Season 1 Episode 20

Five Years Gone

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 30, 2007 on NBC

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  • With this kind of episode, where expectations are high, there is no middle ground. It's either out of this world, or crash and burn. There was no crash.

    Why this episode rocked my world. One reason only, the opposite reason that made last weeks episode less then perfect. It was not predictable. I didn't see any of it coming. And that's been one thing that's been missing from a few recent episodes. A lack of predictabliity. Or even better in this case. Being lead down the wrong path. Okay, yes. We knew that Hiro and Ando would make it back to the right time and place, that goes without saying. But the episode wasn't about the conclusion, it was about the journey. After all, this episode wasn't about stopping the explosion, it was about what happens if the explosion doesn't get stopped.

    *We all read the blurbs that said there would be a definate winner in the Nikki vs. Jessica fight. I expected Jessica. Why? Because if life sucks so badly, wouldn't the bad twin win? Nikki being the victor, especially in light of her losing D.L. and Micah, was a great surprise. Because we need to know that good is stronger then evil, and can prevail, even in such a dark hour as that. Awesome, unexpected, both as a mystery in the first place, and as a conclusion. I also like how subtle it was that Peter and Nikki talk about her losing D.L. and how Future Hiro and H.R.G. (Even though we know he is Mr. Bennett, that nickname will never go away) talk about how Hiro mention D.L. as one of the people H.R.G. is hiding. You have to be paying attention when you watch this show!

    *Most if not all of the viewers believe that Nathan is dedicated enough to turn on the other heroes to attain power. That he would turn the tragedy into opportunity and that yes, he might even become President and threaten genocide. So finding out that it was really Sylar was a big, awesome, scary shock! A) Because a super evil villian because President of the United States! And B) because now the home viewer has to deal with the fact that we believed Nathan capable of everything that Sylar did. Is he? Who knows. He still could be.

    *Finally we know how saving the cheerleader can save the world. But can it really? Future Hiro told Peter that believing that Sylar made the eplosion, when it was really Peter. So even if Hiro kills Sylar, it wont stop the explosion. It wont save the world. Or will it? Because even though the explosion might still happen, Sylar wont be there to kill Nathan and take his place. But is Nathan still corrupt enough to do those things? Too many variables! My head is spinning! I'm just glad that "save the cheerleader, save the world" is valid. I was so afraid is was some cheesy damsel in distress thing.

    God, I have to know what happens next. I don't wanna wait!
  • Hiro and Ando travel 5 years to the future and find that things are different from what they used to be...

    this episode is off the hook! Nathan is now the president, Matt is an agent and hunting down the heroes out there, Peter have the scar on his face and is all powerful, Nikki won the personality battle and is currently in a relationship with Peter, Claire has brown hair and is getting married to this Andy guy (isn't she only 21 by this time?), Hiro is considered a terrorist and the only one trying to change what happened 5 years ago.

    the plot just gets better and better with the revelation that Nathan was really Sylar in disguise...he became the president and is in control of everything that is happening in the country. i have to say that i didn't see that coming...i was getting confused because Nathan was getting a bit out of character with the darker persona, but then it was revealed that he was Sylar after all. then he killed Claire...that was a bit of a shocker.

    towards the end is where all the action takes place. Peter and Hiro battle it out with the homeland security and Sylar and Peter face off...Sylar with ice and Peter with nuclear energy, totally awesome ;) kudos to all the actors in this episode. it's full of action with a dramatic undertone, which warms this cold beating heart of mine. jk ^_^
  • Award worthy episode...

    This is the best episode yet. The writing on this was just brilliant, I had to watch it twice. I was transfixed from the moment it started. We get it here in Canada on two separate channels, one after the other, and I had to what them both. I could not believe the twist. Sylar imitating Nathan and taking over the running of the country... brilliant! It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World." Keep writing like this and Heroes will be around for a long long long time. I smell the Golden Globes on this one. Excellent work!
  • What could have been cliche, done so very well...

    You know that an episode is well done when you know what's going to happen and you're still on the edge of your seat. "Five Years Gone" did exactly that. In what was a wonderfully revealing episode, Hiro and Ando are in the future where they didn't stop the explosion. Watching Matt turn to his dark side was a side of Greg Grunberg that I hadn't seen before, and I must say that he pulled it off extremely well. Also, Mohinder is still as naive as possible, never quite knowing who to trust and who not to trust. Also, I know that she'll be back in the series, but I hated having to watch Claire get killed by Sylar. Overall, the entire tone and tempo of this episode was amazing. As I've said before, I can't wait for the end of the season.
  • 5 years in the future...

