Season 1 Episode 20

Five Years Gone

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 30, 2007 on NBC

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  • Hiro and Ando travel five years into the future at a destroyed and darker New York. The special people are hunted and killed, while President Nathan tries to put forward a plan that would rid the world of the special ones forever.

    Set five years into the future (2010 I assume), our Heroes are very different from what we've seen so far. Niki is a stripper at a club in Nevada. Having got rid of Jessica, she has a romantic relationship with Peter and she has lost both her son and her husband DL at the explosion of New York five years ago.
    Peter is with Niki but is darker than the Peter we are used to. Having every available power there is (he is super powerful and super cool), he doesn't care about what has happened to New York and leaves a life in hiding from Nathan's (the President's) agents who are after everyone with abilities. When Hiro (of his time) visits him however he changes his mind and decides to everything possible to change the past and save the future.
    Matt is in Homeland Security working for the President. His wife and son (Matthew) are saved by Mr Bennet and kept in hiding. He holds blind devotion to the President's cause and he does not fear to use dangerous measures. When he arrests the Hiro from the past, he realizes he is not the terrorist he has been hunting down and goes after the Hiro from the future. The result is the death of future Hiro.
    Claire is in Midland Texas and is now a brunnette. She has a romantic relationship with a guy named Andy and they are ready to get married. Her stepdad visits her at the coffeehouse she is working as a waitress and advices her to leave (once again as she has done so many times before) because they (the President's men) have found out about her. She refuses to leave her life again and run which as a result ends in her captivity by Matt. The immediate result is that she dies by the hands of Sylar (who everyone thinks is dead).
    Mohinder is now the President's right hand concerning the plan to rid the world of all the special people. Mohinder still has his morals something that Nathan seems to be lacking. Mohinder however saves the day when he realizes that Hiro (the one that Matt has captured) is from the past and that what both Hiros are trying to do might be making sense and change the future. Finally, Hiro is considered a terrorist. Numerous killings has caused people to be afraid to go out in the streets. We are revealed that Ando has died in the explosion and his death has caused Hiro to become this dark person we have already seen in chapter 5:Hiros. He still continues with his plan to save the world by stopping Sylar (who in this future is thought to be the bomb) and thats why he appeared to the present Peter in chapter 5. Overall all this may sound confusing. This chapter actually makes more sense after you see the later volumes. How each character interracts with the rest is also sort of confusing. Key facts: Nathan unleashes or wants to unleash a programme that will kill all the special people (a little bit foreshadowing if you see volume 4). The shocking scene of Nathan and Claire is the one which makes this episode exciting so I am not going to ruin that for you. Also notice the revelation of Peter towards Niki about who the bomb might just be something that is important for the volume finale. Enjoy!
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