Season 1 Episode 20

Five Years Gone

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 30, 2007 on NBC

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  • I LOVE this show. Beyond love. Quite possibly obsessed. However this episode sucked more than a cheap hooker. Did not feel anything at all like Heroes.

    I don't know what happened. The show for me is insanely well-written and produced. The characters are so believable despite the fact that they are gifted with superhuman traits. Almost all of them you could imagine bumping into on the street in everyday life. They are not simply characters, but are people. That is the genius and crux of the show's brilliance. But this episode was so convoluted and so far short of what I've come to expect from the series that I'm questioning whether to return for next week's episode. As I've said before, the characters and the actors that portray them are phenomenal. But the characters were so far removed from who they were originally presented as is disconcerting. How is that that Matt and Peter - the two all-around nice, decent guys who just want to make the world a little better and find some happiness in their personal lives have been reduced to this? Peter in a sleazy bar in Las Vegas all pouting and on the verge of being a rogue superhero without a cause?! Matt a cutthroat take-no-prisoners head of Homeland Investigation?! Get real! The guy couldn't get a job as detective in the local police force! Hayden Panettiere is a gorgeous girl with a lot of potential, but she is far too young and undeveloped to even attempt to carry off - convincingly - being a working gal who's about to get married. The acting was painful. They devolved these beloved characters into caricatures of a bad action movie. The police officer who turns cutthroat, the loner who strikes out on his own, the professor with a heart of gold trying to make a difference working for a corrupt regime, the power hungry meglomaniac. This is not Heroes. And if this is what Heroes is going to evolve into, then I'd rather not watch its decay. Lack of imagination was around every corner. Half the regulars are dead. D.L., Micah, Ando (technically), the mysterious disappearance of Jessica -what, Nicki can "turn off" her power but no one else can? - Hiro is dead by the end of the episode, Claire's father is dead as well, her mom is out of the picture, Nathan is dead.....Was it really ingenious plot-twisting or just pathetic lack of imagination? I will continue to stay with Heroes because I believe this show has been consistently phenomenal in every episode and has the potential to become a landmark in television history, but only if it veers away from everything that was contained in this week's episode. I hope that this was nothing more than just a blip on the radar screen. If I wanted less-than-intriguing government corruption stories and terrorism plotlines, I'd watch 24.
  • The story was way too familiar. Can you say: Buffy?

    This is a blurb from a conversation I had with a friend a few moments ago. This is my response to him...

    Omg...Now I remember where "bleakosity" came from in the history of me...and as a matter of fact, it has to do with tonight's "Heroes" episode which is an obvious rip-off of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". Yeah, I had the same reaction back in 1999 in season three of "Buffy..." (epsiode 43: "The Wish") when Cordelia wished to Anya for Buffy to never have gone to Sunnydale. And then all of sudden we're whisked to a world of bleakosity (which is what I said way back when) as Sunndydale is nearly all but consumed, destroyed and everyone we care about dies before the end of the episode when all is made right again. Oh, and Buffy even had an inexplicable scar on her face! (uhm *coughPETERcough* sidenote: why does self-healing Peter have a scar anyway?!). Yeah, total "Buffy rip-off". The writers of "Heroes" so need to send Joss Whedon (show creator) and Marti Noxon (writer of the Buffy episode in question) some money.
  • Highly overrated filler episode.

    I have nothing against filler episodes, if they're enjoyable.
    Not saying 'Five Years Gone' wasn't; however, it felt a total lackluster until the last 5 minutes.

    The idea of an alternate timeline is always fun, especially to see how things would turns out IF...

    Unfortunately, the episode spends way too much time exploring our characters' new lives.

    For example, I grown sick of every scene involving Claire until the very end, or with Matt, or Nikki.

    The episode was screaming for action - which unfortunately only occured in the last 5 minutes.

    The twist with Nathan being Sylar was great, and that's definitely the highlight of the episode. While we do get a Peter and Sylar face off, due to the low budget, it's not shown... and we never find out who won. Letdown.