    This episode takes place five years in the future. Some of this was so quick and intricate I kinda lost myself at points, hah hah. Sooo, in the future, people with special powers are being hunted, killed, like terrorists or a foreign species. Hiro and Ando meet up with other, more evil sides of the heroes that have been shown in this show. Peter has a scar on his face, and is fiercly less optimistic and hopeful that he usually was. After losing Micah, Niki won her battle with Jessica, but is all alone after losing Micah. She uses Jessica as her stange name for stripping though. Matt turns evil... just evil. And adding to the people who die in the futue, the Hatian, Mr. Bennett, and a brunette vesion of Claire get killed. After a huge fight scene, Hiro and Ando return to the past, where they now know what to do... a futuristic episode.
  • Great

    This episode was great. It showed how important it was, to stop Sylar and save the world. Everything was great, except for a few minor flaws. The first one is why the heck is Claire still alive? they can't leave her out of one episode. Anthor flaw is that Mohinder acted kind of out of character even for him. I mean i doubt he would ever do that to the people he was trying to help. But it has been five years, anyways i liked the battle between Sylar and Peter at the end. Man the future was bad, i mean Sylar as president
  • Favourite

    Hiro and Ando find themselves five years after the destruction of New York City. People with extraordinary abilities are labeled as terrorists and are being registered, hunted, and killed. Hiro and Ando meet up with darker versions of the other heroes in preparation for a showdown with the President. This include a darker side of Matt, a Jessica/Niki with a clear winner in their battle, a brown-haired Claire, future Hiro and a changed Sylar. This episode of Heroes is my favourite so far it looks like the future of our heroes looks grim for most of them Mr Bennet and Claire Bennet murdered as well as Nathan, D.L and Michah I think thats all of the dead characters and New York is gone It's a good job Hiro and Ando are going to save the city (Hopefully). This was a brilliant and exciting episode I think this will be the last episode of Heroes but with different events in it and the episode is the first episode to get ten out of ten.
  • Woah! I love this episode. Five years is a long time into the future though!

    This episode focuses on Hiro and Ando traveling five years into the future, showing where the world will be if the explosion isn't stopped. Future Hiro, is featured more prominently, this time as the world's most wanted terrorist and a master of Battôjutsu. Ando was killed in the blast, which according to Peter, is the reason why Hiro lost his humorous side and became obsessed with changing the past.

    Nathan Petrelli is now the President of the United States, with Mohinder Suresh as his Chief Medical Advisor and Matt Parkman as the head of Homeland Security with the Haitian at his side. Niki Sanders has become a stripper again, adopting "Jessica", as her stage name. Her son Micah was killed in the explosion that destroyed much of New York. Niki has a romantic relationship with Peter.

    Sylar is blamed for detonating a nuclear explosion that destroys half of New York and kills millions of people, and is assumed to be deceased. In the original timeline, Hiro had stabbed him before the explosion, but Sylar had already succeeded in killing Claire Bennet at her high school Homecoming, absorbed her regenerative powers, and survived. However, this timeline was altered and did not actually occur, as Hiro had visited Peter with the message "save the cheerleader, save the world" and, consequently, Sylar was denied the ability of spontaneous regeneration. Nonetheless, the explosion did occur and, in reality, Peter was the cause of the blast in the alternative timeline. Nathan lied to the public to protect his brother, and blamed Sylar for the explosion.

    Sylar was able to kill Nathan and impersonate him after killing Candice and acquiring her illusory ability. For him, the hunting and, eventually, extermination of other superpowered people is all part of his "eliminating the competition".

    With Sylar disguising himself as Nathan, acting as President and exploiting public panic after the destruction of New York, persons with special abilities are now viewed with fear and suspicion and are subject to heavy persecution, with the Department of Homeland Security working to hunt down "unregistered" individuals in accordance with the "Linderman Act". Mr. Bennet and Hana Gitelman work to hide heroes and their families, giving them new identities and moving them to keep them safe. Mr. Bennet has made a secret bargain with Parkman, however, to turn over individuals with "dangerous" powers, while Parkman allows Mr. Bennet to continue helping others with "harmless" powers, including Parkman's own wife and son.

