Season 1 Episode 20

Five Years Gone

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 30, 2007 on NBC

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  • Hiro and Ando travel 5 years to the future and find that things are different from what they used to be...

    this episode is off the hook! Nathan is now the president, Matt is an agent and hunting down the heroes out there, Peter have the scar on his face and is all powerful, Nikki won the personality battle and is currently in a relationship with Peter, Claire has brown hair and is getting married to this Andy guy (isn't she only 21 by this time?), Hiro is considered a terrorist and the only one trying to change what happened 5 years ago.

    the plot just gets better and better with the revelation that Nathan was really Sylar in disguise...he became the president and is in control of everything that is happening in the country. i have to say that i didn't see that coming...i was getting confused because Nathan was getting a bit out of character with the darker persona, but then it was revealed that he was Sylar after all. then he killed Claire...that was a bit of a shocker.

    towards the end is where all the action takes place. Peter and Hiro battle it out with the homeland security and Sylar and Peter face off...Sylar with ice and Peter with nuclear energy, totally awesome ;) kudos to all the actors in this episode. it's full of action with a dramatic undertone, which warms this cold beating heart of mine. jk ^_^

    This is an incredible and pivotal show in the Heroes saga. Everything comes together. So many things were unveiled, so many H*** S*** moments. For about 3 minutes I was thinking "this is x-men 3" and then I get this huge slap in the face as the story takes this giant u-turn and I can not even explain to you how excited I am. You can not afford to miss this episode as many things you want to know and see happen. Even the glimpse of THE FIGHT that everyone wants made me excited. This show is blowing away all o f my expectations and this episode was no different.
  • Holy S***! That was soooooo amazing! I can't stop shrieking! Molly is the girl Matt saved in the very beginning and the episode from start to finish was so amazing! OH MY GOD! Spoilers************8

    Wow, where to start. It was just so amazing. But first. Body count.
    Micha, DL, Candice, Haitain, Nathan, Jessica, Claire, Hiro, Ando.
    Everyone is practically dead! Matt has become a monster, sylar is still alive and I was so thrown to discover that he was pretended to be nathan, using Candice's gift to make him look different. Nikki has changed too, she's become harder, sadder. And Peter. Damn he is so hot!!!!!!!!!
    Start to finish 100 percent. Best episode/television I have ever seen. I'm glad they had commericals because I stopped breathing at points and during the commericals I would scream from all the tension and twists and OH MY GOD! Watch. Now.
  • This the greatest hour of television ever.

    Well. Let me start off with two words. Holy and Crap. Some thoughts before I dive in:
    -Brunette Claire is even hotter
    -The Sylar twist is one of the greatest all time WTF?!?! moments -Future Peter is a TOTAL badass. So I'm not going to bother recapping this episode. I'm gonna tell you what's good, and what's bad. Good: Television is back. I mean. It is a good time to be a geek. I was thinking I was just gonna see Day of Future Past in live action. No sir. I got more than that. Far more. Character development, action, awesome SFX, additions to the mythology, etc. This episode was great because it could have just been a simple warning to Hiro to stop a possible future from happening. But we were able to get a lot of exposition and back story as well as development for Future Hiro, in addition to a great What If? story. And the Sylar twist? Perfection. Bad: The writing. My god the exposition is obvious. The dialog has been forced and painful throughout this series, and this episode is no exception. The long awaited Peter/Sylar showdown. A REAL letdown. Cool, but could have been so much more. The fact that this was only 40+ minutes long. This was an AMAZING hour of television, and I mean that.
  • Wow...

    Thats all I can say is wow! The history is bleak but man...was it entertaining. It was very interesting to see what happens to each hero in the future and the outcomes of their future interactions. Nathan being Sylar totally caught me by surprised and overall this was a superb episode.

