Season 1 Episode 20

Five Years Gone

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 30, 2007 on NBC

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  • Great

    This episode was great. It showed how important it was, to stop Sylar and save the world. Everything was great, except for a few minor flaws. The first one is why the heck is Claire still alive? they can't leave her out of one episode. Anthor flaw is that Mohinder acted kind of out of character even for him. I mean i doubt he would ever do that to the people he was trying to help. But it has been five years, anyways i liked the battle between Sylar and Peter at the end. Man the future was bad, i mean Sylar as president
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the heroes its five years after the destruction of new york and the president is now peter brother nathan and he is using his powers to hunt down people with special abilties labling them as terriorist and that they are threat and they are being captured and killed and turns out that the heroes that are left are teaming togeather and that clair is one of the leaders of the team this was a good ep i thougth and it was very interesting and it showed light on a big picture this was good ep i thought
  • Award worthy episode...

    This is the best episode yet. The writing on this was just brilliant, I had to watch it twice. I was transfixed from the moment it started. We get it here in Canada on two separate channels, one after the other, and I had to what them both. I could not believe the twist. Sylar imitating Nathan and taking over the running of the country... brilliant! It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World." Keep writing like this and Heroes will be around for a long long long time. I smell the Golden Globes on this one. Excellent work!
  • Best One Of The Series!

    I love this episode its my favorite one from the entire series. I loved Milo Ventimila in it and i loved Ali Larter. there was a few lines that i really liked and a few scenes i really got into like the scenees between Nik and Peter. I like how they still managed to tie in Jessica with Niki even though she was "gone" I wasnt a big fan of Matt in this episode though I like Matt as the sweet Matt. Zachary Quinto and Milo Ventimila's fight scene was amazing I love them both not to mention Zachary is a local boy for me. I watch this episode so much. I got a little teary eyed though when i heard that Micah died. But that was why i was so into the conversations between Niki and Peter. what more to say than this show rocks! great cast and great writing!
  • Hiro and Ando travel five years into the future at a destroyed and darker New York. The special people are hunted and killed, while President Nathan tries to put forward a plan that would rid the world of the special ones forever.

    Set five years into the future (2010 I assume), our Heroes are very different from what we've seen so far. Niki is a stripper at a club in Nevada. Having got rid of Jessica, she has a romantic relationship with Peter and she has lost both her son and her husband DL at the explosion of New York five years ago.
    Peter is with Niki but is darker than the Peter we are used to. Having every available power there is (he is super powerful and super cool), he doesn't care about what has happened to New York and leaves a life in hiding from Nathan's (the President's) agents who are after everyone with abilities. When Hiro (of his time) visits him however he changes his mind and decides to everything possible to change the past and save the future.
    Matt is in Homeland Security working for the President. His wife and son (Matthew) are saved by Mr Bennet and kept in hiding. He holds blind devotion to the President's cause and he does not fear to use dangerous measures. When he arrests the Hiro from the past, he realizes he is not the terrorist he has been hunting down and goes after the Hiro from the future. The result is the death of future Hiro.
    Claire is in Midland Texas and is now a brunnette. She has a romantic relationship with a guy named Andy and they are ready to get married. Her stepdad visits her at the coffeehouse she is working as a waitress and advices her to leave (once again as she has done so many times before) because they (the President's men) have found out about her. She refuses to leave her life again and run which as a result ends in her captivity by Matt. The immediate result is that she dies by the hands of Sylar (who everyone thinks is dead).
    Mohinder is now the President's right hand concerning the plan to rid the world of all the special people. Mohinder still has his morals something that Nathan seems to be lacking. Mohinder however saves the day when he realizes that Hiro (the one that Matt has captured) is from the past and that what both Hiros are trying to do might be making sense and change the future. Finally, Hiro is considered a terrorist. Numerous killings has caused people to be afraid to go out in the streets. We are revealed that Ando has died in the explosion and his death has caused Hiro to become this dark person we have already seen in chapter 5:Hiros. He still continues with his plan to save the world by stopping Sylar (who in this future is thought to be the bomb) and thats why he appeared to the present Peter in chapter 5. Overall all this may sound confusing. This chapter actually makes more sense after you see the later volumes. How each character interracts with the rest is also sort of confusing. Key facts: Nathan unleashes or wants to unleash a programme that will kill all the special people (a little bit foreshadowing if you see volume 4). The shocking scene of Nathan and Claire is the one which makes this episode exciting so I am not going to ruin that for you. Also notice the revelation of Peter towards Niki about who the bomb might just be something that is important for the volume finale. Enjoy!
  • The future they thought they changed might not be far from happening..