    One of the individuals Mr. Bennet is hiding is Claire. She becomes a brunette and goes undercover as a waitress in Midland, Texas at the Burnt Toast Diner, the same place Charlie Andrews worked at, using her adoptive mother's name, Sandra. Parkman betrays Mr. Bennet after finding out that there are indeed two Hiros and one of them escaped him. Not wanting to face the President empty-handed, he extracts Claire's location from Mr. Bennet's mind, and then shoots his former ally. Parkman proceeds to capture Claire, and sends her to the Petrelli mansion in Manhattan. There Sylar, under the guise of Nathan, kills her and once again obtains her power in this alternative timeline.

    Meanwhile, present-day Hiro has been captured by Parkman. When Nathan orders Mohinder to kill Hiro to begin his plan of genocide of the super-powered, Mohinder instead kills the Haitian and allows present-day Hiro to escape. Mohinder then shows present-day Hiro a new copy of Isaac Mendez's 9th Wonders! comic book (the same copy Isaac drew before being murdered in the previous episode), where Mohinder is shown injecting the Haitian.

    When Peter, Future Hiro and Ando stage an attack to free present-day Hiro, Parkman calls the President to inform him that they're being repelled by Peter. Upon hearing this, Sylar, still disguised as Nathan, flies away in front of a crowd to whom he just gave a speech about the last five years, effectively revealing to them that he too is a super-powered individual. Sylar reveals himself to Peter and they prepare to battle. Peter generates fire with his hands, while Sylar surrounds his with ice.

    When Mohinder demands that present-day Hiro go back to the past, the less-experienced Hiro states that he doesn't know how to get back to the correct date. Before Future Hiro can take his earlier self back in time himself, he is shot in the back by Parkman. As Future Hiro dies, he gives Ando a page of Isaac's comic book. As present-day Hiro expresses his shock at seeing his own death, Mohinder pushes Future Hiro's katana into his hands and tells him to go quickly. Hiro and Ando travel back to the past and look happily upon the undestroyed city before them. Hiro looks at the comic strip of him killing Sylar and says, "Now, the hard part".
  • excellent episode this episode really struck me most it reveals what happen to the future this episode reminds me the movie Terminator 3, i hope the story wouldn't be the same as terminator.

    excellent episode

    this episode really struck me most it reveals what happen to the future this episode reminds me the movie Terminator 3, i hope the story wouldn't be the same as terminator but there are two heroes in this episode the director for this episode done a great job what more i can say keep up the good work making this type of series gives a big impact to the viewers it's not just for fun but also can give you a lot of perceptions in life. keep up the good work
  • Other than this episode being AMAZING, future scarred Peter is damn hot.

    Hiro & Ando travel 5 years forward after the bomb has exploded. This episode shows how awful things would be if the bomb explodes. In this episode we find out many heroes were killed including D.L, Micah, Nathan, Candice & Ando. Also during this episode Claire & the Haitian & Future Hiro are killed.

    Also we find out that Matt has a child with special abilities. HRG protects other "heroes" including his daughter(Claire) who gets killed by Sylar during this episode. Pete & Nikki are together & Peter kicks ass. Peter & Sylar face off at the end of the episode. "To be continued"...
  • This was the best episode I have seen of this show and I love everyone of them.

    Seriously this was what I wanted .07 to feel like. I wanted this feeling of holy s#@t and this gave me that. The fact that Hiro was a completely developed character instead of the stereotype he has been was a brilliant change. The Skylar being Nathan I didn't see coming but thought it was genius from a writing and character standpoint. Claire dying was a disappointment but hard ass Matt was cool to. I think to see where they all ended up after the explosion tells you a lot about where they can go as characters on the show. I wish thy would have showed DL instead of just referencing him or let the Haitian talk so we can see why he went that way. How is that Claire got to fake her death with them saving her and all. Some questions still lingering but the episode lets you forget all that and go on a ride.
  • Last week was the long awaited return of Heroes on NBC. This week’s episode was highly anticipated as it was advertised as a chance to see the five years into the future. What would happen if the heroes would fail?

