Season 1 Episode 20

Five Years Gone

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 30, 2007 on NBC

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  • A great look at what the future will be like if no one stops the bomb from exploding.

    The episode “Five Years Gone” gives viewers a glimpse into the future, and shows what would happen if the bomb in New York City were to go off. Many of the character’s lives have changed greatly. Claire is now a dark-haired waitress in a small town in Texas, with a boyfriend who does not know her secret yet. Peter and Niki are now dating, while trying to hide their powers from the world. Hiro and Ando are still working to stop the bomb from exploding in the “past”. The main thing I got from this episode was Nathan Petrelli’s story arc. In it, he is shown as a hero after being the mayor of New York City and helping the city get through the trauma that was the bomb. This respect for him leads to him becoming the president of the United States. This shows why Nathan wants the bomb to go off, even though it will kill thousands of people: so he can gain more power. As newly appointed president, Nathan has started a sort of “cleansing” of all people who have special powers, even though he himself has a special power. Matt, the policeman, is a part of the group working to catch and persecute those people with special powers. I could not help but compare this to a sort of genocide in the future. Later in the episode, Claire meets up with her father, Nathan, in his home in NYC. It is revealed, however, that Nathan is not really Nathan; he is in fact Sylar. This is a truly bleak future indeed, with a killer as the president of the United States. The episode leaves us with a sort of feeling of worry: Hiro is now our only true hope from keeping the bomb from exploding, and saving the world from the bleak future that is seen in this episode. “Five Years Gone” was indeed a truly great episode in that it gave viewers plenty to think about, and plenty of reasons to ardently hope that the bomb does not explode. This episode is a great set up to the season finale, as well.