    Some personal highlights for me was Peter, Hiro and Ando storming Homeland security, Sylar killing Claire (now he's unstoppable) and Niki's strip scene :p

    I can't really say much more. This episode has blown my mind...Heroes is by far the best TV show on the air right now. This episode proves why!
  • there has never been an episode in any television show in the history of the world that has achieved greater perfection than what i have just seen. i've never given a show a ten before, but this was just amazing

    when are we gonna see a sylar vs peter fight that we can all be proud to watch?!?!?! they've been tiptoing around each other all season, sometimes fighting, other times running. but i have finally figured out why there was such a crappy fight beween sylar and peter during ".07%." the writers are saving this fight for the end of the season, and somehow this will lead to how peter will get his scar

    but i'm getting ahead of myself. "String Theory" was by far the greatest heroes episode and something all fans have been waiting to see. After months of slow progression with rare displays of true power, we have been hurdled 5 years into the future, where everyone we know rocks. hiro mastered the sword, matt is a perfect mind reader, and best of all, peter finally stops being a little boy and uses his powers like a man. to say that this had me at the edge of my seat is an understatement. i was standing and cheering during this episode, and crying during the commercial breaks. usually i would say the show has nowhere to go but down, but i think that pretty soon, tv.com will have to change their ratings system for this show to make it go higher
  • Amazing episode.

    ar.Heroes is an amazing show. This episode was amazing. We learn that lots of the Heroes die in the future. Because the explosion and because of Sylar. Sylar was the president. Hiro died. Peter was super badass. Amazing episode. Hopefully, though Hiro goes back in time and stops this from happening. The future was not to bright for the heroes. But I beleive Hiro will save the future. Oh and by the way Save The Cheerleader meant nothing. Saving the cheerleader did'nt do anything at all. It was Peter who exploded not Sylar.
  • Best. Episode. Yet. (spoilers follow..)

    Oh my gosh this was fantastic. There was soo much going on! I can't believe how many people are dead after the bomb. So many people have changed! Nathan is dead. DL and Micah too. Parkman is really bad and Sylar (is that how you spell it?) killed Nathan and is masquerading as him in order to be president. Wow. And apparently he killed DL and I wouldn't be surprised if he killed Micah also. My mind is spinning after watching it! I really can't wait until next Monday to see what is going on..So awesome!! I can't wait to see what happens with Peter and Sylar..
  • Five years later, who is good? Who is bad?

    In the future, everyone thinks it was Sylar who exploded, and therefore, he was gone. Sylar's explosion caused a riff in America, everyone being afraid, everyone so paranoid. Nathan is president...or at least we thought so. Turns out, Sylar did not explode (of course, Peter did) and Sylar killed Nathan to become president. The reveal of that (Claire being killed) was a shocker, even though I knew shape-shifting was a major power, it took me by a surprise.

    Peter Petrelli has a major scar after exploding and hooked up with Niki (presumably after Jessica was gone). Hiro lost his best friend Ando. They are terrorists, but even with that title, they seem to be on the side of young Hiro and Ando. I gotta say, Masi Oka who plays Hiro is better suited as being optimistic than really angsty.

    On the other hands, Matt Parkman and Mohinder Suresh works for the president, and yet, they are seemingly the 'bad guys'. Thank goodness Suresh turned against the presidency and injected the Haitian with poison. But Parkman...oooh Parkman...kills old Hiro just as he was about to teach young Hiro how to transport back in time.

    Still not sure which side you could put Horn-Rimmed Glasses, but since he tried to warn Claire and got killed for it, I'd say he's a good. I LOVE CLAIRE as a brunnette. I wonder if we ever get to see her fiance in the renewed future? Great many possibilities. If we kill Sylar, how many of those things will still happen?
  • The best hour I have spent watching TV in the last year.

    My heart is still beating, my palms are sweaty, my eyebrow is twitching and I am shaking all over, thats the effect that the last hour of television has had on me. What was I watching you ask? the 20th episode of the best thing on television since, since, since [insert past favorite show here]. I was watching Heroes!