    Last week was the long awaited return of Heroes on NBC. This week’s episode was highly anticipated as it was advertised as a chance to see the five years into the future. What would happen if the heroes would fail? The episode starts with Ando and Hiro inside Isaac loft, in a devastated New York and rather post-apocalyptic New York. The bomb did explode and destroy half the city. People with special abilities are now being hunted down out of fear. Sylar appears to be publicly held responsible for the disaster but Hiro (present and future) are determined to change time. Strange twist is that many characters are absent, dead or killed during the episode. Mr Bennet, with the help of Hana are helping people with special abilities get new identities and go underground. Matt is now head of Home Land security and answers directly to Nathan, now President of the United States of America. From early trailers his attitude seemed very strange, especially towards Claire and how condescending his view of the others was. Present Hiro is taken captive and under wraps by Matt and the Haitian. I was looking forward Peter using his abilities and we got to see a little bit of his potential, but we’re still far from a show-down. The show wouldn’t be that great if Nathan turned into a bad guy, instead it turns out that Sylar had found Candice and was able to impersonate Nathan. No better position to round up people with special abilities and pick all the abilities he wants. His painting of the future that he drawn in last week episode was foreshadowing a mean looking Nathan, for myself I saw it looking as Sylar himself in the White House. No need to be too sad about that episode, everything can still change. Just like future Hiro was able to tell Peter to save the cheerleader altered his reality (perhaps). Hiro has tried to kill Sylar but he could regenerate then. He can’t do that in our time line, so during the last few seconds of the episode Hiro and Ando manage to return to their time line in hopes to prevent this horrible future to happen. There was a quick scene where Peter and Sylar meet, fire versus ice and a Mohinder trying to block a door about to explode. I can imagine the budget for a show down has to be saved for the two hours finale. Only three episodes left! The pace is kicking and the show still sends out that vibe: it’s a dark world we live in, people will do good and evil. I loved the episode. I’ll make sure to watch it again.
  • Holy S***! That was soooooo amazing! I can't stop shrieking! Molly is the girl Matt saved in the very beginning and the episode from start to finish was so amazing! OH MY GOD! Spoilers************8

    Wow, where to start. It was just so amazing. But first. Body count.
    Micha, DL, Candice, Haitain, Nathan, Jessica, Claire, Hiro, Ando.
    Everyone is practically dead! Matt has become a monster, sylar is still alive and I was so thrown to discover that he was pretended to be nathan, using Candice's gift to make him look different. Nikki has changed too, she's become harder, sadder. And Peter. Damn he is so hot!!!!!!!!!
    Start to finish 100 percent. Best episode/television I have ever seen. I'm glad they had commericals because I stopped breathing at points and during the commericals I would scream from all the tension and twists and OH MY GOD! Watch. Now.
  • The best hour I have spent watching TV in the last year.

    My heart is still beating, my palms are sweaty, my eyebrow is twitching and I am shaking all over, thats the effect that the last hour of television has had on me. What was I watching you ask? the 20th episode of the best thing on television since, since, since [insert past favorite show here]. I was watching Heroes!

    This episode has everything a fan of the series could have wanted; action, surprise, emotions, death, advancing storyline, destruction and plot twists. I will not spoil it but lets just say all major characters are either dead or involved in this episode, all acting is top notch and the ending will have you screaming like a love starved chimpanzee while jumping around your living room!
  • Riveting episode that draws you into the world of Heroes. People are very mistaken with the idea that the episode is flawed.

    This episode linked up alot of my hypothesis on the episode, as we got to see the many connections of the smaller elements that create the idea of what needs to be done to save the world. This episode also drew us into a greater depth of what is to come for the show, as an average joe would think that the show can only go one way; but this episode truly shows alot of noir within the world and characters. Alot will complain about the many links to Marvel comics, especially with the recent civil war comics, and the same kind of political movement that is vagualy seen within the show, but overall it is quite outstanding with the depth of ideas even if it is xmen like. The whole there being a future claire and hiro not knowing, syler and the bomb thing.... that some would say is a floor, is pretty clear if u put the pieces of the puzzle together, claire stepfather was clearly protecting her from everyone, peter petrelli revealed it was still him that was the cause as we should know by the revelation of the future and what he says, which means it still has nothing to do with syler. those who cant work that out should watch the whole thing again or atleast the re-caps to work out why this is.
  • The best episode of heroes so far.

