Season 1 Episode 20

Five Years Gone

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 30, 2007 on NBC

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  • An episode that meant absolutely nothing.

    Sure, things in the episode DID actually happen, but since they're part of an alternate time line five years in the future that we know will most likely not happen, what was the point of this episode? None of this matters or means anything to the current plot at all. This is my least favorite episode and I have yet to understand why it is so popular. What did we learn in this episode? It added nothing to the show. Even if this future does come true, how lame, boring, and stupid is that? We know exactly what will happen in that case, and it's a ridiculously awful "plot twist".
  • they just can't seem to get it right.

    honestly... this show is wors than lost in the way it gives you just enough to watch next week but never enough to make it worth it. every week i end with the same feeling: "i want that hour of my life back." i wanna see peter and sylar fight! not just get some glowing hands and advance at each other. a real honest to god slugfest. but it never happens. and its not just that. you never see ANYONE really use their powers. peter is the best for some good action but his screen time is minimal. ARGH... i want less set-up and more powers.
  • I LOVE this show. Beyond love. Quite possibly obsessed. However this episode sucked more than a cheap hooker. Did not feel anything at all like Heroes.

    I don't know what happened. The show for me is insanely well-written and produced. The characters are so believable despite the fact that they are gifted with superhuman traits. Almost all of them you could imagine bumping into on the street in everyday life. They are not simply characters, but are people. That is the genius and crux of the show's brilliance. But this episode was so convoluted and so far short of what I've come to expect from the series that I'm questioning whether to return for next week's episode. As I've said before, the characters and the actors that portray them are phenomenal. But the characters were so far removed from who they were originally presented as is disconcerting. How is that that Matt and Peter - the two all-around nice, decent guys who just want to make the world a little better and find some happiness in their personal lives have been reduced to this? Peter in a sleazy bar in Las Vegas all pouting and on the verge of being a rogue superhero without a cause?! Matt a cutthroat take-no-prisoners head of Homeland Investigation?! Get real! The guy couldn't get a job as detective in the local police force! Hayden Panettiere is a gorgeous girl with a lot of potential, but she is far too young and undeveloped to even attempt to carry off - convincingly - being a working gal who's about to get married. The acting was painful. They devolved these beloved characters into caricatures of a bad action movie. The police officer who turns cutthroat, the loner who strikes out on his own, the professor with a heart of gold trying to make a difference working for a corrupt regime, the power hungry meglomaniac. This is not Heroes. And if this is what Heroes is going to evolve into, then I'd rather not watch its decay. Lack of imagination was around every corner. Half the regulars are dead. D.L., Micah, Ando (technically), the mysterious disappearance of Jessica -what, Nicki can "turn off" her power but no one else can? - Hiro is dead by the end of the episode, Claire's father is dead as well, her mom is out of the picture, Nathan is dead.....Was it really ingenious plot-twisting or just pathetic lack of imagination? I will continue to stay with Heroes because I believe this show has been consistently phenomenal in every episode and has the potential to become a landmark in television history, but only if it veers away from everything that was contained in this week's episode. I hope that this was nothing more than just a blip on the radar screen. If I wanted less-than-intriguing government corruption stories and terrorism plotlines, I'd watch 24.
  • The story was way too familiar. Can you say: Buffy?

    This is a blurb from a conversation I had with a friend a few moments ago. This is my response to him...

    Omg...Now I remember where "bleakosity" came from in the history of me...and as a matter of fact, it has to do with tonight's "Heroes" episode which is an obvious rip-off of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". Yeah, I had the same reaction back in 1999 in season three of "Buffy..." (epsiode 43: "The Wish") when Cordelia wished to Anya for Buffy to never have gone to Sunnydale. And then all of sudden we're whisked to a world of bleakosity (which is what I said way back when) as Sunndydale is nearly all but consumed, destroyed and everyone we care about dies before the end of the episode when all is made right again. Oh, and Buffy even had an inexplicable scar on her face! (uhm *coughPETERcough* sidenote: why does self-healing Peter have a scar anyway?!). Yeah, total "Buffy rip-off". The writers of "Heroes" so need to send Joss Whedon (show creator) and Marti Noxon (writer of the Buffy episode in question) some money.
  • uhmm, what can I say....