    Hiro's adventure with FutureHiro was somewhat disappointing too: really, who couldn't see Ando being dead coming from miles? Also, I feel that the episode didn't take advantage of the apocalyptic setting. Due to the low budget, maybe? Overally, a highly overrated episode, which, ultimately, reached it's goal: give a final push for Hiro to finally finish his mission.
  • they just can't seem to get it right.

    honestly... this show is wors than lost in the way it gives you just enough to watch next week but never enough to make it worth it. every week i end with the same feeling: "i want that hour of my life back." i wanna see peter and sylar fight! not just get some glowing hands and advance at each other. a real honest to god slugfest. but it never happens. and its not just that. you never see ANYONE really use their powers. peter is the best for some good action but his screen time is minimal. ARGH... i want less set-up and more powers.
  • uhmm, what can I say....

    They should go to Stephen Hawking to get time travel time-line straight. It is been done in so many shows (which i wont mention them due to respect) that everytime I see writers to try to pull a timeline stunt I have big laugh about it. There logic dont even work right. Anyway, as i said before, all this hype would give objective users a disagree mark so big, why bother?
  • an interesting episode with more to worry about than there was to like (any danger of the make-up staff putting Hiro's facial hair on straight!?!).

    most episodes of heroes i give about a 9 out of 10, and i love the show, but this episode really struggled to convince me they are going in the right direction.

    it's always a difficult task to keep the order when you have an episode set in the future, so many series have lost sense completely of the purpose, for example nip/tuck season 3, we are taken on a trip and there is nothing to like about the year 2025. this was awful but nip/tuck is a different show to heroes and did not rely heavily on the future concept to further the ongoing plot of the show.

    hiro's facial hair, parkman's unbelievable character, claire's high heels, all things from this episode that do not inject any confidence in the viewer.

    ofcourse, their are some redeeming qualities that do make up for these "urks," the sylar revelation for one, i really was not expecting that. and i must admit the last 15 minutes involving mainly peter were some of the best scenes on tv this year.

    though how many times can peter save an episode with his impressive powers??

    hopefully they can tidy up the plot to this show, i really enjoy it.
  • Seems as if there is a major flaw in this epsiode though, either that or there's a big twist that not many people seem to have cottoned on to yet.

    Good episode, definately. Seems as if there is a major flaw in this epsiode though, either that or there's a big twist that not many people seem to have cottoned on to yet. That version of the future is apparantly there as originally Sylar killed claire and got her power to regenerate, ok, so how do we see claire with brown hair working as a waitress in Texas, that certainly doesnt add up, doesnt that mean that future Ando got it wrong cos he only beleived claire was dead??? This would also fit in with the lie that it was Sylar who exploded and not Peter but surely future Ando knew the truth about that. this would mean the bomb is still on track to go off. AND, if saving claire was the key then when todays Ando jumped forward at the start of the episode that should already have been taken into consideration and the bomb wouldnt have gone off when they arrived in the future, even Back to the Future gets this kind of thing right, sorry for the bad review, like i say, really good episode but seemingly bad story telling unless it fits together in future episodes.
  • the most amazing thing ever on tv

    Heroes is dreadfully slow. That being of the show that is painful that it is only on once a week. I could watch this show every hour of every day. And with the promise of the battle between peter and syler finally being glimpsed i only hope this series can be extended to a few series while keeping the excitement. The character interaction is amazing and the story lines fresh and original. the show had hype when it first aired but unlike so many to be out this delivers all that was promised. The best show on tv by far.
  • An episode that meant absolutely nothing.

    Sure, things in the episode DID actually happen, but since they're part of an alternate time line five years in the future that we know will most likely not happen, what was the point of this episode? None of this matters or means anything to the current plot at all. This is my least favorite episode and I have yet to understand why it is so popular. What did we learn in this episode? It added nothing to the show. Even if this future does come true, how lame, boring, and stupid is that? We know exactly what will happen in that case, and it's a ridiculously awful "plot twist".
  • "Days of Futures Past" meets "Future Tense" We see the dark future that could unfold for our Heroes.