    I really enjoyed this episode for a few reasons. One was that I loved to see the more mature version of everyone, what I mean is that it was nice to see everyone with complete control over their powers, it made the episode much more ecxiting. I also loved seeing the sides that everyone took. With the way people with special powers are treated certain people had turned against each other which made for a great story. I hope that the last three episodes are this good and that this series can keep going for a few seasons and reach this caliber of story.
  • Hiro and Ando are 5 years in the future and meet the prospective Hiro, and some other familiar faces

    How come everyone is involved with everything in Heroes? Well, I don't know how intense and hard the screenwriter works on this series, but I'm sure, if it is possible to do work overtime in screenwriting this guy does it. Definitly a world class show. Good acting (except the Cheerleader, which I will never like) and extremly dramatic ending.
    However... It was kind of obvious in the end, that Sylar was the president, but still the showdown between Peter and Sylar was cool.
    Well done Joe Pokaski and standing ovations for Paul A. Edwards. Amen this is what I like and this is how it hopefully might go on!
  • Man am I mad that I missed thie the first time around!

    this was a really important episode! Everything change! and the one part the really change for me was peter he was a loner and stuff. it was weird cause peters brother (i don't know his name) he was the president and everything! and i was like why is he soo mean to everyone and hating on other people with powers! and they said syler had blowen up already! it was crazy and all the main heros were hidding in different places! clair was a waitress and bout to get married but then the government (her real daddy) found her and brought her to the white house she didn't like him cause doing stuff to other people with powers. so when she was bout to leave he stopped her ..with out touching her so she couldn't move and i was like hold up he can only fly then clair was like SYLER! and the that like of blood came acroos her head and her real dad turned in to syler!! it was crazy cause i totally didn't see that coming!! that was soo cool!!!
  • Perfect!!!

    From day one I said that series is something else, something that you don't see in TV often, and this episode is a perfect example why you all should see this series.
    Let make this as simple as I can:
    Characters: perfect! you really believe them, you really feel the emotions, and they don't look siily or pathetic no metter what strange powers they got. And this is a very diffucult thing to do.
    Plot: perfect! Well written, interesting and you are left with a taste for more.
    Action: Damn good! One of the scenes in this episode would not shame the Matrix movie.

    Perfect episode, perfect cast, perfect series.
  • Amazing!

    Oh My God!! This is classic T.V. It was amazing. Just seeing how everyone turned out. WOW. I loved loved loved this episode. Now I know I have immaculate taste in TV as a general rule but I have been doubting myself recently. Black Donnelly's gone Studio 60 not looking promising and I watched Dirt (didn't enjoy it though just watched). But this week wow!! Greys Anatomy "Deisre" was amazing, one of the best TV episodes I ever seen. Then this comes along and blows my mind. It was startlingly good. I can't wait to see future Peter fighting future Sylar it's going to be killer!! Parkman is not a nice guy in the future and I hope that he next episode is up to this level. If this show continues in this vein it will surpass any show that has gone before it. I only pray that they don't ruin it like Lost was ruined and that if a second series isn't plausible they just leave it alone. I can do without thememory of how good this series was being tainted!!
  • Four Words: Peter Petrelli is amazing. That's why i watch this show, i hope there will be a season 2 aswell. I'm looking forward to it.

    Hiro and Ando teleported 5 years into the future and meet the future Hiro in Isaacs resident. The House is full of strings which represents the timeline of all heroes that have a connection with the bomb.

    We finally get to see the scar of Peter which future-Hiro talks about in the subway when he traveled back in time to talk to Peter. I Really Love it! Sylar took candice' power and killed Nathan, you see Peter and Sylar batteling each other with their nuke power, it's really amazing what they can do. I hope we get to see another part of the future.

    Future Hiro is dead and the other Hiro returns back, but has he teleported to the right past, we'll see next time.
  • Thats what this show is amazing!!