    They should go to Stephen Hawking to get time travel time-line straight. It is been done in so many shows (which i wont mention them due to respect) that everytime I see writers to try to pull a timeline stunt I have big laugh about it. There logic dont even work right. Anyway, as i said before, all this hype would give objective users a disagree mark so big, why bother?
  • Highly overrated filler episode.

    I have nothing against filler episodes, if they're enjoyable.
    Not saying 'Five Years Gone' wasn't; however, it felt a total lackluster until the last 5 minutes.

    The idea of an alternate timeline is always fun, especially to see how things would turns out IF...

    Unfortunately, the episode spends way too much time exploring our characters' new lives.

    For example, I grown sick of every scene involving Claire until the very end, or with Matt, or Nikki.

    The episode was screaming for action - which unfortunately only occured in the last 5 minutes.

    The twist with Nathan being Sylar was great, and that's definitely the highlight of the episode. While we do get a Peter and Sylar face off, due to the low budget, it's not shown... and we never find out who won. Letdown.

    Hiro's adventure with FutureHiro was somewhat disappointing too: really, who couldn't see Ando being dead coming from miles? Also, I feel that the episode didn't take advantage of the apocalyptic setting. Due to the low budget, maybe? Overally, a highly overrated episode, which, ultimately, reached it's goal: give a final push for Hiro to finally finish his mission.
  • Seems as if there is a major flaw in this epsiode though, either that or there's a big twist that not many people seem to have cottoned on to yet.

    Good episode, definately. Seems as if there is a major flaw in this epsiode though, either that or there's a big twist that not many people seem to have cottoned on to yet. That version of the future is apparantly there as originally Sylar killed claire and got her power to regenerate, ok, so how do we see claire with brown hair working as a waitress in Texas, that certainly doesnt add up, doesnt that mean that future Ando got it wrong cos he only beleived claire was dead??? This would also fit in with the lie that it was Sylar who exploded and not Peter but surely future Ando knew the truth about that. this would mean the bomb is still on track to go off. AND, if saving claire was the key then when todays Ando jumped forward at the start of the episode that should already have been taken into consideration and the bomb wouldnt have gone off when they arrived in the future, even Back to the Future gets this kind of thing right, sorry for the bad review, like i say, really good episode but seemingly bad story telling unless it fits together in future episodes.
  • an interesting episode with more to worry about than there was to like (any danger of the make-up staff putting Hiro's facial hair on straight!?!).

    most episodes of heroes i give about a 9 out of 10, and i love the show, but this episode really struggled to convince me they are going in the right direction.

    it's always a difficult task to keep the order when you have an episode set in the future, so many series have lost sense completely of the purpose, for example nip/tuck season 3, we are taken on a trip and there is nothing to like about the year 2025. this was awful but nip/tuck is a different show to heroes and did not rely heavily on the future concept to further the ongoing plot of the show.

    hiro's facial hair, parkman's unbelievable character, claire's high heels, all things from this episode that do not inject any confidence in the viewer.

    ofcourse, their are some redeeming qualities that do make up for these "urks," the sylar revelation for one, i really was not expecting that. and i must admit the last 15 minutes involving mainly peter were some of the best scenes on tv this year.

    though how many times can peter save an episode with his impressive powers??

    hopefully they can tidy up the plot to this show, i really enjoy it.
  • Sir, we're out of ideas, lets take them to the future and have a full episode of what life's like then.

    Honestly, can you get any less creative than with this episode? It's a classic cry that the writers are at a solid block and can think of nothing else. There was absolutely no point to showing the viewers any of this besides to showcase the fact that Hiro and Peter are kicka-ss.

    Obviously nothing in this future is good, you can tell who's still alive, and blah! I don't even know where to begin complaining about the mass of character changes! So many heroes are out of character it's sickening. There's only so many ways that a personality can change, no matter the grief, heartache, or shock that is experienced. This was not an accurate portrayal of the human emotional spectrum.