    This episode has everything a fan of the series could have wanted; action, surprise, emotions, death, advancing storyline, destruction and plot twists. I will not spoil it but lets just say all major characters are either dead or involved in this episode, all acting is top notch and the ending will have you screaming like a love starved chimpanzee while jumping around your living room!

    this was the best 1 hr of television ever ....

    Heroes is just getting better & better ..... every episode...

    & i was saying to my self the show is predictable ... this episode proved me f**cking wrong...

    stylar has the world in the palms of his hands ... WOW!!!

    this show left me with many question:

    so where is nathan & linderman and the other heroes?
    how did stylar survive ..... strange
    how did this love relationship with peter & niki come about ...
    who the hell is this little girl .. is she the one nathan saved in the pilot eps...

    got lots of other questions ..............

    heroes is the #1 show ... best show ever created .....

    waiting in anticipation for the next episode >>

    I'll say it again ...... WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Pivotal, Revealing, Alternate reality, Adventurous, A very special episode, Character development, Well Written, Fine example, Series classic, Cleverly plotted, Another great installment, Above average, Exciting, Informative, NERVE-WRACKING!!!

    I just had to include all the classifications and still it was so much more than that. Oh, my God. There is no other show in the world that makes every episode my favorite. This episode was another demonstration of the genius mind of Tim Kring. Every minute there's one big thing happening. It's like that part in a movie that you wait in the edge of your seat for, but you don't have to wait one hour and a have. You just wait a couple of seconds and there's a new one. This show is definitely not apt for people with heart problems. My heart's stil racing. Peter has the scar Future Hiro talked about early in the season and on top of that he's Nikki's new boyfriend. (How the heck did that happen?)

    Nikki won over Jessica and she hasn't been around for a long time.

    D.L., Micah and Ando all died when the bomb went off.

    Future Hiro is considered a terrorist and is obsessed with changing time because of Ando's death. Matt and the Haitian are chasing the "bad" heroes. Mr. Bennet is helping the "good" heroes.

    Claire has changed identities and residences a few times and now is about to get married. Matt takes her to Nathan (her biological father) and he kills her.

    Mohinder is working along with the president (Nathan) on a cure for the heroes.

    Sylar killed Nathan, D.L. and Candice (the girl who can create illusions) and now is impersonating Nathan who got elected president.

    With this breif summary of this episode one can only say "WOW!!!" This show keeps getting better and better. I can imagine what I'm going to do without it in the time between seasons let alone if they decide to create any more hiatus.
  • Save the cheerleader. Save the world? Or not.

    Wow, what a great episode. The possibilities explored in this future Heroes episode was incredible. When Future Hiro returns to his own timeline he discovers that New York City was still destroyed, despite his warning to Peter.

    How has the future changed though? As it turns out, Peter was able to save Claire but in the process changed the future so that he was the bomb instead of Sylar and that Nathan made the story that it was Sylar.

    There are some major shocks in this episode including Sylar being Nathan.

    Overall it was an amazing episode and I was completely shocked by how the story turned out. The question now becomes, is the future set in stone, or is there a possibility to change all this?

    I guess we'll find out later in the season.
  • After 5 years we get to see what the loss of people does to the Heroes.

    I like the fact that you see where everyones ambition takes them. Sylar is finally able to become the most important and historical at the same time. Unfortunately he doesn't stop there because he knows there is always going to be a threat as long as others with powers exist.
  • Priceless...

    Wow i love this show man this is the reason why i watch this show!! I really wanted to see Sylar and Peter go at it a lil more, but guess we have to keep watching to see the real outcome of this battle! What is this little girl's powers? She can stop Sylar? I wonder how? I knew Sylar had the shapeshifting ability from the get go, but i didn't know he killed nathan and presumed president which was ingenious!! Can't wait for these season ending episodes coming up to see how this is going to end!! This is just Priceless!!
  • The story was way too familiar. Can you say: Buffy?

    This is a blurb from a conversation I had with a friend a few moments ago. This is my response to him...