    Okay, so now that I've seen the finale of season three I decided to go back and watch everything. I just watched this episode last night and was reminded of a couple of things that I had forgotten. One things mainly. Nathan Petrelli was the president. Everyone knew about people with abilities because of the explosion. AND the fact that when Peter went to fight Nathan, we see that he's really Sylar. I guess I just wanted to mention that I like how small things from old episodes still tie in to everything that's happening in current episodes. So maybe the future they thought they changed isn't that far from happening. Maybe not the explosion, but the other things I mentioned.
  • In future..

    Wow.. They really did managed to turn this episode into dark - is this the future what is coming? Will the manage to save any of it or it all goes down like this? or if they change it, what will change. For sure this was very scary look into future.

    I did loved the storylines put together, how finally everyone is connected, there are those stories, those people.. the interaction, those emotions. And ofcourse two Hiros was quite a good trick.. those two - one from "our" time, other from future.. they together.. and Ando in all that mess and wanting to know what happened with him..
  • One of the best episodes of the series.

    The best Heroes episode in my opinion. It had a great plot, storyline, and was well written. I also think that it was absolutely entertaining from the beginning to end. It caught my attention immediately and I never got bored. Five Years Gone was a very dark episode in which Hiro travels 5 years into the future after the bomb explodes. The setting is the aftermath of it all and dives into the lives of the Heroes. It seems that all the heroes have been dramatically effected and we find out that some of the heroes have not made it this far. Future Hiro gathers a band together to try to save present Hiro and in the process of the rescue mission, gets killed. Overall, this was a pivotal episode that foreshadowed what would happen if the bomb exploded and added extra significance to the story. Thank you.
  • 5 years in the future...

    This episode takes place five years in the future. Some of this was so quick and intricate I kinda lost myself at points, hah hah. Sooo, in the future, people with special powers are being hunted, killed, like terrorists or a foreign species. Hiro and Ando meet up with other, more evil sides of the heroes that have been shown in this show. Peter has a scar on his face, and is fiercly less optimistic and hopeful that he usually was. After losing Micah, Niki won her battle with Jessica, but is all alone after losing Micah. She uses Jessica as her stange name for stripping though. Matt turns evil... just evil. And adding to the people who die in the futue, the Hatian, Mr. Bennett, and a brunette vesion of Claire get killed. After a huge fight scene, Hiro and Ando return to the past, where they now know what to do... a futuristic episode.
  • Hiro and Ando are 5 years in the future and meet the prospective Hiro, and some other familiar faces

    How come everyone is involved with everything in Heroes? Well, I don't know how intense and hard the screenwriter works on this series, but I'm sure, if it is possible to do work overtime in screenwriting this guy does it. Definitly a world class show. Good acting (except the Cheerleader, which I will never like) and extremly dramatic ending.
    However... It was kind of obvious in the end, that Sylar was the president, but still the showdown between Peter and Sylar was cool.
    Well done Joe Pokaski and standing ovations for Paul A. Edwards. Amen this is what I like and this is how it hopefully might go on!
  • Favourite

    Hiro and Ando find themselves five years after the destruction of New York City. People with extraordinary abilities are labeled as terrorists and are being registered, hunted, and killed. Hiro and Ando meet up with darker versions of the other heroes in preparation for a showdown with the President. This include a darker side of Matt, a Jessica/Niki with a clear winner in their battle, a brown-haired Claire, future Hiro and a changed Sylar. This episode of Heroes is my favourite so far it looks like the future of our heroes looks grim for most of them Mr Bennet and Claire Bennet murdered as well as Nathan, D.L and Michah I think thats all of the dead characters and New York is gone It's a good job Hiro and Ando are going to save the city (Hopefully). This was a brilliant and exciting episode I think this will be the last episode of Heroes but with different events in it and the episode is the first episode to get ten out of ten.
  • Woah! I love this episode. Five years is a long time into the future though!