    A horrible episode--let's hear it for something with a point!
  • Too many DEATHS, little explanations...

    Nathan is dead. Peter has a scar the FAR is explained in the episode. Claire and Hiro are killed. Sylar is still alive and playing President Petrelli, the deceased Nathan.

    The episode is called one of th emost important one in the series, but it's confusing and does not explain a THING of what's going on.

    I liked the story, though. In Brasil, it was not aired yet (this is June, 19th) and people are waiting for a blockbuster season finale. Me too... I hope to get some explanations oons for the events in this episode.

    Hopefully, it is gonna be soon.
  • Showing us what could happen if New York is decimated, Heroes delivers another great episode.

    Firstly, this isn't a filler episode(as many have refered to it as), it's called a stand-alone episode. True, Heroes is a serial drama along the lines of lost and 24 and so each episode is meant to give something to the overall story of the show, but aren't we alowed to just have a bit of fun now and again?

    As I said this episode could probably have been missed and the overall story would still make sense, but that's part of what makes "Five Years Gone" so entertaining. This could almost be called an alternate reality episode because we see the world as it is after Peter explodes and takes out half of the New York City(presumably this won't happen at the end of the season and New York will be saved).

    Similarly to "Six Months Ago", we see the future by means of Hiro's power. Each of the main characters, who are still alive, are now darker(and therefore cooler) versions of themselves. Both Hiro and Peter kick ass and Nikki acts a lot like Jessica, despite her alter-ego having gone somehow. Nathan is now, as predicted, the president with Mohinder, the Hatian and Parkman all working for him. After the millions that died in the explosion those with super powers are feared and even hunted, giving us a very grim, X-men style future.

    We also got our first proper big action sequence in Heroes, sort of. Future Hiro and Peter managed to take out a room full of guards, however we only saw Hiro take out three and Peter neutralise one. Fair enough budget and time restraints were the most likely cause of this, but it would have been nice to get a bit more action. Similarly we had another fight between Sylar and Peter. What was impressive is that this was very different to the one in last weeks episode. Both men moved towards each other with what appeared to be ice and fire powers as opposed to throwing each other around psychicly, but again all we really saw of the fight was a light show from behind a door.

    But I would like to mention the incredible visual effects in this episode. It's getting more like a film every week. Flames are very hard to do in CGI (take the Human Torch from the Fantastic Four movie for example) but when used on Peter it looked great. Also when Sylar(as Nathan) flew up into the sky, the switch between the actor and the CGI double was seemless.

    Although, as well as all this, there was some great acting(given that many of the characters got to take their performances to different places than they normally could) and the twist that Nathan was really Sylar I never saw coming, there was a lot unanswered that did hinder the enjoyment of the episode a little. We were left to make our own assumptions as to the specifics of how Sylar managed to kill Candace and then use her ability to get close enough to kill Nathan and take over as President. Also, as to exactly how far Nathan had gone as President in restricting the rights of those with super powers before he had his brain removed.

    But my main gripe was some conflicting main timelines. Alternate futures and time travel has a lot of wiggle room for what could be classed as mistakes by virtue of the fact it is impossible to determine what effect time travel has on the world. However we seemed to be in the future where Sylar had killed Claire and taken her power and so Hiro could not kill him. This was also inforced by the fact that Peter had a large scar, that he wouldn't have if he had Claire's ability and the fact that Sylar wasn't dead! However neither was Claire. Her timeline seemed to have her having been saved by Peter and therefore Sylar did not have her power. This then conflicted with the first story and I could go on, but it's making by head(and presumably the head of anyone still reading this) hurt.