    This is my favorite kind of episode. We see what one potential future holds for our heroes. Five years into the future we get a glimps at what has transpired. You need to watch this episode two or three times to fully appreciate all the little details that are sprinkled in. The Sylar thing is also a great reveal. I really love when an established series does an episode where we see a completly different take on it's characters through the use of either time or dimensional travel. Another great thing about this episode is that it can be watched and enjoyed out of order by both fair weather and die-hard Heroes fans.
  • can't stop re-watching the part where peter petrelli kicks ass

    this episode is excellent cuz peter petrelli is crazy wit all his powers. sylar is out of his league now that peter is copying everybody's powers. the part where peter petrelli stops time and teleports is amazing. he's truly on a whole new level that's absolutely insane. this is one of the best episodes of all the excellent episodes of heroes. I got nothin else to say . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . .. . . . . . . .
  • An amazing spine-chilling episode!

    "Five Years Gone" refers to the time and place this episode takes place. When Hiro and Ando find themselves five years into the future, half of New York has already been destroyed, they then attempt to find other previous Heroes.

    Hiro runs into trouble when he is arrested by Matt and the Hatian, who now works for Nathan. Mohinder has also been working for Nathan, helping him find a cure that can reverse the effects of the powers. Nathan also takes the throne of president, as seen on Isaac's paintings. Nikki is working in a strip club after the lose of D.L. and Micah. Peter, future Hiro and Ando try to rescue Hiro. Mr. Bennet is keeping Claire safe, while Matt hunts her down.

    When Hiro brings himself 5 years into the future, he hopes to find Isaac Mendez. When he and Ando enter Isaac's office, Hiro gets arrested by Matt Parkman. For some reason, the Hiro from 5 years in the future is a terrorist, and they mistook Hiro for future Hiro. Matt tries to get information out of him, but can't seem to because Hiro can't remember anything from the past 5 years. I like how they plotted everything out so correctly. Just one of the many interesting events in this episode.

    Nathan becomes president of the United States and has Mohinder working for him. Mohinder is working on a cure to reverse the effects of the powers. Sadly, when Mohinder is no where near close to finding a cure, Nathan suggests a genocide. Very interesting plot right here, I don't want to reveal to much.

    Meanwhile, Nikki is working in a strip club in Las Vegas with the name "Jessica." She is still mourning after the death of husband, D.L. and son, Micah. She goes to Peter for comfort and peace. I like Nikki's situation 5 years into the future.

    Future Hiro and Ando seek the help of Peter to save Hiro. They convince Peter that they can change the future. They work together to stop Matt, the Hatian and Nathan and finally save Hiro's life, but with a cost. Amazing battle scenes right there.

    Claire is sporting a new hair color and keeping a low profile thanks to daddy dearest. She has plans to get married with co-worker, Andy. Nathan asks Matt to hunt her down, and that he did. I can't reveal to much about this part because it would really spoil the best part of the episode.
  • Too many DEATHS, little explanations...

    Nathan is dead. Peter has a scar the FAR is explained in the episode. Claire and Hiro are killed. Sylar is still alive and playing President Petrelli, the deceased Nathan.

    The episode is called one of th emost important one in the series, but it's confusing and does not explain a THING of what's going on.

    I liked the story, though. In Brasil, it was not aired yet (this is June, 19th) and people are waiting for a blockbuster season finale. Me too... I hope to get some explanations oons for the events in this episode.

    Hopefully, it is gonna be soon.
  • Hiro and Ando meet Future Hiro in the future when the bomb has exploded. Hiro is arrested by Matt who works for President Nathan Petrelli. Nathan is Sylar in disguise. Future Hiro and Ando team up with Peter to break him out, helped by Mohinder.