    This episode focuses on Hiro and Ando traveling five years into the future, showing where the world will be if the explosion isn't stopped. Future Hiro, is featured more prominently, this time as the world's most wanted terrorist and a master of Battôjutsu. Ando was killed in the blast, which according to Peter, is the reason why Hiro lost his humorous side and became obsessed with changing the past.

    Nathan Petrelli is now the President of the United States, with Mohinder Suresh as his Chief Medical Advisor and Matt Parkman as the head of Homeland Security with the Haitian at his side. Niki Sanders has become a stripper again, adopting "Jessica", as her stage name. Her son Micah was killed in the explosion that destroyed much of New York. Niki has a romantic relationship with Peter.

    Sylar is blamed for detonating a nuclear explosion that destroys half of New York and kills millions of people, and is assumed to be deceased. In the original timeline, Hiro had stabbed him before the explosion, but Sylar had already succeeded in killing Claire Bennet at her high school Homecoming, absorbed her regenerative powers, and survived. However, this timeline was altered and did not actually occur, as Hiro had visited Peter with the message "save the cheerleader, save the world" and, consequently, Sylar was denied the ability of spontaneous regeneration. Nonetheless, the explosion did occur and, in reality, Peter was the cause of the blast in the alternative timeline. Nathan lied to the public to protect his brother, and blamed Sylar for the explosion.

    Sylar was able to kill Nathan and impersonate him after killing Candice and acquiring her illusory ability. For him, the hunting and, eventually, extermination of other superpowered people is all part of his "eliminating the competition".

    With Sylar disguising himself as Nathan, acting as President and exploiting public panic after the destruction of New York, persons with special abilities are now viewed with fear and suspicion and are subject to heavy persecution, with the Department of Homeland Security working to hunt down "unregistered" individuals in accordance with the "Linderman Act". Mr. Bennet and Hana Gitelman work to hide heroes and their families, giving them new identities and moving them to keep them safe. Mr. Bennet has made a secret bargain with Parkman, however, to turn over individuals with "dangerous" powers, while Parkman allows Mr. Bennet to continue helping others with "harmless" powers, including Parkman's own wife and son.

    One of the individuals Mr. Bennet is hiding is Claire. She becomes a brunette and goes undercover as a waitress in Midland, Texas at the Burnt Toast Diner, the same place Charlie Andrews worked at, using her adoptive mother's name, Sandra. Parkman betrays Mr. Bennet after finding out that there are indeed two Hiros and one of them escaped him. Not wanting to face the President empty-handed, he extracts Claire's location from Mr. Bennet's mind, and then shoots his former ally. Parkman proceeds to capture Claire, and sends her to the Petrelli mansion in Manhattan. There Sylar, under the guise of Nathan, kills her and once again obtains her power in this alternative timeline.

    Meanwhile, present-day Hiro has been captured by Parkman. When Nathan orders Mohinder to kill Hiro to begin his plan of genocide of the super-powered, Mohinder instead kills the Haitian and allows present-day Hiro to escape. Mohinder then shows present-day Hiro a new copy of Isaac Mendez's 9th Wonders! comic book (the same copy Isaac drew before being murdered in the previous episode), where Mohinder is shown injecting the Haitian.

    When Peter, Future Hiro and Ando stage an attack to free present-day Hiro, Parkman calls the President to inform him that they're being repelled by Peter. Upon hearing this, Sylar, still disguised as Nathan, flies away in front of a crowd to whom he just gave a speech about the last five years, effectively revealing to them that he too is a super-powered individual. Sylar reveals himself to Peter and they prepare to battle. Peter generates fire with his hands, while Sylar surrounds his with ice.