    It is possible that this could become a bit clearer by however Sylar and the bomb is stopped, but for now it seems like a plothole. That still should not let it bring down this excellent episode, if like men it did annoy you, chalk it up to a side-effect of Hiro's timetravelling and watch the episode again. Now with only three episodes left can Heroes give us the finale we all want, with a real battle between Sylar and Peter and a successful ending to a successful first season.
  • "Heroes" meets "Days of Future Past"

    In another nice bit of inventive plotting, the story takes a leap forward, with Hiro and Ando getting a glimpse of a future where Sylar exploded in the middle of New York after killing Claire. Right from the beginning, the writers start providing answers to questions from early in the season. From there, things get even more interesting, as aspects of each surviving character emerge. This is the “Heroes” version of “Days of Future Past”, the classic tale from the heyday of “Uncanny X-Men”.

    Matt is the fascist head of Homeland Security, working alongside the Haitian, hunting down “terrorists” like Future Hiro. He reports directly to Nathan, who has assumed the presidency as foretold by Isaac. He’s been trying to find a “solution” to the “superhuman problem”, and it sounds an awful lot like history repeating itself.

    Future Hiro is still dedicated to changing the fate of the world, thankfully, though his life has ripped away a lot of the joy and wonder. As it turns out, Peter is still alive and living in Vegas. So is Niki, who works as a stripper under the name Jessica, in a nice throwback to her original entrance, even if it was ultimately unnecessary. Peter has a ton of physical and emotional battle scars, looking oddly like Jason Behr from “Roswell” in the process, and yet he remains an important piece of the puzzle.

    In an unexpected turn, Mr. Bennett has become a crucial part of the resistance, helping superhumans escape Homeland Security with Hana’s assistance. Of course, in retrospect, it’s a logical direction for his arc to take. His dedication to Claire, and the study of the superhumans through Primatech, could have led to more than a few personal epiphanies. Claire, gorgeous with dark hair and the experience of five long years in hiding, is still his primary concern.

    It doesn’t take long for Matt and Mohinder to pull together Future Hiro’s original plan, and Matt tracks down Mr. Bennett and then Claire, with very little concern for the consequences. Nathan is more than willing to let it happen, despite Mohinder’s attempts to change his mind. And when “Nathan” is finally revealed to be Sylar, happily taking out his competition, it all begins to come together and make sense. This is a great twist, especially since the writers all but established that someone with Claire’s ability could survive exploding like a nuclear bomb, and Sylar never would have taken on Claire’s power!

    Peter, Hiro, and Ando make a great commando team, and it would have been nice to see more of that action. On the other hand, the latest match between Peter and Sylar, completely off-screen, promises some serious fireworks as the season draws to a close. The result is a restoration of Hiro’s confidence in himself, and the truth about what Isaac saw in Sylar’s future.

    This episode is a nice bookend to Hiro’s adventures in the past in “Six Months Ago”, an episode that revealed a great deal about Sylar and the emergence of the current batch of heroes. One is left to wonder if Sylar’s rise as president in Nathan’s place was planned by Linderman or something Sylar himself did to survive. Whatever the case, Isaac has predicted that Hiro will run Sylar through with his sword, and Peter is still on course to explode. Getting to that point will be half the fun.
  • What a difference half a decade makes...

    This is an insane episode and a great one, but has a few inexplicable moments and isn't as entertaining as it could have been.

    Five years into the future has some interesting moments, like Niki winning the war with Jessica and regretting it, the bomb effects, the sides certain heroes have chosen, and of course Sylar being the President.

    The fact that the Save th Cheerleader was a whole screwup from the beginning since people assumed Sylar caused the explosion kind of defeats the purpose of half the season but Sylar's power also opens up some interesting points because he'll obviously get the shapeshifting power soon to mix the show up a bit.

    Hiro is a great character and my favourite in this episode with many revelations but not all of the episode lives up to expectations, though if it did, there'd be no need to change the future.

    Overall, the episode is certainly great but not as good as the visit to the past.
  • Take a bow, Chris Claremont and John Byrne. "Days of Future Past" makes it to the screen.

    When Heroes first premiered, I thought it reminded me a lot of the X-Men. Not the current books, but the near-legendary title of the late 1970s that was the most highly regarded comic of the era and credited with bringing in a whole new generation of readers. After all, here was Claire with her Wolverine-like healing factor. Peter Petrelli with his Rogue-like powers. Niki sort of has Wolverine's berserker fury. D.L. is Kitty Pryde. Nathan Petrelli is more or less Angel. Parkman is a telepath like Charles Xavier.