    Very interesting episode. Reveals for the first time why saving Claire was so important: Future Hiro thought Sylar was the bomb and would be dead if he couldn't regenerate. Neatly keeps up the suspense as the episode ends; Hiro saying "now the hard part" after all they've just been through. Emotional fallout well addressed as Ando learns he didn't survive the bomb, Peter finds out Sylar killed Nathan and we learn Micah's dead. Sympathy is created for Matt as we see that he has become bitter and turned against his own kind after being forced to leave his wife (and son). I would be very interested to learn what "the hard part" is. One minor gripe: the death of Candice Wilmer was confusing (if that's who it was). Other than that, excellent.
  • Solid view of the ol' "what if" story line.

    Time travel is a always a tricky plot device, but they did well enough with it. The only problem is that it gives them kind of a carte blanche to do whatever they F they want since, theoretically, it may never happen. My only complaint would be the elimination of the "Nicki" personality. Yes, she's kind of a weak character in general, but wouldn't that remove her powers altogether?
  • What if.....

    I'm not sure what to think about this episode. I feel they made this one to show us what would happen if they don't stop the bomb, while making me feel they will, but they all wanted to play bad/evil characters. I mean, Matt Parker, who is normally quite and good, was quite the opposite, and didn't hesitate to kill anyone. My like for him turned to dislike. Alot of the characters died. Didn't like that either. I did like Peter kicking butt. And I did like that Suresh did survive (atleast till he died too). Eventhough Sylar is evil, I do like his character. My only thought is, that if Peter was the bomb, and not Sylar, wouldn't Hiro stabbing Sylar still not change things. He would have to kill Peter to stop the bomb. And if they did save the cheerleader, wouldn't everything have changed then?
  • Review

    This episode certainly showed why the bomb that is supposed to go off in three more epiosdes needs to be stopped. At first I thought that Sylar may have actually blown up New York City, taking the shape of Peter before he did it. I still dont understand how or why Peer blows up the city, but thats for the writers to explain at another time. Sylar dressed as Nathan was an awesome twist and I loved the scene with Sylar and Claire as he finnaly gets her power, the thing he has been wanting for so long and thought that he had lost. The ending little teaser scene where it looks like Sylar and Peter might actually fight was the only downside to the episode, it would have been cool too see a mini fight in the future before the show cut back to present time. The only down part of the episode was the scene with Claire in the coffee shop where she works, I thought that part was a little slow and unneeded, but the writers still did a great job in drawing this eisode up. I undertsnad now why it is one of the highest rated episodes of the season.
  • The future they thought they changed might not be far from happening..

    Okay, so now that I've seen the finale of season three I decided to go back and watch everything. I just watched this episode last night and was reminded of a couple of things that I had forgotten. One things mainly. Nathan Petrelli was the president. Everyone knew about people with abilities because of the explosion. AND the fact that when Peter went to fight Nathan, we see that he's really Sylar. I guess I just wanted to mention that I like how small things from old episodes still tie in to everything that's happening in current episodes. So maybe the future they thought they changed isn't that far from happening. Maybe not the explosion, but the other things I mentioned.
  • Great episode!!!!!!!!

    I love this episode! Hiro is great! It really surprised me when Sylar (transformed into Nathan) revealed himself, killing Claire! Claire just said: Sylar! And the red line just crossed her head while "Nathan" transformed himself revealing his true identity! The future Hiro was so cool! Although I don't want that to happen to our Hiro cause I don't want him to be that serous! It's a great introduction to series finale and I loved the end! Sylar playing with the radioactive lights saying: Boom! Was that in this episode? I think it is! Anyway, it was a great episode and i love Heroes!!! EDIT: I recall now! That "boom" wasn't in that episode, it was in 22. episode! Sorry, my bad! :))
  • "Should we freeze time?" "Nah, I haven't had a good fight in years." - Hiro Nakamura (future), Peter Petrelli (future)