    When Mohinder demands that present-day Hiro go back to the past, the less-experienced Hiro states that he doesn't know how to get back to the correct date. Before Future Hiro can take his earlier self back in time himself, he is shot in the back by Parkman. As Future Hiro dies, he gives Ando a page of Isaac's comic book. As present-day Hiro expresses his shock at seeing his own death, Mohinder pushes Future Hiro's katana into his hands and tells him to go quickly. Hiro and Ando travel back to the past and look happily upon the undestroyed city before them. Hiro looks at the comic strip of him killing Sylar and says, "Now, the hard part".
  • Hiro and Ando go five years into the future, and find out what will happen if they don not stop the explosion.

    This was one of the best episodes of the first season, and entire series, only a couple trumping it in the latter. Man was this episode a huge wake up for the characters of Hiro (Masi Oka) and Ando (guest star James Kyson Lee). Not only did it answer the question of what will happen if the explosion is not stopped, but it created a good sense of what would of happened to the characters if it happened. Many of the heroes died in the explosion including Micah and D.L. This leads to Niki (Ali Larter) to develop a relationship with Peter (Milo Ventimiglia). Five years older Hiro goes and asks Peter for help, and everything well just so well done. The story where Nathan (Adrian Pasdar) is trying to kill all, well, those with gifts, was amazing. Even making us not necessarily know that it was actually Sylar (guest star Zachary Quinto). Claire (Hayden Panettierre) is in hiding, and is a brunette. They created so many great story lines in one episode that reunited the characters from their failed attempt, and it was just amazing.
  • Great episode!!!!!!!!

    I love this episode! Hiro is great! It really surprised me when Sylar (transformed into Nathan) revealed himself, killing Claire! Claire just said: Sylar! And the red line just crossed her head while "Nathan" transformed himself revealing his true identity! The future Hiro was so cool! Although I don't want that to happen to our Hiro cause I don't want him to be that serous! It's a great introduction to series finale and I loved the end! Sylar playing with the radioactive lights saying: Boom! Was that in this episode? I think it is! Anyway, it was a great episode and i love Heroes!!! EDIT: I recall now! That "boom" wasn't in that episode, it was in 22. episode! Sorry, my bad! :))
  • "Days of Futures Past" meets "Future Tense" We see the dark future that could unfold for our Heroes.

    This is my favorite kind of episode. We see what one potential future holds for our heroes. Five years into the future we get a glimps at what has transpired. You need to watch this episode two or three times to fully appreciate all the little details that are sprinkled in. The Sylar thing is also a great reveal. I really love when an established series does an episode where we see a completly different take on it's characters through the use of either time or dimensional travel. Another great thing about this episode is that it can be watched and enjoyed out of order by both fair weather and die-hard Heroes fans.
  • Five Years Gone is a superb episode, in which Hiro and Ando travel forward into the future Five Years, and learn the price their that comes with the possibility of failure. A pivotal moment in the series, this well written episode is utterly unmiss

    I think the beauty of this episode is that, from our perspective, each character has changed dramatically, and I was delighted to see their new personalaties, both shocking and interesting; in some cases, even, they are more appealing than their originals.
    Also, several things we anticipated were made clear; for example, the imminent explosion has occured; the Heroes have failed their mission, and the world has descended into chaos; the entire prospect is very appealing, and put across very well. It is now obvious that, in the present time, Linderman is wrong. The explosion will not unite and heal the world, but send it into an oblivion perhaps irreversible.
    Future Hiro's history is revealed, and we discover it is more than the explosion that has changed him so substantially; the loss of Ando, in the explosion, sent him into an obsessive mission of reversing the effects of the bomb, and to visit Peter Petrelli in the episode Collision. Seeing this Hiro, a forceful, dangerous person, was fantastic, and a true testimony to Masi Oka, who pulled of both this Hiro and the original in fantastic fashion.
    A true example of circumstances having changed someone almost irrevocably is Matt Parkman, who has become a ruthless, misguided personality, having found the respect he so long sought and working as Head of Homeland Security, under the rule of the disguised Sylar, who, as Nathan Petrelli, is masquerading as the President.
    When that was revealed, the show had reached a new pinnacle of revelation and fantastic plot twists; I was staggered.
    The acting of all the cast was superb at the least, and is more than commendable.
    Some say nothing was learned in this episode, and I feel I should alert them to how wrong they are; for in this episode, you become truly aware of the consequences the Heroes' failure may bring about; the disintegration and destruction of the world, and themselves.
  • We see what the future would be like if the bomb had exploded.