    But this episode seals the similarity. It can't be an accident. This is very much like "Days of Future Past" from 1981, one of the last, best stories of the Claremont/Byrne run. Just like in the comic, New York is in ruins in the future. Mutants are hated and hunted, jailed and killed. Some of the Heroes have already fallen, just like some of the X-Men in the future world. One of the heroes has traveled in time. And there's one, final desperate battle where almost all of the remaining future heroes perish. It was a good story then, and it's still a good story today, and a nice reminder of a time when comics were enjoyable and created by people who weren't just in it for the money.

    Hmm, now that I think about it, Claire... Claremont? Is there an homage there?
  • Hiro and Ando meet Future Hiro in the future when the bomb has exploded. Hiro is arrested by Matt who works for President Nathan Petrelli. Nathan is Sylar in disguise. Future Hiro and Ando team up with Peter to break him out, helped by Mohinder.

    Very interesting episode. Reveals for the first time why saving Claire was so important: Future Hiro thought Sylar was the bomb and would be dead if he couldn't regenerate. Neatly keeps up the suspense as the episode ends; Hiro saying "now the hard part" after all they've just been through. Emotional fallout well addressed as Ando learns he didn't survive the bomb, Peter finds out Sylar killed Nathan and we learn Micah's dead. Sympathy is created for Matt as we see that he has become bitter and turned against his own kind after being forced to leave his wife (and son). I would be very interested to learn what "the hard part" is. One minor gripe: the death of Candice Wilmer was confusing (if that's who it was). Other than that, excellent.
  • Solid view of the ol' "what if" story line.

    Time travel is a always a tricky plot device, but they did well enough with it. The only problem is that it gives them kind of a carte blanche to do whatever they F they want since, theoretically, it may never happen. My only complaint would be the elimination of the "Nicki" personality. Yes, she's kind of a weak character in general, but wouldn't that remove her powers altogether?
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the heroes its five years after the destruction of new york and the president is now peter brother nathan and he is using his powers to hunt down people with special abilties labling them as terriorist and that they are threat and they are being captured and killed and turns out that the heroes that are left are teaming togeather and that clair is one of the leaders of the team this was a good ep i thougth and it was very interesting and it showed light on a big picture this was good ep i thought
  • This was definitely one of the best episodes of the first season. It showed you how the Heroes where five years in the future.

    This was definitely one of the best episodes of the first season. It showed you how the Heroes where five years in the future.

    The biggest change was definitely Hiro. The happy go lucky guy was gone, and instead there was a very sad person trying his best to return to the past so that he can stop the explosion from happening. We get to know that during the explosion Ando died and that is why he wants to go back.

    Peter Petrelli became a very different person. The person that always wanted to help people had died in the explosion. Instead there was an indifferent person who cared about nothing. He was dating Nicky who worked as a stripper by the name of her alter-ego Jessica. Nathan Petrelli became the President of the United States. He set one thing in motion that of the mass murder of all the Heroes. Mohinder Suresh who was his assistant definitely was against what the President wanted to do.

    Things started to change when the present day Hiro and Ando went to the future. Peter realised that it was a good chance to change the past. He revealed to Nicky that it was him not Sylar that caused the explosion and it was all his fault that DL and Micah died. He went to help Hiro and Ando.

    Mohinder also helped Hiro when he was going to be killed under the orders of the President, because even he saw that if there was a slight chance of stopping the explosion they had to take it.

    When the President knew that Peter was helping Hiro he flew over there, and it was only then that it was shown that it wasn't Nathan but it was Sylar. He had killed Nathan, took his powers and changed his look to look like Nathan. He was pretty much invincible and had the top position in the world. A final battle between Peter and Sylar was taking place, whilst Hiro and Ando were returning back to present time.
  • After 5 years we get to see what the loss of people does to the Heroes.