    Oh My God!! This is classic T.V. It was amazing. Just seeing how everyone turned out. WOW. I loved loved loved this episode. Now I know I have immaculate taste in TV as a general rule but I have been doubting myself recently. Black Donnelly's gone Studio 60 not looking promising and I watched Dirt (didn't enjoy it though just watched). But this week wow!! Greys Anatomy "Deisre" was amazing, one of the best TV episodes I ever seen. Then this comes along and blows my mind. It was startlingly good. I can't wait to see future Peter fighting future Sylar it's going to be killer!! Parkman is not a nice guy in the future and I hope that he next episode is up to this level. If this show continues in this vein it will surpass any show that has gone before it. I only pray that they don't ruin it like Lost was ruined and that if a second series isn't plausible they just leave it alone. I can do without thememory of how good this series was being tainted!!
  • Five Years Gone is the reason why I watch Heroes. It is an early classic of many more awesome episodes to come. It was beyond a classic.

    Five Years Gone is the reason why Heroes is clearly the best show on T.V. right now, and why it is going to establish itself as one of the best T.V. series ever. This episode was incredible. The episode is obviously placed five years into the future set in New York City. This episode is the most revealing episode thus far, yet it is the best. First is that the bomb did explode, and half of New York City was wiped out; furthermore, it was Peter, who exploded. Moreover, Peter has absorbed more powers due to dating Niki/Jessica Sanders and meeting and working with Hiro. He now has superhuman strength, and chronokinesis and teleportation to add his collection of abilities.
    There were a lot of Heroes that departed in this episode or in the recent past. Sometime between the last episode and this episode, Sylar killed D.L. Hawkins, Micah Sanders and Nathan Petrelli. During the episode, he also kills Claire Bennett. The Haitian also dies by getting a lethal injection by Mohinder, but Hiro was suppose to get the injection, yet Mohinder believed Hiro that he was only trying to save the world while the government was trying to eradicate all persons who posses an ability, which was an action set by President Peterlli. However, while Hiro is being detained by Homeland Security officer Matt Parkman, Peter, Ando and future Hiro make an appearance to help save Hiro where he was being detained at a disclosed location and under attack by Peter and future Hiro. Then, Parkman calls and informs President Peterlli that Peter and future Hiro have infiltrated the facility to rescue Hiro. So, President Peterlli flies out of the ceremony to the location, and rips Peter out from the room. The ultimate shocker was when Peter noticed that his brother can’t phase in between rooms and realizes that it is his ultimate nemesis, Sylar. Then, there is an ultimate battle at the end with Sylar and Peter, but we obviously don’t know the winner or the extent of the battle because Hiro travels back to the current time and place. Overall, this is the best episode by far. It will be hard to better this one. This episode was full of suspense, action and drama. It was simply brilliant and well scripted. The episode was mind-blowing. It made me just want more and more.
  • Wonderful, beautiful, and so true to the comic book genre. One of the best "what if?" episodes I've ever seen. Awesome show, and keeps you in suspense the whole hour. Even if the series does rip so many things straight out of "The 4400" tv show :)

    Heroes is quite simply the best comic book tv show of all time. It is true to the genre, itself, while still maintaining mainstream appeal because it is SO WELL WRITTEN. It's as fast-paced as 24 and as mysterious/interesting as LOST. That's what I love about Heroes, it really is a comic series and not just a prime-time commercialization. This episode "5 Years Gone" is a great 'What If' episodes that comic books are so well known for. That's a great part about this genre--you can get away with writing ANYTHING you want because one of your characters can travel through time and change it all back if you want. I loved the bit with Sylar, and didn't even guess it until half-way through.
    Great episode from a great show.
  • Hiro and Ando teleport 5 years into the future and what a bleek future it is...

    *** Possible Spoilers ***

    This episode was, for me, absolutely brilliant!! Seeing all of the Heroes set in the future was great and I especially liked Peter who is pretty much the most powerful of all.

    The plot twists were perfect and I totally gasped at Nathan turning out to be Sylar - fantastic!!

    I was a little disappointed in future Hiro as I loved him when he first appeared to Peter on the subway and thought he was really cool. But in this episode he didn't really do anything - Peter is definitely my favourite now although I did wonder how he got that scar on his face if he can heal!

    I also really liked the face off at the end between Sylar and Peter - even though it was short and we didn't see any fighting, I loved to see that Peter has obviously acquired new abilities.

    The "ice fists" Vs "fire fists" was fantastic and the blue and red glows kinda made me thing of Luke and Darth Vadar's duel lol.