    Omg...Now I remember where "bleakosity" came from in the history of me...and as a matter of fact, it has to do with tonight's "Heroes" episode which is an obvious rip-off of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". Yeah, I had the same reaction back in 1999 in season three of "Buffy..." (epsiode 43: "The Wish") when Cordelia wished to Anya for Buffy to never have gone to Sunnydale. And then all of sudden we're whisked to a world of bleakosity (which is what I said way back when) as Sunndydale is nearly all but consumed, destroyed and everyone we care about dies before the end of the episode when all is made right again. Oh, and Buffy even had an inexplicable scar on her face! (uhm *coughPETERcough* sidenote: why does self-healing Peter have a scar anyway?!). Yeah, total "Buffy rip-off". The writers of "Heroes" so need to send Joss Whedon (show creator) and Marti Noxon (writer of the Buffy episode in question) some money.
  • The best episode of heroes so far.

    I really enjoyed this episode for a few reasons. One was that I loved to see the more mature version of everyone, what I mean is that it was nice to see everyone with complete control over their powers, it made the episode much more ecxiting. I also loved seeing the sides that everyone took. With the way people with special powers are treated certain people had turned against each other which made for a great story. I hope that the last three episodes are this good and that this series can keep going for a few seasons and reach this caliber of story.
  • Or in this case a flash forward episode.

    With writing like this I can see why America is obsessed and hooked on this show. As we get a look into the future we see positives and negatives. But unfortunatly we see Sylar. Hiro meeting future Hiro was a scene worth waiting for and watching. Peter, showing signs that he is not infalable. Bennet still trying to "fix" things and Suresh being the conscience. Claire, trying to stay safe but in the future unable to escape Sylar's wrath. Somewhere along the line did Nathan make the ultimate sacrifce? I would like to think so. Nikki winning out over Jessica, but at what the cost? Heroes - - all in their own way saving us from a typical Monday night.
  • Five years after the bomb goes off, the world has changed. Friends are enemies and enemies are friends, and nothing is as it seems.

    It's five years into the future, and everything is different. People with "gifts" are being hunted, imprisioned, and killed. They are considered terrorists in this new world, which is lead by Nathen Petrelli. Claire is a waitress in hiding, Niki/Jessica is a stripper with a clear winner between the two personalities, Matt is the leader of Homeland Security with the Haitain by his side, Mohinder is the chief medical advisor to the president, Peter is extremely powerful, Mr. Bennet and Hana work together to help families, and Hiro is not who he used to be. But as I said, nothing is as it seems to all this, and not every hero lives to see the next day. A great episode. It had a lot of twists that most did not see coming. There's a lot of loss, action, and more. It shows what the world would be like if Hiro and Ando don't fix it, and hopefully they do.
  • Definitely an episode which is award worthy, worth watching several times, and has an excellent plot.

    One of the best episodes of the show till now. The story line was superb, and the twist of Syler imitating Nathan was just classic. The way Peter looks in the future is superb as well, like a man with a mission, who can do whatever he wants to, wherever he wants to, however he wants to. I can see this show to be the most special one on any channel yet, and it is definitely several award worthy.

    I have to praise the writers of the show again, along with the whole cast. They have a well plotted story in front of them, and they are tweaking and twisting with it to make it extremely intimidating and exciting for us to watch. Well done guys !!
  • Last week was the long awaited return of Heroes on NBC. This week’s episode was highly anticipated as it was advertised as a chance to see the five years into the future. What would happen if the heroes would fail?