    I like the fact that you see where everyones ambition takes them. Sylar is finally able to become the most important and historical at the same time. Unfortunately he doesn't stop there because he knows there is always going to be a threat as long as others with powers exist.
  • In future..

    Wow.. They really did managed to turn this episode into dark - is this the future what is coming? Will the manage to save any of it or it all goes down like this? or if they change it, what will change. For sure this was very scary look into future.

    I did loved the storylines put together, how finally everyone is connected, there are those stories, those people.. the interaction, those emotions. And ofcourse two Hiros was quite a good trick.. those two - one from "our" time, other from future.. they together.. and Ando in all that mess and wanting to know what happened with him..
  • I know there are those who didn't like this diversion into the future; I'm not one of them. The imaginative foreshadowing was a thoroughly engrossing return to form for this series.

    What a mindblowing episode! I love the new, darker, kick-a$$ Future Hiro. And it was a brilliant stroke having Sylar impersonate Nathan as the POTUS. Claire's storyline is just so-so, but it's nice to see her included. Peter is fascinating as a future, darker character, and Parkman's future self is just scary. Some things don't change: Niki and Mohinder are still as boring and useless as ever. And where is Linderman in this vision of the future? There were still a couple of implausibilities, such as two Hiros occupying the same space and time- shouldn't that cause some kind of incursion? And, if the "9th Wonders" comic books predicting the future are out there and published, can't Sylar or anyone else just read them and know how to prevent the Heroes from saving the day? Minor quibbles- this was a really good episode.
  • The idea is not original, but the Heroes-way of mix everything turns this into a very good episode.

    In this tv show, the is the bad guy, the good guy and all the others. Take Harry Potter for comparing: in book or movie, you always know who is an angel, who is the devil. But heroes, it´s not that simple. The holes use to have moral conflicts, individual goals and their own means of archeivement. Mr. bennet, for example, is a character took as "bad", but he was just doing what he thought needed to protect his family. The same can be told about Nikki, Nathan, DL, Parkman, and so on.
    The Episode "Five Years Gone" shows some results of choices they made. More than that, it shows the Heroes-way of mix anything, of never knows everything; shows that there is always a possibility that nobody could think before, Cause till that single moment, it was senseless.
    The problem is the lack of new ideas. Lots of movies, series, anything, have their period in the future or in the past. they also have the death of someone drying the hope of a hero; the fight of unconfusing good and bad sides; and the redemption of a charismatic protangonist.
    Putting togheter this and that, it´s nota perfect chapter, not a perfect history, but an unforgettable episode.
  • Now what?

    Good people turning bad (man, it felt like I was watching a different show) and missing because they're dead, Silar still alive, the explosion not prevented... It was very interesting, but now we now that this won't happen in the main storyline. At least not quite. I'm pretty sure that there will be no explosion, and they must keep the good characters, but something has to go wrong for the second season, so I'm guessing that it will be Silar staying alive.

    Anyway, this episode reminds me of Stargate SG-1: too many time travelling episodes, there was at least three different ones that I can recall. The problem with them is that the time travel paradoxes lack logic in the storyline (you know, if there's no explosion, then Hiro never went back in time to stop it in the first place). But this episode was good enough to make me forget about these inconsistencies. Let's see the hard part!
  • One of the best episodes of the series.

    The best Heroes episode in my opinion. It had a great plot, storyline, and was well written. I also think that it was absolutely entertaining from the beginning to end. It caught my attention immediately and I never got bored. Five Years Gone was a very dark episode in which Hiro travels 5 years into the future after the bomb explodes. The setting is the aftermath of it all and dives into the lives of the Heroes. It seems that all the heroes have been dramatically effected and we find out that some of the heroes have not made it this far. Future Hiro gathers a band together to try to save present Hiro and in the process of the rescue mission, gets killed. Overall, this was a pivotal episode that foreshadowed what would happen if the bomb exploded and added extra significance to the story. Thank you.
  • 5 years in the future...

