes would fail? The episode starts with Ando and Hiro inside Isaac loft, in a devastated New York and rather post-apocalyptic New York. The bomb did explode and destroy half the city. People with special abilities are now being hunted down out of fear. Sylar appears to be publicly held responsible for the disaster but Hiro (present and future) are determined to change time. Strange twist is that many characters are absent, dead or killed during the episode. Mr Bennet, with the help of Hana are helping people with special abilities get new identities and go underground. Matt is now head of Home Land security and answers directly to Nathan, now President of the United States of America. From early trailers his attitude seemed very strange, especially towards Claire and how condescending his view of the others was. Present Hiro is taken captive and under wraps by Matt and the Haitian. I was looking forward Peter using his abilities and we got to see a little bit of his potential, but we’re still far from a show-down. The show wouldn’t be that great if Nathan turned into a bad guy, instead it turns out that Sylar had found Candice and was able to impersonate Nathan. No better position to round up people with special abilities and pick all the abilities he wants. His painting of the future that he drawn in last week episode was foreshadowing a mean looking Nathan, for myself I saw it looking as Sylar himself in the White House. No need to be too sad about that episode, everything can still change. Just like future Hiro was able to tell Peter to save the cheerleader altered his reality (perhaps). Hiro has tried to kill Sylar but he could regenerate then. He can’t do that in our time line, so during the last few seconds of the episode Hiro and Ando manage to return to their time line in hopes to prevent this horrible future to happen. There was a quick scene where Peter and Sylar meet, fire versus ice and a Mohinder trying to block a door about to explode. I can imagine the budget for a show down has to be saved for the two hours finale. Only three episodes left! The pace is kicking and the show still sends out that vibe: it’s a dark world we live in, people will do good and evil. I loved the episode. I’ll make sure to watch it again.
  • Definitely an episode which is award worthy, worth watching several times, and has an excellent plot.

    One of the best episodes of the show till now. The story line was superb, and the twist of Syler imitating Nathan was just classic. The way Peter looks in the future is superb as well, like a man with a mission, who can do whatever he wants to, wherever he wants to, however he wants to. I can see this show to be the most special one on any channel yet, and it is definitely several award worthy.

    I have to praise the writers of the show again, along with the whole cast. They have a well plotted story in front of them, and they are tweaking and twisting with it to make it extremely intimidating and exciting for us to watch. Well done guys !!
  • Five years after the bomb goes off, the world has changed. Friends are enemies and enemies are friends, and nothing is as it seems.

    It's five years into the future, and everything is different. People with "gifts" are being hunted, imprisioned, and killed. They are considered terrorists in this new world, which is lead by Nathen Petrelli. Claire is a waitress in hiding, Niki/Jessica is a stripper with a clear winner between the two personalities, Matt is the leader of Homeland Security with the Haitain by his side, Mohinder is the chief medical advisor to the president, Peter is extremely powerful, Mr. Bennet and Hana work together to help families, and Hiro is not who he used to be. But as I said, nothing is as it seems to all this, and not every hero lives to see the next day. A great episode. It had a lot of twists that most did not see coming. There's a lot of loss, action, and more. It shows what the world would be like if Hiro and Ando don't fix it, and hopefully they do.
  • Or in this case a flash forward episode.

    With writing like this I can see why America is obsessed and hooked on this show. As we get a look into the future we see positives and negatives. But unfortunatly we see Sylar. Hiro meeting future Hiro was a scene worth waiting for and watching. Peter, showing signs that he is not infalable. Bennet still trying to "fix" things and Suresh being the conscience. Claire, trying to stay safe but in the future unable to escape Sylar's wrath. Somewhere along the line did Nathan make the ultimate sacrifce? I would like to think so. Nikki winning out over Jessica, but at what the cost? Heroes - - all in their own way saving us from a typical Monday night.
  • The best episode of heroes so far.

    I really enjoyed this episode for a few reasons. One was that I loved to see the more mature version of everyone, what I mean is that it was nice to see everyone with complete control over their powers, it made the episode much more ecxiting. I also loved seeing the sides that everyone took. With the way people with special powers are treated certain people had turned against each other which made for a great story. I hope that the last three episodes are this good and that this series can keep going for a few seasons and reach this caliber of story.
  • The story was way too familiar. Can you say: Buffy?

    This is a blurb from a conversation I had with a friend a few moments ago. This is my response to him...

    Omg...Now I remember where "bleakosity" came from in the history of me...and as a matter of fact, it has to do with tonight's "Heroes" episode which is an obvious rip-off of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". Yeah, I had the same reaction back in 1999 in season three of "Buffy..." (epsiode 43: "The Wish") when Cordelia wished to Anya for Buffy to never have gone to Sunnydale. And then all of sudden we're whisked to a world of bleakosity (which is what I said way back when) as Sunndydale is nearly all but consumed, destroyed and everyone we care about dies before the end of the episode when all is made right again. Oh, and Buffy even had an inexplicable scar on her face! (uhm *coughPETERcough* sidenote: why does self-healing Peter have a scar anyway?!). Yeah, total "Buffy rip-off". The writers of "Heroes" so need to send Joss Whedon (show creator) and Marti Noxon (writer of the Buffy episode in question) some money.
  • Priceless...

    Wow i love this show man this is the reason why i watch this show!! I really wanted to see Sylar and Peter go at it a lil more, but guess we have to keep watching to see the real outcome of this battle! What is this little girl's powers? She can stop Sylar? I wonder how? I knew Sylar had the shapeshifting ability from the get go, but i didn't know he killed nathan and presumed president which was ingenious!! Can't wait for these season ending episodes coming up to see how this is going to end!! This is just Priceless!!
  • After 5 years we get to see what the loss of people does to the Heroes.

    I like the fact that you see where everyones ambition takes them. Sylar is finally able to become the most important and historical at the same time. Unfortunately he doesn't stop there because he knows there is always going to be a threat as long as others with powers exist.
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