    We see what the future would be like if the bomb had exploded. The future we see is one that is very corrupt and bad. Things in the new future have gone horribly wrong, as the special people turn on each other and none of them are really safe. The new future also holds a surprise, as Sylar is still alive and can change his appearance as well. Basically the new future is as bad as things can get, Peter's brother is dead and Sylar was pretending to be him, Ando is also dead as well as a lot of other important people. But the future Hiro saw was for a reason, and part of the bigger picture as seeing the future helps him to gain his powers back and have more control of them. The episode really develops on Hiro's character, and I think we are in for a big finale soon.
  • I know there are those who didn't like this diversion into the future; I'm not one of them. The imaginative foreshadowing was a thoroughly engrossing return to form for this series.

    What a mindblowing episode! I love the new, darker, kick-a$$ Future Hiro. And it was a brilliant stroke having Sylar impersonate Nathan as the POTUS. Claire's storyline is just so-so, but it's nice to see her included. Peter is fascinating as a future, darker character, and Parkman's future self is just scary. Some things don't change: Niki and Mohinder are still as boring and useless as ever. And where is Linderman in this vision of the future? There were still a couple of implausibilities, such as two Hiros occupying the same space and time- shouldn't that cause some kind of incursion? And, if the "9th Wonders" comic books predicting the future are out there and published, can't Sylar or anyone else just read them and know how to prevent the Heroes from saving the day? Minor quibbles- this was a really good episode.
  • Another Great Episode...

    I watched this episode straight after 0.7%. This is my second favourite episode so far just after "Homecoming". My brother told me it was better than "Homecoming" but I dont think so. Anyway this episode was amazing! It was great to see what might happen in the future if Hiro doesn't kill Sylar. I also hope Ando doesn't die, i hope he isnt in New York at the time of the bomb. I love they way future Peter and future Hiro had the scene one of the best line in the show so far..."Shall I stop time" - Hiro "Nar I havent had a good fight in ages" - Peter....Amazing line dont you think? Anyway this episode was amazing all of the cast was amazing and did a brillant job.
  • "Should we freeze time?" "Nah, I haven't had a good fight in years." - Hiro Nakamura (future), Peter Petrelli (future)

    Hiro and Ando find themselves five years after the destruction of New York City. People with extraordinary abilities are labeled as terrorists and are being registered, hunted, and killed. Hiro and Ando meet up with darker versions of the other heroes in preparation for a showdown with the President. This include a darker side of Matt, a Jessica/Niki with a clear winner in their battle, a brown-haired Claire, future Hiro and a changed Sylar. This episode of Heroes is my favourite so far it looks like the future of our heroes looks grim for most of them Mr Bennet and Claire Bennet murdered as well as Nathan, D.L and Michah I think thats all of the dead characters and New York is gone It's a good job Hiro and Ando are going to save the city (Hopefully). This was a brilliant and exciting episode I think this will be the last episode of Heroes but with different events in it and the episode is the first episode to get ten out of ten.
  • The future

    Hiro and Ando have landed themselves 5 years into the future. The bomb has taken place and "heroes" are now being killed. Nathan is the president, Matt works for Homeland Security, Mohinder is the president's chief advisor, Peter and Niki are married, and Hiro is trying to figure out how to stop the bomb still. Claire is working at a diner in Texas and wants to get married to the owner. Peter is the one who exploded but everyone else thinks it's Sylar. Sylar is actually disguised as Nathan, who died. He wants to kill all the heroes. Ando finds out that he died in the bomb. Claire, The Haitian, Mr. Bennet, and future Hiro all die.