    Last week was the long awaited return of Heroes on NBC. This week’s episode was highly anticipated as it was advertised as a chance to see the five years into the future. What would happen if the heroes would fail? The episode starts with Ando and Hiro inside Isaac loft, in a devastated New York and rather post-apocalyptic New York. The bomb did explode and destroy half the city. People with special abilities are now being hunted down out of fear. Sylar appears to be publicly held responsible for the disaster but Hiro (present and future) are determined to change time. Strange twist is that many characters are absent, dead or killed during the episode. Mr Bennet, with the help of Hana are helping people with special abilities get new identities and go underground. Matt is now head of Home Land security and answers directly to Nathan, now President of the United States of America. From early trailers his attitude seemed very strange, especially towards Claire and how condescending his view of the others was. Present Hiro is taken captive and under wraps by Matt and the Haitian. I was looking forward Peter using his abilities and we got to see a little bit of his potential, but we’re still far from a show-down. The show wouldn’t be that great if Nathan turned into a bad guy, instead it turns out that Sylar had found Candice and was able to impersonate Nathan. No better position to round up people with special abilities and pick all the abilities he wants. His painting of the future that he drawn in last week episode was foreshadowing a mean looking Nathan, for myself I saw it looking as Sylar himself in the White House. No need to be too sad about that episode, everything can still change. Just like future Hiro was able to tell Peter to save the cheerleader altered his reality (perhaps). Hiro has tried to kill Sylar but he could regenerate then. He can’t do that in our time line, so during the last few seconds of the episode Hiro and Ando manage to return to their time line in hopes to prevent this horrible future to happen. There was a quick scene where Peter and Sylar meet, fire versus ice and a Mohinder trying to block a door about to explode. I can imagine the budget for a show down has to be saved for the two hours finale. Only three episodes left! The pace is kicking and the show still sends out that vibe: it’s a dark world we live in, people will do good and evil. I loved the episode. I’ll make sure to watch it again.
  • Above 10 rating for this episode. A cornucopia of awesomeness.

    Episode was awesome. Right from start to finish and including the huge twist in the middle. You get a complete sense of what would happen should the wrong events take place. The characters are darker with their new struggle which is their loss of hope for their times. As well we see the political fallout of the bomb and how it changes the nation for the worse. The only downside to this episode was that I wished they had shown some of the fighting that took place between the characters especially the battle of the titans(peter and sylar). By the flashes of light, I could tell it would have been a huge battle. Hopefully in a future episode.
  • I LOVE this show. Beyond love. Quite possibly obsessed. However this episode sucked more than a cheap hooker. Did not feel anything at all like Heroes.

    I don't know what happened. The show for me is insanely well-written and produced. The characters are so believable despite the fact that they are gifted with superhuman traits. Almost all of them you could imagine bumping into on the street in everyday life. They are not simply characters, but are people. That is the genius and crux of the show's brilliance. But this episode was so convoluted and so far short of what I've come to expect from the series that I'm questioning whether to return for next week's episode. As I've said before, the characters and the actors that portray them are phenomenal. But the characters were so far removed from who they were originally presented as is disconcerting. How is that that Matt and Peter - the two all-around nice, decent guys who just want to make the world a little better and find some happiness in their personal lives have been reduced to this? Peter in a sleazy bar in Las Vegas all pouting and on the verge of being a rogue superhero without a cause?! Matt a cutthroat take-no-prisoners head of Homeland Investigation?! Get real! The guy couldn't get a job as detective in the local police force! Hayden Panettiere is a gorgeous girl with a lot of potential, but she is far too young and undeveloped to even attempt to carry off - convincingly - being a working gal who's about to get married. The acting was painful. They devolved these beloved characters into caricatures of a bad action movie. The police officer who turns cutthroat, the loner who strikes out on his own, the professor with a heart of gold trying to make a difference working for a corrupt regime, the power hungry meglomaniac. This is not Heroes. And if this is what Heroes is going to evolve into, then I'd rather not watch its decay. Lack of imagination was around every corner. Half the regulars are dead. D.L., Micah, Ando (technically), the mysterious disappearance of Jessica -what, Nicki can "turn off" her power but no one else can? - Hiro is dead by the end of the episode, Claire's father is dead as well, her mom is out of the picture, Nathan is dead.....Was it really ingenious plot-twisting or just pathetic lack of imagination? I will continue to stay with Heroes because I believe this show has been consistently phenomenal in every episode and has the potential to become a landmark in television history, but only if it veers away from everything that was contained in this week's episode. I hope that this was nothing more than just a blip on the radar screen. If I wanted less-than-intriguing government corruption stories and terrorism plotlines, I'd watch 24.
  • they just can't seem to get it right.