    Hiro and Ando find themselves five years after the destruction of New York City. People with extraordinary abilities are labeled as terrorists and are being registered, hunted, and killed. Hiro and Ando meet up with darker versions of the other heroes in preparation for a showdown with the President. This include a darker side of Matt, a Jessica/Niki with a clear winner in their battle, a brown-haired Claire, future Hiro and a changed Sylar. This episode of Heroes is my favourite so far it looks like the future of our heroes looks grim for most of them Mr Bennet and Claire Bennet murdered as well as Nathan, D.L and Michah I think thats all of the dead characters and New York is gone It's a good job Hiro and Ando are going to save the city (Hopefully). This was a brilliant and exciting episode I think this will be the last episode of Heroes but with different events in it and the episode is the first episode to get ten out of ten.
  • This is the most brilliant hour of tv I have ever watched.

    So many suprises and pivotal moments.
    Best episode of the season for sure. Best episode of anything I have ever seen in fact.
    I am sure there will be many episodes to come that are very similar to this. This episode is the most important one of the show so far, so dont miss it.

    Very good series, I am going to buy the dvd. Cant wait to watch season 2. Many great moments in this episode. The characters are the most important thing in the show. No other movie or tv series uses characters so well. There is also a lot of mystery in the show and thought provking moments. Nothing is tacky or overdone, everything is sharp, clean, simple yet complex. The show is actually perfect. The only thing I would change is give the soundtrack a bit more "oomph" I cant remember hearing much so I guess it is pretty minimal. Level it up a bit more and this would be the most perfect show in existence.
  • I know Hiro Can Do it!

    Omg this episode left me wanting more and more, Hiro finds out he can only save the world if he kills sylar before watching himself in five years time die on the floor... ouch...also i loved how peter had Imense powers...Gosh hes my hero too ;) You find out so many people are dead, its shocking and this can only change if Hiro can complete his mission..Hiro i know you can do it!!!
  • A great look at what the future will be like if no one stops the bomb from exploding.

    The episode “Five Years Gone” gives viewers a glimpse into the future, and shows what would happen if the bomb in New York City were to go off. Many of the character’s lives have changed greatly. Claire is now a dark-haired waitress in a small town in Texas, with a boyfriend who does not know her secret yet. Peter and Niki are now dating, while trying to hide their powers from the world. Hiro and Ando are still working to stop the bomb from exploding in the “past”. The main thing I got from this episode was Nathan Petrelli’s story arc. In it, he is shown as a hero after being the mayor of New York City and helping the city get through the trauma that was the bomb. This respect for him leads to him becoming the president of the United States. This shows why Nathan wants the bomb to go off, even though it will kill thousands of people: so he can gain more power. As newly appointed president, Nathan has started a sort of “cleansing” of all people who have special powers, even though he himself has a special power. Matt, the policeman, is a part of the group working to catch and persecute those people with special powers. I could not help but compare this to a sort of genocide in the future. Later in the episode, Claire meets up with her father, Nathan, in his home in NYC. It is revealed, however, that Nathan is not really Nathan; he is in fact Sylar. This is a truly bleak future indeed, with a killer as the president of the United States. The episode leaves us with a sort of feeling of worry: Hiro is now our only true hope from keeping the bomb from exploding, and saving the world from the bleak future that is seen in this episode. “Five Years Gone” was indeed a truly great episode in that it gave viewers plenty to think about, and plenty of reasons to ardently hope that the bomb does not explode. This episode is a great set up to the season finale, as well.
  • The Evolution is here.....Rise !!!

    This is what it's all about...this is what I've been waiting to see since the start of Heroes. We see a glimpse of the future where the characters have completely embraced their abilities and found their place in a world which fears and despises them. It always seemed that Heroes was borrowing heavily from the X-men, though they never quite went the distance, and always maintained a distance to seem different and original. But I'm glad that they've finally taken the leap and hit on all those important issues that make the X-men saga so amazing and deep. Its not just about people with special abilities and their corresponding special effects...it's about how they fit into a world who is very aware of them and what they are capable of doing; and how the world reacts to that fear. It's also great to see Peter become the man he was meant to be. He almost seems like Neo from the Matrix, after he realizes his potential...stoic and deterred by nothing. Very good to see where this series is going. Hope they keep it up.
  • from my perspective, this is by far one of the best Heroes episode ever. Five years into the future and we see an alternate reality if the explosion isn't stopped.