    This was a great episode! It was very interesting, but very depressing. This episode gets a 9.5 out of 10!
  • Sir, we're out of ideas, lets take them to the future and have a full episode of what life's like then.

    Honestly, can you get any less creative than with this episode? It's a classic cry that the writers are at a solid block and can think of nothing else. There was absolutely no point to showing the viewers any of this besides to showcase the fact that Hiro and Peter are kicka-ss.

    Obviously nothing in this future is good, you can tell who's still alive, and blah! I don't even know where to begin complaining about the mass of character changes! So many heroes are out of character it's sickening. There's only so many ways that a personality can change, no matter the grief, heartache, or shock that is experienced. This was not an accurate portrayal of the human emotional spectrum.

    A horrible episode--let's hear it for something with a point!
  • An episode that meant absolutely nothing.

    Sure, things in the episode DID actually happen, but since they're part of an alternate time line five years in the future that we know will most likely not happen, what was the point of this episode? None of this matters or means anything to the current plot at all. This is my least favorite episode and I have yet to understand why it is so popular. What did we learn in this episode? It added nothing to the show. Even if this future does come true, how lame, boring, and stupid is that? We know exactly what will happen in that case, and it's a ridiculously awful "plot twist".
  • This is the most brilliant hour of tv I have ever watched.

    So many suprises and pivotal moments.
    Best episode of the season for sure. Best episode of anything I have ever seen in fact.
    I am sure there will be many episodes to come that are very similar to this. This episode is the most important one of the show so far, so dont miss it.

    Very good series, I am going to buy the dvd. Cant wait to watch season 2. Many great moments in this episode. The characters are the most important thing in the show. No other movie or tv series uses characters so well. There is also a lot of mystery in the show and thought provking moments. Nothing is tacky or overdone, everything is sharp, clean, simple yet complex. The show is actually perfect. The only thing I would change is give the soundtrack a bit more "oomph" I cant remember hearing much so I guess it is pretty minimal. Level it up a bit more and this would be the most perfect show in existence.
  • definitely one of the greatest episode of the season

    This episode is so much interesting because you understand what's happening in the future ... Did the bomb explode, why, what are the reasons (and who planned that)?. The behavior of Hiro against his future himself is exciting. I don't forget the case of the others heroes, many are dead, a couple have survived. Silar is stronger and more determined. Bennet is helping the parents whose children have "superpowers" and can't forget his Claire. Peter is definitely a outlaw whose girlfriend is the unknown Niky ... Parkman, The Haitian guy and Suresh are together in order to hunt the bad heroes like the future Hiro who is viewed as a terrorist. The climax is the best moment of the episode: "Nathan" vs Peter.
  • This was definitely one of the best episodes of the first season. It showed you how the Heroes where five years in the future.

    This was definitely one of the best episodes of the first season. It showed you how the Heroes where five years in the future.

    The biggest change was definitely Hiro. The happy go lucky guy was gone, and instead there was a very sad person trying his best to return to the past so that he can stop the explosion from happening. We get to know that during the explosion Ando died and that is why he wants to go back.

    Peter Petrelli became a very different person. The person that always wanted to help people had died in the explosion. Instead there was an indifferent person who cared about nothing. He was dating Nicky who worked as a stripper by the name of her alter-ego Jessica. Nathan Petrelli became the President of the United States. He set one thing in motion that of the mass murder of all the Heroes. Mohinder Suresh who was his assistant definitely was against what the President wanted to do.

    Things started to change when the present day Hiro and Ando went to the future. Peter realised that it was a good chance to change the past. He revealed to Nicky that it was him not Sylar that caused the explosion and it was all his fault that DL and Micah died. He went to help Hiro and Ando.

    Mohinder also helped Hiro when he was going to be killed under the orders of the President, because even he saw that if there was a slight chance of stopping the explosion they had to take it.