    honestly... this show is wors than lost in the way it gives you just enough to watch next week but never enough to make it worth it. every week i end with the same feeling: "i want that hour of my life back." i wanna see peter and sylar fight! not just get some glowing hands and advance at each other. a real honest to god slugfest. but it never happens. and its not just that. you never see ANYONE really use their powers. peter is the best for some good action but his screen time is minimal. ARGH... i want less set-up and more powers.
  • This was the best episode I have seen of this show and I love everyone of them.

    Seriously this was what I wanted .07 to feel like. I wanted this feeling of holy s#@t and this gave me that. The fact that Hiro was a completely developed character instead of the stereotype he has been was a brilliant change. The Skylar being Nathan I didn't see coming but thought it was genius from a writing and character standpoint. Claire dying was a disappointment but hard ass Matt was cool to. I think to see where they all ended up after the explosion tells you a lot about where they can go as characters on the show. I wish thy would have showed DL instead of just referencing him or let the Haitian talk so we can see why he went that way. How is that Claire got to fake her death with them saving her and all. Some questions still lingering but the episode lets you forget all that and go on a ride.
  • With this kind of episode, where expectations are high, there is no middle ground. It's either out of this world, or crash and burn. There was no crash.

    Why this episode rocked my world. One reason only, the opposite reason that made last weeks episode less then perfect. It was not predictable. I didn't see any of it coming. And that's been one thing that's been missing from a few recent episodes. A lack of predictabliity. Or even better in this case. Being lead down the wrong path. Okay, yes. We knew that Hiro and Ando would make it back to the right time and place, that goes without saying. But the episode wasn't about the conclusion, it was about the journey. After all, this episode wasn't about stopping the explosion, it was about what happens if the explosion doesn't get stopped.

    *We all read the blurbs that said there would be a definate winner in the Nikki vs. Jessica fight. I expected Jessica. Why? Because if life sucks so badly, wouldn't the bad twin win? Nikki being the victor, especially in light of her losing D.L. and Micah, was a great surprise. Because we need to know that good is stronger then evil, and can prevail, even in such a dark hour as that. Awesome, unexpected, both as a mystery in the first place, and as a conclusion. I also like how subtle it was that Peter and Nikki talk about her losing D.L. and how Future Hiro and H.R.G. (Even though we know he is Mr. Bennett, that nickname will never go away) talk about how Hiro mention D.L. as one of the people H.R.G. is hiding. You have to be paying attention when you watch this show!

    *Most if not all of the viewers believe that Nathan is dedicated enough to turn on the other heroes to attain power. That he would turn the tragedy into opportunity and that yes, he might even become President and threaten genocide. So finding out that it was really Sylar was a big, awesome, scary shock! A) Because a super evil villian because President of the United States! And B) because now the home viewer has to deal with the fact that we believed Nathan capable of everything that Sylar did. Is he? Who knows. He still could be.

    *Finally we know how saving the cheerleader can save the world. But can it really? Future Hiro told Peter that believing that Sylar made the eplosion, when it was really Peter. So even if Hiro kills Sylar, it wont stop the explosion. It wont save the world. Or will it? Because even though the explosion might still happen, Sylar wont be there to kill Nathan and take his place. But is Nathan still corrupt enough to do those things? Too many variables! My head is spinning! I'm just glad that "save the cheerleader, save the world" is valid. I was so afraid is was some cheesy damsel in distress thing.

    God, I have to know what happens next. I don't wanna wait!
  • What can I say? Almost perfect.

    This episode was surprisingly good. It was possibly surprising because Heroes is about the only show I don't get spoilers for. This episode was truly amazing. You find out how the Heroes turn out 5 years in the future, even though I doubt that future will happen now that Hiro has gone back to his time. There were so many twists, the Nathan/Sylar twist. The genocide twist. And the deaths in the episode, amazing. Micah, DL, Bennett, Hiro and there was probably more, I just can't remember. Hiro talking to Hiro at the start was very funny. The only reason this episode doesn't get a 10 is because there wasn't more of a Peter/Sylar fight.
  • Answers finally start coming and the questions that produced them are turned on their heads!