    THe first half hour was to explain things into details but i don't want to write an spoilers so i'll just leave it as that. Heroes have turned aganist each other but they've also reached the peak of the potentials/abilities which means Peter was or should I say will be extremely powerful being that he is able to control all his abilities.
    A shocking moment I thought i saw coming but at thesame time i didn't expect was Sylar returning, You'd have to watch to see this yourself.
    Hiro seing the future will do everything possible to stop the explosion and i think he'll need the Hiatian guy (as seen in this episode he's able to impede other people's abilities) but i'll just leave my theories out of this.
    Amazing episode and i can't wait to see what happens next!!!
  • AWSOME, Perfection at its best

    erm.....AMAZING just peter, future hiro, and nathan being syler ye just simply awsome. very xmen days of future past the only thing it was lacking was sentinals and wolverine but who needs those when you got hiro and peter kicking ass, syler pretending to be nathan and characters who seem to be good guys working on the dark side but destined for good. also the passing of the lindeman act adds a rather scary touch to whole lindeman as saviour of the world. before nathan was revealed to be syler he showed a very lex luther'ish mind set. can't wait to see what happens next what will the definite future hold.....will it come to past OR not?
  • Absolutely perfect!

    The show has been staggering lately, so I wasn't really expecting anything fancy, but this episode blew my mind.

    You actually get to think here, connect the dots, use your imagination. You realize for the first time that there may be bigger trouble than Syler, the loss stretching farther than 0.7%, that others also present a danger, and you start thinking how they will deal with that.

    The acting was impeccable. I could actually feel how the characters changed, how colder they've become, which only made me wish harder they could fix it. I was right there with them, and it's such a rare feeling that I'm awed by this episode.

    Absolutely Brilliant!
  • Amazing!!!!

    Wow...words fail me. This was just a fabulous episode. The performances from all the actors were phenomenal. The plot was amazing and a bit shocking. I loved the humor in the beginning between Hiro and Future Hiro! Evil Nathan and Matt were definitely interesting to watch, as was angry Peter. The way the plot developed was great. Each scene fit into the next seamlessly. Sylar as the president? Wow, didn't see that coming. The showdown at the end between Sylar and Peter looked like it could have been great, so I wish that would've been longer. This was truly a great episode, and my new favorite.
  • Ooooh, flossy flossy

    This episode is probally one of my favorite episodes in this series. The whole episode was filled with action and drama. I was suprised to see that Future Nathan, is actually Sylar, which was kinda freaky, and we finally see Claire's head cut open! Yay! Future Hiro, was kinda creepy too, the present Hiro is sooo nice and optimistic, but future Hiro is all mean and stuff. I liked the ending battle with Peter and Sylar, what was with the glowing hands? Peter's were red, probally from that necular guy, and Sylar's were blue??? Where did that come from? Maybe we'll fine that out in the next episode.
  • An Incredible Look Into the Potential Future of our Heroes

    I've got to qualify this by saying that I am a huge fan of timetravel and alternate timeline stories. The ST:TNG episode "Parallels" is one of my favorite of all time. That said, this episode was brilliant and a joy to watch. It was great seeing more of future Hiro, and I really dug Future Peter. It's a shame that Future Matt ended up being such a dick, and I could do without Future Jessica/Nicki. Also, another dimension was added to Hiro and Ando's friendship which was really heart-warming, for lack of a better phrase. The *spoiler* of Nathan being Sylar the whole time was really something. This was a really great episode and shows the dire consequences of not stopping the exploding man.
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