    All in all another brilliant episode - my favourite so far!!
  • Oh My God(as in Janice from Friends)

    I LOVED this episode its just so amazing if you haven't watched
    this episode you should stop what you are doing now and doe everything you can to watch this episode BAD Matt how come
    his son is called Matt(ew) to well i don't care i HATE that Micah and DL are both dead i would love to see Micah all grown up DL was probably mad and that is why he got killed Nikki is in control Nathan is Sylar Peter is so bad ass i cant tell how bad ass kinda like Neo but way cooler Claire is
    engaged and gets killed by her own father or is it(its Sylar)
    i hate F-Matt he got so evil he beat the hell out off Present Hiro he killed Hana and Bennet Bennet is a good guy hiding all the specials cool episode the only bad part was that they didn't show the Peter vs Sylar fight well now comes the hard part(clicking the Submit button:lol: )
  • Above 10 rating for this episode. A cornucopia of awesomeness.

    Episode was awesome. Right from start to finish and including the huge twist in the middle. You get a complete sense of what would happen should the wrong events take place. The characters are darker with their new struggle which is their loss of hope for their times. As well we see the political fallout of the bomb and how it changes the nation for the worse. The only downside to this episode was that I wished they had shown some of the fighting that took place between the characters especially the battle of the titans(peter and sylar). By the flashes of light, I could tell it would have been a huge battle. Hopefully in a future episode.
  • Five years after the bomb goes off, the world has changed. Friends are enemies and enemies are friends, and nothing is as it seems.

    It's five years into the future, and everything is different. People with "gifts" are being hunted, imprisioned, and killed. They are considered terrorists in this new world, which is lead by Nathen Petrelli. Claire is a waitress in hiding, Niki/Jessica is a stripper with a clear winner between the two personalities, Matt is the leader of Homeland Security with the Haitain by his side, Mohinder is the chief medical advisor to the president, Peter is extremely powerful, Mr. Bennet and Hana work together to help families, and Hiro is not who he used to be. But as I said, nothing is as it seems to all this, and not every hero lives to see the next day. A great episode. It had a lot of twists that most did not see coming. There's a lot of loss, action, and more. It shows what the world would be like if Hiro and Ando don't fix it, and hopefully they do.
  • Pivotal, Revealing, Alternate reality, Adventurous, A very special episode, Character development, Well Written, Fine example, Series classic, Cleverly plotted, Another great installment, Above average, Exciting, Informative, NERVE-WRACKING!!!

    I just had to include all the classifications and still it was so much more than that. Oh, my God. There is no other show in the world that makes every episode my favorite. This episode was another demonstration of the genius mind of Tim Kring. Every minute there's one big thing happening. It's like that part in a movie that you wait in the edge of your seat for, but you don't have to wait one hour and a have. You just wait a couple of seconds and there's a new one. This show is definitely not apt for people with heart problems. My heart's stil racing. Peter has the scar Future Hiro talked about early in the season and on top of that he's Nikki's new boyfriend. (How the heck did that happen?)

    Nikki won over Jessica and she hasn't been around for a long time.

    D.L., Micah and Ando all died when the bomb went off.

    Future Hiro is considered a terrorist and is obsessed with changing time because of Ando's death. Matt and the Haitian are chasing the "bad" heroes. Mr. Bennet is helping the "good" heroes.

    Claire has changed identities and residences a few times and now is about to get married. Matt takes her to Nathan (her biological father) and he kills her.

    Mohinder is working along with the president (Nathan) on a cure for the heroes.

    Sylar killed Nathan, D.L. and Candice (the girl who can create illusions) and now is impersonating Nathan who got elected president.

    With this breif summary of this episode one can only say "WOW!!!" This show keeps getting better and better. I can imagine what I'm going to do without it in the time between seasons let alone if they decide to create any more hiatus.
  • Best. Episode. Yet. (spoilers follow..)

    Oh my gosh this was fantastic. There was soo much going on! I can't believe how many people are dead after the bomb. So many people have changed! Nathan is dead. DL and Micah too. Parkman is really bad and Sylar (is that how you spell it?) killed Nathan and is masquerading as him in order to be president. Wow. And apparently he killed DL and I wouldn't be surprised if he killed Micah also. My mind is spinning after watching it! I really can't wait until next Monday to see what is going on..So awesome!! I can't wait to see what happens with Peter and Sylar..
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