    Wow...this episode was about as good as it gets. I mean that in 1 hour, Heroes turned out an episode that ranked with the best 2-hour movies I've seen in ages.

    What an episode!

    The following will contain spoilers, so if you haven't seen the episode...stop reading.

    The first reveal is the extensive timelines that Future Hiro has constructed to deconstruct the past. What a cool piece. Lurking within that timeline were elements of the show that I had forgotte about (thanks to the hiatus) and other elements that I hadn't even noticed. One of those elements is another issue of 9th Wonder, completed by Isaac. Since Isaac died in last weeks show, when did he complete it? Oy...so the plot thickens.

    Next is the relevation that it was Sylar who exploded, not Peter or so we are told. From there the show started moving fast and didn't let up for a moment. Matt is bad (or is he?), HRG is good (or is he?), Claire is a brunette and Jessica is gone but Nikki is pretending to be her. And Peter...oh, Peter is a full blown hardcore superhero with a sword scar marking his face like the hole marks New York 5 years in the future!

    This show was complex, fun and wild. Exactly what the doctor ordered!
  • The whole episode is about Future Hiro and Ando trying to rescue Hiro from Matt, the Haitian, and Mohinder. In trying to do so they seek help from Jessica/Nikki, Peter, and Mr. Bennett. Claire and Nathan meet up again, but it's really Sylar.

    Wow!Awesome! Those are two words I'm using to describe this episode. As the season continues down that road to the finale, each episode is getting better than the previous one. It's a good thing that the episode was shown, that way viewers get to see what the future would've been like. Everything Hiro witnessed will help him assert himself sooner than expected and will fullfill his goal in becoming a hero. Peter has gotten more tough as the series progressed and the future Peter is one tough bad-ass. He masters every power he possesses with greatest of ease. The showdown between him and Sylar definetly needs to be shown in one complete scenem, without interuptions or cutting to someone else. Sylar with the Ice and Peter with the Radiation makes for a good battle. I called it last week-Sylar posing as Nathan in the White House. That was just an automatic gimme. The painting he drew in Issac's loft gave it away. Him telling Claire that he met Candice confirmed it. Obviously Nathan is dead because Sylar used the Flight Power to get to Matt. I can't wait until next week. Bump that, I can't wait until the season comes out on DVD. I will sit down and watch the whole season over again, this time without the commercial breaks.
  • Best tv series on air!!!!

    This episode is very pivotal but also very influential for the continuation of the series. One of the best yet, this could have gone horribly wrong for the producers, they really put there balls on the line with this episode and produced a masterpiece. Before this episode the show was slowly running out of ideas and was too predictable.

    With Sylar killing Nathan and then imitating him as president creates a million variables, also plots a very good storyline. For instance when did Sylar kill Nathan? It could have been before or after he saw Linderman. If this is the case and Hiro does go back in time and kill Sylar this creates many scenarios. For example, Scenario 1: If Hiro kills Sylar after Sylar has killed Nathan there will be no explosion and certainly no Nathan. Scenario 2: If Hiro kills Syler before he gets to Nathan will Nathan take up Lindermans offer to be President? for all we know (which is not much) Sylar could have previously agreed to Lindermans plan acting as Nathan. Nathan has been quoted in the show many times as caring too much; surly someone who cares too much would not kill 0.007% of people on Earth? However If Nathan does take Lindermans offer for presidency the bomb will certainly go off. It goes on and on!

    The Producers have now created allot of variables in the show which has brought a high level of unpredictability. This is probably the best written and produced tv series that is on air at the moment. We honestly don’t know what’s going to happen next. They have also ensured the sustainability of the show, Heroes aint going nowhere!!!!!
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