    This episode takes place five years in the future. Some of this was so quick and intricate I kinda lost myself at points, hah hah. Sooo, in the future, people with special powers are being hunted, killed, like terrorists or a foreign species. Hiro and Ando meet up with other, more evil sides of the heroes that have been shown in this show. Peter has a scar on his face, and is fiercly less optimistic and hopeful that he usually was. After losing Micah, Niki won her battle with Jessica, but is all alone after losing Micah. She uses Jessica as her stange name for stripping though. Matt turns evil... just evil. And adding to the people who die in the futue, the Hatian, Mr. Bennett, and a brunette vesion of Claire get killed. After a huge fight scene, Hiro and Ando return to the past, where they now know what to do... a futuristic episode.
  • Hiro and Ando are 5 years in the future and meet the prospective Hiro, and some other familiar faces

    How come everyone is involved with everything in Heroes? Well, I don't know how intense and hard the screenwriter works on this series, but I'm sure, if it is possible to do work overtime in screenwriting this guy does it. Definitly a world class show. Good acting (except the Cheerleader, which I will never like) and extremly dramatic ending.
    However... It was kind of obvious in the end, that Sylar was the president, but still the showdown between Peter and Sylar was cool.
    Well done Joe Pokaski and standing ovations for Paul A. Edwards. Amen this is what I like and this is how it hopefully might go on!
  • The future

    Hiro and Ando have landed themselves 5 years into the future. The bomb has taken place and "heroes" are now being killed. Nathan is the president, Matt works for Homeland Security, Mohinder is the president's chief advisor, Peter and Niki are married, and Hiro is trying to figure out how to stop the bomb still. Claire is working at a diner in Texas and wants to get married to the owner. Peter is the one who exploded but everyone else thinks it's Sylar. Sylar is actually disguised as Nathan, who died. He wants to kill all the heroes. Ando finds out that he died in the bomb. Claire, The Haitian, Mr. Bennet, and future Hiro all die.

    This was a great episode! It was very interesting, but very depressing. This episode gets a 9.5 out of 10!
  • Finally the show is back on the track!

    The show started great, it even stayed great. But then the hiatus came, and a big big cliffhanger had to come. Now, it seems to me, cliffhangers are not quite the thing the creators of "Heroes" are best at. At least the conclusion, the return into the story tends to get a little stupid. Like last week's episode ".07%", which, let's be honest, was a little weird. But they made up for it with this week's "Five years gone". A, first still a little weird and then very revealing and very thrilling episode. Especially the end left me with the best cliffhanger, "Heroes" had yet. Great!
  • I have come to expect a very high standard from Heroes but even now it can still surprise and amaze me; I was waving my arms and screaming at the TV. Does it get any better than this?

    There are not enough superlatives in the world to describe how I feel about Heroes right now. I have so carefully avoided spoilers, and every new episode surprises me more and more.

    I was surprised to find an episode set in the future, and everyone seemed to fit roles that were plausible based on their storylines from the past. Parkman protecting his son, Bennet protecting everyone, and Nathan doing his best to keep his power. Mohinder is torn, trying to do the right thing.

    And the big reveal. It was great. My mouth hung open.

    And then I was cheering - Peter is my hero, he can seriously kick some butt now. From annoying needy bloke at the start of the series, to a true hero.

    So who was my hero in all of this? Hiro? Future Hiro? Of course, as ever! But ... for me, the stand-out was Ando.

    Go Ando, you are the anchor.
  • What if.....

    I'm not sure what to think about this episode. I feel they made this one to show us what would happen if they don't stop the bomb, while making me feel they will, but they all wanted to play bad/evil characters. I mean, Matt Parker, who is normally quite and good, was quite the opposite, and didn't hesitate to kill anyone. My like for him turned to dislike. Alot of the characters died. Didn't like that either. I did like Peter kicking butt. And I did like that Suresh did survive (atleast till he died too). Eventhough Sylar is evil, I do like his character. My only thought is, that if Peter was the bomb, and not Sylar, wouldn't Hiro stabbing Sylar still not change things. He would have to kill Peter to stop the bomb. And if they did save the cheerleader, wouldn't everything have changed then?
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