    When the President knew that Peter was helping Hiro he flew over there, and it was only then that it was shown that it wasn't Nathan but it was Sylar. He had killed Nathan, took his powers and changed his look to look like Nathan. He was pretty much invincible and had the top position in the world. A final battle between Peter and Sylar was taking place, whilst Hiro and Ando were returning back to present time.
  • This episode was so good that I feel like I owe someone $7 for a movie ticket.

    *GIRLIE SQUEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
    *jumps up and down*
    *giggles and spouts unintelligible gibberish*
    *squeals more*
    *fans self*
    *hold hand to heart and fans self some more*
    *finally calms down*

    After a night of seeing fanboys squealing on Twitter about the latest episode of Heroes, I could wait to watch it. Unfortunately, I had to catch in on DVR. I just finished it and WOW!!!!!!!
    String Theory had it all! We get the alternate timeline, a Doppelgänger and more. Nikki is (of course) a stripper *rolls eyes*. Peter Petrelli has a long scar across his face and is way darker but equally delicious. (Why do the main characters always have facial scars when there's an alternate reality? Buffy?) Matt Parkman works for homeland security and is evil. He kills HRG :( The one that got me??? Sylar is the president!!!!!! He's been parading around for 5 years as Nathan Petrelli. The rounding up "mutants" for genocide was creepy and reminds me of X-Men but I don't mind. The fight scene in the lobby with Hiro and Peter was AMAZING!!!!!!!!! The glowy hands scene with Peter and Sylar was FANTASTIC!!!!!
  • Hiro and Ando travel 5 years into to the future.

    Absolutely awesome. Hiro and Ando travel 5 years into the future, where they find Future Hiro. Nathon has become president, Sylar has obtained a new power, and Claire does her best to have a normal life.

    Peter was actually the one to explode, not Sylar. Peter has improved on his fighting skills, and so has Sylar. The ending was dramatic, while Nathon made his speech, Future Peter helped Ando and Hiro escape the future, back to the present.

    I really wanted to see Peter fight Sylar, But I'll just have to wait a little longer. This was probably one of the best episodes of Heroes, great ending with plenty of action.
  • I know Hiro Can Do it!

    Omg this episode left me wanting more and more, Hiro finds out he can only save the world if he kills sylar before watching himself in five years time die on the floor... ouch...also i loved how peter had Imense powers...Gosh hes my hero too ;) You find out so many people are dead, its shocking and this can only change if Hiro can complete his mission..Hiro i know you can do it!!!
  • A great look at what the future will be like if no one stops the bomb from exploding.

    The episode “Five Years Gone” gives viewers a glimpse into the future, and shows what would happen if the bomb in New York City were to go off. Many of the character’s lives have changed greatly. Claire is now a dark-haired waitress in a small town in Texas, with a boyfriend who does not know her secret yet. Peter and Niki are now dating, while trying to hide their powers from the world. Hiro and Ando are still working to stop the bomb from exploding in the “past”. The main thing I got from this episode was Nathan Petrelli’s story arc. In it, he is shown as a hero after being the mayor of New York City and helping the city get through the trauma that was the bomb. This respect for him leads to him becoming the president of the United States. This shows why Nathan wants the bomb to go off, even though it will kill thousands of people: so he can gain more power. As newly appointed president, Nathan has started a sort of “cleansing” of all people who have special powers, even though he himself has a special power. Matt, the policeman, is a part of the group working to catch and persecute those people with special powers. I could not help but compare this to a sort of genocide in the future. Later in the episode, Claire meets up with her father, Nathan, in his home in NYC. It is revealed, however, that Nathan is not really Nathan; he is in fact Sylar. This is a truly bleak future indeed, with a killer as the president of the United States. The episode leaves us with a sort of feeling of worry: Hiro is now our only true hope from keeping the bomb from exploding, and saving the world from the bleak future that is seen in this episode. “Five Years Gone” was indeed a truly great episode in that it gave viewers plenty to think about, and plenty of reasons to ardently hope that the bomb does not explode. This episode is a great set up to the season finale, as well.
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